Friday, July 24, 2009

Earth Changes

Indonesia was the ultimate boundary of the ancients. Lemuria-Eden is the primordial Paradise where humanity originally arose. It was the dispute between two races, the battle of the sons of Light and the sons of Darkness that led to the destruction of Atlantis. We had had massive extinctions of life on earth hundreds of times. Look at Mars with its dead residues of life, its oceans empty and dry, its terrible dust storms. Nature or Mother Earth sometimes uses its will to remove negative forces. the myths state that Atlantis flooded because they warred. Venus is another instance and became sterile as the Moon.

What is truth? Plato's Atlantis is a luxurious tropical Paradise, bedecked with metals, horses, elephants, coconut, pineapples, perfumes, aromatic wood and other features that were an exclusivity of Indian and Indonesia in the ancient world. The true Atlantis, the archetype of all other Atlantis's is Indonesia or the extensive sunken continent rimmed by this island arc. It was the primordial Atlantis that served as a model for the second Atlantis, the one of the Indus Valley.

Have you ever wondered why the seas became unnavigable? They were covered with thick giant banks of floating, fiery pumice-stone, which were ejected by the giant explosion of volcanic Mt. Atlas, the one who caused the foundering of the Lost Continent. Similar phenomenon on a lesser scale has happened since. There are no sunken continents at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean as an extensive study of this region has unequivocally shown. What exists is a vast Mid-Atlantic Ridge dividing the Atlantic Ocean in the middle. The ridge corresponds not to a sunken continent but to land that is slowing rising out of the sea bottom. Such rifts and ridges exist in all oceans. The two Atlantis's are located in an area where the Mid-oceanic Ridges rise above the surface of the sea.