Thursday, September 17, 2009

Helpful Suggestions

Sometimes, we must not be so nice. When something or someone disturbs our sense of stability even if it involves someone we love, adjust or remove it. Real loving is protecting your self, environment and not allowing intruders into your aura. Intruders are other people's energy, words, thoughts and actions. If you feel sorry for someone and you allow your feelings to mar your vibration, how is that being true to your self? Never allow anyone to invade your stability and good sense of self because you feel sorry for them and their weaknesses. We can actually manifest a greater love for the world and each other when we are detached from a sickly type of emotionalism. Real power is to be detached yet, compassionate.

This is all about shifting your understanding. If you don't want something or someone in your environment, remove the energy, learn to say no, regardless of what another is saying or desiring. Stop saying yes to manipulation even though the other person makes the suggestion sound reasonable. You can have such a strong feeling for someone that the other person's condition will throw you off center and unpleasant things occur that need nor happen. What I am saying, is that love can have a negative result if it is not a balanced love. A certain amount of detachment is required.

What if you died and were asked, "Did you use your energy correctly throughout your life?" What is being asked is whether the lower aspects of the personality used love properly. This ties in with self-judgement. The way we answer that question determines any limitations imposed on us in future lives. No God out there does the punishment or restrictions, we do. It will save us a lot of misery if we understand and express love correctly.