Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are You From This Planet?

There are always things to write about. The question is how many people do something positive in regards to what they study? To be a perpetual student is the norm for sincere seekers striving for self-mastery. Eventually, they reach a point where they feel saturated and wonder if there is anything out there that they actually do not know. This may sound peculiar to you but think about. You have been on a very long journey. Certainly you have picked up tidbits of amazing information that is stored away in that subconscious part of the mind of yours. This is why so much that you read feels, sounds and appears as very familiar. If you only knew the great wealth of information that you are carrying around within, you would be astounded.

For instance, many of the teachers on earth are not really from planet earth. Perhaps, this needs to be restated. They may have already had frequents trips to earth but, they arrive as visitors. There home base is located far away and is more advanced spiritually than what is currently being played out here on earth. For instance, if you are one of these beings familiar with earth but consider some far away star as your true home, you would not appear to earthlings as you appear somewhere other than right here. You arrive and fit in. It is very much like the fairy tales you have read where the king or prince disguises himself as an ordinary citizen. He ventures out and blends with the people. Because he is wearing a disguise, he is treated just like everyone else. That is actually the best way for such a scenario to be played. Now...when such a being comes to a backward planet in the area of consciousness, do you really feel that that prince in today's world or princess, would share the wisdom known in higher regions with the people of this world? Of course not. A hint may be offered now and then but the higher teachings would be watered down so the populace, who are primarily unenlightened as far as character and the higher wisdom teachings, would understand what is being transmitted. The people who have chosen to be students are offered material that they need to experience right now.

This is why it is wise not to judge anyone because who knows what lies behind the mask. Good people often judge that they are stupid and in reality, they are not. If they would take the time to meditate, contemplate and feel and enjoy the higher regions, the cosmic intelligence would slowly seep to the surface. Their knowledge will increase and they will feel that they are not so dumb after all. Remember, you are playing a new part right now. Those of us who are sincere about soul evolution may change the part we play several times during one life experience. Isn't that exciting? Being born anew is actually accepting an opening and going with it. Drawing in more of your Real Self and manifesting the best of you in matter. Life could actually be enjoyable for most people if they understood the drama and played it to the hilt.