Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Energy Centers

Are you aware that depending on where you were born and raised on our world determines how many subtle energy centers you have in your spiritual field? We accumulate spiritual congestion in our spiritual body, which is not addressed by traditional physicians as a rule. We are capable of healing ourselves when we have the knowledge that there is a personal magnetic field, which has to be healed. People in the Eastern part of the world have seven magnetic centers or chakras. Here in the Western world we have nine energy centers. Because we have more, it does not mean we are more spiritual. There simply is a difference in the magnetic field of different races. Research describes eight energy centers for true American Indians.

Each subtle energy center has its own color. A friend told me yesterday that she has a mass in the thyroid area. According to the ancient teachings, if the color magenta is low over the thymus glad, her immune system is sick. I plan to call her today and suggest that she visualize magenta and demand that the color return to the area of imbalance. There are some common products such as fluoride and sodium fluoride that diminish the color magenta and energy in the immune system. Every center in our aura, subtle force field, acts like a transformer in an electrical plant. Balance is the goal for this form of self-healing.

There are many tools available to balance and clean our energy centers. Different instructions are offered according to the part of the world that you inhabit or the particular teacher's preference. The bottom-line is that the energy centers regardless of their number must be balanced with each other. Every day we are exposed to environmental poisons, the rays from our computers, television, microwaves, cell phones and for some people ongoing stress. When one of our energy channels shuts down or even weakens, it is a form of congestion and impacts our emotional, mental and physical health. I suggest that you explore the subject of color healing and your energy centers. Knowledge of your energy centers is only a glimpse into the vast storehouse of data available for self-healing. Look upon the magnetic energy as an alkaline medium to keep your body balanced. When the physical magnetic fields are balanced, your electrical field, the spirit energy activates. The electrical energy works in an acid medium. There is another circuit of energy to achieve balance, which will be briefly discussed tomorrow.