Thursday, February 26, 2009

God Energy

Light is energy...Radiant Light is God in form. I have been sharing this truth for many years. We are constantly being given proof of a higher Intelligence, which is not the intellect. Intelligence is the energy that transcends human intellect and ordinary life. This sublime energy is linked to the Heaven worlds of magic and wonder. It is found in everything both above and below. The source of this Light energy is the Absolute, our Supreme Creator. Although it is the identical energy multiplying itself and manifesting through a variety of names and forms, it appears in different intensities depending on Its expression and who is observing or receiving It.

Vibrating frequency bands of light energy are an integral and active part of earth's atmosphere. There is an energy ring that encircles the earth; its sole purpose is to be used for the good of all life existing on the planet. I often refer to the energy ring as the Circle of Light. There are varying degrees of power within the radiant energy field. Many of us who serve as instruments for healing draw from the energy ring of Light rather than transferring personal energy to a client. Like attracts like. Consciousness levels, the evolving and creative forces, are directly attuned to receptive minds of humans who are perceptive, loving and gently understand.

As the soul-mind aspires to loftier heights in spiritual awareness, it is able to utilize greater energy forces that are more keenly in attunement with the higher vibratations of purity and balance. The soul's journey is hierarchal, meaning there is a gradual evolution in consciousness whereby power, wisdom and love is expanded and expressed. The more intuitively developed the individual, the greater the energy is that pulsates through the mind and expresses without hindrances. As our minds and hearts open to the infinite possibilities and use of God energy, we attract a similar awareness and assistance from beings who currently vibrate on non-physical planes of consciousness. It is a special interchange to attract loving souls who have chosen to guide, help and inspire humans who are willing to recognize that we are indeed one life whether than life is seen or unseen.