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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taking Up Space

When you see the sky, what do you think about? When you look at any environment, whether you are standing at a train station, in the woods or your own home, what do you think about? Do you ever ponder that the sky is relatively stable while your place in the environment is not? What do I mean by this? Every once in awhile I stop and pause and look at where I am standing or sitting. My energy is here taking up space but, in 50 or 60 years will that energy still be taking up space? Let me put it another way. Have you ever while walking through the woods speculate about the age of the trees and how long they have observing what is going on around them? Do you ever think that one day an entirely different set of characters will be walking on this great stage...Mother Earth?

The common person is so busy doing things that are not essential to the soul's purpose, not living in the moment as a conscios being. What people are really doing is taking up space and for the most part involved with trivial things. It is time to wonder about your place in the Universe, your place on earth and your place in consciousness. I enjoy thinking about this little exercise. One day, there will be an entirely new set, cast of characters, on earth still playing war games, being self absorbed and striving to achieve more material wealth. This is real poverty and has been the scenario for thousands of years.

This common scenario will not change until we stop in the moment and ask ourselves what are we really accomplishing right now? Looking at ourselves honestly, choosing to make a difference on planet earth so the difference reflects goodness is our responsibility. The heroes and heroines are those who take responsibility for their own awakening and respond to the needs of the collective Soul. We are all one in essence but still are far removed from the Oneness required to fully merge into the Light Beyond. Take time to watch yourself. Take time to listen to your self. Take time to check your responses. Take time to love not only the whole package referred to as you but those who are not the least bit interested in realizing the spirit within. Take the time and not only will you benefit but the soul of humanity will benefit. You are needed to be who you really are. No more masquerades. No more shirking the reason you are in matter. You are here for a definite purpose. BE it and live it.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Observation, Blending and Being

The articles I offer will stop sometime in the near future. There are other things that I must attend to. There is aleady a great deal of wealth for you to sort through in this layout. Look at them, the articles are similar to pearls that you slowly string into a fine necklace in the hopes that you will display your understanding and love within and without. I could speak of very sublime things but not many would grasp what I would be sharing. This is not ego talking but the plain truth. There are some of us on planet earth who come as visitors. What I mean by visitor is not to imply that we necessarily come from another planet, which actually could be, but that we come from realms of higher wisdom. The realms of wisdom are understood through the heart, feeling and intuitive nature. The energy is deeply profound, far reaching and beyond the clumsy words expressed right now.

When we come into a body and live as ordinary people, some of us actually remember what it is like in the higher realms of Radiant Light. Because we are here living admist a mass consciousness that is not yet awakened, we are usually silent and only hint now and then of other possibilities. This probably sounds mysterious. It simply is the way it is. When we visit a place that is not our home and at the same time know with confidence where our Home actually is, we are visitors. Visitors mainly observe. They offer what the people or audience is ready to understand. What is offered may sound very simple. Well, truth is simple. It is the intellectual who makes it complicated. We give what the reader or listener is ready to accept. This is not as simple as it sounds, not at all. The idea is to never talk down to anyone but rather blend with them and open windows, doors, secret treasure spots or whatever allows the lLuminous Light of the higher worlds to pierce through and dissipate the darkness of spiritual ignorance.

When one truly understands, one prefers not to speak about these things at all. What is expected is action. If you have several forks in the road ahead, you must choose a direction that is right for you. But, you also need to do something else. You need to start walking in the chosen direction. Those who remember the laws of life both in the world of flesh and the worlds of spirit, know the direction, know the infinite possibilities and know how uneasy the typical human is regarding taking that first step. That is why I wrote about building your castle yesterday and the importance of a strong belief. It is actually easier for a soul to feel at home on a habitat like earth than it is to try and adjust one's energy to an existance that feels foreign. We patiently keep trying to extend and expand our energy to those who are entrapped. This allows us to observe more closely and at the same time anchor our light into the very fabric of earth and her life.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Build Your Castle

Would you like to fly? Do you wish to reach the secret sky? Do you really desire to be who you are without limitations? can be all that you dream of and much more. First of all, you must believe. Believing is the hardest part of all. If you do not believe, you cannot move to the next step. So, work on your belief. Make it stronger each new day in such a way that no one or no thing can ever put a chip into the castle that you are building. Yes, you are building not only a castle in a secret sky but your own physical, emotional and mental castle. It is a glorious home, a refuge for your divinity. You have the right to live as a king or queen and own a castle. You are a hierophant and not a beggar. There is no truth in lack or limitation. If you believe there is, you create a belief system of lack and limitation.

You are the builder of all that happens to you. To find your path, the golden stairs that lead to the castle, strengthen your belief system. Know that anything is possible. Although the world and your personal life at the moment may be the exact opposite of your belief and understanding, hold onto your truth. Keep it strong and keep it well attended. Pay close attention to what enters your mind and what triggers your emotions. You must a guard your castle. It is your private domain. Others will attempt to storm the gates. You must not let them in. This is why moats were built around a castle. No one could cross the bridge unless they were expected. To cross the bridge, one must be valiant and a true being. A true being is luminous in his or her own stature. A true being knows how to cross any span of time or space. This is your moment to cross into the energy of true belief. This is the time to guard your castle and only befriend true souls. This is your time to be stalwart and visible. You are to be visible because people need those who truly believe.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Taking Time for Guidance

Although everything surrounding most people feels unstable without and within, something very interesting is actually happening in a positive way. To be able to understand the shift one must see , hear and feel the movement from the higher sense, the spiritual senses. Yes, we have our physical senses but there are more refined senses that the majority have forgotten or simply do not use as often as they could. To use these higher senses demands discernment but, it also demands trust. Trust is a quality that many have lost because life has become glum. If more people would take the time to simply sit quietly for 15 minutes each morning before they eat their breakfast or run out the door, it would set the tone for an entirely different day.

During the time alone with your spiritual senses, ask them to help you consciously sharpen your skills, intuitively listen to guidance, protect and accompany you in the rounds of the day. Get in the habit of asking the finer part of your makeup for directions that will benefit your growth. The more you take time to do this, the greater confidence you will feel as you struggle in your snail body. It is a snail body because your soul and spirit is used to being very much like the hawk circling over my car today. The higher aspects of your subtle forms are free when not imprisoned in a physical form. The hawk, eagle and all birds, have the benefits of both the earth and sky. They naturally enjoy both the snail body and the subtle angelic energy of being a bird.

Regardless of your busy schedule, make time for sitting quietly each morning asking for guidance so you, too, can fly and not be so overly burdened by the fact that you are in a prison like form. You see, the mind, the spirit can soar regardless of the form if you take the time to stop, remember, smile, trust and act. Simple...but people forget. It is also a very good idea to follow the same pattern before you go to bed. This is giving value to the energy of who you really are. It is honoring the subtle and higher aspects of Self. At the close of the day, offer gratitude and love to the guardian part of you for the companionship felt during the day. The more attention you give to the companionship, the greater the experience of a constant source of love and light.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Asking God to Share~

Have you ever thought of what to ask if you came across someone who could give you all the answers? Most people want to know about God and how can such an Indescribable Intelligence actually knows or cares what is going on on a small planet with people who haven't for the most part a clue as to why they are here and what they should do next. When we look at the whole picture happening in the world today it is easy to come to the conclusion that we live in a nut house. There are rumors upon rumors circulating about government programs, debt, losing individual rights and much more that if we don't guard our emotions, we may plummet to the depths. It is crazy, really crazy because life does not have to be this way at all. It would be so much different if people were not selfish or desired personal power. Influential people simply do not know how to handle power. This is one of the reasons why they constantly are in the news.

So what can be done about the obvious imbalances existing everywhere? We can develop our own character and stick with the program. There is no good reason that we should become emotionally involved with any of the distortions, lies and attempts for self-aggrandizement that are consuming the news and dampening the spirit. What is needed is a genuine effort toward simplicity, kindness and good neighborliness. You are probably thinking that the loss of jobs, homes and rights are stripping a good part of humanity to the bare minimum. In some ways this turbulent energy is forcing simplicity as a way of life. Overall, it can be good because most individuals begin to look at life from a different perspective. Love, kindness, caring, health, sharing and all the other positive qualities begin to emerge in the personality. More people begin to value friendship and authenticity in a much fuller way than held previously.

Maybe you don't appreciate my saying these things but they need to be said. There are so many people hurting on one level or another that humanity is being forced to break out of the shell of self absorption. What is meant by this is that we need to think and feel for one another. I have met thousands of people through the various outreach venues that I am involved with and growing numbers hurt big time. If it is not financial or relationships, it is health both physical and emotional. If it takes trials and tribulations to make a person think deeply about why they are on earth, then it is worth the discomfort, loss and the suffering although I do not believe in suffering as a means to achieve wholeness or mastery.

For an example. I have a history of giving unselfishly the many gifts of healing, counseling,creativity, friendship, time and a dauntless energy to other people. I never would think about their returning the favor. I was wrong. I was wrong because a value must be put on our energy, time and love. Actually, we may do someone a disservice if they are always in the position of receiving and not giving. To admit that I was in a precarious financial situation was one of the hardest thing I've ever done. For someone else, it may not have any emotional significance. But there are many people just like me on this planet with wonderful talents who give joyfully because that is their nature. So something is not in balance...correct? I never looked at money and service in this way before. It is also an energy to be shared and not to be hung onto.

Life is happiest when there is a free exchange whether that exchange is baking a cake, writing a letter of love, shopping for groceries for another or writing a check. Whatever works for the giver is good. I always felt that God would provide and I still look at abundance in that way. The God who provides is the God within others each doing his or her share regardless of form. I know I will be wealthy financially; it is my destiny. The abundance will match the wealth of my spirit, that is not an issue. I never gave much thought in the past that it is perfectly OK to ask the God in someone else to share with the God in me. Why not ask? We are all parts of the Whole.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do You Feel Like a Tourist?

We feel like a tourist on this planet when we know with a certainty that something is actually true and others around us do not understand or refuse to take a good look at possibilities that are amazingly real. The look that is required is a look at themselves and the situations that they unthinkingly find themselves in. Now, in contrast there are people who consciously choose a certain set of circumstances because a higher calling is beckoning them, but they usually are in the minority. I am talking about people who do not wonder one iota why they are in a physical body and what the heck they are doing living in a world that appears to be collectively confused and unbalanced. These people are not interested in gaining understanding as to the true nature of life.

One type of tourist is wide awake or nearing a lucid Realization. The other type of tourist is lazy and simply doesn't care. The one is consciously awaking to spiritual identity and has a decent grip on what is going on around him; the other tourist buries his head in the sand and assumes everything that causes discomfort will simply go away by itself. It will not. Have you ever thought of approaching the dead end travels through stretching and reaching to a higher perspective than the habitual one? You can have every luxury imaginable but you are still functioning primarily from the subconscious memory when you are not interested in what path to take or make any attempt to take action. Bottom line... you are not living in the moment. This is true for the majority of souls on the planet. All their reactions are from the memory bank. It does take a good amount of effort to change patterns, think for your self, not mimic others and to dare and be something different from the programming that has controlled you all your life.

A tourist in this category is one visiting the planet who doesn't have the vaguest clue as to what direction to take. As a result, he wanders here and there and stops for some candy shopping. I like to describe seekers who are looking for satisfaction outside of themselves as candy shoppers. A certain flavor appeals for a brief time and then it is time to experiment with something new and hopefully satisfying. Well, this process does not really satisfy a seeker permanently so he keeps traveling and experimenting with new treats.

When you are ready to settle down in a place of beauty, magic, light and truth, you will discover an Inner Garden. This garden is filled with every imaginable specie and color. It is so amazing that you will not wish to leave it. Within this garden exist sweet nectar's to drink and fragrant ambrosia to eat, all directly from the unlimited fount of Radiant Light. Once you come upon this Inner Garden, you will not feel like a tourist anymore; you will feel as if you have reached your Home, a home of Sun lit moments, mystical visions and luminous friends...all real, caring, encouraging, loving and ready to help you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is There Such a Thing as Chance?

There is no such thing as luck or chance. Every individual determines what happens to him. The gamblers have a mindset, the con artists have a mind set, good people or people who you would consider as bad people all have their own peculiar mindset that attracts to them what they feel is right for them. This will sound odd at first but it is true. If you have a mind set that it is not quite clear for some reason in the area of receiving money for the loving and careful work that you offer, then you have created an imbalanced mindset in this particular area of exchange. Imbalance occurs when the mindset falls to one side ignoring the needs of the other side. To have equal action and reaction in your life, you need to ask those who you comfort and help to also give to you.

What does this have to do with chance? There is no such thing as chance. If you do not value what you are offering in time and energy, you will not receive in equal measure. I know that I have been uncomfortable asking people to give in return to me what I generously offer to them freely from my heart. I admit that this is an area of service that has caused mixed feelings because I simply love to give. I feel it is the natural way to live. Finally, I realize that to be always giving and not expecting a return in the area of human survival needs such as putting food on the table is wrong. God works through people. When we offer a service and the receiver does not give back in one way or another, the receiver does not receive the full measure of the pure love and sacred energy that is sent his way whether it be through healing light, written or spoken words. They, too, must give in one form or another to receive the full benefit of a higher power at work.

This is a touchy subject for most of us who have compassionate hearts. When we focus strongly on spirituality, some of us neglect the practical obligations of every day life. It is necessary to clearly understand and offer service in balanced way. There are people who are willing to give generous sums of money for a workshop or a product that promises to bring some personal harmony or improvement into their lives. Usually, leaders who receive great sums of money are not genuine teachers or a living message of what they present. It is often the glamour of the presentations that pull in the followers. This will continue to hold true until enough souls awaken to what is pure intent, real knowledge and unconditional love. Something to think about if you have been allowing your selfless services to be taken for granted.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To Live Amidst Ignorance

There is a need to speak of courage today. Many people need to keep that word and its implications firmly in the front of the mind. If you have chosen the path to completion as you live in a flesh form, it requires a great deal of courage. Many people assume that life will be like a bed of roses if they choose goodness, light and love. Not so. It is not so because they are bucking the majority. Although more and more souls are awakening to the higher aspects of Self, they exist on so many different levels of understanding and action that abuse still occurs. Subtle and not so subtle abuse is projected toward those who have surrendered and chosen the path of righteousness. To live impeccably on a physical planet whose life forms are not collectively enlightened is arduous to put it mildly. Few understand the laws of the universe or how to apply them in every day living. This is why you must be courageous because few will understand your intent or purity.

Courage does not always come easily. It is not something the typical human is born with. Survival is more to the individuals liking and what is in it for me. People for the most part think of themselves and their needs. When the needs are met, they keep on thinking about themselves and what else they can accumulate. One day they will awaken to the fact that all their acquisitions mean nothing in terms of inner peace, the genuine peace that is found in the embrace of the Divine. Poets attempt to express the embrace but words fall on empty ears or the reader will explaim how lovely and not pause to analyze the intent behind the poetic beauty offered so freely.

If you have chosen to be one who stands tall and filled with courage and sometimes feel alienated, God bless you now and forever more. Perhaps, you remember as I do what it feels like not to be in the flesh and what is seen and known in the higher spheres of true love and light. They say ignorance is bliss and this is very true in many ways. It is not easy to walk on a habitat knowing as your firsthand experience what the luminous beings are like and the activities in the realms of magic and real beauty offer. You see, there is no mystery in the higher worlds of Light. Everything is exposed and pure and the feelings are understood. To be in human form and consciously know the truth of a sublime reality experienced when not in a flesh form takes tremendous courage. For those who comprehend what I am sharing, I applaud you, embrace you and encourage you not to falter. Go within to the hidden chamber and simply BE. You will not be alone. The luminous ones are with you. Pay attention, allow yourself to feel their presence and power and give thanks that you have an opportunity to anchor in matter the Light of the Heavens.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Pretenders

There is a moment in space time when a soul finally realizes that he or she has been a pretender. Who is this pretender? It is someone who outwardly behaves as if he or she is a soul who loves unconditionally, with compassion, deep sincerity and lives life with integrity and beauty. But, the truth is that the pretender only behaves as such outwardly. Within the pretender is a stingy and incomplete energy who desires only to impress and not to BE. This again sounds harsh but, it a fact, a reality all too common on planet earth. There have been pretenders from the beginning and particularly during times of change and cycles of increased spiritual energy. They step forward as if they are here to save the world with their wisdom and love. This is falsity at its worst.

The pretenders may not even recognize that they are falsely representing truth because they do not yet understand what truth really is. To understand truth one needs to have totally surrendered the ego to the Divine. The purpose of human life is for the Divine to live as the human and not the hidden subconscious. When the Divine is in charge, choices are made by the higher Self, the spirit, of the individual rather than the human persona. At this time on planet earth, the true disciples, the authentic ones are rare indeed. Many are writing and preaching the sublime beauty before they have captured it in their own lives and relationships. I guess it is better to pretend than not be anything at all.

Not to be anything at all is to waste your life mimicking others and not being the genuine article. Remember, surrender to the higher power, the eternal life force, is the genuine personality and yet it is not a personality. It simply Is. It is a fount of beauty, inner wealth, joy, compassion, true understanding, integrity and a love that cannot be described. Until that moment when an individual soul blends fully with the authenticity of who it really is...he or she is a pretender. You see, a pretender only acts, speaks, thinks in fits and starts. A true one is employed by God and is consistent in his or her behavior. This is Being. A personality can involve itself in good works but if the heart is selfish or thoughts and actions impure, it is still a pretender. You may judge this to be too severe but your higher Self knows differently.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Real Love

Valentines Day is a lovely holiday but it has very little to do with Real love. Real love is something most humans have not yet experienced. It is a surrender to a power that transcends human thinking and feeling. It stands by the lover and waits patiently sometimes for the lover to catch up. Real love is transcendent and is experienced between souls who have similar vibrations. These vibrations are beyond words or even actions at times. It is an energy that is so magical and magnificent that it would take an observers breath away. Real love lasts through centuries of living in space and time and has nothing to do with appearance or gender. It is when two souls recognize each other as one unit of magnificence, each complimenting the other.

Real love is found in the higher vibratory levels of consciousness where radiant Light rules and music plays in such a harmonious way that all are filled with a desire to simply Be. If a human could grasp for a moment the passion and intensity of a higher love, they would not know what to do with themselves. It is so sublime and enduring and in such an intensity that the idea of existing in any other consciousness is punishment. Every once in awhile a soul with this elevated love consciousness arrives in a flesh body to help other souls discover what Real love is. This elevated soul does not express verbally what it feels because it cannot. Human language is not angelic language, the language of light. Real Love is far beyond any human expression and is only captured when the heart has been given away to the Divine. The heart beats to the rhythm of its Creator and to all the other souls who have merged with their individualized spirits. Real love is worth waiting for. It is permanent and has no flaws, no questions, no doubts, no sadness...only Itself to revel in as a permanent relationship that is amazing and beyond time and space.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guarding the Gate to the Senses

It is good and wonderful to think of yourself as a student on the path to enlightenment. It is not good when the student allows him or her self to be jerked around by emotional issues. This must be addressed because it is the emotional body who is ruled by the energetic memory of the subconscious part of the mind. As you already know, the energy of the past is stored in your inner data base. The negative emotional energy will easily jeopardize your plan to progress as an awakened soul and come into your own. If one fully understood the impact of the emotional body on the progress of the soul, he or she would be horrified. This is why the orientals mention that a student must guard the gate to the five senses. I will add the psychic sixth sense as well because multiple problems occur in that realm of manipulation and pseudo power.

To choose stability, an ongoing state of equilibrium, as your response to personal setbacks is the best course for you to take. It is an act of goodness to have feelings for people and the various forms of life. What is detrimental are the influences of not only memory but the nasty things that could be occurring to you in current time and space. Humans attract to them what they need to master or what they are gifted with because they value who they are. I am only reminding you of what you already know. It is very important that you be at conscious attention full time. We have talked about protection of personal energy before. Remember, it is wise to visualize an armour of light encircling your body keeping negative influences far away from your sensitive nature. If you like more drama, use another visualization such as a ring of fire or a set of mirrors surrounding you and facing the sender. Create something to protect yourself because good souls with pure intent do not deserve to be bombarded by negative entities from the lower astral planes or from humans whose negative energy is determined to move into your space. Be on alert. Be on guard like a parent would with a newborn.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Would An Angel Do?

Are you overwhelmed? With snowstorms, earthquakes, serious financial problems, health issues that persistently hang around, relationship challenges and everything else happening around you, you would be an angel in action if you were not somewhat mystified why all of this nonsense is going on simultaneously. You might as well relax. It is going to get worse before getting better for the majority of people. That may sound callous but it really is not. If you allow yourself to become stressed over a world that has gone mad, you will harm the equilibrium that is required to achieve balance and sustaining health.

Here we are acting in this enormous drama with many wishing they could step off the stage and play another role. Hold on...dear hearts, hold on. You picked the role you are playing for very specific reasons. You may not consciously know what it is but you did choose to take part in the drama occurring all over the planet. Choices are constantly being made. Hopefully, they are ones that will not only work for our greater good but for the good of humanity, planet earth and all life. Wait, I have not finished. You probably are thinking nothing new in this message...but there is.
Not only has the majority written the script for planet earth and her species during this cycle, the roles were handpicked. How is that? Why would you choose the role you are holding onto for dear life? Because you have forgotten the light body, the higher mind and spirit that I mentioned in yesterday's message. It is the amazing light intelligence who could be in charge of your daily activities creating a life fit for an angel. The problem is forgetfulness, lack of trust and not allowing the Higher to take over the lower.

Why not allow an energy that is sublime, highly intelligent with a vast firsthand experience to rule your current life? Everyone sticks to the ego-personality, a temporary role, which can totally mess with a higher plan which leads to soul evolution. I may be speaking in a light vein but this is serious business. To accept the higher intelligent light, the greater eternal body and mind as your guide, savior, protector and all the goodies you really desire, you have to be serious about this connection and walk the talk. Choices are one thing but what you do with the choices as far as action is concerned is a totally different scenario. Would you believe me if I told you that you are angels who are playing with creativity and became lost in your own creation?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You Are Beautiful!

There are some people who need to pay attention to the following words. When you are seriously on the path of quickening, awakening again to who you really are, you will come across experiences now and then that make you feel foolish or even ashamed. I mention this because many good people are suffering different forms of limitation right now. Some cannot understand why this is so when they are doing everything in their power to achieve balance and at the same time be of help to others. Keep in mind that although your heart, mind and soul are attuned to heavens, so to speak, you are still in a physical form. You have not failed if different body parts do not respond in perfect harmony. Harmony will come to many but in some cases the harmony is short circuited because they have pulled too many switches.

Pulling too many switches means they have taken on more of a load than the frame and the lower aspects of self can handle. The lower aspects are the thinking conscious part of the mind, vacillating emotions and a body that has inherited genetic tendencies that interfere with intent. Even if you have corrected habits that work against intent, you may still feel as if you are living in a form that is very much like a prison. This is actually true. If you are taking the time to read this indicates that you have been on a very long journey and could simply be weary of the ongoing effort that is required to reach the goal that you are determined to reach.

Rather than apologize for any weakness that shows up in the body, simply face it and love it. The body serves us beautifully. What you can do is spend more time focused on your light body, the blueprint body, behind the physical form. Visualize it as the magnificence and perfection that it truly is. In the physical world, do not attempt to achieve everything in one giant step. It is best that you take small steps, be victorious and continue on your way. Those who arrive at their goal quickly may have been preparing for victory many lifetimes. Whether you have consciously prepared or not, it is wise to take the small steps and make certain that they remain a constant.

Be kind to your self. So many who love authenticity, beauty and understand what true perfection is are altogether too hard on themselves. If you suffer a setback now and then, you have not failed. Love who you are. Pick your self up and keep moving. There is something very magnificent in the courage that lovers of truth reveal. When the lovers are looked upon by the Beloved, all the Beloved sees is the Light of that human, the sincere effort and intent in purpose. If you only knew how brightly you shine,you would then understand and be happy instead of feeling discouraged or not advanced as you judge you could be. How do you humanly know how advance you are spiritually? You don't. It is your Light, your Heart and the expansion of your love energy that is observed. It is beautiful~

Monday, February 8, 2010

How Are You Handling Insecurity Right Now?

What is required of lovers of truth is stamina. Stamina is needed to get through the rapid changes that are occurring on every level of life. Arriving with the rapid changes may be feelings not considered natural for the seeker. These feelings are in many ways different forms of depression. Impatience, resentment, fear of the future, lack, limitation, wondering if one has lost his reasoning capability and much more. It is happening to people who are usually solid in their base. Meaning, they have already built a strong foundation and a mind and heart that aspires to great Heights. Yet, the suddenness of some of the changes in one's personal world can be shattering when unexpected and you have done the 'work'.

To do the work implies that we are a giving and loving soul who trusts and believes in positive outcomes and willingly does what can be done unselfishly for another as well as carefully monitor one's own balance. Prayer, contemplation and meditation is a natural part of daily living. Many of us who have been 'walking the talk' find ourselves stuck with people, circumstances and false experiences that cause genuine pain. Why do I use the word false? Falsity is an illusion, a dream that is often a nightmare. Falsity is an energy that separates a soul from the Center, the golden mean. Exaggerated circumstances do not help or heal the soul. It is not easy to be a front runner in any area. In the realm of higher consciousness, it is even a greater challenge because friends and family often look to us for inspiration, guidance and support.

Keep in mind the word, falsity. At the same time, understand that falsity is temporary to those who are alert to the higher truths. We will emerge victorious regardless of what is happening in the human scene. Of course, you may assume I am speaking solely of soul evolution. I am but much more. We have been placed in a position where we are expected to expand our character. Trust is one of the most important characteristics we need to deliberately use to get through dramatic changes. Not only trust in God, a Supreme Intelligence and Creator but trust in all that we have learned on our very long journey through space and time. Stay focused on accomplishments and the precious good moments. Lean on the strength and power that provides you with life. Being stranded is out of the question. Real Love does not desert the lovers. It leads us to a place of resurrection. Yes, I used that word. Resurrection is when we are lifted up and out of instability, fear, lack and limitation and all the other darkness that accompanies spiritual ignorance.

Moaning about the changes will do nothing to aid resurrection. Trust will. Do you really believe in all that you have worked so hard for? Look at the gains of the soul, be grateful and allow your self to smile. The journey is not on a paved road. The road leading up to the mountain top is rugged and irregular. There are grooves to place your foot. Nature to hold onto. With perseverance, trust and remaining attentive, we will reach the top hearty and whole.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Something Huge is Happening During the Year's Ahead

There is a time soon coming when more of you will comprehend the truth about yourselves. This may sound mysterious but the timing will be right for disclosure. Now what does this mean? You are both in a physical body and are enveloped in a veil which prevents you from really connecting to the grander part of who you are. You have heard this before but what is news now is that this veil will be torn for many souls in the years ahead. It is for your protection that you have had the veil. It is possible for you to transform your cells and make your self whole but you are so conditioned by the mentality of the common thought that this may sound absurd. You have many talents that have been hidden because the timing has not been the best for disclosure.

Although we are individuality's, we are also an integral part of the collective consciousness. If we stand out as something very rare and unattainable, people are either frightened or they bow down and worship the one who appears to be powerful in a super natural way. Well, you are all super powerful but for the most part you have suffered memory loss. The memory loss is for your benefit, remember that. Because of the increased celestial energy and the current cycle moving more deeply into what I fondly refer to as the solar civilization, more of what and who you are will gradually be revealed. Behind the physical Sun is the invisible energy body of the Central Sun. The Central Sun holds the Galaxy together.

There are many here on earth with a consciousness that is ripe for exposure. Meaning, they are mature enough, stable enough to be who they are without any qualifications or fear. In a chaotic world that is still fraught with instability and spiritual ignorance, it may feel as if it is best to keep one's mouth shut. Well, the times of silence will gradually disappear and more souls will stand tall, speak out about a reality that many on earth do not yet comprehend. For the unenlightened to receive the greater energy, they will handle this opening through the higher spiritual senses, not the intellect. This probably sounds strange to some of you but it comes with the impending cyclic change and an awakening consciousness on planet earth. Be hopeful and accept that you are not abandoned nor will you be persecuted for 'knowing' truths that few have clearly understood. This is the beginning of a new era. There will be fits and starts, so to speak, but eventually the energy will flow smoothly and be accepted as well as understood.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are You From This Planet?

There are always things to write about. The question is how many people do something positive in regards to what they study? To be a perpetual student is the norm for sincere seekers striving for self-mastery. Eventually, they reach a point where they feel saturated and wonder if there is anything out there that they actually do not know. This may sound peculiar to you but think about. You have been on a very long journey. Certainly you have picked up tidbits of amazing information that is stored away in that subconscious part of the mind of yours. This is why so much that you read feels, sounds and appears as very familiar. If you only knew the great wealth of information that you are carrying around within, you would be astounded.

For instance, many of the teachers on earth are not really from planet earth. Perhaps, this needs to be restated. They may have already had frequents trips to earth but, they arrive as visitors. There home base is located far away and is more advanced spiritually than what is currently being played out here on earth. For instance, if you are one of these beings familiar with earth but consider some far away star as your true home, you would not appear to earthlings as you appear somewhere other than right here. You arrive and fit in. It is very much like the fairy tales you have read where the king or prince disguises himself as an ordinary citizen. He ventures out and blends with the people. Because he is wearing a disguise, he is treated just like everyone else. That is actually the best way for such a scenario to be played. Now...when such a being comes to a backward planet in the area of consciousness, do you really feel that that prince in today's world or princess, would share the wisdom known in higher regions with the people of this world? Of course not. A hint may be offered now and then but the higher teachings would be watered down so the populace, who are primarily unenlightened as far as character and the higher wisdom teachings, would understand what is being transmitted. The people who have chosen to be students are offered material that they need to experience right now.

This is why it is wise not to judge anyone because who knows what lies behind the mask. Good people often judge that they are stupid and in reality, they are not. If they would take the time to meditate, contemplate and feel and enjoy the higher regions, the cosmic intelligence would slowly seep to the surface. Their knowledge will increase and they will feel that they are not so dumb after all. Remember, you are playing a new part right now. Those of us who are sincere about soul evolution may change the part we play several times during one life experience. Isn't that exciting? Being born anew is actually accepting an opening and going with it. Drawing in more of your Real Self and manifesting the best of you in matter. Life could actually be enjoyable for most people if they understood the drama and played it to the hilt.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What is an Authentic Person?

What does it mean to be an authentic person? In my way of thinking, to be authentic is to be honest with yourself and with others. The first step is to know the truth of your being, your energy. Are you really the form, the personality, the busy person occupied with things that really do not matter? Or, are you the light that is seeking expression in matter? For those of us who know ourselves as light and witness the light in others and all life, we know what is real. If you do not yet see with your spiritual eye sight, it does not mean that you are less than the one who does see. Right now, you simply have a different focus and that focus can change quickly.

People who know who they are usually are perfectionists. They try to present perfection because that is what they hold most dear. It does not please them to be thought of as imperfect because they know deep within is the spirit, the amazing light of presence. This presence is perfect. Paradox, yes? You are perfect but the outside does not reflect the perfection that you love and strive to manifest as your self and personal life. This is okay. Everyone is bombarded by so many energies from people who neither care about perfection or the dazzling blueprint behind all created matter that you must not waste thought on thinking you are imperfect. All you need to do is BE.

You see, if you are you, then you are perfect. Drop the illusion that has persuaded you otherwise. You probably think that I am talking in circles. Actually, I am talking in a straight line. To get from here to there it is necessary to stop judging your progress. You are perfect, a projection of your Creator, a light that will illuminate the way for others. You will attract to you people who resonate to your vibration. You actually do not have to say a word or if the words appear too profound pay attention to the vibration.

You will learn from the vibration what you need regardless of the language or how it is expressed. It is what is not said. It is the white light behind the dark letters that has significance. You probably think that I am off the wall expressing in this manner but it is truth. Every letter has a life of its own. The combination of the letters create a vibration. Each soul that looks at the word connects with what it needs to receive whether the word, the sentence, or the message is consciously understood. The soul receives the message and this is all that is important. Have you ever picked up a book and felt its frequency or glanced at the cover and recognize this is what your heart needs without turning a page? If the intuitive energy is not part of your sensitive makeup, ask for it, strive for it and eventually you will realize that you are the word, the vibration and what is being conveyed will enter the heart, mind and soul and be understood.

An authentic person is one who is being his or her Self openly and joyfully.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Firsthand Gifts

Do you ever stop and ask your self why more and more articles are written? There is this blog and the, a web site and a web site monthly newsletter, material in dressers, cabinets, a closet and stacked in the garage written over a period of 28 years. There are two books and a booklet and articles published through other sources. Last March, Facebook became a part of this odyssey of love. I usually write new material for the different outlets although a person here or there may judge that I have shared a particular theme before. Why not? There is one Truth and yet that truth can be said in so many interesting ways. Sometimes growth requires that we study a principle many times before we accept it and then live it. Meditation workshops have been repeated because the participant's experience is new each time.

There is a fount of endless knowledge accessible to a soul whose heart is pure, disciplined and passionate freely offering personal service in the vibrational energy of love, hope and healing gained through firsthand experience. The firsthand experience began in my case living in two worlds simultaneously. This is not a recent acquisition; it began as a child. I easily handle multiple tasking. The challenge is stimulating and the creating is a joy and never a burden. I have had to learn how to speak and write simply, which is not easy to do when soul evolution, unconditional love, higher wisdom knowledge, spiritualizing matter and focusing on self-mastery is the sacred energy prompting creativity.

It is rare for a spiritual package to arrive in the flesh absolutely complete. Even though an individual may experience altered states of consciousness while playing with dolls, seeing the Sacred Light and the blueprint body, behind all form, angelic visitors and actually experiences an active crown chakra as normality. The personality still must mature before the fullness of the spirit inhabits the physical form. It is not only the personality that must mature, the soul, memory bank, must empty itself of all the baggage it has brought into the incarnation from the past. Of course, there is also the new baggage inherited from the physical mother, father and environment.

I can only speak from my own experience. There are different stages of growth physically, emotionally and mentally that create an opening for more of what one truly is, individualized spirit. For the energy to burst forth as greater light, wisdom and love and all the gems that accompany the process of finally awakening to our true identity, is usually gradual. Actually, a paced awakening of spiritual power and gifts is far safer for the humans nervous system and sanity than arriving on earth as a mini master. There are always exceptions of course, but in the western world it would be rough road. It is a huge challenge sustaining balance as it is without advertising any dramatic differences from the norm.

This is why I always encourage everyone to share authentic and personal experience, which is firsthand, rather than quoting another teacher, preacher or author. If we compare notes, there is a definite pattern in remembering and living as a being from multiple worlds. We speak the same language and the genuine language is the language of Light. The Light is not of what we consider the physical world. It is a creative tool used by beings in the higher vibrational worlds.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Do You Feel You Are Invincible?

It is time to take stock of what is important in your life. It is so easy to take for granted what you have physically, mentally or materially. Do you guard your senses, guard your body and guard your space? In one unexpected moment, everything can be altered. This is not said to alarm you; it is said to prepare you for good days and insure that you will not create days that will bring unnecessary harm, lack or limitation. You must guard your temple. How can the spirit of you, the true Self, function comfortably if you are suddenly disabled in any area of your life? It is true that there are rare souls who can still function as if nothing has hindered them, They have learned through practice to discipline the mind, emotions and actions. Disciplined people are not in the majority. Most humans take for granted what they have and assume it will always remain the same.

Love and tenderly care for your entire self. Nurturing and service to others is part of the wave of Light that is happening all over the world. This is good. must also remember to protect what you have by respecting it. It is a living energy, a treasure house and hidden within is your spirit. Protect the spirit's temple and you will be able to do more than you have ever dreamed of doing. When you protect your mind from negative thoughts and words, the same system works to keep you shielded from the darkness of those who are spiritually ignorant. What I am attempting to express is that in your rushing here and there pause and remember that the form you are using is a vehicle for the sacredness within you.

Someone must respect and care for it. That someone is you. Think about this carefully because there are many who put others safety first. Who will nurture you if you do not pause and reflect? Do you ever thank your body for serving you so beautifully? Your body is made of cells, light and intelligence. It responds to loving care. Yes, it will respond and beautifully. The idea is to be free to continue living with ease and actively enjoy all the things you deem important. You may already be one of the thoughtful ones who carefully tend the body. Caregivers for the most part do not. They frequently feel they are invincible but are actually both fragile and strong. This is a gentle reminder. Take time to honor your body,love it, show gratitude and it will serve you well. The body package is an instrument that must be finely tuned to retain any sense of harmony.