Friday, January 29, 2010

The Journey of Soul Progression

If ever there was a time to get your act together it is now. I have said this before but it could bear some repeating. There is an opportunity in the present cycle to move ahead with your soul progression. What is meant by this? The spirit is perfect and is a projection of the Creator, pure, light filled, all knowing and loving. The soul is part of your mind. The Mind has different levels. To simplify this subject, look at your subconscious as your memory bank, the soul's journey through space and time. The thinking conscious mind is your monkey mind filled with thousands of superfluous thoughts darting in and out day and night. As you learn to focus and pay attention to thoughts that filter in and out, your occupation with lesser thinking will diminish and in there stead a higher level of thought will surface. The higher level of thought is a product of what we can refer to as a super mind. The super part of the mind has the power to guide you with its innate wisdom. Your role is to pay attention and follow its advice.

The thought behind this simple message is that this is the time for all of us to move toward the goal of balance. Greater amounts of Celestial energy are available. If you strive to remain alert and receptive, you will now and into the future receive a stronger current emanating directly from the Super Mind Source. You will only be able to use it correctly if you turn your attention toward it and pure intent rules your heart. Now, if that is not your interest and you think life is fine and that you are a good person and do not need to bother with meditation and contemplation, you will be missing a wonderful opportunity to gain access and establish a conscious bond to what I refer to as your Higher Nature. Your higher Nature far surpasses your thinking mind or the memory bank of the subconscious. It is a wellspring, a fount of wisdom and splendor.

Perhaps, you are intrigued by people in the past and present who appear to be wise, have spiritual gifts and are naturally comfortable with the Divine. The gifts, and there are many, are offshoots, rays that are particles of this super part of the Mind. Another way to say this is that the super part of the Mind is actually the spirit, the god part of you, thinking, creating and being. Now, doesn't that sound like a wonderful treat being able to have the god essence express as you? I am not implying that this is a one time experience but rather an awakened and active consciousness for the remainder of your life. This is the entire thought or purpose behind an individualized spirit living in matter as we think of it. To bring the spirit, the invisible power of the Creator, the Sun behind the Sun into your thought, word and action is the ideal behind creation.

Wishing you a weekend of discovery...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Burden of Being a Human

The focus right now for anyone who is serious about evolving as a soul and freeing his or her self from past memories and attachments that bind and fetter the soul to inactivity, is slowly waking up to the fact that the present is the opportunity they have been waiting for. The power of Celestial Light is offering assistance. If the assistance is honored and acted upon, souls will awaken and have a keener idea of the Great Plan that affords them an opportunity to live successfully. People are used to lack and limitation regarding inner desires held captive by their own consciousness. To be held captive is not to act and allow the feeling nature to give free expression as beauty, gentleness and honesty. Instead, a facade is created of well being and camarade that is false and actually hurtful to the pretender. It is time for honesty regarding one's self. To be totally honest about what you feel whether it is fear or confidence, opposites, is to free your self from the burden of being a human.

Now why would it benefit you to free your self from the burden of being human? A human is only the outer snail body, the shell that you use during a brief period to express the inner desires of the soul. What the typical personality does is place the emphasis on the shell and its desires and forgets the inner mission of the soul. The inner mission of the soul is to make corrections and necessary adjustments so it may continue on a journey that has taken far too long. Humans, or should I say a higher intelligence, has existed beyond anything that the typical human reads or writes about. There are some authors who have braved criticism and have stoutly commented on the repetitive cycles of energy that rule physical existence.

The same times cycles emerging on earth have a counterpart in similar cycles with layers of degradations existing in other solar systems as well as the other planets in our solar system. Either a planet and its life is evolving or devolving. Each planet has its life cycle, which is beyond your imagination. Each planet serves as a home for souls experimenting with time and space. I use the word experiment because it is actually a grand experiment with the souls involved in a physical form losing the memory of the Quest. So...they fumble around taking millions of years to regain a strong foothold and again step up the ladder of conscious Light awareness.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Balance and Understanding

All over the planet there are people waking up to the Light. This is the first step. Understanding must follow in order to implement what they are experiencing firsthand. The connection, the communication, whether it be visual or a result of other intuitive spiritual gifts must be understood and balanced, woven into the tapestry of the individual and the personality. In other words, the experiences must be grounded as a strong foundation. Besides physical senses, there are spiritual senses. It is very rare for one individual to have all spiritual senses active. There are some souls scattered over the planet who actually do. For them, balance and understanding are the most important rules governing existence. It is vital that they understand that the awakened senses are to be used for the good of all and not only for personal issues, which is ego pleasure. The balance must be sustained because if there is not balance, they will lose contact with the strength of the middle pillar, the Center Point. Enough about those who have advanced in soul evolution and have reached and sustained a higher reality as part of the human experience.

What is most important or equally important are the souls waking up to the higher worlds who are not yet balanced nor do they have the higher understanding. How can that be? It is very simple. Humans who have one or more spiritual senses activated achieved this high measure of spiritual maturity in previous life experiences. They carried the good into their new incarnation as well as the darker baggage that restricts them from being free in the flesh.

This is a good reason why it is best not to use your spiritual gifts unless you also have understanding and balance. The human part or rather the darker elements that have not yet been purified can cause more damage in some ways than actually helping others in need. How can this be? If you are not stabilized and you work on an other whether it is for healing, giving intuitive information or actually channeling an entity from the other realms, you may attract information, energy that causes mischief and does more harm then good. Yes, these words do sound like a form of discouragement but when you look at a professional in the medical field for instance, can the professional really do the job correctly if he or she hasn't graduated, hasn't accumulated and digested the knowledge that is necessary to successfully treat the patient?

I am not saying that people with spiritual talents should not share them. What I am urging these fortunate ones to do is work on themselves first before mistakes begin to appear or worse problems arise besides the issue at hand. People long to have someone to trust, someone who will tell them what to do and not to do. No one learns the entirety of any subject without having first centered and balanced their own force fields. The greater the knowledge gained; the greater the service rendered. Many metaphysical students become quite excited by one super normal experience or more and feel they have the credentials to go out and save people or the world. They cannot. The thought behind this message is to work and heal the lower senses first and then share your success, maturity and deep understanding with others. It is then that you will have a solid balance, confidence, trust in the process and the expertise to do what is right for the soul who is requesting help.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Are You a Doubting Thomas?

What people need to hear more than anything else is that they are composed of light. Light and its intensity is determined by our every day responses. It stands to reason, that the stronger the power of individual light in matter, which in this context is in your body, will health, happiness and goodness be determined. People usually do not want to look at simple statements. They expect truth to be given to them in an esoteric fashion , like a maze that cannot be solved at least in their current experience. Anything can be understood rightly if the light of your cells whether they be physical, emotional, mental or within the different levels of the subtle fields, are ablaze, alive and alert.

One does not need to seek a guru as taught by so many and worship at their feet. One simply makes a choice to accept the inner identity, love it, allow it to express and live in the flesh body. The flesh body can be spiritualized. It is controlled through choices. Most people are too lazy and doubtful to attempt this simple procedure that will transform them into a fully alive and spiritually conscious light being. Whose fault is this? Primarily the church. The teachers did not openly suggest that the followers are actually divine. To accept that you are a divine being having a trip away from Home, the Center, the Source of what you truly are, is a huge leap in soul consciousness. Most people are so programmed to think less of themselves that it almost sounds outrageous to entertain the reality that they are far greater than what they appear to be.

If more people would get this ancient fact straight in the mind and emotions, life will totally change around and reflect the higher Nature, the spirit individuality. How did this happen, this nasty sense of separation and inadequacy? Enough of you already know the answer. You have been programmed to think that you are servants, not worthy and that it will take a humongous miracle to change anything in your lives. So, you continue to accept a demeaning philosophy of trying, trying and trying again. Trying will eventually work but it is the long hard road. Why don't you just stop in this very moment and declare who you really are? What a shock that would be? To declare that you are a master who has temporarily forgotten the key laws of spirit, personal soul history and the real purpose for physical life. Think deeply and frequently about this revelation and allow the 'Doubting Thomas' in you to take a vacation. Encourage, honor and allow the Real you to show its luminous countenance.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Who Is New Here On Earth?

There is something new under the Sun. What? Yes, although everything already Is, newness does appear. It appears when people are ready to see it. The newness that I am speaking about has to do with something very subtle. Now what can that be? It has to do with the type of soul who is incarnating on planet earth right now but also in the not so distant past. The majority of the luminous ones have kept to themselves and live in such a way that they do not draw attention to themselves. In the same context, more of what they are in spirit has been melding with the individual personality over the years. This is called spiritualizing matter. These souls are far wiser than what has normally been thought of as the collectivity in the past. These souls are very ancient and will continue to come into their own energy as the cycle of change progresses forward. They are returning in large numbers for a specific reason. The reason may surprise you in some ways but is a fact that is materializing right now.

What am I talking about? I am referring to master teachers from other planets who have chosen this particular cycle to come to earth and help it along as it limps in its spiritual evolution. The limp was caused by an infusion of energy that was diametrically opposed to the Will of the Creator. The energy is still rampant on earth but soon there will be enough visible evidence that any one with a thinking mind will realize that something very unusual is going on.

Sounds mysterious doesn't it? Well, it is in many ways because this higher influx of energy is coming to earth from planets that the normal human does not consider. Everything is going to change during your life time. Not because the consciousness in the people on earth are advanced; the changes will come because of the souls who have chosen to enter physical bodies during your life experience as energy from the Sun. This may sound strange but it is possible for advanced beings and when I say advanced I am referring to beings who have gained self mastery in form, have established an intimate connection with the radiance of Light, the Divine, and have a cooperative working relationship with other beings of a similar consciousness from other planets. It is a network of consciousness that is preparing to act.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Something About Nothing

To get attention, do what you came here to do. Why get attention in the first place? The type of attention I am referring to is drawing others to you because you are actually doing something visibly and tangibly in the area of consciousness and not wasting time wallowing in nothing. To be happy do what you came into form to do. To gain a lasting happiness do what your soul desires. This doing is the real something and most of human activity can be described as doing nothing. You will find that I can be very blunt at times and if you are sensitive and feel the words are too harsh then these sharing are not for you. You will have to struggle a little bit more, continue to be confused and feel weary with the human trip and then one day you will say to yourself, "Stop!". What needs to be stopped is an activity coupled with vacant thoughts that have to do with nothing. Okay, what is something? Something is finally catching on to who you really are, embracing the inner Self and living life as it was intended to be.

Life was not intended to be a clumsy experiment or a series of mishaps and sorrow. Human life was visualized as an ideal of unity, creativity, beauty, respect, genuine love and laughter. How often do you laugh? Do you respect all forms of life, which also include the various religions, color of skin, level of education and question the many judgments and conditioning held on every subject imaginable? Laughter is needed. When you look at your role as an actor trying out one role after another in the hope that finally one day a role will really fit the inner you, you know exactly what I am talking about.

We can intellectually state that the spirit and soul are in harmony with the ego-personality and the body. That is the intellect talking. The only way that you will have proof of integration, blending of the subtle energies of Light with matter is when the subtle energies of body, mind, soul are spiritualized by spirit. How do you do that? You go into training. Training requires a belief, a commitment, a discipline that persevere. Training requires trust and determination. Keep moving to this rhythm and you will have one proof after another that you are definitely in step and that you are uniting matter and spirit according to the Divine Plan.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Are You a Master?

There are people, souls, right now on the planet who have been masters and amazing ones in previous life experiences. Why are they suffering in one area or another at the present time? Shouldn't one who is God Realized be free of suffering? The suffering is not a soul suffering or inner higher Self suffering. It is a suffering in the heart and mind because they know what Reality Is and it is painful to watch brothers and sisters suffer in the human sense, the lower nature. Suffering has different connotations according to one's level of inner understanding. One suffers when one loves and has a compassionate heart. Why? It is unpleasant to observe the spirit in one's fellow creatures be stifled and experience lack and limitation in any area of life. When one reaches a level of self-mastery, one embraces the Whole. This means that the spirit is so completely connected to life regardless of form or non form that the observer feels the emptiness of another who has not yet consciously reached that plateau in understanding and freedom.

A true master feels. I know that many teach to be detached and observe. I have taught that as well. Right now in this cyclic change it is not easy to simply be detached because we realize the stakes. What are the stakes? This is a time for a grand leap in consciousness for the many and not only the few as it has been in the last 5,000 yrs and more. It is a time of renewal. Great strides can be taken if we remain centered and not thrown off by confusion, manipulation, falsity and all the other dark energy that feed disorder, imbalances and forgetfulness.

Suffering is also watching others who have a brightness fall in despair. The confused have forgotten not realizing that within them is the same fount of wisdom, love, light and freedom as one who has consciously recognized, accepted and lives from a point of strength and inner power. There are souls right now who are caught as if in a net. They are distracted and have forgotten who they really are because the pressure from darkness and spiritual ignorance has been accelerated due to the influx of Radiant Light. It is similar to a scale. When the Good begins to make Its mark, the opposite energy is determine to regain control. Ask your self what is most important to you? Your answer will determine your reaction to observing or participating in any form of suffering. Do not belittle who you are. Love your Self and you will quickly return to the safety net of cosmic consciousness, the One Power, the One Wisdom and the One Presence. There are many definitions for mastery. This is only one of them. Again, be gentle. Simply love and know that you are divine.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are You Waiting for a Future Event?

This may seem to be an unusual subject to discuss. It is necessary. You are probably waiting for something good to happen. This is what you must ask yourself. Am I only waiting? I have written about the subject of waiting before and have always suggested don't wait. Why not? You are in the moment right now when everything desired can actually materialize. This is true for everyone regardless of what wrung of the ladder they judge they have landed on. It has nothing to do with appearance, station in life, family members, vocation or even personal desires. What most souls do not realize is that the very fact they exist in a physical body in this moment is enough reason that they do not have to wait for Goodness to come or the experience of God realization to hit them.

Do you follow what I am saying? If everyone continues with an attitude of waiting for some grand person or grand event to occur, they will never get anywhere. They will create limitation in an area where they cannot actually be anything that their soul truly desires. What is being stressed is don't assume tomorrow, the next month, years or ten years from this moment to provide what you desire in your heart. Know that anything is accessible in this very moment. The fact is emphasized because everything in human understanding, space/time, is accelerated during this cycle of change. You will have a physical life that is basically over if you do not act now.

You act by first accepting that you are a soul on a mission. That mission is to be wide awake as a spirit in form. When you are wide awake and you accept your higher Nature as the genuine and lasting Nature, you will automatically attract the people, goods, environment and experiences that will move you forward. If you continue with the mind set that tomorrow it will be better, it eventually will but, why wait to the future? Do you understand the mindset that is required? Today is yesterdays future. Do you actually have what your soul desires most of all? Probably not. Until you get this straight in your head you will be always waiting. I will repeat again how this works. If you fully accept these words that you have a sublime purpose, a higher reason to live a human existence and decide to live it now instead of waiting for a nebulous future, you will have the help of luminous beings who bring what is actually needed and what is required for your next step. This happens through intuitive thought energy planted in the minds of receptive people, visible and invisible, who will gladly come and assist you. Thoughts will also be planted in your mind that will be so clear that you will understand and actually do something about the suggestions. Anyone with pure intent will be helped in far more magical ways then they could dream of. Try it.

Who hasn't been waiting? Everybody is waiting. Be clear on what it is that your heart would enjoy and send that power thought out to the universe allowing good souls, angels, whatever you feel comfortable calling guides to assist you in manifesting inner desires right now.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There is Time to Heal

What do I mean by there is time to heal? Heal from what? Heal from being an ego-personality who tries to jeopardize the evolution of the soul. There is always time even in your very busy schedule. In fact, it is more important to stop and love your self and your journey than all the other things that you get involved with.
The journey has taken you to many places, depths and heights, but it has made progress although you may judge otherwise. That is someone else to remove...the judge. The judge, you, gets in the way of your soul's path. It is an obstacle that must be removed.

Everyone is presented with challenges to push their soul growth along its merry path. The problem is that most of the time the steps taken, the experiences, the ups and downs of the trip are not what you think of as merry. Well, I may seem a wee bit frivolous in the way that I am expressing these thoughts but they are feelings that you and I have entertained and frequently have been temporarily crushed by. It is time to really love your real Self and pay tribute to the noble light that resides within you. It is trying so hard to lead you on a path that is not covered with thorns. What do you do? You make it a problem because you don't think anything can be that easy. Well, it can. Stop playing games with who you are. Stop thinking and believing that you are the personality. Rubbish! You are this divine being who has been trapped in a flesh body that resists happiness. Yes, you actually resist happiness and take everything too seriously.

Why not put the facade aside and just be you? Why not? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. In fact, you have a world, a universe of wisdom, at your fingertips and it is usually ignored. Why do you ignore it? Why do you punish yourself and pretend that you are something that you are not? Start thinking. Start remembering. Start loving yourself and stop the nonsense that follows you around like waste material. To live in the flesh and not enjoy it fully because you are blind and deaf to your real identity as spirit in form is a wasted life. Think deeply, feel strongly and also do something right now about it. Make a decision to be who you really are or fall by the wayside.

Monday, January 18, 2010

You Have a Surprise Coming...

What if a higher Voice, an intuitive inner voice, said to you, 'You have a surprise coming and the surprise is a good one'. Would you believe in that gentle voice. Or, would you judge that it must be wishful thinking, creating a feeling so you do not despair? During this current cycle of newness, for that is surely what it is, many good surprises will be arriving on your doorstep. You may wonder, how can this be... the world appears as if it is falling a part. The first step is to discipline your mind into not paying attention to the world scene or your personal disorder in the way that you used to.

Something is happening that is of a good nature, a good vibration to those who love truth, life and God. What about the people who do not respect life and our greedy and unkind? There is good coming to them as well but they will not recognize it because it is wearing another face a face that is not familiar to them. Light, the Divine, Goodness arrives on one's doorstep in ways that you do not expect or necessarily understand. What I am attemptimg to state as clearly as possible is that regardless of your financial, physical, spiritual or social situation, there is good coming. To receive this Good, the higher energy of love for that is what it surely is, you must be expectant and filled with hope and gratitude. It is coming when you least expect it and suddenly! All you need to do is trust and believe in these words for they are true, more true than you can consciously grasp at the moment.

I am speaking to my self and to those who read this blog or whatever form I choose to present it to readers. Goodness is coming, healing is coming, help is coming and a long awaited change of simplicity, kindness and real love is coming. Abundance appears to those who open their hearts to a higher possibility then what they see with the physical eyes. So be ready. be prepared and trust for you are never forgotten. There are many luminous beings who will be helping those who love those who respect and care and honor life. Allow them into your heart and hearth for they are here for you now. It is now dear friends of the Light that we all must take the next step into an aliveness that is real and embraces nature and all life.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Are You Waiting For?

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Have a harmonious weekend,

Friday, January 15, 2010

Humans Need To Know

The below is an excerpt of thoughts I wrote in the late 1970's and published in my first book, Circle of Light~

Humans need to know that they are significant and what they think and do forever echoes throughout the universe.
Humans need to know that there is more to life than the daily toil of survival. Survival is not the answer; the answer is revealed in the progression of the soul.
Humans need to know that divine love and divine wisdom hold the ALL of creation in a balance that is eternal.

Humans need to know that there are planes of existence far reaching in thought and vibration that pervade the realms of higher consciousness.
Humans need to know that they are all linked together, inseparable in their destinies.
Humans need to know that they are dearly loved regardless of their level of spiritual awareness.
Humans need to know that the religions that they follow are but glimpses of a higher truth.

Humans need to know that to be balanced they must be awake in the heart and spirit.
Humans need to know a road that is hard and long can shortened as well as the collective struggle through the realizing of their higher identity and purpose.
Humans need to know that there is no 'judge' but only their conscience; this is what determines effect.
Humans need to know that there must be a balance between body, mind and soul to achieve and sustain a purity of purpose.

Humans need to know that there is nothing of this earth or of the universe that has any enduring value except Divine power, wisdom and love. Everything else passes away and yet, within the midst of confusion and spiritual ignorance harmony and love reign supreme.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What does the Sun, Planets and Stars Have to Do with Your Identity?

There is something new for most people reading this material to consider. Did you ever look closely at the Sun? I know you have been told that it is dangerous to look closely at it but if you look early in the morning you will not hurt your eyes nor will you receive any energies that could disrupt your force fields. What you will do is open up the cells of all your lesser bodies, physical, astral, mental and be receptive to a healing of a higher Order. This Order is directly from the masters who dwell in the etheric Sun. I did not mention your etheric field deliberately because your etheric body is part and parcel of your physical body. They are actually one unit meaning, the physical cannot survive without the etheric. In some other worlds, there exists intelligence in visible and tangible form who do not have an emotional body. This means that the intelligence in form is strictly a mentally functioning being. Feelings are not of any consequence to them. This may sound as an unpleasant creation but in some ways it is far more advanced than many of the people on planet earth who thrive on negative emotions.

I mention this because on planet earth we must attain balance in all our bodies whether they are physical or subtle, seen or not seen by the human eye. If we do not, chaotic behavior, ill health, wrong thoughts and other experiences that cause despair and damage will take prominence in behavior and matter. This is a very important subject to understand. You can be a loving individual with good intent but if your birth sign gave you energies from one or more planets that emphasize emotions, you can live your entire live tilted to one side of the scale

Be aware of the influence of the stars and planets. This does not mean that you must take courses and learn the subject thoroughly but at least try and understand the influences of your birth date. Doing this you will save yourself much time, energy and grief. What is also true is that the more evolved that you are as a soul, the less the negative aspects of your chart will impact you. I mention this fact now because there will be more disturbances occurring throughout the world because the earth, the atmosphere, nature itself is purging that which has abused it. Now, think about this. If nature is purging Herself, might not your own consciousness do the identical thing to the health of your physical body, assumed comforts, family and friends? Who is in charge of your life? This is an excellent question because if it is the ego-personality, you are in for some big time problems. If you have reached the point in consciousness where you have surrendered a good part of your self and life's activities to your inner essence, the spirit, the guidance will come. What others experience in loss, ill health, disruptions and more will either be very moderate in your circumstances or they will not occur at all. Think deeply. All of us are at a crossroads in this cycle of soul history. Make a choice and stick with it and you will live to understand and see the results. How does this tie in with gazing at the Sun rising? You will receive much needed light rays and intuitive vibrations that will strengthen your energy in the package that is considered to be your full identity.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sudden Devastation and Destruction

Disasters are of the soul, not assumed mistakes. Not only are there cycles that manifest as earth changes, there are cycles of change for souls existing in particular places on the earth and more importantly in particularly places in the soul. This is difficult to fully grasp when observing the harm and death of loved ones, material structures collapsing, nothing left but decay and dust. This is not by accident. It is a natural means to cleanse groups of souls as well as the Earth herself. Every action has a reaction. The action could have easily occurred centuries ago in the distant past but, eventually balance returns. The return can be sudden, unexpected and catastrophic for thousands of souls.

It is heart rendering to see or hear about any form of suffering. As this is being written, tears are rapidly falling down my cheeks. It is not only those of us who have a compassionate heart who cry in disbelief, the beings in the subtle worlds feel the pain as well. Until the soul acquires a level of sanctity, of purification, disasters of many different sorts will continue to appear in human life. Yes, it is very harsh but sadly enough it is the only way guilt ridden souls seem to learn that they are not on the path of spirit but only following the path of the ego personality.

You must wonder and question why so many souls are often involved. How can all the victims be processing old karma? This is exactly what is happening. The Law of Cause and Effect will at the appropriate moment balance old actions that the souls themselves have created. Are there any souls who are innocent? Usually not. What appears as innocence often does not tell the story of the soul. The story of the soul is a tapestry that the soul itself has woven, not the spirit. The spirit is the god particle, god essence and this fragment observes. It does not fully function in a humans physical, emotional and mental life until it has progressed a sufficient distance in its evolution as radiant light living in matter. The weaker the vibration of the light, the greater possibility for pain. You may argue and say that good people experience pain as well. This is sadly true. I am not implying that catastrophes or unpleasant experiences are the result of bad people and their actions. There is no good or bad in spirit. The good and bad is of the ego-personality making mistakes through selfishness, cruelty and unkindness. Greed is holding reign as a vibratory influence in many places. It is the cruelty of a greedy, fear driven, power hungry vibration which causes a final disturbance to purify and stabilize the space. Universal Law acts as an imputus, a reaction bringing into manifestation a balance through human and material loss. Balance begins its reactive energy through death, disease, earthquakes, war and other unnecessary circumstances.

Now, do not make the mistake of ever saying to your self that a person must have been really bad to experience such devastation. If you feel and think that thought, you place your self in the category of being spiritually ignorant and lacking heart. It is the person's soul on a very deep level, a level that they usually are not consciously aware of that has attracted despair, loss and horrorendous happenings. It is a nasty form of guilt and self-punishment. What station in life that is held at the moment of horror may or may not have significance. There is no God creating these tragedies; it is the soul who punishes itself as not being worthy. Compassion and prayers are always needed for those who has missed the mark and are struggling to return to the grace of the light and love of the individual spirit and the Supreme Creator. The beloved essence within patiently waits for the soul to awaken, thus redeeming itself once again. For those who accept the law of rebirth and the evolution of the soul striving to merge with its God part, these words are understood. We are our own judge, jury and decide the sentence.

What Can You Do for Peace?

If you take the time to read this, you must for the sanctity of life, honor your own presence and love feeling the energy of goodness that surrounds you. By allowing yourself to feel and giving that feeling direction, you can heal others and bring a much needed peace to your environment, others and the world. Talking about peace does not do anything to shift the energy. It is in being the peace in moments of doubt or possible fear, in stress and lack and limitation. Real peace is yours at the center of your being. It waits to come forth as a stream of radiant light touching, transforming and enlightening all that it touches. You are the light. You are peace incarnate.

Peace is only an ideal or a word if you forget to implement its energy into your daily life. You are creating a new civilization, a new dimension of being when you remember to be peaceful.This means that you do not fall under the spell of the newscaster, the hypocrites, the spell binders who promote fear and falsehood. We can change anything through belief. You also have an imagination, use it to create the world that you desire. The more you focus on the image, the stronger it becomes. With commitment and perseverance, it doesn't take long to bring the ideal, the image into manifestation.

If you are not on Facebook, I invite you to join me at the following address:
Once you are on Facebook and my friend, I can invite you to two groups: One is called the 'Circle of Light', primarily a healing group. The new one created yesterday is called 'Ask Shirlee...Training for the Divine'. This group has active discussions where members can share what is both in their hearts and experience, ask questions and offer answers. The intent behind these two groups is to attract souls from all over the world of like mind who deeply care about life and establishing peace on earth and good will toward life. There are thousands of us who need to link our light and by doing so will create a coalition for peace and truth.
How lovely it would be to meet each of you face to face. Our light does merge in the vibration of the words shared because they are of the Language of Light, the Language of the Angels~

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Bright Promise?

According to the beneficial influence of Jupiter, the Nadi Predictions state that no major setbacks will happen in 2010. There will always be some problems, but overall, the energies of 2010 bring bright promise for the future. These are the predictions of South India's teaching for the New Year. All beings (animal, trees, humans) existing in this world will gain new virtues and will elevate to a higher stage in life in areas of knowledge, expenditures of money and energy and overall capabilities. The cosmic influences will help us make wiser choices, which are more productive. I chose to share these predictions because many people need hope right now. They also state that we will move out of a recession and the world will begin to return to prosperity. We need to hear and read positive statements for a change. The predictions went on to say that even people who are considered by most as evil will improve in their nasty ways.

Since the year 2012 is not that far in the distance, the predictions also state that we will have more people that are enlightened in the sense that they will be open, honest, caring, loving and united in love and desire for a firsthand connection with the Divine. People who still gravitate toward humanity's lower nature such as suffering, misery, hate, separation from the Divine will also gradually move toward an awakening.

Everyone has heard a great deal regarding predictions for 2010, particularly the Mayan predictions. What the Mayan's were talking about is the end of a life cycle. It is a leap in consciousness that is predicted, not in a moment but actually over some span of time. The Mayan predictions are very similar with the Ancient Egyptian culture, which predicted the exact same thing. They did not predict THE END, but AN END. The Mayans and Egyptians knew more about life than we do now because we are all wrapped up in technology in at least the western world. The Mayans understood that all the cycles converge and begin a new on that date. The leap of consciousness predicted will expand over a period of 200-300 years. It is the beginning of another cycle and we will find ourselves changing on every level of our being. The date does have significance in the realm of consciousness.

Friday, January 8, 2010

What Will Happen in the Days Ahead?

The typical answer is the truth that we are the ones who shape tomorrow. But...there is something a little different that is also happening. The unseen will become seen through souls of like-mind such as the Circle of Light Group, a new Facebook group I am presently forming named "Ask Shirlee..." and similar gatherings all over the planet. The Circle ever widens. Good change begins slowly. During the coming year, it will suddenly grow in leaps and bounds because souls are ready for an opening, a place of hope and a space of love. Souls are tired of pretending that the physical body and personality is the end all of life. They desire to know and feel their true identity, understand real truth and stop the lies that come with being duped by many in power. They will desire to be spiritual beings removing the falseness, the costume, the lies and betrayal that has separated them for thousands of lifetimes from the Source of their inner light. This is the beginning of the return of Light consciously, visibly and tangibly as the most precious commodity that can be experienced firsthand by any soul whether in the body or out of it.

the divine revelations for 2010 from Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati are considered an interdimensional gift from the 'other side'. 2010 is the year numerologically ruled by the number three. 2+0+1+0 Three is the number ruled by the planet Jupiter referred to as Guru in Sanskrit. 2010 will be successful for those who believe in God and the Divine. The nunmber three will help all people and even create interest in what is the real truth even for those who do not have a current interest. For sincere seekers, it will surely be an excellent year.

More on this subject Monday.
Have a great weekend...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010, the Interim

As more people develop discernment in the spiritual area, they will seek out simplicity, truth, authenticity and other people whose conscious experience is directly connected to the Source. As our discernment expands, self-esteem will be enhanced. There is a vast difference between the knowledge gained through books and the inner intuitive wisdom remembered. The desire for authenticity is already taking shape in many areas of life. I see the year 2010 as the interim period, a transition process not only for spirituality but also the beginning of a higher view embracing every aspect of life. Souls from all walks of life will find ways to make their voices heard and be able to express what they feel without fear.

Those who are already awakened as well as individuals beginning to discover higher possibilities have not had any form of coalition. There has been and is a small organization here and there expressing these desires, but soon something will occur that unites all of us who desire the same thing...truth, balance, compassion, unconditional love, fairness and kindness. The inner desires materialize through cooperation, sincerity and a genuine concern for each other and life. The new energy, which is really ancient, is surfacing as an attitude of respect toward Nature and nurturing life in all of its various forms. A complete trust in a higher Power that is usually unseen except by those with awakened spiritual senses will make an appearance in the common man.

The choice always is ours. Matter, if handled correctly, is actually a playground for the expression of the Divine Idea. This is a fact that mankind normally overlooks. My intent is to help you remember what once was and will now again be. I acknowledge your personal effort to consciously evolve with me and live the Divine expression as a reality right now.

May the spirit of truth touch you in all ways~


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You Are Worthy

For the most part, a sense of dignity has been lost in recent civilizations. Dignity, respect for life and a greater understanding of one's purpose on the planet will slowly return. Trust me. You are worthy. Perhaps, you are one of the fortunate ones who actually accept his or her worthiness. Accepting is acknowledging and living your life knowing with a certainty that the inner part of you is the God particle, the essence. This knowledge unfolds as consciousness expands. It is time that more of us go through a deprogramming process and put false notions aside and accept the spirit life within. Healing personality issues is the most challenging part of the awakening process. When the truth of your worthiness becomes believable hold onto it. Be determined to keep the image and identity honoring life as a constant. Walking willingly through the door of worthiness gives us a higher understanding as well as creates a bond with the Intuitive Voice, the Presence within. As the intimacy expands, you will discover that the eternal part of your consciousness will energize desires and choices.

This is an excellent cycle to embrace and hold onto the truth of being because we have chosen to live in a time period that I refer to as the return of the Radiant Light. The higher energy and authentic power, supreme intelligence and unconditional love of the Celestial Light for humanity are the weapons for restructuring consciousness and create the freedom we deserve. People will desire to witness the Light personally and also to use it for the good of others and not only themselves. Light is a living language, intelligence and a power of the highest order. It has the capability of creating, transforming, enlightening, healing and materializing anything that the higher thinking part of the mind can conceive and beyond. It is the Light of the Most High Realms returning that will create a space of love and wholeness.

If your sense of worthiness is weak, it is not as easy to be a conduit for the luminous Light. Many have lost hope and are depressed due to a multitude of human problems that have surfaced in these unstable times. Trust me. You can survive on every level if you trust and fully accept the power and presence within and be patient as you go through various stages of understanding and growth. Resistance will retard the evolution of the soul. Stay on the path of worthiness and it won't take long for the unknown to become a Known reality, a constant Presence, in every day life. At the moment, the numbers who witness and work with Celestial Light as a vehicle of love are minimal compared to the billions of souls who are embodied on planet earth. At the same time, souls are being born into the flesh that understand what is being spiritually shared as well as the many who have kept observant and silent for so long. They are now giving voice to the knowing in their heart. You are one of them.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Groups Forming All Over the Planet

People are slowly waking up to a higher reality that has been ignored far too long. There are many groups focusing on raising consciousness forming all over the world, particularly among women. Some call it a sisterhood, which holds no conditions except love. Not only are women empowered when they unite with pure intent, the men and children in their lives are touched by an energy that they, too, are now desiring. Something different is happening all over the world. If you haven't consciously tapped into the increasingly evident spirit hood that is being created between women, men, children and Nature, get involved with Facebook. You will connect your light with others who listen, support, love and actually take positive action to reclaim the family of humanity.

I feel the Feminine or the Divine Mother Energy is the beating heart behind the strength of the movement. The people of the world have been missing balance. Women usually learn this early because most of us are caregivers with a compassion for life that accepts, supports and believes. We are constantly seeking ways to inspire and give hope. Women are the healers. Men also have a creative compassionate rhythm of the cosmic mother within then. For the most part, they have to work harder to move past the egoistic self-consciousness that harms the original space of unity. The consciousness movement is coming back to the womb, a state of purity. This state is the stillness of one's own nature and to see everything and everyone as only one. Lao-tsu is a perfect example of a man who did imagine, create and live his life existing in the womb of the cosmic mother. Coming back to the womb of the Mother is directly related to our broadening the personality to the cosmic scale. To be authentic, it requires us to return to the consciousness of infancy...which is, complete trust, enlightenment, immortality, peace and unity with all beings and with one's own higher nature.

Due to the higher and powerful energy of the earth cycle we are now entering, good souls who have been vacillating regarding consciously taking steps to evolve the soul will also be drawn to the wisdom and unconditional love of the Cosmic Mother. A greater intuitive understanding, which will appear in thinking minds, will seem like it is new thought. You and I know that it is not new. It is the ancient wisdom returning. The light of this powerful wisdom was ours during our original creation when first appearing visibly and tangibly in matter. What will happen in the year 2010 and ongoing evolves around the awakening of the hidden spirit within. More and more individuals will accept and increasingly make direct contact with the essence, the particle of God, within. They will understand the truth that the flesh body and the ego personality with all its confusion, fear and ignorance has been the real alien. To remove the false influence, souls will earnestly seek to live in a new way, a simple life, one more aligned with nature and the other projections of the Grand Creator.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Space of Hope

There is a time soon coming when people will have a greater grasp of what some of us have been teaching for many years. Although suffering is unnecessary from the highest perspective in order for the soul to evolve, it is obviously the subconscious choice of the majority of souls living on planet earth. The reason that more people will be ready to listen is that they have suffered far too long. The time we speak of is actually beginning to manifest in a way that is unexpected for many. To lose material goods, to lose health, to lose security and serenity, to doubt one's belief system and live in any measure of fear primes the individual for change. It becomes so uncomfortable for them, so uncertain, that they automatically but yet with some reluctance, allow new and expansive thoughts to gently push them through the already opened door to a grander view of who they are and the purpose of life.

It is a sign of weakness in consciousness that triggers nasty events both personal and collective. On planet earth, spiritual negligence, forgetfulness and laziness has been the pattern for thousands of years. Right now, in this moment, others and myself are suggesting a new pattern to people who are willing to listen and take heart through deep thinking, genuine feelings and positive action. People normally do not grasp a truth, a foreign idea, unless a very strong feeling and sound reasoning is a companion to the suggestion. For the next week or two, I will share my view on 2010 leading to 2012 and how we can merge together and create an enormous thought form of love. Are you with me?