Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fate or Fortune?

The physical body is a series of light waves. As we elevate our consciousness, the light waves change in quality and vibration. We are actually conductors of light.
To elevate our consciousness we need to be daring and willing to change patterns that do not work. Effort is the removing of that which does not work and replacing it with something better. One of the roadblocks preventing balance and peace is the tremendous influence of the subconscious memory. The average person is ruled by fate and has minimal influence in the control of his life. Removing old established patterns that work again balance and not repeating mistakes can change fate. You know what they are because you have experienced them repeatedly. Observe whether responses are working for or against you. Any area of your personality and activities that disrupts will act as a psychic poison.

Every moment you are creating consciously and unconsciously. Why not make a choice to deliberately create a new attitude and habits that work for you? By deliberately making different choices, you begin to stop the engravings that constantly repeat themselves. Destiny becomes a favorable fortune when you recapture and live the goodness of the inner Nature. To be successful, learn and understand the science of vibration. Vibration matches personal consciousness. It is your individual consciousness that is the springboard to freedom. Everything is constantly changing, including the physical body. Dare to open your mind and heart. Take charge. You are much grander than you allow your self to imagine.

Think of yourself as Jacob climbing his famous Biblical ladder. Use the image of the ladder as a symbol for your personal health, success and happiness. Regardless of your placement on the ladder, it is able to change when you are in control. One of the causes of human suffering is not having an ideal and pursuing it. Focus on one. Are you allowing your self to experience greater possibilities? Responses change dramatically with moral and spiritual growth. Effort is its own reward. Try not to worry about the results. Worry is a toxin to the system. It can poison and deplete energy. What needs transformation is the personality. Why not allow your inner Nature to fashion the future? Maturity goes hand in hand with expanding the light of your consciousness. You are the cause who creates the effect. As a creator, keep in mind that you may use the wrong building blocks until you are ready to willingly surrender everything that is working against the masterpiece that is being created. Begin by accepting who you are and deliberately create your heart's desire.

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