Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To Live Amidst Ignorance

There is a need to speak of courage today. Many people need to keep that word and its implications firmly in the front of the mind. If you have chosen the path to completion as you live in a flesh form, it requires a great deal of courage. Many people assume that life will be like a bed of roses if they choose goodness, light and love. Not so. It is not so because they are bucking the majority. Although more and more souls are awakening to the higher aspects of Self, they exist on so many different levels of understanding and action that abuse still occurs. Subtle and not so subtle abuse is projected toward those who have surrendered and chosen the path of righteousness. To live impeccably on a physical planet whose life forms are not collectively enlightened is arduous to put it mildly. Few understand the laws of the universe or how to apply them in every day living. This is why you must be courageous because few will understand your intent or purity.

Courage does not always come easily. It is not something the typical human is born with. Survival is more to the individuals liking and what is in it for me. People for the most part think of themselves and their needs. When the needs are met, they keep on thinking about themselves and what else they can accumulate. One day they will awaken to the fact that all their acquisitions mean nothing in terms of inner peace, the genuine peace that is found in the embrace of the Divine. Poets attempt to express the embrace but words fall on empty ears or the reader will explaim how lovely and not pause to analyze the intent behind the poetic beauty offered so freely.

If you have chosen to be one who stands tall and filled with courage and sometimes feel alienated, God bless you now and forever more. Perhaps, you remember as I do what it feels like not to be in the flesh and what is seen and known in the higher spheres of true love and light. They say ignorance is bliss and this is very true in many ways. It is not easy to walk on a habitat knowing as your firsthand experience what the luminous beings are like and the activities in the realms of magic and real beauty offer. You see, there is no mystery in the higher worlds of Light. Everything is exposed and pure and the feelings are understood. To be in human form and consciously know the truth of a sublime reality experienced when not in a flesh form takes tremendous courage. For those who comprehend what I am sharing, I applaud you, embrace you and encourage you not to falter. Go within to the hidden chamber and simply BE. You will not be alone. The luminous ones are with you. Pay attention, allow yourself to feel their presence and power and give thanks that you have an opportunity to anchor in matter the Light of the Heavens.

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