Friday, May 29, 2009

Autosuggestion Means Suggesting Specifics

You can use autosuggestion to remove various fears and other negative conditions. There are also involuntary autosuggestion's such as silent fear thoughts emotionalized and subjectified. If you have a fear of public speaking for example, the following could be done to rectify the problem. Three times a day isolate yourself, relax and close your eyes. Once your mind and body is quiet suggest to yourself, "I am a successful speaker. I am poised, knowledgeable, confident and calm." Repeat the statement slowly, quietly and with feeling from five to ten times at each sitting. Start doing your preparation a week before your actual presentation. It is also a good idea to do it before you go to sleep. When it is time to be on stage, you will present your self and topic exactly as you have programmed your subconscious.

The technique of autosuggestion can be used to restore memory. Instead of complaining and telling your friends that your memory is not like it once was, do something about it. Induce autosuggestion several times a day using the above suggestion and state, "My memory from today on is improving in every way. I shall remember whatever I need to know. The impressions received will be clearer and more definite and I will retain them naturally and with ease. I have heard that people doing this exercise regained full memory in three weeks. The technique can be used for any weakness such as a nasty temper, futility, fear, worry, anxiety and impending doom. So many people are hurting on every imaginable level right now and need to take positive steps so they do not destroy their health. This is simple, costs nothing and is a reconditioning therapy. We must release the mass of negative verbal conditioning that can distort our life pattern or we will succumb to negative energy.

Pay close attention to the negative suggestions in the news and what comes out of the mouth of people around you. We have had enough destructive suggestions from childhood and our teens. So much nonsense directed at us was to control us or instill fear. Many of the remarks directed at us are for the purpose of making us feel, think, speak and act as others want us to and in ways that are to their advantage. Telling someone to file for bankruptcy and that you can't win will cause failure in your personal and social life. Don't listen to other people's fears. Start taking control of your own three times a day in a relaxed state using constructive suggestions as implants directly programmed into your own subconscious mind. There is a form of suggestion called heterosuggestion. It can destroy, actually kill, if a psychic for instance tells you that you are going to fail, lose your business or die at a certain age. Someone close to me was given a negative heterosuggestion as a preteen and it has become a self-fulfilling prophesy. A child who keeps such information to himself allows it to fester and become a reality because youth accepts and gives power to the remarks that come out of the mouths of adults. If the child had given voice to the suggestion, it could have been completely neutralized and dissipated without hurting him.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

There Are Not Two Minds

When we talk about the conscious and subconscious, they are terms only. The two are spheres of activity within one mind. The conscious part is obviously the thinking part or reasoning mind. It chooses and makes decisions while the subconscious sphere accepts what is impressed upon it or what you consciously believe. The subconscious mind is the soil which accepts any kind of seed, good or bad. This is why we must really guard our thoughts during experiences of loss, limitation and sorrow. The subconscious part simply responds to the nature of our thoughts and suggestions. There are many successful techniques available to help us clear out the negative impressions in the subconscious but understand they do not always bring about an immediate solution to our difficulties. It could take weeks or longer...

Since the subconscious is incapable of making selections and comparisons, it is very important that we select our thoughts, ideas and premises that will help us and not hinder our peace, prosperity, joy or health. Buddha said for us to guard the gate to the five senses. The conscious mind uses the five physical senses to observe the objective world. We gain knowledge through the five senses. The subconscious or subjective part of the mind works independently of the five senses; it perceives through intuition. In other words, the subconscious is the storehouse of memory, the seat of emotions. It has the capacity of clairvoyance and clairaudience, can leave your body, travel to distant lands and bring back information. It is through the subjective part of the mind that we can read the thoughts of others and know things that the conscious mind has no way of knowing. It cannot argue or reason, only accept any suggestions given to it as being absolutely true.

It is fact to say that everything that happens to us is based on thoughts impressed on our subconscious mind through belief. We can reverse this as you probably already know by repetition of constructive and harmonious thoughts. The subconscious will accept the new thoughts and go about forming better and healthier events in your life. Habitual thinking of your conscious mind establishes deep grooves in your storehouse, the subconscious. This is fine when you are positive. Understanding this process, it becomes very obvious that it is important to offer the creative force within you positive thoughts. Perhaps, it will help you to start thinking of your conscious mind as the "watchman at the gate". The chief function of the conscious mind must be to protect your subconscious sphere from false impressions. Now that I have reminded my self as well as you, let us make an effort to remember this basic law of the mind...the subconscious is amenable to suggestion.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do You Live Primarily in the World Without or World Within?

Everything that we find in our world of expression has been created by us in the inner world of the mind consciously or unconsciously. We need knowledge regarding the sensitivity of the subconscious to thought. Most of the great scientists, artists, poets, singers, writers, and inventors have a deep understanding of the workings of the conscious and subconscious part of the mind. Your subconscious mind takes the orders we give it based upon what the conscious mind believes and accepts as true. With the economy the way it is, be very careful about negative programming in this area because the subconscious will back you up 100%. The subconscious works twenty-four hours a day providing us with the fruits of our habitual thinking.

The subconscious has the answer to all problems. You can tell it to wake you up at a certain time. It can build and heal your body by giving it instructions just before you go to sleep at night. It is a faithful servant. Every thought is a cause and every condition is an effect. Convey to your subconscious what you desire to create or draw to you and it will respond accordingly. You have to give it orders and it will act on them. So, please do not say "I can't do this." We actually can do all things through the power of the subconscious mind. That would be a good mantra to repeat. Do not believe in things that may harm or hurt you. Instead, believe in the power of the subconscious to heal, inspire, strengthen and prosper you. Guard your thoughts, change them, and you can change your destiny.

We think with the conscious mind and whatever we habitually think sinks down into the subconscious part, which creates according to the nature of our thoughts. The subconscious is powerful because it is the seat of our emotions and actually is the creative mind. If you think positive thoughts, good will follow; negative, negative will follow. What you need to always remember is that once the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it begins to execute it. The law is neutral. It can be applied to negative experiences or positive ones through our habitual thinking. Whatever you claim mentally and feel as true, the subconscious part of the mind will accept and bring forth the experience. Give a command to your subconscious and it will faithfully reproduce the idea impressed upon it. What happens is that impressions are made in the brain cells. As soon as your subconscious accepts any idea, it proceeds to put it into effect immediately. This is why, EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping on the body at specific points will get the attention of the subconscious encouraging it to act and act now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Master Secret of the Ages

There is a power that can bring more wealth, health, happiness and joy into our lives once we learn how to contact and use it. If things are not working the way you would like them to in your life, you will need to do some thing that you have not tried as yet. There are potentialities within the deeper mind that will take form in the world without through conscious control. Within the subconscious part of the mind you will find the solution for every problem and the cause for every effect. We are constantly being influenced by the subconscious but, the secret is to know how to open the door to that part of the mind and become skilled in practicing the inner powers and knowledge.

You already know that whatever you impress on your subconscious mind is expressed on the screen of space as condition, experience, and event. Your subconscious works according to the law of belief. Whatever is the law of your mind is the law of belief. If you do not like what is manifesting in your life, change the laws of your mind. Law, belief, thought and reactions run the subconscious part of the mind. The reactions are your experiences, events, conditions and acts. If we desire to change the inner laws that we have established through experience and acceptance, it is helpful to apply scientific methods that work according to the law of action and reaction.

We have one mind but it possesses two distinctive characteristics...objective and subjective, conscious and subconscious, waking and sleeping, surface and deep, voluntary and the involuntary, the male and the female and many other terms. You are a gardener planting seed thoughts in your subconscious all day long based on your habitual thinking. It stands to reason that if we plant thoughts of peace, happiness, right action, good will, prosperity, self-mastery, success and more, the soil of the subconscious part of the mind will reap the desired harvest. The first order of the day is to take charge of our thoughts since they are the seeds. It is of utmost importance that we control all thoughts. It is only then that we can apply the powers of the subconscious to any problem or difficulty. We become a co-creator, a conscious one, with the infinite power and law which governs all things.
We will continue with this subject for the next week or two because people are asking whether they can trust the thoughts that come from the subconscious. What is truth and what is wishful thinking?

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Universal Flawless Supercomputer System

Our destiny is to become like our Creator. According to the records, we are all interconnected. For us to succeed, we are required to reach out to one another. In this way, the Creator works through us as us. All our life experiences through time and space are the result of our seeking a solid connection to Creative Forces, a firsthand and ongoing experience with God. Our future contains all the relationships we have found challenging, unfinished business and difficulties we have not yet learned to master. The universe's supercomputer system is daily downloading everything that happens to us. What is presented to us and our response determines our tomorrows.

The records that are available to a psychic are also available to the subconscious part of the mind. We are the authors of our lives. Our past history attempts to guide, educate and transform us so we can eventually reach a point in consciousness where we are masters of self, the ego-personality. Our thoughts, words and actions are inscribed in etheric energy. The memories exist at a soul level and must be dealt with individually even though we may not be the same person now as we were then. It is not by chance that we are here. It is a sound practice to remind your self of this fact. Our future is not dependent on what we know, but on how well we apply what we know. Meditation has shown me repeatedly my own past. If you are persistent, it will reveal your Book of Life as well.

The seven etheric chakras within the human body are similar to storehouses that are sealed. Meditation will enable you to open the seals and observe your own journey and give you a view of your soul's history through space and time. I have witnessed over and over again how the past influences the present. People who have come to me and others for healing treatments are basically reaching for a means to heal and remove deeply interwoven patterns of past behavior and experiences. The past is stored in our cells. What each of us needs to remember is that the only healing ability that you personally possess is the ability to heal yourself. None of us are the source of healing power for anyone else. All healing comes from the Supreme Source and from the self-healing power vested within you by that Supreme Source. It may appear someone else is healing you or offering information from your past life records. It is only an appearance, the seal is open. When you are ready, you will receive the information or the healing. Take time out for contemplation, silence, prayer and meditation and you will receive as well as heal what you have prepared in mind to receive.

Have a healthy, safe and happy Memorial weekend~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Future is Ever Changeable

Nothing is predestined or set. Although we have urges that may sometimes predispose us in a certain direction, the outcome is definitely connected to will. The Akashic Records provide all of us with the very circumstances and events which will help our soul evolve and experience the greatest probability for success. What we need to remember is the application of what we know within to do. There always seems to be a gap between knowledge and application. Soul growth is more about what we do with what we know. Usually behind what we do is an ideal. A spiritual ideal causes us to be concerned about others and not only ourselves. We are constantly creating conditions upon what we created in the past leading to what we will experience in the future.

The soul, which is memory and mind, evolves eventually to an awareness of its true relationship with its spirit, higher Self, the God within. The Book of Life, Akashic Records, draws to the individual what it needs to continue its growth in consciousness. Sometimes, it may take several lifetimes of repetitive experiences to learn the lesson. The fact to remember is that there are potential patterns and our free will directs the energy. Our choices alter or change all effects. I would pay attention to your dreams. Many significant life events are first foreshadowed in our dreams. Even though this can happen, an individual's will can still change the event from manifesting. For example: I saw my daughter jogging on an isolated path in a wooded area during her lunch break. The next scene she was face down with leaves swirling around her. I called her at work and described the location in detail and she admitted that I just described the place where she jogs every day. She listened to the warning, changed the location and her life was spared. Another young woman running on the path shown in the dream was killed later that very same week.

What is most important is the effort we daily make in expanding our awareness of the living spirit, the higher Self. We always have a choice. Rather than the typical search for power, it is far more important and lasting to search and evolve through space and time as an awakened spiritual essence. Each life experience we are given a chance to be who we really are. What we choose to do does have an effect on the planet and its life. I believe that each of us has a particular mission to manifest. Consciously, we may not know what it is but if we pay close attention clues are waiting to be discovered. As we reach out to one another and connect, we cannot fail. The adventure we are living is sometimes troubling but if it pushes us to rediscover our purpose and enables us to find our true selves, it is worth the ride. How long will it take to reach our goal? It all depends on our free will.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Possibilities and Potentials of the Human Will

I have come to the conclusion that we are the ones who decide when we will be successful with a particular lesson. We really know deep within when it is time to look closely at an issue, handle it and then be free of it. A shift happens and we know we are ready to succeed. On a very subtle level, we actually maneuver our lives and all its activities in such a way that we are presented with the right conditions to bring out the greatest potential in soul awareness. What needs to be learned or balanced is actually orchestrated by the soul. This doesn't mean we are to be fixated on the goal and forget about the importance of "being". External accomplishments although wonderful are not how we measure our growth.

The plan is to be in attunement with the Creator. Part of this plan is to assist others in their process of becoming. The current evolutionary cycle is an extremely challenging one. As we meet our challenges with courage and faith, keep remembering that everything drawn to us had its origination in our past records, based upon how we responded to or disregarded universal laws. The universe helps us if we have chosen creative forces. If the motivation in the past was for selfish ends and focusing on materiality, the results are commonly different forms of discomfort and disease. The plan is to expand the soul, not shrivel it.

Many people judge that they are victims. Remember, there are no victims. The past may predispose humans to certain situations or events but if the ability to make the best of a bad situation is exercised the effect will be lessened. What happens to us is in a large part what we expect. Why not expect all? As all life, all force, all power, all everything, which is love, is God. I've been criticized for perennial hopefulness and have been told that I am in a state of denial and other nonsense. I fully believe we personally experience what we expect and ask for. With patience, we will eventually receive. It becomes very apparent that our future is not a matter of fate, chance or luck. Our future is dependent upon what we choose to do right now in the current situation. It is time more of us realize the power that comes from using our will and being responsible for the life that we choose to live.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why is There a Book of Life, an Akashic Record?

We have a universal mind, book of life or record, depending on how you think of it for the sole purpose of analyzing and keeping track of both individual and collective opportunities for growth. Our future is not set in stone. It manifests according to our choices. One choice leads to another and then another. Another way of saying this is that the outcome of our destiny is determined by how we use free will. Free will has access to an unlimited supply of data and information that will enable us to fulfill the purpose for which we originally chose to enter matter. We are very complex beings filled with conflicting emotions, behaviors and patterns so the outcome basically depends on us. Opportunities are always being presented to us. If we don't take advantage of them when they appear, it does not mean they are lost. Somewhere in time and space, they will again present themselves as an opportunity for further growth in consciousness.

Sometimes a soul becomes heavily bogged down with grief and responsibilities and as a result feel lost. The feeling of despair can create a situation where he or she is unable to continue to apply spiritual principles because of serious oppression. Even if the soul gives up, it is a temporary condition and greater opportunites will manifest in future life experiences. Our identity continues and as a result the soul's growth is an ongoing developmental process. Remember, the soul constantly meets itself. As I said in an earlier article, we generally 'pick up' where we left off in a future life experience. If more people understood the fact of the continuity of life, comprehending the process of soul evolution would be comforting and provide a hope that many do not experience. Evolution begins from the point where it left off.

Regardless of where your soul is located on the Ladder of Light, soul evolution, we have an opportunity to be a channel of the Creator's consciousness, activity and love. Growing in grace, knowledge and understanding is a step by step process. When our consciousness is open to living for the good of all, including the care of the earth, God's consciousness will manifest through us. There are so many wonderful peace groups all over the world. I do hope that the members understand that they must first find the peace in self before they can really impact others. We need to remind each other that we really know what to do with our lives. Problem is...there is a gap between knowledge and application. Look at freedom of will from the following perspective. Freedom of choice simply allows us to decide when we will be successful with a particular lesson. We will eventually be successful when we decide that it is time.

Monday, May 18, 2009

To Understand a Condition Become a Master of It

Our individual free will determines everything. Remind yourself periodically that no experience, urge, environment, or person is greater than your own will. For you to attain personal awareness, you have to stay with your intent. If you don't, hard lessons repeat themselves over and over again until they are learned. The quality of your life today is totally dependent on the choices you make and how you interact with others. Once the truth of this sinks in, you will no longer be stuck in time, a feeling that comes with ongoing repetition. Depending on the choices you make, you are led to a new crossroad and another set of possible experiences. The crossroads are cycles that provide possible development. It is always up to you. Outcome is always dependent on our choices. You do not have to be dependent on an existing pattern that is negative.

Wouldn't it be satisfying to create new patterns that fit our ideal? Nothing happens by chance. We write our book of life by the way we use truth, knowledge, wisdom and our dealings with people and challenges. Our soul history, Akashic Record, is a blueprint. It shows up in our fingerprints, blood type, astrology, iridology, the enneagram, numerology, dreams, self-hypnosis, personal imaginings and more. It probably is in our DNA. All the aspects of our life appear as a "hologram". Each piece contains the whole. Our personal aura is a manifestation of our soul history.It reflects our health and displays our moral stature. It is like a weather vane of the soul.

What we do in any given situation is prompted or brought into manifestation through our soul record. Even when we physically die, we leave an energy impression of our aura that can be accessed by a sensitive. Energy fields are emitted by everything including cities. Haven't you ever flown into a city and once you walk on the ground say to your self...'I do not like the energy'? The reaction can be just the opposite. I remember landing in a small city in Mexico knowing immediately I had been there before and the feeling was actually jubilant. The point I am attempting to make is that there are unseen forces which impact individual consciousness. Many of these forces consist of energy we have created in the past. The stronger our control of our feelings and choices, the less we will be influenced in a negative way or forced to repeat the unpleasant. We meet ourselves every day through the very impressions we have created in the universe's database. Understanding how impulses work, meaning continue to live, we can use tools such as meditation, prayer and chanting and make new choices and patterns and record a new film of time and space.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tackling Your Own Archaeological Dig

When we start digging into the memories stored in the subconscious, it becomes obvious that our challenges today have their roots in choices and decisions made previously. Some teachers feel that if you go straight to God, the memories, karma that is considered bad, will automatically be removed without your going through therapy sessions or deep introspection. This does happen in rare cases. One time I offered a workshop on the power of the Holy Spirit. Many people came up to me to be touched and their healing were obvious to them as well as observers. I remember two men who had come together and their comments. They said that it felt like they were being washed clean...the feeling that all hindrances and impurities had dropped instantly away was their personal experience. They were obviously ready.

It is important that we take personal responsibility in shaping the course of our lives and the condition of the world around us. We do effect every soul we encounter and in this way we are 'co creators' in the unfoldment of destiny. Today, there are many people studying subjects that will help with soul progression. It is one thing to know, and quite another thing to put into daily practice what we do know. This is why a good teacher will suggest that a seeker have his or her own ideal and live life doing everything possible to reach the ideal. People usually blame others for their problems. Not so, we inherit most that happens from ourselves. For those of you who live with challenging personalities, try minimizes their faults and magnifying their virtues.

For you to be able to access your personal hidden records, realize that you must be sensitive and that it is difficult to interpret the records. You would have to be in a detached state of mind, your body at peace and unified with all parts of what you refer to as your self. Using your will and asking a specific question can be successfully done under the right conditions. The information must come through form. The form could be a dream, a vision, an intuitive thought, looking at a scene or hearing something that stimulates the hidden. The records are everywhere and will manifest through your consciousness by means of the five senses. Pay attention to what you say, hear, think and write. Why do you want information? Be very clear when you ask for it. The odds are the answers will come in symbolic form and require interpretation. It is your subconscious that gives you the symbols required to bring the information to the surface in your mind. We are essentially archaeological digs. Persistence and pure intent will get you through the layers of the past and find their way to the surface.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Am I To Do?

A simple question yet it can be very difficult to answer. Can we really go beyond the roles that we play in life, beyond the moods with which we tend to identify, beyond the ideas that we are inclined to defend? There are answers and some are more convincing than others. It boils down to our clearly understanding the question. We have to know how to dismantle a question to receive the right answer. Education definitely helps. Many people are philosophically illiterate or they refuse to look at the truth of an inner subconscious memory bank that is governing their lives. It is a struggle but we must reach beyond the patterns of the personality whether it is a current or past one. Learning to grow as a human being is one of the signs of a true education, a philosophy that works. It is easier for some people to live in blatant denial and suffer depression than to open the door to other possibilities and probabilities. If you are seriously on the path of self-awareness, you are always taxed, challenged and basically a warrior against ignorance on every level.

We not only feel the experiences of the past and present, we also experience subtle influences in the soul when it is in between earthly lives. We can actually learn focused lessons before returning to the earth and bring with us an expanded awareness. In between sojourns in consciousness manifest as strong, unconscious influences on an individuals personality, character, urges, desires, habits and even preferences. There is a purpose to what happens to us and trying to run away from it...gains nothing. Our birthright is WILL. It is the Will that makes us an individual, different from all other creatures. We need to scrutinize all aspects of what we call our self in order to become more at onement with the divine part of who we are. We do not lose being conscious of self; we enhance our consciousness. We also have strong planetary influences affecting our lives.

Every one of us is an integral part of the whole. As we become more in tune with our divine origins, this becomes obvious. Each soul has made a definite record and sometimes the thought and deed are equal in their intensity. We can by choice program and tap into our individual subconscious mind and gain access to everything from our past in the dream state. If a dream keeps repeating itself, pay close attention because it is more than likely a literal experience back in time and space. Since each individual is the sum total of all of his or her previous experiences, fragments of past-life memories frequently come to the surface when wide awake. Whenever we attempt to explore the endless possibilities regarding our own nature, we need to weigh all 'psychic' information against what we already know about ourselves. There are two things you can remember and do: 1, there are urges and emotions that are both latent and manifested operating in your consciousness all the time. 2, the inner computer database with its strong memories and patterns can be drawn upon at any time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Building a Framework of Potentials and Probabilities

The influences of the past build the framework for the present. This process is called cause and effect. We have enormous talent stored as past experience within. Through desire and meditation, we can attune or awaken our past talents and utilize the past in the present. Influences of the past are always designed by individual will, desire and purpose in the present. In other words, if we make the effort through attuning our mind to the subconscious gains from the past, we can bring them forth in the present. In many ways, we begin this life where we left off in the past.

Our experiences do not determine who we are; it is our response to the experience that does. Many people think of karma as a debt. Not necessarily true. Karma is action and action is retained as memory. We have a gigantic pool of information stored in our subconscious. The soul constantly experiences the consequences of its previous choices. Some people do not accept the truth that all experiences are for our personal growth. Again, the impact is directly related to response. This hidden memory manifests through desire, feeling, attributes, fears, faults and shortcomings. Our assignment is to come to terms with the memory.

We never meet anyone by chance nor should our emotional reactions be ignored when meeting a person for the first time. Relationships are an ongoing learning and experiential process. If everyone could have a glimpse into their past relationships with current family and friends, they would be astounded. It is like we are constantly meeting the memory we have previously developed in relationships with others. So, where is the karma? Is it with the other person or is it with your self?

The pattern is one of meeting ourselves. This is true for both negative and positive patterns. We continue to be drawn toward specific souls, groups and situations to come to terms with our own karmic memory. For those of us who know that we live more than one physical life, cyclic patterns are clearly understood. Group karma is common. Whether the karmic action is individual or group energy, it could be an entanglement as lasting as thousands of years with the sole purpose of moving toward balance as an individuality.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is There a Giant Computer System Keeping Track?

We are familiar with the marvels of our personal computers. What about a computer system that keeps track of everything and everyone that has ever existed? Not only does this vast and accurate system have a record of history, it has countless videotape films and pictures that we can tap into if our spiritual senses are active. Some people refer to the objective records as the Akashic Records. These records are not physical nor are they confined to any particular place. They are everywhere. All we need to do is tune into them. Anything that is experienced whether it be a thought, word, desire or action creates a vibration. It remains forever in what is referred to as the unseen etheric energy. Energy leaves an imprint in time and space. The desires that placed the energy out there are also recorded.

Every experience we have can leave either a good or a bad impression. Our choices leave different impressions in the records. The giant computer system is similar to a vast subconscious. The subconscious can be accessed either consciously or unconsciously. The purpose of an accurate record is to actually help a soul in its personal growth and transformation. From my own experience and others, we are able to tap into the past, which can serve what is happening to us on many different levels here in the present. The universe is based on love and order. By keeping a record, we can go back in time and heal, forgive and release any activity that has hampered our balance and ability to live fully. The challenge is to be able to correctly interpret the records. One must be intuitive, open minded, objective and non judgmental. This can be tricky because it is typical to be heavily influenced by our own belief systems, backgrounds, experiences and personal motives.

In our original or natural state, we are spirit. To become individuals, we go through repeated personal experiences in matter. The One becomes two, physical/emotional and soul/spirit. Through the long process of becoming individual, loss of spirit identity commonly occurs. Whenever we move away from the center to the periphery, a certain amount of loss is experienced. Free will and the opportunities that come our way eventually help us to remember through an inner awakening and leads to a return in consciousness to the One. We are gathering enough experiences as a conscious creator to become an individual and yet through specific choices and memory the knowledge we gain leads us to wisdom. The wisdom leads to compassion and eventually to love. When the soul reaches this understanding of its primary essence, it realizes that the One, God, and self are the same even though it remains an individual.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Challenge of Being Human

Many of us are challenged in our attempt to simply Be. If that isn't enough, we are challenged from every direction on actually achieving a state of balance as a human.
The good part is that the two challenges, spiritual and physical, are actually one. When we experience delight and fulfillment within, the peace and equanimity will manifest in the without. The goal is not to put on blinders nor is it a pacifier or euphoria. The ideal is to attain a steady knowing. We do not need to be an initiate of a mystery school to achieve a steady knowing. What is needed is a discovery of a Presence within and the allowing of the Presence to grow in the very core of ourselves.

There are millions of ways to speak the variations of this message and I probably have said them all. It is our responsibility to honor who we are, keep our spirit memory alive, let go of the worries and contingencies that oppress us and walk the talk, so to speak. Why not simply be who we are? Not so say. The mind is the bridge between absurdity and the grace that can be experienced in the human drama. We become active bridge builders when we embrace and live in one instant both the absurdity and the grace. It is possible...I know. At times, you will feel you are walking a tightrope. Keep focused. It is our intent and focus that creates a reality where we are consciously both fully human and fully divine.

Honor your story, your incarnation and your road of choice as you go through the process of radical transformation of your entire being. We are like half baked cakes. We were created to evolve. We evolve when we dare to open our minds and hearts to the teachings of the Living One. The best in us is God, so we cannot fall. Even though the material or emotional world may be falling all around you, do not worry. You have a greater wealth, the Everything waiting within. This understanding is my foundation. I know it works~

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Many Manifestations of Suffering

When we finally realize that it is up to us to stop suffering whether it is personal or impersonal, something good will transpire. Suffering is caused through ignoring universal law and not having access to spiritual knowledge. The consequence of spiritual ignorance and attachment to people, places and things results in sickness and death. Some people are just too lazy and prefer to remain in an attitude of complacency and refusal. If we know the truth, knowing implies that we must be responsible. It is a destructive choice to know and not take action. Not wanting to know what is real and what is false is failing the soul. The result is also destructive. A remedy is available at all times. We must learn how to see and hear and speak with our inner spiritual senses.

The teaching of immortality is to awaken. To be awaken is not to be totally dependent on the physical faculties. If you really want to understand anything, ask that your inner sight, hearing and speech be awakened. Suffering will stop when you spend quality time in contemplation and respect for Nature. Learn to sense through your soul. Then you will witness reality wherever you look. The choice is always yours. How shall you use intelligence and imagination? Give your path direction upheld by passion and love and suffering will eventually depart.

To be in harmony is what we desire. To create a conscious and loving relationship with the higher Nature is what we yearn for. It can be looked at as a musical relationship with the world, to enter into resonance, to be in tune with all that Is. When you live in fear, it is impossible to experience harmony. The same is true of sadness and doubt. It is when we feel divided that dualism controls us. We all desire peace but peace does not arrive on our doorstep until we are in harmony with ourselves. It is fruitless to try to harmonize with the world and others if our own consciousness needs a tune-up. Force your mind to reach higher levels. Honor who you are. Do not forget!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Question to Ask Yourself-Do I Live That Intimacy?

We can live in an indescribable singular intimacy with the Divine when we restore ourselves to the lost parentage...the God within. What stops our progress is when we are caught in the weaknesses of persecution, slander, enemies and all sorts of abusiveness. As we learn to use challenges as an opportunity for growing in consciousness and love, a feeling of genuine intimacy evolves. When we consciously connect and live with the One, who is our inmost being, all goodness will guide us into the vibrant flow of intimacy with the Source. Humans for the most part feel a lack of Being. The fault lies in identifying with matter. If we leave, meaning the personality, God can enter. What we eventually learn to do is stand back and disconnect emotionally to the illusion and the ignorance of wrong identification.

When we are attached to the impermanent, the consequences of ignorance and attachment result in sickness and death. What we judge as evil and sin actually arise from the blamer in ourselves. The blamer is the slave, the victim, the darkness within; it is not being fed with light. The savior is also found within; it provides the source of knowledge. Negative fixations are a form of punishment intended to drive us back to awareness. Think about that one. Also, sadness is the most harmful of really does a number on the soul. Anger alienates and can bring a form of possession. Jealousy can be lethal; it is a form of murder. As humans, we remain trapped in dualism when experiencing these emotions.

Many people go through the motions connected with religion and they more than likely do not experience an intimacy with God. If the individual does not deeply love God, he or she is blocked from access to the higher wisdom. Intellectual knowledge is not where freedom is. There is and always has been a grotesque parroting of wisdom. Intimacy with the Divine is not possible. The soul is crippled. Madness can masquerade as wisdom. You will recognize true words inwardly. As more light is experienced and intimacy felt, an intuitive certainty and understanding of what the message truly is and what actually happened will be realized as an authentic transmission of love.

Have a sun filled weekend~
Much love...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So You Want To Be Enlightened

There is a sleeping God in the soul of every human. We have been given many ways as to how to awaken the sleeping divinity. The unfolding of our spiritual nature is as much an exact science as astronomy, medicine or law. It is not a haphazard journey based on a particular faith. It is a sacred science. The most priceless secret is understanding. All other things are impermanent. Understanding endures. The key lies in the power of knowing who we really are. When we know the one secret...who we are, we consciously and visibly are the one life, light and truth. Once we understand that the kingdom is both inside and outside of us, we can begin to return to the fullness of where we once were when this journey began. To return to the beginning is to attain the end. The goal is to return to our original face.

We cannot reach our goal until we are balanced. This means bringing the two principles...masculine and feminine together as one; it is not a gender issue. There is a light within you and that light is no part of the created world, as you know it. You bring out the light visibly and tangibly first through understanding. Once you understand that the very thing you crave you already are, you are on your way toward enlightenment. When you lack discrimination and have negative inclinations, you are enslaved. The spirit within has not been recognized. Lack of understanding, which is spiritual ignorance, generates illusions, attachments and therefore suffering. Ignorance is a sickness of the heart and mind and is accompanied by attachment. We are infinitely richer than that of any possession.

Before we can be free, ignorance must be removed. The following are seven of them.
1, Darkness, When we deny the Light, 2, Not understanding, 3, Ignorance of who we really are, 4, Jealousy, which is lethal, 5, Enslavement of the body through abuse and harmful habits, 6, Intoxicated wisdom, intellectual knowledge, books, pretence, not inner knowing, 7, Guileful wisdom, Teaching with deceit and not pure intention. When we remove the seven, we are freed from ignorance. The intent is to erase the false design through virtue of a higher design. Victory is knowledge of a truth that will make us free of attachments and identifications with that which we mistake for real

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Do I Know What Is True?

When the subject is spiritual truth, reality is realized through the inner knowing, the Authority within. When the soul and mind are open and the vision experience of the Light is available to you, you will know with an intuitive certainty what is real, what the message truly is and what actually happened. This is an inner knowledge that manifests as intimacy, oneness and a sense of completeness as you. For the ancients, the soul included aspects of the mortal body, mind and emotions as well as something that transcends them. There is an intermediary reality between the physical and the sublime luminous spirit. I call it the Holy Spirit, the highest part of the mind. This is the region of the super mind, the hidden treasure.

It is through humanity that God is revealed. The greater the revelation, the more balanced we are. The ancient teachings contain the knowledge necessary for the reintegration of human beings with themselves and with their Source and Principle...the One. Humans have superimposed another nature, a less than nature, over their true and innocent condition. It is a covering made up of projections, assumptions and judgments that are more or less inherited from others. It is common for people not to examine or verify their beliefs. This is a sickness of intelligence as well as the heart. People espouse their perceptions of truth and usually are betraying truth. This is shortsightedness. Disorientation of desire, taking yourself for what you are not, and identifying yourself with an image that is usually false has and is a barrier in reuniting with our roots.

Reuniting with our roots is to return to our Source. The tricky part of the equation is that the true Source cannot be grasped by the thinking mind. We must develop the organ of subtle perception, a special faculty of attention. Contemplation, prayer and meditation will eventually lead you to that place in consciousness where you will hear with the inner hearing and be able to listen to the Silence. As our inner sight, hearing and attention are developed, we will not be misled. When we are vigilant, no one will mislead us. We will not allow pretenders in our lives. If a message is authentic, it will send us right back to the best part of ourselves. Sometimes, we must venture into the darkest rooms of our house and search in certain corners of the unconscious to uncover who we really are.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Is Our Destiny Already Written?

Do you know who you really are? If you do not, you have a serious problem along with millions of other souls. You write your own destiny. It was written before you actually were born. Millions of people believe they continue to live after physical death. Logic tells us that if there is an after life, a before life must exist. Life as a continuum is comforting and explains why there are so many injustices and inequalities experienced by people we judge as good. It is not my intention to discuss the subject of more than one physical life but it does give us a much needed understanding of both the great and painful inconsistencies existing in human life. This is why I always suggest that we must reach beyond the patterns of the personality and the appearance world.

If we want to change our destiny, it is necessary to change the mental patterns on which our present life is based. Destiny is a habit and habits can be changed. Many patterns that are self-destructive begin at a very early age. Genetics, family, friends, environment and our choices are usually blamed. Even the pregnant mother is blamed for her negative emotions influencing the nature of the unborn child. The reasons for unhappiness, disabilities and any weakness that manifests can be blamed on all the above and more. There is another answer to consider. We bring stereotypes with us when we are physically born from our deep-seated memories from past incarnations. The attitudes and desires of the past constantly shape and live out as our destiny now and into the future. Instead of defending the role or the various moods we are currently playing, start going beyond the drama and seriously ask yourself, Why am I here? What am I to do here?. Spiritual knowledge is a divine Science. When we earnestly seek spiritual knowledge, we are obliged to penetrate the mystery, our own being. What you are to do while here in the flesh is to become one with the inner Authority.

We have to understand the questions to be able to answer them. We educate ourselves about how to use the Internet, how to take care of mechanical things and how to take care of our bodies and everything imaginable. What about answering the bigger questions instead of being philosophically illiterate? I takes courage to confront the big questions. One way is to study sages, true philosophers, who have applied and tested their knowledge in daily life. A sage does not need books, degrees or a license to share what has and is known as direct experience with the Divine. Speaking of destiny, we are destined to be sages. One of the tools required is acute self-inspection. With self-inspection and firsthand experience with the inner wisdom manifests authority. The authority is not merely abstract but very practical. What people simply do not get is that they will never transform themselves by accumulating knowledge in the head. It will broaden the point of view but the underneath remains the same.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Do You Have An Adequate Supply of the Food of Happiness?

When we consciously walk in the Light, it is possible to experience actual happiness and in special moments...bliss. Whether we know it or not, we are all looking for happiness. It is a ceaseless search for our authentic being. When we are at peace with the world, and ourselves, happiness and even bliss are more likely to be experienced. It is our essential nature. The ideal for our soul evolution is to find the bliss of the Divine in our everyday life. What is greater or more powerful than to work consciously with Light?

In my opinion, we must first find genuine happiness. Eventually, happiness will lead to bliss and a universe that is magical. If we do not have personal happiness, it is because we have not full restored order and balance in our own lives. Once the balance is restored, it is possible to actually rejoice in our activities regardless of how mundane. We seem to be able to do them effortlessly with grace. I wrote the previous sentence a high Celestial note played in my left receiving ear. How can we have joy or happiness if we are not linked to the Divine? This is one explanation for the ongoing misery rampant on planet earth.

Happiness is the immortal nectar sought by the yogic alchemists. To remain nourished, we need an adequate supply of the food of happiness. Perhaps, more of us need to eat and drink light, the primordial food of the universe. One method is to do this through the Sun, a magnificent power symbol for the Celestial Light. The ego is the ultimate black hole. It sucks in light but emits none. The sun is the opposite of the ego. It continually offers life.

Sometimes, we obstruct our own happiness when we are overly critical of the patterns we have created and how we project ourselves. Harsh self-judgment or otherwise, invites negative intruders. Those of us who are seriously on the path of Self-discovery or soul healing tend to be overly critical of our behavior. Self-analysis is required for soul growth but we need to be kind and not over indulge in self-criticism. It can work against our purpose. When we have chosen to be actively involved in helpfulness toward others, we must also be wise and remember simplicity. It is very important to take time out whether it is for only a few hours or days. To remain balanced, we must allow our energies to recuperate. We have freely given to others; our nervous system demands that we give it rest. We are not designed to always be on the stage. For balance, it is necessary to also step into the 'wings'.

Increasingly, more souls are experiencing a natural and pure bliss in the crown center. The scriptural name, 'Blessed One', means the embodiment of bliss. Bliss is the delight and fulfillment of the Holy Spirit in us. To feel the bliss is like a caress of softness...a lightness that suggests the intimacy of oneness. When we are balanced and happy, it is easier to turn the mind and heart toward the higher Self within and feel the touch and presence of the Holy Breath. It is how we react when we are unhappy that is interesting to observe. To experience the Holy Spirit is to know, hear and see clearly. The awakened spiritual senses provide a means of direct communication and joy between the conscious thinking mind and the super conscious Spirit.

"Pleasure is the delight and fulfillment of the body
Happiness is the delight and fulfillment of the soul
Bliss is the delight and fulfillment of the spirit"

Author unknown