Monday, February 2, 2009

Earthbound Souls

I remember twenty years ago reading about Dr. Edith Fiore and her comments regarding earthbound souls. She was right on, so to speak. For thirty-eight years, I have had personal experience with this subject and have written about it in my last book, Be-Embracing the Mystery. The doctor stated that 80 per cent of her clients are possessed or obsessed. The symptoms range from mild to severe. Frequently, the possessed are hospitalized or even institutionalized. Dr. Fiore back then had already delivered over 1,000 people from possession. You do not need to go to a doctor or priest to rid yourself of one. The problem is that not all entities are docile and sometimes the one being attacked or bothered must be stern and demand that the intruder leave at once. I discovered through observation that some people actually enjoy having an attachment of another personality. For personal reasons, the entity fulfills a need lacking in the person's life.

Dr. Fiore advised to work on yourself and watch for the following symptoms: low energy levels, character shifts, mood swings, inner voices speaking, impulsive behavior, poor concentration, sudden onset of anxiety, sudden onset of depression and weight gain without reasons. I have removed unwanted earthbound souls for some of the reasons she mentions as well as other reasons. Sometimes, the earthbound souls are simply mischief makers. They are capable of banging on furniture, windows, playing in standing water, turning electrical appliances on and off, making objects move and much more. The souls who indulge in such activities are for the most part not spiritually aware of their purpose in existence. They also may have unfinished business and refuse to accept that they are no longer in a physical body. I am speaking of the type of entity who hovers around a human or location year after year, not guides or beings who desire to help a human by offering assistance.

This sounds absolutely nuts in many ways but it is recorded in most religious scriptures. Jesus said to his disciples, "This kind of entity does not go out except through fasting and prayer". As I said before, a few humans like having an entity around. They think it is amusing. A short fast usually dislodges the entities if they are not dark and determined to undermine the peace of the target. The following suggestions will help in discouraging nasty intruders. Keep open bibles around the home, place salt in the sign of a cross on a plate under your bed. Light a candle whenever it is appropriate, use incense, sprinkle salt in corners of your home, play inspirational music when depressed, take a herb called scullcap when you are depressed and dedicate your home to the Light of God and daily bless your home by going to each room making the sign of the cross in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If you really want to get rid of an intruder, be authoritative regarding intrusions from either negative people, entities or thought forms. Do not allow negativity to invade your space. People who have come to me have used these methods and they work only if you really want the earthbound soul removed. More tomorrow.