Monday, November 30, 2009

Establishing Rule

Gradually, people were drawn into fame and glamour and little by little sank into a state of serfdom turning their thoughts away from Nature,unity, the inner spirit and communing personally with the Ultimate Power, the One. It took over a hundred years to establish the princedoms. Those in control set up borders, which indicates separation, appointed clerks, scribes, merchants and servants gathering people by separating them from the natural world of light with no boundaries. In other words, an artificial world was created in which we still live.

The last pureness found in collective consciousness was in Russia, which I mentioned in the last article. As you already know, the Vedic culture and the truths I write about were considered pagan a thousand years ago. The intent of the selfish rulers and followers was to create a type of man inclined to unquestioning submission to authority, human authority. They offered the people a new religion but actually the new programming contained everything that Egypt had had 5,000 years earlier. A prince was treated like a pharaoh and considered to be appointed to his position by God. The occult ministers of the new religion were the advisers...just like in Egypt in the past.

Those who took power spread lies stating that the early Vedic's were pagans who burned and sacrificed women and children. Not true. They were vegetarians and would not hurt any living creature. The false rumors are still alive. It was the nomads that introduced meat to the world because there was hardly any edible fruit to fend for in the prairie land and deserts. They ended up killing cattle. In other places on earth, people saw through what was happening and did not allow the priests and preachers within their borders. I found it interesting that Japan, China and India did not become Christian. In the meantime, humanity plunged deeper into a world of unreality. Now, throughout the world people are slowly opening their eyes. By the way, did you know that the Earth Day we celebrate originated a few years ago in Russia? The power of pure knowledge culture is slowly returning. It is the energy of love, similar to a mother's feelings.