Monday, August 3, 2009

Sacred Light

Humanity is but beginning to know the Sacred Light of God. We seek the Light to guide us out of the jungle to the mountaintop of the awakening soul. It is our destiny to find the Light and be transformed by it. As we find it, we gradually find the inner Self, which is the Light. The more we become transformed by the God-Light of the awakening Self within, the greater the distance is from the jungle, the darkness. Some seek and become very discouraged because they feel they have not found it. What they are not aware of is the truth that they have forever been finding it. They are not yet fully aware of what is referred to as a knower. When you are still unknowing, the seeker expects to find it all at once in some dramatic blinding flash.

Sacred Light normally does not appear in that manner. the closer we become to the mountaintop, the more our nervous system can handle the Light. For instance, I am fasting on boiled water and an apple in the morning. I've been on this fast for almost a week feeling strong and alert. The interesting side effect is that visions of the other dimensions are experienced throughout the day and night, mostly when I close my physical eyes. I have had daily experiences of the Sacred Light since early adulthood. Since the beginning of the fast, the visions have increased as well as the spiritual hearing. My personality did not decide to fast. I am being guided by luminous friends from the higher worlds of radiant Light.

Always look upward into the High-Heavens of inspiration. Be fearless and allow the purity of the universal Light to bathe you in its all knowing, beauty and love. This is the ascent home, the ascent from body to spirit. It is a hard, disciplined and glorious road that requires implicit trust, love and patience. All must make the climb. The journey is a repetitive play here on the planet. Be happy and grateful in the truth that there is a continuous transformation, as each one of us learns our part, line by line. All part of the play is experience, which become the action of the play. Each experience is a part of your journey from the darkness of spiritual ignorance to the Sacred Light. All experiences are steps in that journey to the mountaintop.