Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Root Races

Each root race passes through various stages: youthful, mature and decline. Each population of a root race is divided into 7 sub races. Each sub race maintains itself for a long time while others are developing alongside it. That is why the world population is as it is because different stages of development are living together here on earth.

With each subsequent sub race, evolutionary changes occur. As an example, memory consisted of vivid sense impressions, color and sound. They then developed feelings, which their Lemurian ancestors did not yet know. Memory came with language. Memory did not show up until the final Lemurian period. The Atlantian period is the one in which the development of language took place. A new bond was formed among humans in the early states of the first sub-race as the result of sound-words inside themselves and to the objects of the external world.

Soul powers of the first Atlanteans still possessed something of the forces of nature. Their sound-words contained a power over things and other human beings. They could cure, advance the growth of plants, tame the rage of animals and perform other similar functions. All these powers progressively decreased in form among the later sub-races of the Atlanteans. As spirit and soul become increasingly earth-matter oriented, the psychic powers decrease.