Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Look All Around You. What Do You See and Hear?

To those of us who have developed our spiritual senses, the world as it is commonly known by spiritually unaware humans is definitely one of darkness. The people who read material like mine are definitely interested in a greater reality. The idea behind soul evolution is to find a way to illuminate the whole of reality so it is plain to see not only for us but to be able to easily share it with others who are receptive. We can no longer act like we did when we were mesmerized by the ignorance of darkness. Now we desire to do what we can for the mutual benefit of ourselves and of others. Except, for a small nagging feeling that something vital could be missing, most people do not recognize that there is an absence of a very important piece in the puzzle we call life.

According to the Kabbalah and I do agree, humans only perceive that part of anything seen or unseen that resonates to qualities they already have. For a complete perception of anything, we need to first be complete within. This means we have to be aware of all the forms of reality that exist in us, and then our picture of reality will make sense. How many people do you know who really understand the subtle bodies that also make up the package that they call their Self? How many understand the Law of Karma, Rebirth or know the significance of the energy wheels of the chakra system? How many people are knowledgeable regarding the hierarchy in consciousness here on earth and the hierarchy that exists in the subtle worlds of Light? Intellectually some know but that is not true knowing or being. The intention in everything that I write is to help awaken the dormant sense, the intuitive, the light of the spirit, into an active awareness.

Through persistence and study, each one of us gains perception of the world of the Creator - the world of giving. The world of giving is actually another way of expressing or describing the Upper Worlds, the vibratory realms of Light. We perceive the radiant worlds according to our current spiritual state. Once we begin to feel and live altruism, the sense of spiritual sight, hearing, feeling and knowing opens. Kabbalists call it "crossing the barrier." As you travel the enchanted path of discovery, you no longer walk blindly. The teacher and the student walk hand in hand~