Friday, October 23, 2009

Sacred Number 42 Continued...

In the Vedic tradition, there are 42 stages which are described and symbolically represented. There are 42 flames surrounding the dancing form of Shiva, the Absolute. The 42 triangles of the Shri Yantra, known as the king of all esoteric diagrams and the Shri Lalita, the Divine Feminine. None of this is arbitrary. The 42 stages of the path are archetypal. They characterize all major transformation in consciousness throughout the universe and throughout time.

What we are interested in right now is the 7 year period of purification. This includes the descending path of 42 months extending from June 2009 to December 2012. Be aware that Ego will hold sway over the Self. It will fight for its survival. We are seeing this blatantly demonstrated in politics, religion and other places. This is the 'beast' mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Collective Ego will fight to maintain control and secure its survival in the face of a rising tide of higher consciousness. The seven year battle of purification can be compared to a cosmic battle between the forces of Darkness and Light. Right now during the first half of this period, the forces of Dark ignorance appear to be stronger than the forces of Spirit Light.

In the middle of the seven years, December 2012, the tide will turn. From that point forward, the forces of Light will progressively begin to dominate over the forces of Darkness and in the end, the forces of Darkness will be obliterated. More souls will see and be conscious of the Light during the month of December 2012. It will at that point not completely remove the darkness. As we move into the second 3.5 years, the forces of Light of the Self will become progressively stronger in the collective awareness. The veil of darkness will be progressively removed from human consciousness. This means more and more souls will wake up to the Inner Light of the Self. The nourishers shall inherit the earth.

This battle has been symbolically called 'Armageddon', which represents the final battle between the forces of darkness and light. It is a cosmic battle and the seven year purification period has been foretold for thousands of years by the ancient Vedic scholars and mystics as part of a Divine Plan...a profound transformation in human consciousness. Their interpretation is one of hope and that is why I chose to share it with you.

I will resume writing on 11-2-09. In the meantime, trust and have faith in the Good.

In gratitude,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vedic Purification Time Frame

Vedic philosopher researcher and author, Robert E. Cox, states that this past June 2009 pinpointed the time frame in which the new cycle of 42 months began. It is a seven year period of purification, known as Tribulation, which will be brought about by the purifying influence of time. What does this mean? The purifying energy of time is designed to infuse divine consciousness into human consciousness. All the filth and corruption accumulated in our collective psyche and current world system will be purged. This movement can be compared to a period of withdrawal.

All transformations involving purification start with disruption and pain and eventually end in goodness and bliss. The period of change totals seven years. Seven years is divided into two halves of 42 months. Today, until halftime, 2012, is the descending phase when the Intelligent Celestial Light Energy is showering earth. Each phase is 3.5 years each. The seven years is a universal archetype. The 3.5 years after 2012 are called the ascending phase. The two halves complete the seven year period of a 42 month activity. The ancient Vedic explanation differs from 'new age channeling' in terminology and content. Channeled messages state we are ascending in present time.

The number 42 is found in all major scriptures. 42 stages are mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a Tribunal of 42 judges, and reciting the 42 negative confessions. There are 42 secret books of Egyptian myth. Hebrew Scriptures, chapter 33 of the Book of Numbers, tells us that the sons of Israel traversed a total of 42 stages on their journey through the wilderness from Egypt, the land of bondage to Canaan, the Promised Land, which represents the land of liberation. The number 42 is significant.

The Zohar of the Jewish tradition of Kabalah originally consisted of 42 letters and is known as the 42 lettered name of God. The creative potential is found in the Book of Genesis in the 42 letters. Kabalah tells us that there are 42 divine emanations known as the descending path. Through the same 42 emanations, the consciousness of a mortal being has the potential to ascend back to the Supreme Godhead. Change adds up to 84 months in a seven year period of transformative energy.

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Darkest Before the Dawn

It has been suggested that the unique feature of the coming Golden Age will be the coexistence of advanced spiritual consciousness along with advanced material technologies. For instance, Hubble Space Telescope Center revealed that huge blue streaks surround the Pleiades nebula. Although I received this news from a friend who was listening to the radio, it is of great interest because it confirms my out of body excursions to that area. Spirit and science complimenting each other.
Information will increase in the time to come regarding cooperation as physical and spiritual science work together.

The good part of the heightened energy is the point when we finally are admitted into the larger society of intelligent beings throughout the universe, some of whom are much more advanced than ourselves. This can be strictly on an intellectual and material level or in self-mastery and enlightenment. The new cycle is a long one and changes in our activities are gradual. The amazing part is the a genuine science of consciousness will open up new technologies both mental and physical, beyond our wildest dreams.

This is not a trivial period. We shall soon experience a radical transformation in virtually every aspect of human, economical, political, intellectual and spiritual. The upheaval has begun and will continue to be turbulent and chaotic
and for some very painful. We can find hope in the pattern of change always being darkest before the dawn.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Goal

As we gradually attain self-mastery and commune with the Beloved within, we open the door to the deeper mysteries of the universe. We have an opportunity to become consciously connected with each other, all of life and Nature. The tidal wave of Celestial Light has already begun. This is an evolutionary spiral that is noving us toward the full potential of the human race. During the beginning of this cycle, the souls on earth tend to rely heavily on intuitive and spiritual faculties. During the darker periods such as the past several thousand years, it is typical to rely upon reason. The goal is to have both intuition and reason fully developed and functioning simultaneously. Our whole brain and consciousness working together to the fullest is a true and balanced intelligence. When we reach that Ideal, we have attained our full potential in the flesh. This is our destiny, both individually and collectively. When we are fully balanced, we have an understanding of who we are and purpose and actually enjoy living in the flesh.

At the present moment in history, the hour hand points to 6am on the Cosmic Clock. We are about to experience the Dawn of a new epochal day. As the hand moves around the Cosmic Clock, the most important hours are those that respond to Dawn (6am), Noon (12pm), Dusk (6pm) Midnight (12am). These times mark the end of one 13,000 year cycle and the beginning of another. It is at these 'watches' that a fresh pulse of consciousness washes over our planet and a new Golden Age begins. The four
13,000 sub cycles make up the end of the larger 52,000 year cycle. During these 'watches', the qualities of consciousness display their different characteristics. During the morning our planetary consciousness is most fresh and alive. Evening is dull and tired. Midnight occurred about 13,000 years ago and then the pre-dawn period of collective awareness began to stir. We are about to awaken to the dawn of a whole New Day. (A Luminous Being gave me a personal message about the New Day in 1981)

During the last few recent minutes before the Dawn, advance technology is again being given to us because hopefully the collective soul of humanity has advanced enough not to destroy itself.

More tomorrow...

Monday, October 19, 2009

What Can We Do?

People often ask me what we can do to take action, BE and use the heightened Divine energy that is becoming more available to us. I was trying to think of an example everyone would recognize. A loud voice within my head exclaimed, "Noah!" Of course, Noah knew that changes were coming and he began right away to prepare for the changes. This does not mean we must build an ark or collect two specimens of each plant and animal. It means we are to prepare and open our consciousness to the massive energy field of extreme Intelligence and Love. To be able to correctly tap into the space of love and wisdom, it requires monitoring what we think, say and do. It would also be a good idea to gather a group of like minded souls who will focus on a new intention each week or whenever you meet and hold that intention until your next regular gathering. The intention will be altruistic for the greater good.

We are co-creators. Let us take both individual and group action and use the power of an awakening consciousness to help write a new story that will benefit our spiritual evolution. Noah was obedient to the intuitive guidance he experienced. Although he was mocked, he prepared himself mentally and emotionally through trust, faith, discipline and hard work. He was willing to listen and act. We have the same choice to prepare physically (take good care of the body),mentally and emotionally to embrace whatever appears on the horizon. The inner preparation is far greater than storing food,water or having a gun. I have always stated that it is not where we are physically located that matters, it is our vibratory frequency that matters, the state of consciousness.

For centuries, we have been given self-improvement tools. The tools involved emotional stability and self-mastery. As co-creators, running to workshops, reading endless books and looking for answers outside of ourselves is not the way to exist in a coherent vibratory frequency of love. Use what you already have, mind and heart. Ask for a heightened intuition and daily use it. Be fully aware that you are creating the dream for yourself. For years we have known about the importance of emotional and mental training. Create self-mastery. It is never too late. The more you appreciate your true identity as a spirit temporarily living in a snail body and allow the spirit to be in charge, the less apprehensive you will be regarding the future. Spiritual mastery attunes you to the Source. Your example will hopefully inspire others to do likewise.

The Source is Indescribable and loves us. Its warm radiance provides security, joy and a heightened understanding. I am suggesting that you be willing to shift your focus away from the material concerns and anchor your feeling nature and mind in an attunement that radiates a power, wisdom and love far exceeding dependency on matter. It is the deliberately shifting of our perspective to the Light of All-Knowing. It works when we decide to trust, use discipline, surrender, serve and be who we really are. Be a regardless of what is happening in the appearance world. Embrace change and the good will come to you because you have asked and have opened the door to a Grander Reality.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Astronomical Phenomena

The long 13,000 year cycles, which govern the rise and fall of consciousness on earth, are built into the fabric of the universe and are intimately related to astronomical phenomena. They are related to the precession of the equinoxes. This information is based on results from a cyclic change in the orientation of the earth's rotational axis according to Robert E. Cox, a Vedic researcher and philosopher. The precession of equinoxes is an indicator, which can be used to mark the phases of evolution over the long course of time. As our consciousness is linked with the behavior of the body and mind, there is an immeasurable, indescribably planetary Being linked with the behavior of the planetary body, Earth, according to the Master seers.

Earth consciousness changes just as human consciousness changes. The changing orientation of the axis of rotation is the result. Our local universe is part of the "body" of a vast Divine Being or Energy if you prefer, made in the image of God. This energy is the power, presence, wisdom and unconditional love as well as all the other adjectives we associate with the Source of All, our spiritual Parent. Earth is a tiny part of that vast Universal Energy. Not only is earth linked to the vast Universal Energy, it is also linked with everything else beyond the known universe.

Every 13,000 years a major pulse of consciousness, which comes from the very center of the universe, washes over our planet. This pulse elevates consciousness. Many of you reading this are already feeling the new energy. Souls are like growing seeds. The incoming energy is helping with our sprouting, so to speak. It is wishful thinking to believe the Pulse elevates all the consciousness of humanity. Remember, humans have a choice and a will. What the incoming Pulse does is make available the veil of spiritual ignorance that has darkened the collectively since the last pulse some 13,000 years before. Truth is being revealed. What an individual does at this point determines both the individual future and the collective future. We currently are moving upward away from the lowest ebb, the darkest hour. A new tidal wave of energy is washing over the planet and its life. Change is occurring as well as opportunities for spiritual growth. Souls who have pure intentions and are taking conscious steps to evolve will be overjoyed.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A New Threshold

We are standing on the threshold of a whole new adult world. Finally, we will become true humans, true citizens of the universe, capable of exploring all its marvelous wonders in a responsible civic manner. There are simple choices that we can daily exercise to bring more light into our evolving souls. If those who read this article would unite and make a deliberate joint effort to wake up each morning with bright and hopeful thoughts, our action will increase the brightness in the world of matter. It is always easier to bring souls through the dark forces' window of time and even avert catastrophes if we dwell on something good. We would be working with an invisible dimension...the dimension of thought and the forces of Light.

As I have discussed before, there are cyclic patterns. We experience a plateau, then the energy rises to a peak and gradually drops down and then eventually rises again to a peak. This pattern has repeated itself four times. Thank God, we are at the beginning of the rising energy. The earth has seven billion souls here to witness the rising of the Light. The souls who take advantage of this grand opportunity and make the right choice will be elevated to the status of spiritually mature adults. What some people do not grasp is that the spirit, the divine within, expands from an original individual spark to a mighty flame. Some humans also do not understand the difference between their inner spirit/light and the soul. The soul can evolve or devolve. It is computer data, an emotional memory disk of your journey in matter. Some people call it the subconscious part of the mind. This is where Ego/personality has its greatest influence. Once people wake up to what the spiritual identity really is...a spirit, a projection of God, an immortal essence working its way back to its Creator Source, they will become co-creators consciously employed in the service of the Creator. The inner Spirit/Light will be the master of the soul/memory.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hope Comes with Adulthood

52,000 years ago, the light of the Self-Spirit was kindled in the souls of the newly upgraded species similar to some of the experiments now being done in our labs. As a result, they became in contrast to what they had been, enlightened human beings. These were our ancient ancestors. Over the long course of time, the darkness of spiritual ignorance returned and our ancestors devolved into little more than primitive savages, struggling to survive under harsh environmental conditions.

Then, a new Apocalypse occurred and once again the veil of darkness/ego was removed through changes and cataclysms. Another Golden Age appeared and our ancestors became enlightened once more. Of course, the cycles run over thousands of years. Perhaps you are asking yourself why this energy devolves and evolves repeatedly. In the course of the last 52,000 years as a species, we have experienced four previous Golden Ages, all of which have faded. Here we go again. In spite of the deplorable current situation, the veil of darkness will be soon removed again and the earth once more will be an amazing place to live.

However, the coming global transformation is predicted in Vedic scriptures as being unique and distinct from any that has come before. This is the part that may be new to some of you because what I am now going to share is the CAUSE behind the peaks and valleys of soul evolution. When the Light of the Self/Spirit first dawned in the human soul, we were infants in spirit consciousness. Eventually, through the Ages of growth we entered childhood. Consciousness evolved. During times of darkness, souls lack moral responsibility and have little direct communication with the Divine except for the few.

The unending turmoil experienced during the past few thousand years is a sign of humanities collective puberty. Now, comes the exciting part! We are hopefully about to emerge as adult citizens of the universe, capable of genuine 'co-creation'.
This means that we will act as responsible adults, not teenagers or infants even during times of darkness. Cycles of time will continue to occur as they have before. Light will follow darkness and darkness by Light. As evolving souls finally entering adulthood there should be a huge difference during the dark cycles in future times. We will resemble adults and will not fall easily to the age-old enemy...ego. I know this sounds very hopeful as well as plausible. I trust and so must you even though we are only at the beginning of the long awaited change.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Resonating Influence of Understanding

The worldwide change that we have begun to experience is actually an opportunity to grow inwardly. The opportunity is offered to all and from that point it rests in individual exercise of free will. The souls who choose to continue on the same path will simply deny themselves and possibly be banished from the earth for thousands of years. At least, this is what is indicated in ancient writings. Not being able to tolerate finer energies is part of the change for those who reject God's Light. Choice and action determines whether we are destroyers or nourishers. Change is also about purging ourselves and making way for the new. Although predictions from the point of ego may be grim, something very good will occur as a result of the shaking earth.

Understanding of how this change actually happens is important. The Apocalypse, or lifting of the veil, is not a singular, but a cyclic event. It is an event that has happened before and will happen again. Similar events took place approximately 13,000, 26,000, 39,000 and 52,000 years ago and another one will occur after our impending one happens in approximately 13,000 years into the future. Some 52,000
years ago, at the Dawn of a previous Golden Age, divine messengers did descend to earth and infused their life-giving energy into hominid species called homo-sapiens-sapiens, which were destined to become the dominant species on our planet. Check out the Old Testament and the Book of Genesis.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ego, Change and Attitude

The 20th century stands as the most barbaric century in recorded history. An estimated 196 million people lost their lives due to wars and programs of mass genocide. Now in the 21st century, mostly hidden from sight the practice of slavery still persists. It is a subtle and very different form of slavery. The slavery is enslavement to personal debt and debt of nations. It is slavery to material objects. Our rivers and seas are polluted and we have consumed vast forests, decimated thousands of species of plants and animals and scarred the landscapes of cities with pollution. Our 'modern' ways have produced chemical fertilizers and the abuse continues...

What if our parents had been spiritually mature and envisioned our incoming souls as a Christ consciousness awakening in our miniature bodies? What if we who are parents had an attitude towards the incoming souls of our children that they, too, were Christs or Stars ready to shine? What is sorely needed is a change in attitude. For centuries, a false god has been worshipped by the ego/personality. This false god is not benevolent. It is greed, war and destruction. What has happened all over the world is not an accident. It is not an unforeseen event. Cycles repeat themselves. It was destined to happen. The difficult times in which we now live have been foretold by prophesies since time immemorial. The selfish ego is bent on self-destruction. Under its control are all of the social, political, corporate and economic institutions that now dominate the world. This corruption has created the world as we know it. In the process of wrecking our world, the Ego will destroy its own possessions. We are seeing signs now as to how it is destroying its own wealth and power. This is good because the collective selfish Ego will become weakened and humbled. People will be forced to face their own souls, their individual ego, the enemy within and banish it.

There are good changes occurring. For instance, well over 70% of Russia's total population has acquired small parcels of land and are producing food for their own table and making an enormous contribution to the national economy. More people are awakening to the treasures of the earth and the treasures yet to be discovered within. It is happening because we are ready for a new experience significantly different than the trap we have fallen into.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Inner Ray of Light

If only more people understood that they have within a warm and radiant Light that can be lovingly used to not only help themselves but others who need extra warmth, wisdom and love in their lives, we wouls be living in a totally different energy than what is currently being experienced all over the planet. The cause of the chaos is the ego/personality who has taken up residence at the basis of thinking mind. It is an energy that has displaced the Power or ignored the inner Power of our true Self. Ego in this particular comment represents the non-Self, the absence of the activity of the Divine Self. It is a veil of ignorance, a veil of empty darkness. It is ruled by the subconscious memory rather than the Divine Knowing of who we are in truth. In the years ahead, the veil will lift from conscious awareness both individually and collectively. The eventual result will be a spirit that shines forth truth and is more obvious in its presence and power. The Final Event, the true Apocalypse, will usher in a new Golden Age for all humanity.

Virtually every ancient culture around the world, even at the very beginnings of recorded history, nostalgically speaks of a lost time when the beings on the earth were actually filled with the presence of the sacred Light. The typical soul has fallen from that state and has forgotten how to commune with the Divine. This is how I interpret the meaning of the term 'fallen'. The conscious mind has forgotten the higher part of the Mind and Spirit and functions from the lesser nature of physical and material desires. If a soul forgets how to commune with the Divine, which includes Nature, it is basically lost until that moment when the spell is finally shattered.

In a mind set of forgetfulness, collective humanity appears to be determined in destroying the planet and life. All of recorded history tells us that we have been at war with ourselves since the very beginnings of human civilization. It teaches us that when given the change, the ego, the source of corruption, will raise its ugly head and take over. The ego is driven to seek power and control and is willing to use any means at its disposal to obtain and keep it. The human soul has and in many cases right now been infected for at least the last 4 to 5000 years of recorded history. My assignment is to help souls remember who they spiritually are and the warmth, beauty, truth and love that they can easily radiate out into the world through their own personal ray of Light.

Have an insightful weekend~ Will continue this subject next week.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Seven Year Cycle of Planetary Change

The Vedic teachings according to Robert E. Cox, a Vedic philosopher and researcher, indicate that an eighty-four month period is the primary time frame for the destruction and eventual transformation to take place. Forty-two months, beginning last June 9th leading to December 21, 2012 and another 42 months following that date. Many of the ancient sages and seers foresaw the ultimate transformation through their powers of intuitive vision. Many of us who are not so ancient periodically experience visions suggesting what may happen on earth during this time period. I have always felt that we have a choice regarding our personal involvement and the severity of the times. What we are viewing on television and new movies ready to be released on this subject only show the horror and the fear experienced by humanity.

The natural disasters and other changes actually serve a positive purpose. Removing security on any level serves the purpose in destroying the massive collective Ego that has ruled for 13,000 years. Many who are on earth right now will witness the greatest transformation that has ever occurred in recorded history. According to Prof. Cox and his Vedic interpretations, the coming Golden Age is different from previous Golden Ages. I will explain more about this point later.

All transformations in Nature involve a process of both destruction and creation. Reason informs us of this truth. The Greek term "apocalypse" literally means, "lifting the veil." The veil that is about to be lifted is the dark veil of spiritual ignorance that has largely covered the human spirit for the last few thousand years. The veil is the Ego/personality, an age-old enemy within who is but a shadow of our True Self. How do we diminish the Ego? One way is being forced to lose what is important to us such as a job, home, money, an important relationship, position or standing in a bread line. Losing possessions and a secure routine definitely humbles the Ego. Losing health and wealth in order to discover and strengthen the inner wealth and achieve a balance between body, mind and soul sounds extreme but sometimes it is necessary to jolt humanity into a higher understanding and spirituality.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sacrifice and Rules

One way for us to look at earth changes and personal upheavals is to view chaos as a collective sacrifice that will continue over the course of the next few years. Change forces and pushes us and the eventual result is balance, which emerges as a holistic type of society. Holism will be to the best interest of each of us individually and in the best interest of the human race. Natural occurrences are already reducing the population and will continue to do so. As a result of disruption, there will also be extreme changes or transformations in human consciousness as well and the old rules will not apply. All the old rules were rooted in the notion of elitism and primarily served the very wealthy and royalty. It happened as it did ever since the cycle began in the Age of Leo, a zodiac sign signifying royalty, nobility and those with great monetary power. The cycle served the ascendancy of the elites. Watching current news, it is obvious that the greed of the elite cycle is being exposed.

The coming cycle is the Age of Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius is the sign of the common class or the non elite. As a result, the coming cycle will be destined to mark the ascendancy of the majority instead of the minority. This does not mean that standards will be lowered. Instead, compassionate and caring people will have control and nourishment will occur rather than any form of tyrannical actions.
The collective consciousness will be more about sharing, bartering and the current social system rooted in ignorance will self-destruct. This must happen before the new social system rooted in higher knowledge can arise. What humanity will pass through is a major change in consciousness. Global transformation cannot be stopped. It is part of our collective destiny. We do have free will and are daily given an opportunity to choose how we will participate in the transformation. We have a choice to be a nourisher or a destroyer.

The destroyers will not be able to handle the new energy. I wrote about this fact in my first book, Circle of Light. Nourishers will inherit the earth. As always, the decision is up to the individual soul. There are options.

More tomorrow...

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Age of Truth

It is obvious that we are living during a very important juncture in time. Not only is there many changes happening to most of us right now, we keep hearing about either the end of time or hopefully, the dawn of a new and brighter Age, the Age of Truth. From research, the indications are that the fast approaching marking point, the cycle of 13,000 years, will be quite different from the past four Ages referred to as Golden Ages. The ancient teachings state that we will not move back into the forests to live in caves. Instead, we will eventually come to live in a finer energy where the human soul is in tune with Nature and at peace with itself once again. Enough of us have awakened and are speaking out so change can occur more to our liking. Perhaps, this is the redemption mentioned in scriptures.

Wouldn't it be healing if we used technology to reflect spiritual truth? Changes of this kind do not happen overnight. It is about time that we use technology to nourish Nature and all life. For this to happen, what we create must be based on inner knowledge that is pure. This would be a science of consciousness that provides convenience, leisure and nourishment to our souls and the soul of Nature. Ideally, we will develop into true citizens of the universe. Our awareness will extend beyond the small confines of this planet. War and poverty will become a thing of the past and the earth will blossom because we will be compassionate caretakers. A new type of society at last!

What we need is a different social system where we embody both individualism and collectiveness. Nature is holism, why not us? When we allow natural laws to govern, we free ourselves from the corrupting influence of the ego-personality. To accomplish this ideal, more of us must be secure in our true spiritual identity and its relationship with the One Universal Self. A holistic social system involves caring for each other and all things in the universe. To achieve fulfillment, the little ego must be diminished allowing the true knowledge of the Self to awaken as us. We diminish the ego both individual and collective through sacrifice.
To be continued....