Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mysterious Elixir

I try and write five times a week and enjoy sharing different subjects of interest. Time passes so quickly that it is not always possible to take time out for blogging. I do wish to finish this particular subject so I will contine this week. During the crusades, the interest in alchemy began again in Europe but only in secret societies. Many seekers assumed this secret wisdom was of spiritual importance. What it was is a precursor for modern-day chemistry, metallurgy and the medical profession, involving the prescription of drugs.

The last-known alchemical practitioner was Sir Isaac Newton who was famous for his scientific groundwork for classical mechanics, or universal laws of motion. With the advent of modern chemistry and physics, the practice of alchemy largely died out. The idea that metals can be transformed into a fabulous elixir, capable of rendering the soul immortal and transmuting base metals into gold and eating and drinking the nectar is now viewed by most people as a misguided myth. All this aside, it would be wonderful if there was a product that would bring beneficial results to a physical body quickly and easily. People who suffer rarely have the time or energy to focus on becoming an immortal. They are having enough difficulty attempting to keep their physical body, human emotions and thoughts peaceful.

The belief and practice that pervaded the ancient world from China to India to Egypt and later Europe and the Western World claims that divine men, descending angels or the gods walking on the earth in predawn history of the human race instructed certain living people at that time as to how to make a mysterious elixir, the food of the gods. It could be eaten as dry or a drink. Powers could be attained from the mixture, not the kind of mystical powers assumed by the masses but, the power of technology. It was called the white sulfur, the white gold, and the fascinating and the highly sought manna from heaven. The Egyptians were thought of having a secret science of stone making. Researchers insinuate that the Egyptians had a secret white bread. The power of the metals were known by Osiris and Moses. The secret language, which they used to describe this manna, was really a code for the metals: gold, silver, mercury and copper. There are mixed messages or interpretations of what the mysterious elixir really is.