Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What is a Corrupted Nature?

Corrupted is a strong word yet, it does plainly imply what has happened to our inner nature. We are light beings temporarily using a physical form. What has happened in our journey is a huge cover up of our original nature. The cover up consists of projections, assumptions and judgments that are mainly inherited from others. It is common for people not to use self-examination and question or verify their beliefs.
In my opinion, this is a sickness lodged in the subconscious and conscious part of the mind which adversely affects the higher intelligence and heart. It is the great cover up of our true nature...light. People espouse their perceptions of Truth and as a result betray truth. Shortsightedness is a common disease. Disorientation, not understanding what true desire is, taking ourselves for something that we are not and identifying with an image that is usually false is all part of our creating a corrupted consciousness.

We become mislead when we are not vigilant. How many seriously meditate and ask only for their 'original face'? Original face is the face of Light, the real eternal you. Meditation will provide a means for you to actually see your original face. Discipline, passion and vigilance will prevent others from misleading you. When you are prepared in consciousness, meditation and communion with the Divine, will offer you authentic messages. When you consciously reunite with the roots of your being, an intimacy is created and you gradually awaken to the magnificence within.

Perhaps, you life feels that it has been one injustice happening after another. Injustice, according to my meditative understanding, occurs only when the soul has not created the situation. If you have created the drama in the past as cause, it will return to you as an effect when you are ready to heal and release it. There is another lingering issue some of us are experiencing. It is a hidden sadness. Sadness may cause extreme pain to the soul. In my own case, I am a very positive personality who projects joy and stability. Within my heart there are remnants of sadness, which are now healing. The hidden sadness is the direct result of being abused for my love of truth in many life experiences. In present time, I no longer put up a wall to protect my feelings from those who lack the light of understanding. Although I always immediately forgive, the sorrow for their immaturity and doubts lingered. From experience, I suggest that you feel your tears and other emotions at the time it happens rather than hold them in memory by denying their existence. Learn to pass through the feelings and walk forward toward a higher serenity and more sensitive maturity accepting that the spiritually negligent will one day remember and identify with the sacred within.