Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wounds as Disrupted Energy

The ideal is to have our energy flowing effortlessly. The direction and modulation of human energy flow begins in the mind and is empowered by the mind. If the mind is in a confused or negative state, trouble manifests in the physical body. I always refer back to the Indian concept of human energies mentioned in the Rig-Veda dating back a couple thousand of years ago. Their experiential knowledge states that there are three types of energies concerned with balance of body, mind and soul. Prana, the vital energy, which is similar to glue holding us together is the first type. Prana flows through its circuitry and conveys the soul's willful, emotional and intellectual functions. The goal is to consciously control our senses. If we are inconsistent and neglectful, which is a form of abuse, they become the effect in the physical form, the environment we inhabit.

When we learn to control our emotions, consciousness gradually expands and we function from the core of our being, which is ideal. The currents harmoniously run through our energy centers. The spinal cord is a reference for the second type of energy, the Kundalini energy. It is aroused from its latent state and rises up the spine through the invisible energy centers when we meditate or learn to control energy through yogic practices. The Kundalini feels like heat and is quickened by spiritual pursuits and is basically concerned with creative energies. The third state of energy health evolves around selfless love, devotion or a focused passion. The student achieves a very high concentration of energy through discipline and a profound and personal experience of the sacred. Western thought, which recognizes the brain and the immunological system as the seats of human consciousness, differs from the Indian thought, which considers the nonphysical chakras as centers of consciousness. The energy centers quicken awareness as space-consciousness, emotions and inner movement that harmonizes and lifts the energy of the participant.

Healing our energy fields is a large part of the spiritual connection. The brief description hints at the complexity of our identity on a physical level. The repetitive use of creative imagination has repeatedly proven to heal wounds both within and without. If there is someone in your life who is a constant irritant, imagine the two of you tied together with a heavy rope on a bare stage. Next, imagine an authority figure of your choice walking towards the two of you with a large scissors. Give permission to the authority figure to cut the ropes that bind you to an unhealthy bond with this other person. See the ropes fall to the floor. Embrace the other person and forgive. If you have trouble forgiving, try and understand that the harsh relationship would never have occurred in the first place if you both were wound free. Do this visualization as often as it takes to achieve the desired result. You will know by the lack of emotional reaction and the new found sense of peace.