Friday, May 22, 2009

The Universal Flawless Supercomputer System

Our destiny is to become like our Creator. According to the records, we are all interconnected. For us to succeed, we are required to reach out to one another. In this way, the Creator works through us as us. All our life experiences through time and space are the result of our seeking a solid connection to Creative Forces, a firsthand and ongoing experience with God. Our future contains all the relationships we have found challenging, unfinished business and difficulties we have not yet learned to master. The universe's supercomputer system is daily downloading everything that happens to us. What is presented to us and our response determines our tomorrows.

The records that are available to a psychic are also available to the subconscious part of the mind. We are the authors of our lives. Our past history attempts to guide, educate and transform us so we can eventually reach a point in consciousness where we are masters of self, the ego-personality. Our thoughts, words and actions are inscribed in etheric energy. The memories exist at a soul level and must be dealt with individually even though we may not be the same person now as we were then. It is not by chance that we are here. It is a sound practice to remind your self of this fact. Our future is not dependent on what we know, but on how well we apply what we know. Meditation has shown me repeatedly my own past. If you are persistent, it will reveal your Book of Life as well.

The seven etheric chakras within the human body are similar to storehouses that are sealed. Meditation will enable you to open the seals and observe your own journey and give you a view of your soul's history through space and time. I have witnessed over and over again how the past influences the present. People who have come to me and others for healing treatments are basically reaching for a means to heal and remove deeply interwoven patterns of past behavior and experiences. The past is stored in our cells. What each of us needs to remember is that the only healing ability that you personally possess is the ability to heal yourself. None of us are the source of healing power for anyone else. All healing comes from the Supreme Source and from the self-healing power vested within you by that Supreme Source. It may appear someone else is healing you or offering information from your past life records. It is only an appearance, the seal is open. When you are ready, you will receive the information or the healing. Take time out for contemplation, silence, prayer and meditation and you will receive as well as heal what you have prepared in mind to receive.

Have a healthy, safe and happy Memorial weekend~

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