Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Disorder Everywhere!

Words may sound inspiring, but what if we are living in ongoing pain either emotionally or physically or both? How can we escape the darkness and despair that takes our breath away at times? How can conditions be changed when we are choking in an environment of suffering and limitation? One night, while feeling the pain of a loved one, I was shown a tunnel of darkness. At the end of the tunnel was the blazing Light of God. This was not a near death experience although it imitated one. Light can be seen anytime and anywhere. When I see Light, the angelic language, the sign of God, I am at peace and have renewed hope. Today, quite suddenly and totally unexpected, my young canary died. We have been grieving all day. We grieve for his beautiful song and joyful presence but in my heart I know that if I would be silent I will hear him sing.

When the unexpected, the painful and any type of disorder occurs, fall back on the Light of God. Light holds us together. To transcend all the disorder around us, which takes many different forms, transcend the misery and call on the Light asking it to be a strong force in your life. You have the right to do this because you are an individual light of the One Great Light. You have the option to rewrite your life experiences. Perhaps, you are the type who puts on a front and keeps pain hidden. Yes, there are times we must be brave but at the same time do not deny your feelings. Secrecy serves a social purpose, but it does not address or release suffering.

Everyone has the inner Light but most people ignore it and do nothing to develop it. This is what you can do to "save" yourself and bring order into disorder. Call on your highest Nature to take control. Be insistent. In the darkest moments, mentally stop and call for help from the angels and the luminous beings. Reach out. Repetition works. Do it and do it with passion. Keep asking that the higher Self take control. It is then that peace is felt and confidence regained. You have the power through choice to awaken from the darkness and experience a peace that sustains you and makes things right.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Do You Feel Divided?

I was taught that God was separate from me. Wrong! Through firsthand experience I know with a certainty that I was taught incorrectly. I read recently where a spiritual friend commented about alchemists. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov stated that alchemist had a better understanding of spiritual work than many so-called spiritual people who concentrate all their efforts on escaping matter and separating the body and spirit. Alchemy does not cut humans in two: into a spirit, which alone is worthy of our attention, and a body that should be ignored, despised and mistreated. No...spirit and matter, the spirit and the body, have work to do together.

It took me time to accept on every level of my being that the body is not the spirit's tomb. Or, to quote Omraam again, the body is only the spirit's tomb for those who have not understood the meaning of the first verse in Genesis: 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.' Yes, not just the heavens but the heavens and the earth. Heaven represents 'spirit' and earth represents 'matter.' How many people really think about this statement? If our Creator projected both, they evidently have something to do together. To separate the body from the spirit appears to be the norm for most religions. When you really think about this, it becomes clear that to separate the two is to separate a house from its roof: exposed to bad weather, it collapses, and what does the roof do if it doesn't have four walls to rest on?

I love the soul and mind of Omraam, a dear being who is no longer in the flesh. He always said things clearly and to the point. He understood the obvious, which few do. As long as we indulge in any form of abuse toward the soul, mind and body our house is divided and we will most likely fall a part. Honor your body and mind, watch very carefully what you put into it and what you use it for. The body is a temporary vehicle, but a precious one, so the spirit may express, expand and be itself in matter. When we honor ourselves as a whole package and not a divided energy, we finally learn to live fully in the light of understanding, beauty, wonder, joy and yes, peace.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's Talk About You

What is your truth? Have you forgotten it or are you allowing people, events or environment to prevent you from living your truth? Has this most important subject been given the thought it deserves? No one can afford to be negligent regarding the meaning of life and the destiny of the soul. Authentic freedom occurs when spiritual identity is understood and lived.

It is time to take a stand for the rights of your true Self. You have the choice to rebel against anything or anyone who is preventing you from realizing and living Principle. To evolve and be the wonder that you are, I urge you to go beyond your frame and see the vastness of the divine beloved within. It is through the union of the body, mind and soul that you are eventually able to remove the veil of illusion. Pythagoras taught that the experience of life in a finite, limited body was specifically for the purpose of discovering and manifesting supernatural existence within the finite. Your responsibility and mine is to discover how the finite can express the power of the Infinite.

If you are on Facebook, please connect with me as a friend. People are linking their light with the ever expanding Circle of Light. The Circle of Light is an affiliate with United Groups for World Peace. Souls of like mind are ready to link and are in the droves. I posted a message last week on how I witnessed a vision of an audience that I was speaking in front of in Colorado. Closing my physical eyes for a moment I saw with my inside spiritual sight every person as a violet point in an enormous ameythst crystal. We are awesome! Have a wonderful weekend~

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Molding the Mind

If you are ready to mold your mind in line with your inner light, you will discover that there is no disparity between worldly life and spiritual aspiration. A practice that has always worked for me is a trained mind that looks behind the appearance and acknowledges the blueprint of light holding the image in place. If you discipline your thoughts to remain focused on the original image, light, of whatever you observe, you will find that you speak and act from an expanded and true perspective. In other words, before an idea becomes matter, it is a light image. Holding this image brings clarity of mind. It is also very important to believe and rely on the truth that there is a Cosmic Plan, so to speak, for all creation. Accepting this plan will give a greater confidence in the changes that you experience and those that are yet to come. Develop the habit of scrutinizing and seeing life from a point of evolving awareness.

The real you, the spirit-light-intelligence, is the eternal identity and not the familiar appearance or personality. All the good progress we make in human form is stored in the soul memory and will be put to a positive use, and not against itself, in future experiences. We are accumulating spiritual wealth. There are proven methods that will fill us with this wealth, which is the power within. Expanding the mind and dropping the undesired from our thoughts, forgiving and starting over will create a new causation. Allow your mind to willingly look at other creative possibilities.

It doesn't help to cling to robotic thinking. Imagine how different life would be if we had been taught as children about the Law of Causation and our true role in the creative plan. The cellular memory of the universe is encoded in the cells of the body. You attract Light into your cells when you think and love deeply, take positive action and are consciously connected to your inner wisdom. Everything that appears in life is created by mind. Everything is done by agreement. A right attitude and firm belief will set in motion beneficial forces. The gateway is the mind, which opens the door to illumination, realization, inspiration, intuitive perception and healing. It is our choice~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Proven Way

It is natural for seekers to look outside of their own consciousness for solutions. In truth, the faculties and powers needed in order to transform conditions already exist as part of our makeup. We need to believe in who we are and trust the inner promptings that will lead us to the right solutions. What works is believing, paying attention to detail and acting on the inner guidance. Isn't it time that we stop squandering our energy and deliberately honor who we really are? Too much rushing and scattering of energy works against the brain, the body and the soul. Have you felt the greater influx of energy that is obviously bombarding earth and its life? Sometimes, the energy is so powerful that I feel my consciousness is literally running in front of my physical form.

Life Force is precious. It would be wise to stop wasting it on non-essential activities or people. It is possible to do without and feel absolutely secure in your decision. If we really desire to evolve our conscious awareness, it is vital that we drop some of the addictive behavior. Addictive behavior extends far beyond substances. What about relationships or social activities that simply fill time? A human can be addicted to anything including invisible entities and the world of the Unseen. Because the moments in a day are rapidly passing us by due to the influx of a higher energy, it is important to be persistent in creating a finer identity by keeping an ideal always in mind. This is not possible if we are running here and there. It is similar to little red riding hood dropping things from her basket on every path that appears in front of her. During the frantic pace of keeping a distance between her self and the wolf, she ends up right where he led her...to him.

Persist in the attitude that is right for you. To be a whole human being, you may wish to consider cultivating the following. The suggestions have worked for me. One, focus on a spiritual ideal. Two, be vigilant and learn to control negative emotions and past conditioning so they will not interfere with your progress. Three, gain knowledge, which equates to understanding Universal Laws. Four, listen to the intuitive voice within. As the four areas are developed, you are naturally cleansed of prejudice, old grudges, delusion, selfish desires and less apt to hurt your self on any level.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We are Shapeshifters

Everything is shifting around us. We are also shifting new shapes in harmony and grace when we shift at the right pace. When we remember to be as a bird in flight, we accept and create at the right time. The proper rhythm is a natural one...not rushed. In nature there is no hurry. We must learn through the changes that are happening to us how to adapt. This is why paying attention to nature whether it be the animal or vegetable kingdom or your environment is more important right now. Adaptation is the natural ability of an animal. Humans frequently resist. Every day, we shift our energies to meet daily trials, responsibilities and obligations. As we become increasingly aware of our purpose in the flesh, we understand that everything is a matter of controlling and utilizing our energy to the fullest. It is then that we have great strength and are capable of finding new creative possibilities without limitation and harshness.

Pay close attention to the signs that will may appear more frequently in your life during these chaotic times. For instance, if an animal appears in a dream observe if it comes on your right or left side. The right side is generally considered more masculine and assertive. The left side is considered more feminine and receptive. Pay attention to details. The other night a mouse appeared in my dream. Mice do pay attention to details. Understanding this trait, I will be more observant than usual during the next five to six weeks. This time period is when the energy of the mouse symbol is most strongly felt. The energy will show me how to attain the big things by working on the little things.

Many people associate rabbits with fear. They, like the mice, are prey for many other species. We had four house rabbits for over 10 years and really loved them. Perhaps, our love for rabbits go back to ancient Egyptian times when rabbits were associated with the concept of being. Rabbits have been long associated with the Faerie realm of life. In a dream several nights ago, a golden rabbit appeared to me. In the physical world, I have never heard of a golden rabbit. Here again, a time frame was given. There will be a 28 day period where beginning a new life is reinforced. In other words, a new cycle will manifest in my life. Evidence is here already. Rabbits also represent the ability to plan for possibilities. I mention these simple thoughts to you because we will need to align and adapt our energies in the days ahead. The animals are mirrors to us. Look into the mirror, pay attention and live without fear.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Animals in Dreams

If you love nature, it is very likely that animals will come to you in dreams imparting messages that will help in your soul journey. When we are open to their influence, they become friends, teachers and companions. Every animal has a story to tell and more than likely it is something that you were totally unaware of. Every animal can be a gateway to the phenomenal world of the human spirit. I rarely remember my dreams and depend more on the guidance of visions and meditation. When I do remember a dream it is vivid and I know that loving guidance is being offered at that moment. I do believe in white magic, dreams and possibilities and bring this subject up for your consideration in case you have been ignoring the subject of symbols in the natural world being our teachers.

My friends who already know me are well aware of my firsthand loving connection with swans. If you have not visited my website: www.behealedforever.com, please do. They are discussed on the web site and are in my book Be-Embracing the Mystery. The point I wish to make today is that some times a creature will appear to us that is baffling at first until we do our research. In a dream last week, I found my self holding a strange and small creature in my left hand. It was a very small brown bird but its wings were definitely those of a bat. I did my research for birds all over the world and found no such creature. Then, it dawned on me. The little gift was half of one and half of the other. A bird's meaning is obvious. A bird represents good things like learning to use innate intuition to ride the currents of life more effectively. Breath and fresh air is very important to a bird's health. Perhaps, more breath and exercise is needed for my body.They eat small quantities of food periodically throughout the day, not one meal as I do. Something to think about. Birds represent the thoughts of deities...reflect a union of the conscious mind with the unconsciousness, beauty, intuition, levitation and creative imagination. Birds hold the knowledge on how to make our ideas concrete. Perhaps, it is time to unfold the wings of enchantment within my life.

Bats...I had a question in my mind about the bat wing. Well, the bat is a powerful symbol for this time in human history. The bat symbol suggests we look beyond limited circumstances. Their appearance heralds in a transition and initiation period in my life, which is very true. Bat means rebirth to ancient Mayans. They help us come out of the darkness, which I interpret the negativity that is found everywhere. When a bat symbol comes into our life, life will change. It also could mean to face fears if you have any and make preparation for change. It is a time to die to some aspect of our self. As consciousness changes, our world changes.

Do you ever think how the choices we make today will have repercussions for years down the road? Bats hold the promise of empowerment. A symbol of promise amidst the sometimes chaotic energies of change. They mean a move to new heights with the transitions. Pierce new barriers... A new truth being awakened. They mean much more than I am sharing and it is all very good and powerful. Perhaps, this is a new beginning that will bring promise and power after the changes. Pay attention to your dreams and who comes to visit you.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Belief and desire mold the present body and experience, as well as future experience. Creating new and positive mental forms will create a brighter future. The power of the mind works on its own level whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. A trained mind is the finest part of your mind thinking. I have found that it works to my advantage to analyze and seek meaning for what is being presented to me. To question both the inner and outer experience requires discernment. It is beneficial to question everything both visible and invisible and simply not accept or assume that it is absolute truth. Our confidence grows when we remember to rely on the intuitive part of the mind. Nothing happens by chance.

We evolve through discipline and effort. Theoretical knowledge does not transform us. We destroy or build our world through our disposition. It is up to us to take responsibility for creative action. Will power needs to be developed and applied, otherwise we will not follow through to our goal. A mental reframing must be used as a bridge to an elevated state of consciousness. To master the lower world of matter, we must learn to think for ourselves and hold a strong center in our life. Directed will can be used as a creative power. An excellent tool is self-suggestion.

Self-suggestion is an effective tool to use upon awakening and before retiring for the night. Repeat a statement of intent either out loud or mentally. This is called reframing or reprogramming the mind. The suggestion is offered to the subconscious part of the mind and the super conscious part of the mind. Keep the goal alive and in front of your mind. If your thoughts and actions are the opposite of the affirmation or mantra, it will be either neutralized or negated. Repetition is the secret of success. Take a great interest in what you are creating. What works is to keep the attention fixed long enough for a new habit to manifest. It is similar to exercising and developing memory in weakened muscles. Self-suggestion is encouraged because it helps develop will power. When an image or idea is placed into the mind, give it a command to act in a specific way. It will impress the mind. Remember to do it and keep at the practice until you know with a certainty that you have actually accepted the goal in your mind.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fate or Fortune?

The physical body is a series of light waves. As we elevate our consciousness, the light waves change in quality and vibration. We are actually conductors of light.
To elevate our consciousness we need to be daring and willing to change patterns that do not work. Effort is the removing of that which does not work and replacing it with something better. One of the roadblocks preventing balance and peace is the tremendous influence of the subconscious memory. The average person is ruled by fate and has minimal influence in the control of his life. Removing old established patterns that work again balance and not repeating mistakes can change fate. You know what they are because you have experienced them repeatedly. Observe whether responses are working for or against you. Any area of your personality and activities that disrupts will act as a psychic poison.

Every moment you are creating consciously and unconsciously. Why not make a choice to deliberately create a new attitude and habits that work for you? By deliberately making different choices, you begin to stop the engravings that constantly repeat themselves. Destiny becomes a favorable fortune when you recapture and live the goodness of the inner Nature. To be successful, learn and understand the science of vibration. Vibration matches personal consciousness. It is your individual consciousness that is the springboard to freedom. Everything is constantly changing, including the physical body. Dare to open your mind and heart. Take charge. You are much grander than you allow your self to imagine.

Think of yourself as Jacob climbing his famous Biblical ladder. Use the image of the ladder as a symbol for your personal health, success and happiness. Regardless of your placement on the ladder, it is able to change when you are in control. One of the causes of human suffering is not having an ideal and pursuing it. Focus on one. Are you allowing your self to experience greater possibilities? Responses change dramatically with moral and spiritual growth. Effort is its own reward. Try not to worry about the results. Worry is a toxin to the system. It can poison and deplete energy. What needs transformation is the personality. Why not allow your inner Nature to fashion the future? Maturity goes hand in hand with expanding the light of your consciousness. You are the cause who creates the effect. As a creator, keep in mind that you may use the wrong building blocks until you are ready to willingly surrender everything that is working against the masterpiece that is being created. Begin by accepting who you are and deliberately create your heart's desire.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wounds as Disrupted Energy

The ideal is to have our energy flowing effortlessly. The direction and modulation of human energy flow begins in the mind and is empowered by the mind. If the mind is in a confused or negative state, trouble manifests in the physical body. I always refer back to the Indian concept of human energies mentioned in the Rig-Veda dating back a couple thousand of years ago. Their experiential knowledge states that there are three types of energies concerned with balance of body, mind and soul. Prana, the vital energy, which is similar to glue holding us together is the first type. Prana flows through its circuitry and conveys the soul's willful, emotional and intellectual functions. The goal is to consciously control our senses. If we are inconsistent and neglectful, which is a form of abuse, they become the effect in the physical form, the environment we inhabit.

When we learn to control our emotions, consciousness gradually expands and we function from the core of our being, which is ideal. The currents harmoniously run through our energy centers. The spinal cord is a reference for the second type of energy, the Kundalini energy. It is aroused from its latent state and rises up the spine through the invisible energy centers when we meditate or learn to control energy through yogic practices. The Kundalini feels like heat and is quickened by spiritual pursuits and is basically concerned with creative energies. The third state of energy health evolves around selfless love, devotion or a focused passion. The student achieves a very high concentration of energy through discipline and a profound and personal experience of the sacred. Western thought, which recognizes the brain and the immunological system as the seats of human consciousness, differs from the Indian thought, which considers the nonphysical chakras as centers of consciousness. The energy centers quicken awareness as space-consciousness, emotions and inner movement that harmonizes and lifts the energy of the participant.

Healing our energy fields is a large part of the spiritual connection. The brief description hints at the complexity of our identity on a physical level. The repetitive use of creative imagination has repeatedly proven to heal wounds both within and without. If there is someone in your life who is a constant irritant, imagine the two of you tied together with a heavy rope on a bare stage. Next, imagine an authority figure of your choice walking towards the two of you with a large scissors. Give permission to the authority figure to cut the ropes that bind you to an unhealthy bond with this other person. See the ropes fall to the floor. Embrace the other person and forgive. If you have trouble forgiving, try and understand that the harsh relationship would never have occurred in the first place if you both were wound free. Do this visualization as often as it takes to achieve the desired result. You will know by the lack of emotional reaction and the new found sense of peace.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who is the Abuser?

There are people who attract abuse all their life. They blame others for their pain. The question to ask is who really is to blame? I feel abuse is a soul issue. If there is something amiss in the soul, whether it be from a long ago forgotten time or experiences remembered, there is a definite imbalance in the energy field. Something serious is obstructed. If an individual feels good about his or her self, abuse is not attracted or allowed. Somewhere in the soul's journey the imbalance has occurred. It is likely that the imbalances have been of a repetitive nature. Disturbances in the energy field remain unless addressed. It is vitally important that we free ourselves from the hurt, anger and the wounds people and events have directed toward us. Even more important is the abuse we direct toward ourselves. Why is abuse in any form accepted? Once accepted, it is similar to a malignancy.

I feel that humans allow injuries to be stored in the subconscious through lack of a higher knowledge of mental law, which also includes a spiritual ignorance. Spiritual ignorance is not understanding your soul identity and the purpose of life. When understanding is lacking, wounds fester and the human hasn't the faintest clue that he or she is the one who is the abuser. A soul's journey is not honored if abuse is allowed in any form. The physical body is the temple for the soul and the spirit. How can true love, joy and harmony exist if the body, mind and soul is not honored? Who takes the time to analyze what is really going on? Many people do not understand that their thoughts and behavior are undermining the very structure of their being. It is easier to blame another rather than looking at one's own pattern of reacting. When one is both the abuser and the abused, a state of inner disorder continues to attract pain, lack and confusion.

Forgiveness is the angelic road that leads to healing. If we do not forgive others and ourselves, we create strong and unhealthy bonds that continue into future experiences. It is in the forgiving of our lower nature, the ongoing mistakes, that will help us realize that an inner state of disorder is abuse. What is even worse is that the disorder is accepted as normal. The goal is to bring order out of disorder. People get so used to being hurt and in pain that they do not realize the depth of healing that is needed. They become too wounded to care. When we are wounded, we consciously cut ourselves off from our true Source, God. Forgiveness is a beginning~

Monday, March 16, 2009

Final Comments on Mantras

Mantras are a part of my life. If you would like to pursue this subject, I highly recommend the book "Healing Mantras" by Thomas Ashley-Farrand. He covers mantras for attracting love, changing physical and planetary karma, health, mastering fear, abundance and prosperity, self-improvement and working with planetary energies. When we are open-minded to exploring new tools, we can remove attachments and issues that have plagued us since before birth. There is also a mantra to remove unwanted entities attached to you or your home environment. I would suggest chanting, Om Nama Shivaya. (om nah-mah shee-vah-yah) Shiva is consciousness in an expanded and powerful state of being and accomplishment. Christians remove unwanted visitors in the name of Jesus. They can also be removed by the power of Shiva. A statement you could use: May the spirits that are earthbound in this area leave and never return, by the order of Shiva. I have offered this suggestion because it appears that more and more people are being bothered by unwanted entities. You can only remove them if you are ready to let go of them.

If you choose to do mantras, you will experience spiritual change. Mantras work regardless if you have been initiated by a teacher or not. Sounds are directly linked to the activities of the chakras. Each case is unique. There are many traditions who use mantras: Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Chinese Buddhism, mainstream Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism. What and how you use them is totally up to you and what the package called your self needs at the time.

According to Vedic cosmology, there are seven luminous spheres of light. Each successive sphere or realm is much more spiritually advanced and sublime than the previous one. If you have read Dante's, The Divine Comedy, it is very similar. As we spiritually develop as humans, we eventually rejoin or consciously merge with God. The Gayatri Mantra is considered the essence of all mantras because it is a simple meditation on spiritual light. I will type the pronunciation for the short form. (Om boo Boo Vah Hah Swah Ha Om Taht Sah Vee Toor Vahr Ehn Yum
Bhahr Go Deh Vahs Yah Dee Mah Hee Dee Yoh Yohn Ah Ha Prah Choh Dah Yaht)
If this is too long and complicated for you simply state, "O Self-effulgent Light that has given birth to all the spheres of consciousness, who is worthy of worship and appears through the orbit of the Sun, illumine our intellect." We have a destiny of service for the planet and her inhabitants. The greater the numbers of those who choose to serve, the easier for humanity as a whole to advance.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Training Wheels-Planetary Mantras

There are unlimited tools available to develop all the necessary circuitry at physical and subtle levels required for us to fulfill our evolutionary needs and our intention. The overall process is like sculpting in clay. The direction and modulation of human energy flow originates in the mind and is empowered by the mind. As part of our training, we can look at the influence of the planets. Astrologers will tell us that certain parts of the body are governed by specific planetary principles. This knowledge is another way of looking at the truth that all creation whether seen or Unseen is one in Essence.

The following information is taken from Vedic, or Eastern, lunar-based astrology.
Sun: Influences the heart, spine, diaphragm, thymus, blood and veins. The mantra is 'Om Sri Suryaya Namaha' pronounced: Om Soor yah yah Nahm ah ha

Moon: Influences stomach, gastric processes, breasts, lymphatic and other non blood fluid systems such as perspiration and saliva, sympathetic nervous system. The mantra is 'Om Sri Chandraya Namaha' pronounced: Om Chan drah yah Nahm ah ha

Mercury: Influences the hands, arms, lungs, sensory organs, some thyroid gland influence. The mantra is 'Om Sri Budhaya Namaha' pronounced: Om Bood hah yah Nahm ah ha

Venus: Influences throat, neck, kidneys, secondary connection with sex organs and feet, some thyroid gland influence. The mantra is 'Om Sri Shukraya Namaha
pronounced: Om Shoo krah yah Nahm ah ha

Mars: Influences sex organs, adrenal glands, red blood cells. Mantra is 'Om sri Angarakaya Namaha pronounced: Om Ahng gah rah kah ya Nahm ah ha

Jupiter: Influences liver, gallbladder, posterior lobe of the pituitary (related to growth), thighs. Mantra is 'Om Sri Gurave Namaha' pronounced Om Goo rah vey Nahm ah ha

Saturn: Influences spleen, skeletal system including cartilage, skin, lower leg from the knee to the ankle, anterior lobe of the pituitary gland (related to body type)
Mantra: Om Sri Shanaishwaraya Swaha pronounced 'Om Shahn eish chahr eye yah Nahm ah ha'

Knowing which planetary aspects may be causing problems offers another tool or route to clearing them.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will Any Mantra Do?

Preferably, choose a mantra that reflects your discipline, the goal you desire to manifest. Once you seriously begin a spiritual discipline, there will be effects from your effort. What you are doing is clearing out negative energy. Tensions may lessen and in some cases, temporarily increase. Some people experience supernatural things either seen or heard. When you make a choice to chant and your intention is to evolve, you have placed yourself in an energy where spiritual forces are activated. The body is doing two things. It is attracting energy from subtle planes as well as processing the inner energy passing through the chakras. The energy coming in is causing accumulated junk to be released and passed out from your energy world. You have probably already noticed how thoughts and emotions are released and the negative patterns are tapped into.

Speaking of tapping, several of the three hundred plus meridians on the physical body also release trapped energy. Whatever method we use to remove unwanted patterns will more than likely be recalled because they have been important to you on one level or more. Pay close attention to what you feel, see and hear. Many people experience mystical images, designs, at the center of the brow. It is prudent for you to do some research regarding the image given to you. There is a reason why it appeared. Try to be consistent with your spiritual disciplines. I do not look at disciplines as a test. The powerful forces within us frequently resist change. They are used to being in control. Continue your practice even though internal conflict arises and eventually you will achieve victory over the subconscious part of the mind.

Some people confuse fate and karma. Believing in fate is in some ways accepting helplessness, losing control of your life. All too common, people associate karma with a negative condition. It is true that what we send out into the universe returns to us. We have free will. We can through our own soul work heal ourselves from the negative aspect of karma. Vedic teachings describe four types of karma: 1, the sum of all accumulated past actions in all of our previous individual lifetimes. 2, Karma that has resulted from past actions in this current life experience. 3, Results from actions in the present lifetime that will affect future incarnations. 4, Results experienced immediately from our present actions. All actions are stored in the baggage department of the soul. It is interesting how the people we encounter or circumstances we are met with will trigger bits of karma, releasing them and bringing them out into the open. Chanting mantras works directly on all types of karma.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Choose a Mantra

A mantra can be used as a healing tool. There are mantras for healing, abundance, protection, removing obstacles, making the right decision, enlightenment, increasing energy, karma and many other desired results. They obviously are not the only way or even the best way to solve a problem and yet, repetitive mantras create an energy that will work for you. I personally gravitate to the divine sounds recorded by the ancient sages of India and Tibet. We are very complex beings. Mantras like so many other wonderful tools soften problems and create a mindset for healing.

Mantras help in managing emotions. All the really good teachers emphasize mastery of the lower nature, which involves mastery of emotions. If you are depressed, mantra practice can help you regain clarity and a sense of peace and purpose. We can do mantras for other people and help them find the right course of action. They are a simple and ancient tool that does not cost us money...only persevering and time. Positive action is required for anything that is good. Knowing about a useful tool is not enough; we need to remember to use it. Why not experiment with a mantra and find out what it can do for you? Use it in the morning and if you have time again in the evening. Choose a specific length of time and observe what happens to your own energy and life experiences.

One of my favorites is the Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha. It means, Om and salutations to the remover of obstacles for which Gum is the seed. The correct pronunciation is: Om gum Guh-nuh-puh-tuh-yei nahm-ah-ha. This is a universally acknowledged mantra that is very effective for clearing away obstacles of all sorts. This mantra also works to overcome misunderstandings and to get a relationship back on track. It will definitely bring a sense of spirituality into a relationship if you both use the chant. It is not necessary for both of you to chant but, it will remove any hidden or underlying hostility toward the other and bring the feelings to the surface in a joint meditation. Meditating together for a thirty day period is a good thing. Any hurt, resentment, grievance or other lingering negatives can be addressed because a harmony is increased within you and your partner.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spiritual States

I have always written and talked about the subject of Light because spiritual states are equated with Radiant Light. The human goal is to become enlightened. Those of us who experience mystical visions understand the significance and power of Light. What many people do not realize is that Light, including our individual spirit, was created by sound. The light of divine creation that we love so much was first initiated by sound. The speech of God, according to Genesis, was the source of the spiritual light to which sincere souls aspire.

Looking at the New Testament Gospel of John, which was written thousands of years after Genesis, opens with the verse, "In the beginning was the Word..." The beginning was not light; it was sound in the form of the divine speech. Light is called the angelic language. The Supreme Intelligence thought, desired and spoke. The result was Light. I have always seen God's Light as the glue, thread, substance or blueprint holding every manifested things together. First there was the Word. Out of the Word came Light. Out of Light came manifestation. The primary mechanism of creation is sound. In many Eastern texts, this power, the Word, is called the Feminine. God desired to be many. Will was expressed through subtle speech. The Supreme united with the Feminine and the Feminine gave birth to all beings...the sons. Doesn't this sound similar to the idea of creation expressed in Genesis and the opening text of the Gospel of John?

The universe is a conceived as a divine idea. Mind is not static. Desire and Will causes the Masculine (Father Principle) to call upon his power...Feminine Principle to create. In the Vedic tradition, the Word or Power is understood as She, Feminine.
The process of creation goes like this: First, God as Being...From Being comes Mind...From Mind comes Desire...From Desire comes Will...From Will comes the Word...From the Word comes everything else. Other Eastern texts express the same idea. Isn't Kuan Yin in Chinese Buddhism the "divine voice?" The Vedas speak of the divine sound-current Shabda Brahma, which permeates all and is a key to creation. We have the sound of trumpets bringing down the walls of Jericho. In the East, the trumpet sound is a symbol of great spiritual power associated with insight and elevated consciousness. The mystic Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan has written, "Divine sound is the cause of all manifestation. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe." H.P. Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, wrote in The Secret Doctrine, "Sound is a tremendous hidden power."

Mystics and scientists' views are similar. For this reason, I am revisiting this ancient subject in the days ahead. The sixteenth-century astronomer Johannes Kepler wrote, "God was master of cosmic sound, causing the planets to leave their entirely circular orbits and to adopt consciously complicated elliptical orbits in order to produce ever more beautiful music." In other words, Kepler viewed the orbits of the planets as vibrations, the Music of the Spheres.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Increasing Our Spiritual Wattage

I offer Sanskrit mantras in our Circle Classes. A mantra allows the chakras to "switch on" safely and to operate at a higher "wattage." By doing a mantra for a specific reason, we increase the ability of the chakras to hold a spiritual charge. It is as if a 25-watt bulb becomes able to hold 50 watts, then 100 watts, 500 watts, 1000 watts. The power comes from the vibrational effect they create when they are pronounced repeatedly. As mantra stimulates and energizes the chakras, allowing them to take in and send out more energy to the subtle body and the physical body, there is yet another effect that is taking place: karma is being burned off.

The vibration produced by chanting mantra begins to alter our inner condition, both physically and spiritually, and to break down energy patterns stored in the subtle body. These can be anything from subconscious habits or predispositions to karmic potential for mishap. It can be causes that we created this lifetime and possibly burn off karma from past lifetimes.

Modern scholars and Vedic priests differ about the age of mantra writings. The earliest hymns and mantras contained in the Rig Veda are traditionally considered to date back to 1500 B.C.E. and possibly even to before 4000 B.C.E. Even though Sanskrit is no longer spoken, many Western languages can trace their roots to Sanskrit, which dictionaries often classify as Indo-European. Our lives are filled with sounds of all kinds, and our responses to those sounds help create who we are from moment to moment and from year to year. Throughout history, the power of sound has been recognized, celebrated and investigated. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who developed basic principles in mathematics and astronomy, was also one of the earliest investigators of the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of sound.

Sound developed during the Renaissance and the power of poetry and more recently through music's well-documented effects in Peter Tompkins book, The Secret Life of Plants. Actually, the chanting human voice is the world's oldest musical instrument. Chant traditions span the centuries and are steeped in ritual and sacred ceremony. The indigenous peoples are well known for their chants. Some indigenous peoples are willing to share their secrets with outsiders. Native Americans have used chants to call on the twenty-eight different powers, whether in a life-or-death crisis or the activities of daily life. In Christianity we have the chants that are part of the Roman Catholic Mass, the daily devotional services sung by monks, and Gregorian chants. My family has an interest in Kabbalistic chanting. The similarities between jewish Kabbalistic thought and Vedic thought are quite remarkable. As H.P. Blavatsky writes in The Secret Doctrine, "In Sanskrit, as in Hebrew, every letter has its occult meaning and its rationale; every letter is a cause and an effect of a preceding cause. These linkages very often produce the most magical effect the vowels, especially, contain the most occult and formidable potencies." In the days ahead, I will share the traditions of chant and how they are characterized by a deeply felt spirituality and a belief in the power of sacred sound to create change in our everyday lives.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Brief Leave of Absence

The Blog will resume on March 9th. I hope that you love truth for its own sake. The words I write are to help us lift the veil of forgetfulness. Great is the soul of man. It believes in itself. It calls the Light its own. Its beauty is immense. May God fire your heart with joy and set you free to claim the hidden treasures of your own identity as spirit in form.