Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brain Rays and How to Use Them

Using your mental skyscraper visualization, you need to first learn how to lower your brain operating frequency so you can arrive at the chosen destination. Those of you who already know to meditate will find this easy because you know how to relax and visualize. Your brain frequency fluctuates countless times every day. The different waves are labeled alpha, theta, beta and delta. They correspond to various mental functions including psychic experience.
Beta...During our normal daily experiences, they range from approximately 12-15 cycles per second and up. The conscious mind average activity is 20-25 cycles per second. We use reason and logic.
Alpha...Range is approximately 6-14 cycles per second. This is the range where daydreaming and nocturnal dreaming take place. Hypnosis and some psychic experiences take place in this range.
Theta...Brain activity approximately 4-8 cycles per second. Emotional experience recorded as well as psychic. (At the dentist today, I was so comfortable with what was happening that I stood out of my body and watched the doctor work on my teeth. I had not taken any form of drug.)
Delta...Frequencies of less than 4-5 cycles per second are encountered in total unconsciousness.
Sleep Cycle... As you drift off to sleep, your brain quickly cycles out of beta, through alpha and theta and into delta, where you remain for 30- to 90 minutes. When you dream you go into theta and then alpha then cycle back into theta. The sleep cycle goes back and forth and depends on the person.

If your not already psychic or you are and desire to be more skilled, learn how to deliberately cause your brain to go into alpha or theta and remain there without falling asleep. It does take skill and discipline. The brain automatically starts generating alpha waves when we close our eyes. The key to achieving theta at will and then using that state to achieve psychic experiences is visualization. So, play around with the earlier blog where I describe the skyscraper-elevator technique. Remember, the brain and the mind are not the same thing. The brain is a physical collection of flesh, nerves, chemicals, blood and cells in the skull. It is like a super computer. When our body dies, the brain also dies.

The mind is something else. It is the total intelligence, the energy that is us. As long as we are in a physical body, the mind uses our brain. The mind in non-physical and belong to the spiritual or psychic world. It never dies. The mind is who we are.

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