Monday, January 5, 2009

Why Seek a Spiritual Healing?

Have you found that when all physical, mental, moral and financial discords are removed that you still feel an inner unrest? Unrest continues until we make a direct and constant connection to the Source of our life. Finding our inner spirit and making that contact lifts us into a new consciousness of life. In seeking a spiritual healing, we are lifted into a grander dimension of consciousness where physical limitations do not operate. Our motivating force needs to be finding the connection to Divinity because man is not the healer.

Spiritual healing is very different, actually strange. We do not require training regarding body parts, nor do we have to engage in special hand movements or statements of truth. It appears revolutionary because all we have to do is BE and the One Power and One Presence does the work. People have difficulty grasping this state of mind because all the evidence in the world appears to be contrary. To understand what I am trying to convey requires preparation of the mind, heart and soul. It is necessary for the individual acting as the transmitter of divine power to feel confident and be in a state of harmony surrendering the process to the higher good of the patient. Focusing on matter is not the answer.

You see, there is something available that is really not known by the human mind. The Light is the means by which healing occurs. Light appears as a result of devotion to God, the Supreme Spirit. As soon as Light becomes a part of your consciousness, it benefits you as well as those who come to you. Every time you lift and sustain a sublime state of consciousness, more light vibrates in the world of matter. The nature of the Light, the divinity of our true Self, is good, loving, wise and truthful. To be a true healer of self and others requires a steady awareness of the Light, which has always existed. Healing on every level occurs or unfolds according to the proportion of our conscious awareness of a higher Reality. Although it is a high power that does the actual healing, we are required to bring our own state of being into awareness of that truth. It is then that healing takes place.