Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Do You Know Who is Speaking?

How can you be certain if the words in your mind are from the higher part of you when asking for counsel? To quiet the human mind and body and center yourself would be an obvious answer. There can be times that you do that very thing but are misled because your emotions are in control and you are not centered although you think you are. Often the human personality gives the answers that we wish were truth. The process of receiving correct and helpful counsel is increased when we pay close attention and trust. Even then, mistakes may be made because you have not learned to be still.

The first test to receive true counselling is the acceptance of the Real You, the higher Self. The majority of people think of themselves as the intellect and body. The intellect and physical body are not the awakened consciousness. The key to success and contact is to feel and know the Divine Self within. In times of great stress, the message that always comes to me is 'Be still! 'Be Centered! Know, I Am the Real You...God in form'. It may take you stating and thinking these thoughts a thousand times a day before you realize their potency and actually believe them. People tend to intellectualize thoughts regarding spirit identity and fail to allow the truth to penetrate deep into the soul.

When you are relaxed and centered state the words, "Be Still" to everyone of your cells. If you do this with love and persistence, you will taste the power and presence of the Real You. True help and companionship will naturally be with you. An amazing activity will take place whereby the higher Self will take control and do whatever needs to be done. I will never forget the time when I was sitting at my computer sad and troubled. I was actually looking at a blank 'write' page before sending a message to a friend. As I sat staring at the page, words suddenly appeared on their own from an invisible hand. The message said, "I am Peace".