Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do You Hear Voices?

When you hear something psychically it is called clairaudience. It is the ability to hear audible messages from outside the normal range of sources. Usually, a hearing experience is spontaneous but it doesn't have to be. For example, when I had completed my last manuscript I could not decide on a title for the book. Sitting alone in my bedroom, a voice gently spoke the word "BE". The choice was made for me. I added the subtitle, "Embracing the Mystery". Throughout my life single words or a very brief phrase have been audibly heard. Frequently, I will hear a word that indicates a subject or person that could be researched to provide information that would benefit a particular focus.

I have no idea how to advise you to develop the ability to hear a voice. What I do know is that we have a higher Self, angelic friends, celestial beings and loved ones on the other side who enjoy helping us. The best way to develop this gift is to be attentive and listen. There are some people who hear voices that tell them to do destructive things, they either represent a mental aberration or an entity on the other side and not the clairaudience I am referring to. Never, never harm any person or creature because a voice told you so. Genuine clairaudience will always provide valuable information that is not harmful to anyone. Hearing can be an effective psychic tool. Here again you will need to sensitize your hearing.

You can begin by concentrating on all of the sounds you hear and try to identify them. Identify your own breathing, heartbeat. Pay attention. Instead of tuning life out, take it in. If your psychic mind speaks to you, it is often soft and might be drowned out if you are not sensitive to distinguishing all sounds. Pay attention to your environment and train yourself to be aware of all sounds, wherever you are.
Actually, external noises will not distract you once you really learn how to listen.
What I am saying is be subconsciously aware of all sounds so when something important is said to you it is heard. A good affirmation is to close your eyes and mentally say something like the following: "I command my subconscious mind to always alert me to any sounds that I need to hear for my safety or benefit and for improving my psychic communication with all intelligence in cosmic consciousness. Be flexible and create your own programming instructions to suit yourself.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sensitizing What You Take for Granted

Do you really focus when you look at something? What about hearing, smelling and touching? Do you ever attempt to blend with an object? Do you pay attention to the sudden and unexpected flashes or pictures that appear in your mind? If not, begin. Pay attention to everything within and without. Messages do come but if the mind is off with its average of 60,000 thoughts a day, you will miss something important. There are no flukes in the area of the mind. You will be sent warning messages, uplifting thoughts, ideas, new insights and much more if you are attentive. Psychic experiences are usually spontaneous.

I can see everything in a room whether my eyes are open or closed. You can learn this by sitting at night with no lights on. Once you adjust, start looking around the room and study and identify the shapes you see. Do it somewhere safe. As you identify each shape, say either mentally or out loud, "This is what a particular object looks like in the dark. I am sensitizing my sight to recognize objects accurately in the dark and under any lighting situation." During daylight, at any time or place, take a few minutes and go back and look at the objects you were sensing and seeing in the dark. Mentally repeat what you see and say, "I am training my psychic part of the mind to accurately observe my environment at all times." "I command my subconscious mind to always alert me to everything I need to see for my benefit and protection, so that I may function to my fullest psychic capacity."

Do this every day and you will develop your inner sight. I was born being able to see anything in the dark. What I see is the etheric body of the object or life form. In other words, whatever I witness presents itself to me as light energy. A good time to practice this is at dusk. Go outside and look at the trees, plants, etc. and you will likely see the aura of whatever you are gazing at. It may help if you close your eyes every once in awhile and then open them while remaining focused. Attention, focus and practice will eventually bring you the kind of inner sight that all intelligent creatures had when man was first evolving on planet earth. It is a throw back to a different world but that world definitely had some advantages.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brain Rays and How to Use Them

Using your mental skyscraper visualization, you need to first learn how to lower your brain operating frequency so you can arrive at the chosen destination. Those of you who already know to meditate will find this easy because you know how to relax and visualize. Your brain frequency fluctuates countless times every day. The different waves are labeled alpha, theta, beta and delta. They correspond to various mental functions including psychic experience.
Beta...During our normal daily experiences, they range from approximately 12-15 cycles per second and up. The conscious mind average activity is 20-25 cycles per second. We use reason and logic.
Alpha...Range is approximately 6-14 cycles per second. This is the range where daydreaming and nocturnal dreaming take place. Hypnosis and some psychic experiences take place in this range.
Theta...Brain activity approximately 4-8 cycles per second. Emotional experience recorded as well as psychic. (At the dentist today, I was so comfortable with what was happening that I stood out of my body and watched the doctor work on my teeth. I had not taken any form of drug.)
Delta...Frequencies of less than 4-5 cycles per second are encountered in total unconsciousness.
Sleep Cycle... As you drift off to sleep, your brain quickly cycles out of beta, through alpha and theta and into delta, where you remain for 30- to 90 minutes. When you dream you go into theta and then alpha then cycle back into theta. The sleep cycle goes back and forth and depends on the person.

If your not already psychic or you are and desire to be more skilled, learn how to deliberately cause your brain to go into alpha or theta and remain there without falling asleep. It does take skill and discipline. The brain automatically starts generating alpha waves when we close our eyes. The key to achieving theta at will and then using that state to achieve psychic experiences is visualization. So, play around with the earlier blog where I describe the skyscraper-elevator technique. Remember, the brain and the mind are not the same thing. The brain is a physical collection of flesh, nerves, chemicals, blood and cells in the skull. It is like a super computer. When our body dies, the brain also dies.

The mind is something else. It is the total intelligence, the energy that is us. As long as we are in a physical body, the mind uses our brain. The mind in non-physical and belong to the spiritual or psychic world. It never dies. The mind is who we are.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Personally Influence the Soundness of the World

Regardless of who you are, you influence the world and have a power that is beyond your wildest imagination. Of course, this power is misused by many. You may believe that you are not doing any harm but when you look at life from a different view, a different conclusion appears. We do bear responsibility for the result if we refrain from doing something that could have been done. All it takes is for good people to be negligent. Many of the sad things that exist in the world would not have happened if more people were alert and did something to help. We all have a choice. One of the problems is that some people actually do not believe that they have power or a choice. We can determine our own destiny by our choices. There doesn't have to be hatred in the world. Since everything is caused either individually or collectively, we can decide to correct and act.

Changing the world is fairly simple. It requires people like you and me deciding to make an unwavering individual commitment. We can reshape our lives, help others do likewise and ultimately the world, even if to only a small extent. There are practical uses of the mind that we can exercise by blending the esoteric and the practical. In truth, they are not far apart. The key to our success is to "really want to". Wishing is good but we need to get beyond wishing. As we move more into a psychic discussion, always keep in mind that whatever you want to become a reality in your life must be in harmony with universal law. A reminder...there are five elements necessary for achievement: Desire, visualization, faith, commitment and action. These elements will take control and direct your dream.

Did you take the mental elevator yesterday and ride up through your skyscraper using visualization? At some level, you will satiate all conscious experiences and then visit the next level, which begins the subconscious. At some higher level of awareness you will visit the super conscious, etc. The only limit on your achievement is the limit you place on it. If you don't want to ride to the twentieth floor, you won't. The very top floor is a symbol for enlightenment, fulfillment, knowledge and realization.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Types of Altered States

There is a harmful altered state and beneficial one. The harmful state is obviously when we are not in control of ourselves, even though we have the delusion that we are. In this state, we are actually in physical and mental danger. Our health is endangered, possession by another intelligent entity may occur and it is not commonsense to experiment with unnatural mind altering experiments. We are designed by our Creator to be capable of naturally altered states of consciousness to use for our benefit and others. The beneficial states I am referring to are ones achieved without the use of any drugs, medicines, or other substances. It is achieved by using our natural ability to control our own thinking. You have the innate ability to have these paranormal experiences. You have the right to experience the psychic world and it is not difficult to learn how.

When we have a right to something, it can only be realized if we accept our responsibility for the right and use the responsibility to experience it. As you offered different possibilities to expand your mind and powers, always keep in mind that whatever you learn and use must be used with an intention that no one is ever harmed. This is where responsibility and choice come into play. Using a skyscraper as an example, I will begin with an easy way to develop the ability to go to any level of your mind at will. The skyscraper is your mind. In the tall building there is a basement and many floors. There is something different on each floor. Imagine yourself stepping into the elevator of your mind. Every floor has offices. The doors have labels such as, success, wealth, food, shelter, protection, love, guidance and so on. The ground floor of your mind is concerned with the basic necessities of life and survival. There is a "down only" and an "up only" elevator. You choose your experience according to your need at the moment.

If you choose the "down only" elevator don't get out at the basement level. Only look at how the doors are labeled "greed", "violence", "hatred", "pride". They represent the weaknesses in the lower part of the mind. Exit the elevator and don't use it again...ever. Now enter the "up" elevator and check out the first floor level. The doors are labeled "dreams", another "hunches." You have been here before. There are also unlabeled doors, experiences you have not yet had. Return to the elevator and go up to the second level. The door is locked. You are unable to see what is on the label. You determine in your mind to find a key for the lock so you will one day be able to open the door. Return to ground floor. The idea of this exercise, which can be done anytime and anywhere is to realize a greater awareness of yourself. There are hundreds of levels in the skyscraper you call your self. So many doors you have not yet unlocked. Why not take a vow to unlock and experience all levels of your higher Self at will? Mental exercises help us unlock and function in the psychic realm.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Developing Your Psychic Ability

In prehistoric times, we all had psychic abilities. For the most part, they diminished as the process of physical evolution progressed. Although this happened, we do have some inner psychic ability which can be tapped into if that is our desire. Some people have this ability naturally and others require a certain amount of training for the power to make an impact in their lives. I look upon the psychic in a different light than enlightenment, the awakening of spiritual power, which is intuitive. The psychic deals more with the earth, astral and mental planes. Authentic spiritual power is grace, love and wisdom attained when linked with the higher planes such as the language of Light and interaction with the celestial worlds of luminous beings. Both are available to us and in most people, they need to be trained, disciplined, persevering and focused to achieve a state of mind that transcends ordinary thinking and feeling.

It is helpful to learn some of the many techniques available to us because they can provide protection, guidance, peace, grace and helpful insights. As long as our intent is good with no harm to any life form remains our focus. There are psychic sensitizing exercises that I will share. Some I have used with confidence and grace and others may be tried in the future. What I plan to do is share with you a combination of techniques from a variety of books and firsthand experience. In the Blogs on this site, I have written a great deal about the subconscious part of the mind. Developing your psychic sense is more than listening to hunches, which is very important, but also learning about our own capabilities to change things by listening to the higher part of the mind.

You always have a choice as to whether you really want to develop a certain area of your consciousness or to let it alone until a later time. Forgetfulness and laziness usually plays a part in any discipline. The psychic is the sixth sense and not really at the level for instance of inward sight, hearing and knowing that is part of the Sublime Realms of the Divine. The sixth sense is powerful, useful and uses your first five senses to enable you to experience the wondrous psychic dimension of your mind. You will learn enough to understand how to continue developing your abilities throughout the rest of your life. For some people it will be very easy because they already have attained great innate ability that is close to their conscious awareness. We are not all equal or identical in our innate psychic ability. Ability is determined by who you are. Those who practice more diligently are likely to develop faster and further than those who practice haphazardly or not at all.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Friday, June 19, 2009

What is True Success?

We create what we believe. If we are not at peace, we may create a fortune but still be inwardly miserable. A deep sense of guilt has a great deal to do as to whether we are happy and feel good about ourselves. Guilt attracts every type of trouble imaginable If you are successful, you love your work because you are able to express yourself fully. The secret is to create work that satisfies this love. To satisfy this love and be successful living it, it is necessary to correctly use the subconscious mind for your success. Part of your success involves the ability to see a project, a dream-idea in its completion. The creative forces of your subconscious mind are powerful. This holds true for whatever field of action that you desire to experience your idea.

Constantly imagine what it is that you desire. Mentally create the action of the role you desire to be living.You can hold imaginary conversations, gestures and solutions...anything is possible. Dramatize what you desire in your mind so that you are psychogically fixed into a belief that will materialize. You can use this for a job, selling a home, health, relationships or anything that would benefit your life. It is Infinite Intelligence attracting to you what you desire. The deeper currents of your subconscious will do everything to bring everything to you if you know it is so.

Focus on the abstract term, success. The idea of success contains all the essential elements of success. when you choose a word or sentence that describes your desire, repeat often with faith and conviction. You are actually compelled to express your subjective beliefs, impressions and convictions. First, you must be clear in your own mind what success means to you. Become imaginative and mentally participate in the reality of the successful state. I know I am being repetitive but that is how learning works for most of us. Make a habit of it. Go to bed feeling successful, satisfied because you are implanting the idea of success in your subconscious part of the mind. Believe it! We are co-creators. Allow yourself to experience the thrill of answered prayer. Yes, loving yourself and creating goodness in your life is definitely a form of prayer.

Have a magical weekend~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Practical Techniques in Mental Healings

True prayer is an art. You must ask believing. Your mind moves from the thought to the thing. Unless there is first an image in the mind, guess what? There would be nothing for it to move toward. Prayer is a mental act and with emotion and focus the power from your subconscious will play upon it and make it productive. The easiest and most obvious way to formulate an idea is to visualize it, to see it in your mind's eye as vividly as it were alive. Remember, you are a builder. A builder visualizes the type of building he wants. This is a wonderful tool to use while you are waiting to offer a presentation. See the audience receptive to what you will be saying. Release the whole picture and go onto the platform.

Probably everyone has heard the Chinese saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." By using another method called the Mental Movie you show yourself acting as though the desire is accomplished. See an imaginary scene and yourself as the actor in the scene. Feel the reality of it all. Dramatize the mental movie until you feel satisfied that this picture was being conveyed to your subconscious mind. This is a good 'play' to create before falling asleep. With the economy as it is, why not see yourself with a check written out to you for a large sum of money and feel the gratitude and happiness in being the recipient of good fortune.

Another technique is to condense your idea which is the object of suggestion to either a brief phrase or word and simply repeat it over and over again throughout the day. Many people need harmony in their environment. As an example, repeat a simple phrase such as, "It is finished in Divine Order." You are stating that Infinite Intelligence is already operating or has operated in the subconscious and is bringing the much desired adjustment through the principle of harmony. It was finished statement must be said with conviction. Have you had enough of a situation or a person's behavior? Try repeating this phrase silently in your mind or outloud if you are alone.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Monday, June 15, 2009

You Have Power Against Negativity

How can we be hurt if we are master of our thoughts, reactions, and emotions? Emotions follow thoughts, and we have the power to say no to anything that may work against our nature. It is helpful to create a psychic shield as a tool for keeping negative energy out of your experiences. Take the time to sit down in a comfortable chair and turn off all the phones. What you are going to do is go mentally down to your basic level. Watch yourself take one, two and then a third step downward. See your body before you. Now create a powerful shield of light and allow it to completely envelop your body. It is helpful at this moment to mentally say to yourself, "I have a powerful and positive light protecting me." The Light will repel all negative energies from programming the mind. The best life to live is one that is shielded from negative energy, whether it be your own or another intelligence. You can always say NO! when you do not want a negative thought or energy near you. I recommend that you always say thank you for any type of work using the Light.

There is something else you can do that works just as effectively. From reports that I receive from others, it appears as if dark forces are working overtime. This happens when people are in a state of turmoil, uncertain about the future...fearful.
The problem with this unwanted energy is that it attracts lower entities that are earthbound. This is nothing new and has been prevelant since the beginning of creation. Here again, the best defense is to count your self quickly down the three steps to the basic psychic level and point your finger if you intuitively sense that negativity is near you and snap your fingers at the negative energy. Point and snap your fingers and say, "shrink". If you do this with determination and confidence, it will start shrinking immediately. I would do the point, snap and shrink at least one more time to make certain the energy disappears.

I have done exorcisms during the years. Usually if a person has an encounter with a negative entity it is because the target has lost control due to alcohol, drugs, or depression. Many people invite negative entities through ignorance. If you are a fearfilled person, you are so intimadated that you will likely allow negative energy to enter your body. Some people have rips or defects in their aura due to a grave personality defect such as schizophrenia. The best choice is to learn to be in control. To be in control, acknowledge that your energy can be invaded and even possessed by unwanted energies if you are not alert to strange possibilities. You must take charge. Every person is an energy source whether they are in a body or in the subtle worlds. What is of the greatest concern, by the way, is the negative energy you generate. Anything you create sticks with you unless you take deliberate action to be rid of it. This is why I will remain with the subject of energy and the subconscious part of the mind longer than I had anticipated because more people need this information. We can override the negative with massive positive energy.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Conscious and Subconscious Must Agree

Do you feel rich? Inner wealth is the real wealth but we also need ample money to lead a full, happy and prosperous life. Money is a symbol of exchange. So, why not allow it to circulate freely in your life? The more knowledge we have regarding the powers of the subconscious part of the mind, the easier it is to remove old patterns based on false interpretation of scriptures. We are worthy. There is no virtue in poverty. Money is judged by some as the root of all evil. Well, if that is your entire focus, it is. When a person loves money and material things more than spirit, light and life, he or she is the one existing in poverty. Making money your sole aim is not a good choice. What we need to learn are the laws of the subconscious. Understanding them, we can still have peace of mind, balance, health, love and ample money for our needs and to help others.

The life principle encourages us to evolve. To be worrying constantly about paying bills and whether food will be available for the next meal, is not a virtue. Money is energy. Energy, all energy, has its source from the Creator. Why not say to yourself, "I like money. I love it and use it constructively and judiciously. Money is constantly circulating in my life. Money flows towards me and I send it out to others in joy and gratitude". Paper money is composed of atoms and molecules with their electrons and protons arranged differently. Metal coins are made of electrons, neutrons, protons and isotopes. What is evil about that?

If it appears you lack money, before you go to sleep imagine an image of prosperity. Be persistent and do this every night. Imagine, see and feel the reality of having, spending and giving the money to others. Live with that idea. Nourish it by not harboring any negative thoughts or criticism regarding the subject of money. Your imagining must be filled with conviction. The new pattern will penetrate the layers of your subconscious mind and eventually attract everything you are imagining. You are setting a law into motion. You cannot have wealth flow to you if you resent it flowing to another. When you are finished with your bedtime visualization, calmly state, "Infinite intelligence governs and watches over all my finances and I am prospering". Get out of the mental atmosphere of lack and limitation. Call on the powers of the subconscious to supply you with whatever you need to live in dignity and freedom.

Have a great weekend~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Magic Power of the Word "Wealth"

Mark Twain confided to the world on many occasions that he never worked in his life. All his humor and all his great writings were due to the fact that he tapped the inexhaustible reservoir of his subconscious mind. Perhaps, all of us need to put more faith into the subconscious powers to make us whole and to even bring us out of financial difficulties. To be wealthy, we must build into our mentality the idea of wealth and abundance. The very rich focus on wealth and thus they have it. Most of us do not, particularly if we are on the spiritual path or path of service. This is a mistake that I have made and many like me. The plan is to transform this mind set into something that will benefit everyone. We can have wealth, everything we need if our attitude is to claim it for the highest good of all. While creating, let us create plenty to spare.

Develop a feeling of wealth and look at your subconscious as a bank, a universal, endless financial institution. We can magnify its contents whenever we deposit or impress upon it the idea of wealth or the idea of lack. We need to do more than state, "I am prosperous" because deep down if your current situation is not prosperous, you will feel like you are lying. You argue with yourself because it is not true. So...compose a specific statement that your subconscious won't argue with such as, "By day and by night I am being prospered in all my interests. If you are in sales for instance, a non-argumentative statement would be, "My sales are improving every day." When we are full of fear of losing our home or anything else, we are writing blank checks and attracting negative conditions. The subconscious takes the fear and negative statement as a request and proceeds in its own way to bring obstacles, delays, lack, and limitation into your life.

If we indulge in any fear thoughts prior or after our affirmation, results are neutralized. It is like planting a seed in the ground and digging it up. When you look at your bills state, "By day and by night I am prospered in all my ways." Be precise, be positive, be persistent and be patient. We have to convince the subconscious part of the mind that wealth is ours. It is energy...good energy for you and I to use. Also, do not criticize others who have more wealth than you do. Why? Envy stops wealth flowing to you. The real block or obstacle to wealth is in your own mind. Let's work together and destroy that mental block. Another suggestion is lull yourself to sleep with the word, "wealth." Say it over and over again. This is an easy way to tap the magic power of the subconscious. No longer say there is a shortage. No, No! The dominant idea should be wealth, not poverty. Sing the word, "wealth." Think of all the good we can do with prosperity!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Accumulating Extra Energy

The information that I have been sharing on the subject of the subconscious has been around since ancient times. If you are at all familiar with the Huna teachings, you understand that they are similar to the Egyptian teachings of initiation into the Order of Melchizedek during the Third Dynasty. Huna, in Hawaiian, means "secret." The focus is to connect to one's highest wisdom within. The concepts when experienced give us the opportunity to integrate mind, body and spirit. Huna teaches that the high self, super conscious part of the mind, cannot manifest a prayer unless it receives the needed mana/energy from the middle-thinking self and the lower subconscious selves. A great deal of emphasis is given in the Huna teachings to how this is done.

Huna teaches the following:1) Ask and command the low self-subconscious to build up a surcharge of vital force for use in prayer. 2) Physical exercise is important. 3) Deep breathing, which causes more blood sugar to be burned is the main method used. 4) Posture, 5)Nutritious food, 6) Visualizing vital food rising like a fountain of water from the base of the spine up through the top of the head. 7) Holding a mental attitude of gaining personal power and strength such as the attitude you would maintain when preparing for a race. 8) Proper sleep and rest and 9) Affirmations spoken out loud such as, "The universal life force is flowing into me now. I can feel it!"

Beside the need for a surcharge of energy, they focus on clearing of the path. This again has to do with removing blockages, thought forms that could sabotage your intention. Such thought forms can occur in the conscious or the subconscious part of the mind. The last step in the process is to create a proper thought form prayer. Huna also teaches that thoughts are like seeds. They create reality. You clear the path, remove negative thoughts in the subconscious and conscious self. You can write your thought form prayer on paper. Now visualize it. Build up vital force in the shadow body of the lower self/subconscious for the use of the thinking/middle self when the prayer action begins. Say the prayer aloud three times. Now you must see the prayer manifested. Do this daily as I suggested with the goal bowl yesterday until the desire result is accomplished.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nothing Happens By Chance in a World of Law and Order

Try the following to help yourself regain balance and induce the subconscious part of the mind to take over the requests of the conscious mind. Perhaps, you have written down affirmations before. I am suggesting you do it again. On a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper turn a dessert plate upside down and draw a circle. Divide the circle in half in length and in width. Then divide each quarter into halves. You now have 8 sections. Above the Circle write, FROM THE INFINITE SOURCE WITH HARM TO NO ONE.
This is the goal bowl of_________. Date the day you begin and do this for 30 days. As your goals are reached, scratch them out. Also say thank you after you have stated them each day. Speak the goal with calmness, authority and imagination. You are deliberately reprogramming your subconscious to work for your good. The only difficult part is to remember to work with your subconscious at least once a day. Write in each quarter the desire you wish to manifest that will benefit your health, financial situation or whatever is the need. Visualize it happening and always express gratitude when you are finished.

You are requesting the subconscious to act. If you were building a home, a blueprint would be created first. Put only positive statements in your mental blueprint. We are actually doing this moment by moment whether we are silent, thinking or talking. With your goal bowl you are focusing with persistence, expectancy and confidence on what you are building now and into the future. It is actually a science because there is a direct response when you believe something to be true. So use your statement, prayer and image with total acceptance that what you are asking for can actually become a reality in your life.

A builder visualizes. Imagine what your reaction will be as the goals manifest...the joy, peace, balance and gratitude. William James, the father of American psychology, stressed the fact that the subconscious part of the mind will bring to pass any picture held in the mind backed by faith. Act as though I am, and I will be. Create a mental movie that you keep watching in your mind. I did this yesterday for something that I really needed. The science worked so smoothly and successfully that the result was actually awesome. A mental picture held in the mind will come to pass. To be successful, faith is required.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Where is the Healing Power?

The power is obviously in your belief. Effects are the direct result of imagination, faith, expectancy and mental attitude whether you are depending on a drug, a health product, crystal, practitioner, mantra or prayer. You have a healing power in your own subconscious that is infinite intelligence and has the capacity to heal all conditions. Personally, I feel it is a plus when we achieve a real scientific understanding of how powers and forces work. There still is blind faith all over the world that has absolutely no knowledge of the interaction between the conscious and subconscious part of the mind. It boils done to what method you use. If the practitioner, whether it be himself or someone else has a method that will cause the patient to move from fear and worry to faith and expectancy,it will work.

Powerful suggestions by someone else will heal or it can destroy depending on the intent of the one who is transmitting the influences. Right now though, I am focusing on the healing of the body which requires a concurrent faith of both the conscious and subconscious mind. If the mind of the practitioner or friend and the patient are in agreement and experience passivity under treatment, usually immense relief is experienced and frequently health is fully restored. If a patient is hyper, first work on creating a passive, receptive atmosphere, even a drowsy state, because it will reduce the resistance of the conscious mind to a minimum.

Many of us have proven over and over again that absentee healing works. I usually set a definite day and time with the client. Phones are turned off and the patient makes certain that no outside disturbance will present itself. What we need to do on our side is to set the mood by reassuring the patient that the healing presence is right where he or she is. The bodily condition is a reflection of the thought life of the client. What is required is a change on the thought screen. So what you will do is change the images on the screen. You prepare by beginning with your self. Once you are convinced the disease has no ultimate reality and are aligned with the infinite principle of love and life, you can then decree harmony, healthy and peace manifesting in your client's body. Begin the healing process in your own mind as a definite conclusion. Your conclusion then will be set in motion and be received in the client's body. What you feel is true will simultaneously resurrect in the client.

Note: I do wish to add that some people do not want to be healed. They have made an inward decision even though outwardly they may complain about their condition. We are free will creatures.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Are Symbols Necessary for Healing?

There are many different approaches, techniques, symbols for personal transformation and healing. For some people affirmations do not work unless they have a symbol representing the goal to focus on while affirming their desire. It is true that energy symbols give direct instructions to your subconscious as a thought-form/vibration. In this way, the 'patient' does not need to use his imagination, only gaze at the symbol of what he desires. It is a quick, easy and usually effective because the person believes he is making contact with something tangible. His faith is projected on the symbol. For someone who has not strongly developed a faith in the Unseen, the seen will help. This is not a judgment but simply is a fact. There are moments when we are out of balance and staring at a symbol of what we desire regarding our own healing or another helps consciously and subconsciously. Symbols are part of the angelic or language of Light.

At some point in your journey inward, the symbols will be put aside for the most part. You will be confident in the truth that the healing principle is operative in people regardless of creed, color or race. You do not have to belong to some particular church or have a license to heal to participate in the healing process. Healing is a mental therapeutic procedure based on the truth that the infinite intelligence and power of your subconscious mind responds according to your faith. The greater your faith, the more evidence you will accumulate. What amazes me are the people who have not yet received evidence of this most wonderful power and they continue to believe with all their heart, mind and spirit. This is the meaning of the statement... believe you have received and you shall receive. It doesn't imply that we are naive or in denial; it simply means for most of us that there is one universal healing principle living in animals, plants, wind, earth, air and everything and everyone alive.

The infinite intelligence operates as instinct and the law of growth. Different forms of belief are found in all religions of the world. What do you believe about yourself, life and your purpose? Whatever you believe becomes your reality. Your belief is a tremendous power stored in the subconscious being distributed into every phase of your life as a result of your thinking and feeling habits. The belief of your mind is the thought of your mind. Even though this information is not new and most people are aware of it, many continue to undermine their lives by believing and wishing for things that will eventually hurt or harm them. All the reflections and reactions experienced are children of our thoughts. This in its self is hard to believe because it is very uncomfortable being responsible for what we create. Create we do....habitually. Many illnesses are caused by negative thoughts, stress and fear lodged in the subconscious. You can turn this around through understanding, accepting, loving and acting on the truth that the infinite power and intelligence within is a healing power and it has the capacity to heal all conditions.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is There One Universal Healing Principle?

If you have a clear understanding of the various aspects of the mind, primarily the subconscious part, you will reach a scientific perspective of the process called healing. The subconscious is waiting for you to feed it with suggestions. It has complete control of the functions, conditions and sensations of your body. Now, some people upon realizing its power become frightened and look upon the subjective almost in fear. What you need to remember is that it is simply reacting, responding and subsequently creating as a result of your belief system and state of mind. The cause of disease takes place in the mind. The real healer is the subconscious mind. Natural law or self-preservation is a function of the subconscious. Your strongest instinct, survival, is powerful. Befriend this universal healing principle and observe what happens in all walks of your life.

There are hundreds of healing methods. Healing normally takes place when there is a confident expectancy. Expectancy triggers a powerful suggestion to the subconscious part of the mind and the healing potency is released. When you bring all the healing methods together, it boils down to faith. Whether that faith is in a person, place, thing, prayer or angel, a miracle will manifest if there is enough faith. It is all about belief. If the healing power is in our own subconscious mind, why don't more people make use of this knowledge? Because they usually expect complicated answers and treatments, rituals or something mysteries said or done. Miraculous healings are due to imagination and blind faith, which act on the subconscious mind, releasing the healing power.

If all disease originates in the mind, it figures that it is back to the mind that we must go. The opposite of healing can also occur and symptoms of a disease created through hypnotic suggestion. This should be a wake up call. Since it is a proven fact that the subconscious mind responds to the thought of conscious mind, perhaps more of us need to change our thinking. Nothing will appear on our body or in our life unless there is a mental pattern corresponding to it. This healing principle is operative in all humans regardless of creed, color or race. Go back to the scripture: "According to your faith is it done unto you".

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ancient Times and Healing

People have believed through the ages in a healing power that could restore the body and mind. They believed that under special circumstances the power could be evoked. It was common to believe that it was the priests and holy men who possessed the power. Ceremonies, laying on of hands, incantations, amulets, talismans, rings, relics, images and supplications to God were the means to remove evil and bring about good. In ancient times, the priests in the ancient temples gave drugs to the patient and potent suggestions to the subconscious mind. They used weird and fantastic instructions as well as incense and oils usually out in the open under the moon. What the priest healers were obviously doing is making an appeal to the subconscious mind of the patient. Where medical skill often failed, suggestions worked because it fired the imagination of the patient. The result would be an emotional state, which triggered acceptance and belief.

The Bible mentions that when we pray believe that we receive and it will be done unto us. To be healed, the same steps are required. For instance, yesterday I woke up with a runny nose. It was nonstop. Strange part of this is that I haven't had a cold in about 18 years. Since I was writing about the subconscious this week, I followed my own suggestions. Everything abnormal was cleared by the time we were ready to have dinner. I planted a seed in the subconscious of perfect health and offered thanks assuming it was being immediately taken care of. As Jesus would say, "According to your faith is it done unto you". Faith is accepting it is being taken care of right now even though our reasoning and senses may deny the situation. What we do with our faith in any desire is to co-operate consciously with the subconscious part of the mind with expectancy, deep inner feeling and conviction that the situation will be resolved.

Jesus and other healers have stated to their patients not to discuss the healing because they may be subjected to skeptical and nasty comments from people who are unbelieving. If other people hurl thoughts of doubt and fear at you, the anxiety may undo what the subconscious has done. If there is an internal mental change, whether positive or negative, it will manifest in the body. It is an automatic response. The subconscious mind will respond to your belief whether you are with a healer, alone with your faith or at a shrine. Suggestion will also arouse the imagination and bring about a healing such as drinking a special water, reciting a specific prayer or touching an object that has been blessed. Imagination, expectancy and faith will create a healing. The healing will remain permanent only if you hold firmly onto your belief. This has and will continue to happen to people even if all the clinical tests previously proved negative.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Perfect Idea of Health

The subconscious mind actually molds the body and what we experience. If a healing is needed, why not make a determined effort to program the subconscious intelligence with a perfect idea of health? You would deliberately create the cause and it will bring forth the healing effect. Perhaps, a statement like the following could be offered. "The infinite intelligence in my subconsciousness mind, the healing presence within me, is now transforming every atom of my being making me whole and perfect now. I give thanks for the healing I know is taking place now. Creative intelligence within me is making the necessary corrections and I am grateful and at peace".

Nothing appears on our body except when the mental equivalent is first in our mind. Inundate the mind with affirmations and we change the body. This is the basis of all healing. Remember, patterns of thought can interfere with the harmonious functioning of the subconscious part of the mind. So, it behooves us to let go, relax and speak to the subconscious telling it to take over in peace, harmony and divine order. All statements must be said with a tone of authority and conviction. Only then will it conform to a command. Actually, we have a wonder-working power within, which will restore us, if we but believe.

The subconscious is always busy working. It expresses, reproduces and manifests according to our habitual thinking. People visit healers and shrines throughout the world hoping to be healed. It is not special waters, ceremonies, prayers, saints or people that do the healing, it is the subconscious responding to belief. The healing power within responds to belief. It is that simple. Belief is a thought in mind, accepting something as true. Many people have been healed of serious illnessess as the result of my laying hands on them and praying. It is the expectancy and faith of the 'patient' who restores the mind, body and soul. Think a moment...if the subconscious mind created the problem as a result of a belief at the moment of creation, then that same creative principle can recreate. If you have an issue in any area, take time out several times a day, relax and speak a statement of truth to your subconscious with conviction. It is a simple way to convey the idea of health, change or whatever is needed to your subconscious. You must do this with discipline and scientific imagination.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Never Say I Can't!

Whatever your conscious mind assumes to be true determines the conclusion accepted by the subconscious part of the mind. If we create a positive premise in our thinking, then we establish an over-all positive future for ourselves. Belief, belief and more belief. If we believe infinite intelligence leads and guides us, it will. If we believe perfect health and balance is our, it will be. If we believe that we are attractive, we are. This holds true for love, abundance and success in any area. If we base our statements on eternal truths and really believe, feel and know that our subconscious mind responds according to our belief, we are winners. As I have said before, focus repeatedly on what it is that you desire to manifest in your life. Always be grateful and you can change for the better any area in your life that you desire. Perhaps you wonder why a few good people have so many problems. The odds can be placed on the action of focusing. An example: Many people who are naturally focused on devotion and service to life, put their own needs aside. Eventually, the neglect will manifest in their lives in one way or another.

We need to remember to care for our own needs, first. This is not selfishness, it is commonsense. As we honor our journey, it behooves us to remember the subconscious mind is wisdom itself and knows the answers to our questions. It will help us be grounded as well as balanced. It is a neutral friend. It will not argue or talk back to us. When we look in the mirror and say, "I am old looking." "I do not have the energy to look for work," "It is too late to find love," "I don't have the right education to get a job," and all the other excuses we create, we block our own good. The result is attracting lack, limitation and ongoing frustration. Affirmations have been around forever. They work if you boldly stay with them and with love and determination state several times a day what you personally need to achieve balance, happiness, health and prosperity in your life. The problem is laziness, doubt and sometimes outright depression. There is a way out of any dilemma. If you keep stating that you are blocked, you will get no answer, no help or responses from the subconscious part of your mind. You see, it has a mind of its own.

First, you must understand that all your vacillating back and forth with doubt, indecision and fear neutralizes any help that could be easily yours. It is similar to standing in one spotand marching vigorously. You are stuck. It is necessary that you relax your mind and body and quietly accept and affirm that the subconscious does know the answer. It will respond if you don't jeapardize the process. You must do this with real conviction. You are what you think all day. If you keep thinking you can't pay your bills, you won't be able to. There is a way out. You can choose to be positive, friendly, lovable, confident, happy, healthy and outrageously rich. The subconscious cannot take a joke. Whatever you think and feel, it accepts as truth and will eventually bring all these things to pass if you stay with the process. Choose to believe that you can be a conscious creator and make things happen now. Never say, "I can't." You are the captain of your subconscious mind and master of your fate. Believe it!