Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vedic Purification Time Frame

Vedic philosopher researcher and author, Robert E. Cox, states that this past June 2009 pinpointed the time frame in which the new cycle of 42 months began. It is a seven year period of purification, known as Tribulation, which will be brought about by the purifying influence of time. What does this mean? The purifying energy of time is designed to infuse divine consciousness into human consciousness. All the filth and corruption accumulated in our collective psyche and current world system will be purged. This movement can be compared to a period of withdrawal.

All transformations involving purification start with disruption and pain and eventually end in goodness and bliss. The period of change totals seven years. Seven years is divided into two halves of 42 months. Today, until halftime, 2012, is the descending phase when the Intelligent Celestial Light Energy is showering earth. Each phase is 3.5 years each. The seven years is a universal archetype. The 3.5 years after 2012 are called the ascending phase. The two halves complete the seven year period of a 42 month activity. The ancient Vedic explanation differs from 'new age channeling' in terminology and content. Channeled messages state we are ascending in present time.

The number 42 is found in all major scriptures. 42 stages are mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a Tribunal of 42 judges, and reciting the 42 negative confessions. There are 42 secret books of Egyptian myth. Hebrew Scriptures, chapter 33 of the Book of Numbers, tells us that the sons of Israel traversed a total of 42 stages on their journey through the wilderness from Egypt, the land of bondage to Canaan, the Promised Land, which represents the land of liberation. The number 42 is significant.

The Zohar of the Jewish tradition of Kabalah originally consisted of 42 letters and is known as the 42 lettered name of God. The creative potential is found in the Book of Genesis in the 42 letters. Kabalah tells us that there are 42 divine emanations known as the descending path. Through the same 42 emanations, the consciousness of a mortal being has the potential to ascend back to the Supreme Godhead. Change adds up to 84 months in a seven year period of transformative energy.

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