Monday, November 24, 2008


If you read the Book of Job you probably wonder why God allowed Satan to present himself along with the Sons of God. Why didn't the good ones drive him out? Supposedly, Satan even talked with the Lord and asked to be allowed to torment Job. Why would God give permission to put Job to the test? There were conditions that had to be met such as only touch his possessions and not his person. Satan went ahead and robbed Job of his livestock and all his servants and children. After that was done, Satan was given permission to harm Job's body but to spare his life.

Doesn't this make you think? It also opens up other questions. When we read about other saints, we learn that they, too, were tormented. Could it be that torment is allowed to find out how the so called believer will react? Humans have a very limited knowledge of the Absolute and how Universal Laws work. Good exists and obviously evil does as well. There is a third school which disposes of both. The third school recognizes the diverse energies and knows how to use both good and not good so a person or situation can be healed rather than destroyed.

Evil only has power over us if we are riddled with fear and are ignorant of universal law. We must learn how to use negative energy in the right way so we are strengthened, not weakened. the science of the future is to learn to transform, purify and use everything in order to become stronger. Scientists have already applied it instinctively in their work. So much of what we have been taught through religion is neither clear or logical. In order to understand truth, we must become deep thinkers, ask questions and not accept words written by the unenlightened. Truth is miscontrued by the unenlightened. For any of us to determine what is true and what is false, discernment must developed.