Monday, February 15, 2010

The Pretenders

There is a moment in space time when a soul finally realizes that he or she has been a pretender. Who is this pretender? It is someone who outwardly behaves as if he or she is a soul who loves unconditionally, with compassion, deep sincerity and lives life with integrity and beauty. But, the truth is that the pretender only behaves as such outwardly. Within the pretender is a stingy and incomplete energy who desires only to impress and not to BE. This again sounds harsh but, it a fact, a reality all too common on planet earth. There have been pretenders from the beginning and particularly during times of change and cycles of increased spiritual energy. They step forward as if they are here to save the world with their wisdom and love. This is falsity at its worst.

The pretenders may not even recognize that they are falsely representing truth because they do not yet understand what truth really is. To understand truth one needs to have totally surrendered the ego to the Divine. The purpose of human life is for the Divine to live as the human and not the hidden subconscious. When the Divine is in charge, choices are made by the higher Self, the spirit, of the individual rather than the human persona. At this time on planet earth, the true disciples, the authentic ones are rare indeed. Many are writing and preaching the sublime beauty before they have captured it in their own lives and relationships. I guess it is better to pretend than not be anything at all.

Not to be anything at all is to waste your life mimicking others and not being the genuine article. Remember, surrender to the higher power, the eternal life force, is the genuine personality and yet it is not a personality. It simply Is. It is a fount of beauty, inner wealth, joy, compassion, true understanding, integrity and a love that cannot be described. Until that moment when an individual soul blends fully with the authenticity of who it really is...he or she is a pretender. You see, a pretender only acts, speaks, thinks in fits and starts. A true one is employed by God and is consistent in his or her behavior. This is Being. A personality can involve itself in good works but if the heart is selfish or thoughts and actions impure, it is still a pretender. You may judge this to be too severe but your higher Self knows differently.

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