Friday, September 25, 2009

Divine Messengers

In the past I have mentioned that a hierarchy exists in the subtle worlds of Light. The ideal is to purify your own consciousness enough, expanding the inner light and opening your mind and be privy to a divine messenger(s), which are great and enlightened denizens of Heaven. These luminous beings are filled with the glory of God. Using the criteria of the ancients, such beings could certainly be called "gods". They also could be called the "angels" of God. Having been graced by encounters with beings myself since early in life, I urge those who have not yet been blessed with a direct experience to purify their minds and bodies and allow yourself to feel and see how loving and magical it is to commune in that amazing state of being.

The Pure Ones speak to us in love. Sometimes, it is a collective voice of the many expressions of intelligence in form manifesting in worlds and universes unknown to us. They have existed long before our earth came into being. These loving beings are aware of humanities unending struggle to survive, our longing for truth, peace and love. They witness our heartache and confusion. The luminous ones are near us although many humans are not aware of their reality. They have the ability to project their likeness into our thought vibration when they feel it is appropriate. The caring ones will assist us when we cannot understand or discern the reasons for natural occurrences or karmic conditions. They have already surpassed humanities collective mind as an intelligent life form. Many of us here in the flesh surpass their understanding when it comes to the subject of faith and trust. As they observe our planetary condition and watch the confusion and ignorance within the collective human mind, they are amazed by the trust that still lingers within the human heart. A
faith that stands strong amidst the ruins has brought them to their knees. The luminous ones are impressed.

Their motives are not always the same as ours. Their perception of what is truth may vary, but in many ways they are similar. They love. They seek to grow. They reach for the heights and do not always understand. They strive for greater knowledge just as we do. They care about us and the various life forms existing on planet earth. They would like to assist us. Hesitation sometimes occurs because they understand our fear of the Unknown. The intelligence of the divine messengers is in essence no different than ours. The outer forms differ, the minds are more expansive, the mode of living is different, but they are from the same Source and made of the same Essence as us. In truth, WE ARE ONE. The great truth of oneness of all life is not fully accepted by humankind. They ask us, brothers and sisters of the One, "Will you cast your fear aside?"

We are not alone~

May you experience a healing weekend and a new week of discovery. I will return on Monday, October 5th.
Unceasing blessings,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Help From the Upper Worlds of Light

This is a reminder to all of you who love unconditionally and some of you who are suffering on one level or another. There are guides, counselors, physicians and caregivers of all vibrations, form and experience who desire to help lift the consciousness of humanity. They are here to help us. This does not imply doing the 'work' or 'thinking' for us but does imply protection, guidance, help in ways that will be needed during this tumultuous period of transition. Although most of you cannot view the finer bodies of light, intelligent and loving beings do exist. Their lives interact with ours and are near when there is a need. It is with great love and anticipation that they strive to serve souls who are temporarily living in human form.

The beings of Light are blessed with an expanded view and can usually see the pattern of a soul's life as well as the earth's journey. Their perception is to their benefit as well as ours. Seeking, loving and using the radiant Light of God never ceases, although some individuality's claim otherwise. These beings of light administer to each other as well as the visible worlds of thought. They cannot do more than they are doing without our permission. Understand that you attract to you a being who resonates to your own level of soul evolution, current understanding and the possibilities present within your soul. They never force themselves upon you. Control is a behavior of entities on the lower astral plane, the manipulators. The radiant beings of Light wait expectantly to be of loving service. They ask us if we are willing to accept their loving helpfulness.

Many of the radiant beings of the finer vibrations rarely incarnate in lesser energy forms. Those who do not have chosen to lovingly work on the upper levels and enjoy the challenges of transformation within the invisible realms of spiritual energy. They thoroughly enjoy the freedom of the holy realms and prefer not to become enmeshed in the mire of deluded thought or be confined within a limited form. They exist for us as well as for all kingdoms within the countless realms of infinite possibilities. They joyfully share rays of healing, love, wisdom knowledge and light upon all creation whether seen or unseen. The pure ones can be reached by any soul who is imbued with selfless sincerity, pure intent and unconditional love. They evolve as we do. Their existence is not rigid; it is fluid. Helpers can be with us as soon as our heart speaks out to them. They are here to serve, to lift up all who strive to return home to the Source, the One, the Great Light. They ask us, "Will you join us in our purpose?"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flying Free

While driving this morning, I watched a hawk high in the sky having the best time of his life. We could be like the hawk. I know you desire to be more free than you are and yet for the most part, we flee from our own jailer. The jailer I am speaking of is the personality, a personality that has not fully accepted the Divine Self. To be totally free is to know Self. When it is realized that we alone are depriving our consciousness, we will change physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We must cut the personality ties that are retarding and in some instances killing the soul. The Christ Consciousness, the pure wisdom and love, is only fully alive and functioning when we are balanced.

Too many personalities seek outside themselves for enlightenment. To continue to look for soul growth, answers or blessings during this current soul cycle simply won't work. During the 1980's and a few times in the 1990's, I shared messages with students from luminous beings within the Council of the Sun. I stopped sharing when I heard from many mouths that messages from the invisible planes were more important to them then actually participating seriously in the'Great Work' or listening to a teacher such as my self who daily experienced a direct and conscious relationship with the Light. My assignment was to urge seekers to strive and BE who they really are, not the temporary personality.

Keep running and you will never be free. The path to soul freedom requires discipline, a knowledge that can be proven, acceptance of spirit identity,trust, obedience to a higher calling and devotion to the Creator of All, our source and life. Politics, government, drugs, television, Internet, sexual choices, greed and the endless diversions are not really the devils that keep souls enslaved. Yes, we do need a reality where moral and ethical behavior is normal. How can this be the norm when millions are unhappy? Too many have lost their place in the Sun. Distorted and misquoted teachings and mass mesmerism are frequent sentences that lead to imbalance. As the Bald Eagle, the hawk and other birds and animals are threatened by persistent pesticides, the soul is threatened through negligence. This is why people are unhappy.

There can be no Golden Age until people wake up to the truth of who they really are and why they are on this planet. Until an individual realizes that he or she has an inner power to create a positive and constant connection within and do something loving in service with the divine knowledge, freedom is not a reality. Until we accept the truth that we have the right to be happy, the right to be healthy, the right to be prosperous, the right to live with dignity, the right to make positive and creative choices, the personality will continue to victimize the soul energy and remain handcuffed to ignorance. I chose to be free. Have you?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Growing Away From the Personality

Do your best not to be attached to worries. The more we think of the physical, mental and material pains and problems, the worse they become. Focus on others. It will help. If your personality is in control, you can actually block your soul's purpose. The idea is to cooperate with your highest nature, which involves trusting and accepting spiritual identity. We hurt ourselves when we do not pay attention to details. We cannot move forward. This involves the mundane to whatever you consider sublime. Train yourself to think deeply, question and pay attention. To be here in the body successfully, we must pay attention at all times. Those of us who are born under air signs are often challenged in this discipline.

Ask yourself throughout the day...Who is in control?

Why have I recently written close to 400 blogs? In the mid 1980's, I was given a series of messages, which were a hint of what was coming to humanity in the not so distant future. The problem was...very few listened. The messages centered around the theme 'A Call'.

A CALL is being sent forth to individuals and groups who have consciously chosen to demonstrate the Christ Energy as a present reality on planet Earth.
The message was divinely prompted at this momentous time in soul evolution to bring into manifestation the vision of perfection devised in Cosmic co-operation.
How many souls actually listened and applied the Call? As we approach 2012 and survival on many different levels is on many minds, there are more people aware that changes must be made in consciousness.

The intent of the CALL was to reach like minded souls and securely connect and anchor the celestial rays of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom into the energy systems of our dear planet and life. We were offered a life support system. It is with this pure intent that I have for 29 years shared my commitment to unconditional love, our purpose in being, a physical linkage, of the Great Work with others. We are similar to the initiates of old who dared to BE. I want you to know that I respect your willingness to evolve, share and be the amazing light that you already are.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Importance of Being Stable

When we are stable, we are healed and in a position to help heal others. To be balanced includes giving sound encouragement and strength to those who are depressed and weak. The result is an emitting of a dazzling beam of scintillating white and vibrant energy into the darkness of a suffering world and raising it. If we do not attain stability, self-delusion will occur. The new approach to enlightenment is to simultaneously work on self and be of service to others. In the past, serious seekers would go off by themselves into the wilderness and retreat from life. The cycle we are experiencing right now demands that we serve in a practical way that benefits many. To gain and express understanding, give service to the highest part of who you are and the highest part of others. This is a challenge but it is true soul service.

The greatest gift you can give to self and others is wisdom. Greatest crime is to cause confusion in the minds of others by giving them false teachings. Incorrect teachings hold the soul back. In my way of thinking this is the anti-Christ. Every person who instills fear, hate, division, doubt and twists the teachings of the great ones who have exampled stability is an anti-Christ. The wisdom teachings are distorted by twisted minds who lack stability. Anyone who acts as a guide, a teacher, is responsible for the souls who receive his or her teaching. What we express to others, we are responsible for. This is a Law. Think of all the falsehoods programmed into trusting minds for ages.

When we physically die, we are the same person on the other side of life. We leave our bodies with all the characteristics, yearnings and hopes that we possessed while on earth. Our interests pass with us from the earth plane to another subtler plane. We will live in full consciousness, in full memory of the life we just left but on another vibration. There possibly can be lessons for us to learn on the new plane. How we have acted in this present materialistic life determines the level of consciousness we attain in the next realm and also while waiting rebirth again on this earth. The goal is to attain stability now so we do not cling and repeat false beliefs and conditions as we continue on our return journey to wholeness.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Benefits of Service

Service can be offered in many different ways. To really serve, you must slay selfishness and gradually overcome the lower material aspects. In other words, get out of the cellar and climb several levels. One way to serve is to face and burn up your lower karmic aspects. You would be serving your higher Self, the innate royalty. If you insist on right action in your activities, you build a temple, force field, with a very strong foundation. This is another form of service. If you would free yourself from the materialistic prison devised to enslave you, you would serve. If you learn to detach from your own petty worries, you would serve. If you would enjoy better health, you would serve the body, mind and soul.

If you would genuinely prepare your self to receive more radiant Light and create a better world, you would serve. If you would remain true and consistent to your inner self, you would serve. When we do not learn how to do these things, we set limits upon the rebirth process. When you eat, why not look at it as an offering to the God within you? The healthier your body, the more control you gain, the more you will bathe in the Light of the Pure Spirit. Deliberately break away from your own troubles by helping the suffering of others...but watch the emotionalism aspect of this. Regardless of the nonsense going on around you, walk with head held high. It is a battle because all of us are walking in the midst of many levels of soul evolution simultaneously living in matter, all here and at the same time.

Kill possessiveness; it does not serve the soul. Transmute selfishness into service for others. You will be enlightened, practicing true selfless love and the chakra jewels in your higher energy fields will pour inspiration through you. Service is the result of applied spiritual logic; it is love in practical action. Not only will your inner Self benefit and enlightenment emerge, you will be recognizing and serving the God in others. Have a healing weekend~


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Helpful Suggestions

Sometimes, we must not be so nice. When something or someone disturbs our sense of stability even if it involves someone we love, adjust or remove it. Real loving is protecting your self, environment and not allowing intruders into your aura. Intruders are other people's energy, words, thoughts and actions. If you feel sorry for someone and you allow your feelings to mar your vibration, how is that being true to your self? Never allow anyone to invade your stability and good sense of self because you feel sorry for them and their weaknesses. We can actually manifest a greater love for the world and each other when we are detached from a sickly type of emotionalism. Real power is to be detached yet, compassionate.

This is all about shifting your understanding. If you don't want something or someone in your environment, remove the energy, learn to say no, regardless of what another is saying or desiring. Stop saying yes to manipulation even though the other person makes the suggestion sound reasonable. You can have such a strong feeling for someone that the other person's condition will throw you off center and unpleasant things occur that need nor happen. What I am saying, is that love can have a negative result if it is not a balanced love. A certain amount of detachment is required.

What if you died and were asked, "Did you use your energy correctly throughout your life?" What is being asked is whether the lower aspects of the personality used love properly. This ties in with self-judgement. The way we answer that question determines any limitations imposed on us in future lives. No God out there does the punishment or restrictions, we do. It will save us a lot of misery if we understand and express love correctly.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pushing Toward a New Reality

We are no longer isolated. Have you noticed how more people are independently choosing to process or correct and help the well being of others? During this cycle, we are pushing toward a new reality but humans do not know what that reality is. Studying and living according to the law of Nature will help us. We have to change ourselves and get in touch with the Upper Worlds of Light, Love and Wisdom to be free. It is becoming increasingly necessary that we must transform human nature to avert catastrophe. We are a new culture trying to live in a responsible way. With this choice, we are experiencing growing pains. We don't know as yet how many people are required to create a critical mass where the masses begin to think differently. Rising of awareness needs to be based on pertinent information. Education takes years.

For the right change to happen we need a critical mass. Modern scientists are agreeing with what meta physicians/mystics/deep thinkers knew years ago. We are using our imagination and creating new patterns. We are building hope. Questions such as Where are you? Why are you here? What is keeping us in the dark? are being asked frequently. What are needed are complete perception, unlimited view and infinite possibilities. We have to stop living the box. Get outside of it because most people haven't the vaguest idea as to what is out there.

We need to do our inner work first to fully understand what is actually happening on the planet during this cycle. Purpose and nature cannot be perceived through the five senses and ego. It is critical we awaken the higher forces, which are quite different because they are beyond space and time. It is our responsibility to tap into a power that is greater than mind. It is an all-pervasive energy. When we develop the right state of awareness we can tune into and blend consciously with it. Then, what we radiate outwards, the carrier wave, is used correctly. We use the power of Light with love and understanding. Love is an active and living thing. In its highest form, it is impersonal. The goal is to love equally, then all things are yours and you are a part of all things.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Giving, Receiving and Service

I offered a Circle of Light class yesterday and felt a few highlights would be appropriate to share for those who could not attend. We were talking about freedom and how we are programmed at birth: society, values of those around us, influences compelling us to do things a certain way. So many souls temporarily get off the path and purpose due to family and environmental influences. Reading this, you already know that a higher purpose and nature cannot be perceived through the five senses and ego. So to rise above conditioning and awaken the forces of divine love and wisdom, we must reach the varying forces beyond space and time. I mentioned how vital it is that we do not allow the feelings and problems of other people to throw us off center and at the same time grasp the idea that other people's issues can actually assist us in breaking away from the five basic senses.

Never allow anyone to invade your stability, your good sense of self, because feeling sorry for them and their weaknesses doesn't benefit either one of you. Love can turn into a negative force if we enable a person out of sympathy. We have to learn our own lessons. Scripture states that 'It is God's good pleasure to give to His creation'. Humans are like children who refuse to receive advice and goodness from parents, authority figures and friends. Be an example and do your best to understand another but do not cripple the other person by always giving them what they think they need to be happy. Things and happiness are temporary at the materialistic level. Stop saying yes to any form of manipulation even though the other person's suggestion sounds reasonable.

The question you will be asked by your higher Self after physical death is, "Did you use your energy correctly?. This is a powerful question to ask your self every night before you go to sleep. One of the main reasons we are on the planet is to correct our mistakes. When the intelligence leaves the physical body, it leaves with all the characteristics, yearnings and hopes that it possessed while on earth. If you are interested in soul evolution, the desire passes with you from the earth plane to another subtler plane. When we physically die, we still inhabit a physical body although it is made of a different and finer substance. We still live in full awareness, in full memory of the recent life in the new vibration. There may remain lessons to be learned in the new environment. How we have behaved in this present materialistic life determines the level of consciousness we attain in the next vibratory realm, particularly while waiting rebirth again on this earth. As the soul evolves, it remembers old life experiences from other times and places.

The Hall of Judgement is actually a state of mind called self-judgement where the super consciousness will judge the lower-consciousness. Judgement determines the next incarnation if there is to be one. Judgement determines the place, parents, environment and plan. Now, if we have lived this life knowingly and consciously in service to the Divine within and to all life, there is no need for the super-consciousness to impose gross limitations upon the reincarnating consciousness. This is not always the case if the incarnating soul has a desire to help the new set of parents evolve. It may appear to have chosen an unbalanced body or mind but it is a deliberate choice primarily to draw out virtues in the parents and circle of influence. We are the judge, jury and give the sentence according to what is needed to advance toward the goal of full enlightenment.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Miss me?

I will be back on the beat, so to speak, September 14th.

Take good care of you...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Humankind's Achievements parallel Its Desires

Using the Kabbalah as a reference on this subject, it is said that the humans' desire to rule and conquer was the driving force behind the invention of the canon in the Middle Ages. As collective desires grow, civilizations advance. It is interesting to look at this closely because of the great desire right now in so many minds and heart for a good change that will benefit the rights of humanity. Kabbalah divides the entire complex of human desires into five levels: 1, Meeting basic natural desires, such as food, shelter and sex. 2, Striving for wealth. 3, Craving power and fame. 4, Thirsting for knowledge. 5, Desiring spirituality. Have you noticed that when the first four desires are fulfilled, a feeling of "emptiness" appears. Once we give up on reaching fulfillment to our desires on one level, it is off to the next level. When humans have satisfied the first four, they begin to ask questions concerns their origin, purpose and seriously desire to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I am not insinuating that the first four desires are completely satisfied because having lack in any area of the first four usually causes a person to start thinking in its self. At least, this is my opinion.

Many people who are on the path of soul evolution deny the existence of evil. They refuse to recognize darkness. Some people automatically blame God for everything that is negative, sad, crippling, limiting, etc. Evil described plain and simple is human nature totally out of balance. There is no stability, heart or selflessness. The souls who lived under the influences of the lowest nature in the body continue to vibrate in a similar ignorance after physical death in the lower astral world and cause great mischief. Kabbalists say humans don't have to suffer; study instead. This means grow up and start correcting your mistakes and further suffering will not materialize. To do the correct thing, we must have that fifth desire, which is an intimacy with spirituality.

Once we reach the fifth level, we understand that there is good in evil if it drives the soul to deliberately move towards the Creator. Evil can pressure us to take control of our own lower nature and start evolving spiritually. This is only fully understood at a higher level of mind. The Creator wants us to partake in our own creation. Understanding this desire indicates that every negative or evil energy in us becomes a means to an end that is good. This is one way to make contact with the Creator. Recognize that evil is the beginning of the revelation of good. Behind all our desires is the search for satisfaction. We want to feel good. When we begin to feel good spiritually, it changes our scale of desire. We look at everything with new eyes. We assess our environment. We finally understand that we are a part of the One Power and Presence, the Source, and are able to look at the big picture. Don't get me wrong. We may still desire comfort, knowledge and all the other things, which is fine. Some of these areas diminish in importance because they no longer have the same meaning to us. Our focus now is in the growing desire for genuine spirituality. All the corrections leads to a direct contact with the Creator. How? Why? Because we desire to be like our Creator.

Have a thoughtful weekend...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Does It Mean Going Beyond the Barrier?

The barrier as I see it are the five senses and the personality. To go beyond the barrier, we begin to learn from our own higher Self, through observation and the developing awareness and connection with the Source. Instead of solely using the physical senses, our spiritual senses become activated. As an example, it is through the spiritual eardrum that we hear and are able to discern truth. Part of the awakening process is the growing strength of our intention. A change occurs when the intention to receive is turned around into an intention to give. I have mentioned this before as well as suggesting that some good souls go overboard and primarily give and in the process do not take time for receiving. This is the not the norm. It does happen and that is why I am repeating this possibility. The state of selfless giving happens when we are close to the point of the heart. It is like a slug asking a rose bush how it can give so much. The rose replies by mentioning the joy of the sun and the rain and the simple act of giving beauty for the sheer pleasure of it.

People have always wondered how to reconcile the concept of free will with the existence of a greater power...the Source, our Creator. Many scriptures mention that it is the Creator's singular desire for you and me to be fulfilled and made joyful.
This actually cannot happen in its fullness until we reach a similar state of mind. In other words, our desire to enjoy is equal to the Creator's desire to give enjoyment. It is a circular movement. We have to choose this state of mind because it feels good. We choose it of our own free will. No one or no organization is forcing us. It is not something we must do. The soul evolves and independently feels and acts from this inner understanding.

Most people act compulsively. Either we are guided by pleasure or pain. The attraction to enjoy pleasure and avoid pain is what controls humans, animals and even plant life. To be like the Creator, it is necessary to be completely neutral. To be like the Creator, we are required to go beyond the barriers of the senses, attain detachment (with compassion) and take control over the inner environment as well as the environment we live in.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Look All Around You. What Do You See and Hear?

To those of us who have developed our spiritual senses, the world as it is commonly known by spiritually unaware humans is definitely one of darkness. The people who read material like mine are definitely interested in a greater reality. The idea behind soul evolution is to find a way to illuminate the whole of reality so it is plain to see not only for us but to be able to easily share it with others who are receptive. We can no longer act like we did when we were mesmerized by the ignorance of darkness. Now we desire to do what we can for the mutual benefit of ourselves and of others. Except, for a small nagging feeling that something vital could be missing, most people do not recognize that there is an absence of a very important piece in the puzzle we call life.

According to the Kabbalah and I do agree, humans only perceive that part of anything seen or unseen that resonates to qualities they already have. For a complete perception of anything, we need to first be complete within. This means we have to be aware of all the forms of reality that exist in us, and then our picture of reality will make sense. How many people do you know who really understand the subtle bodies that also make up the package that they call their Self? How many understand the Law of Karma, Rebirth or know the significance of the energy wheels of the chakra system? How many people are knowledgeable regarding the hierarchy in consciousness here on earth and the hierarchy that exists in the subtle worlds of Light? Intellectually some know but that is not true knowing or being. The intention in everything that I write is to help awaken the dormant sense, the intuitive, the light of the spirit, into an active awareness.

Through persistence and study, each one of us gains perception of the world of the Creator - the world of giving. The world of giving is actually another way of expressing or describing the Upper Worlds, the vibratory realms of Light. We perceive the radiant worlds according to our current spiritual state. Once we begin to feel and live altruism, the sense of spiritual sight, hearing, feeling and knowing opens. Kabbalists call it "crossing the barrier." As you travel the enchanted path of discovery, you no longer walk blindly. The teacher and the student walk hand in hand~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To Receive-Discover the Force of Giving

A some of the material I am sharing with you is from the works of Rave Michael Laitman PhD put into my own words and experience. If you are interested in pursuing more than what I am offering in the days ahead, please check out his numerous books on the hidden wisdom of Kabbalah. A basic concept in Kabbalah is to understand that there is only a single force---the force of giving. But in order to receive that force, we must create something to receive what it gives. The giving force is the Creator and it is the creation or created being who receives. We discover the creator through receiving. But to be able to do this, we must understand the law that governs nature. Understanding the law of nature, which is God, will help us predict, change, disclose and reveal why certain things happen to us. I have discovered that through understanding nature, I can expand and know far beyond the boundaries of the five senses. Many of you are having the same beautiful experience.

Reception in Kabbalah is all about perceiving the spiritual world. Although it remains invisible to people who have not expanded their consciousness to a particular level of unfoldment, it is visible once they do. Everyone has a another sense within. Some call it the sixth sense. It really isn't a physical sense but it does open the door to perception to the Cosmos and our purpose in being. When we transcend the boundaries of the five senses and are able to perceive the spiritual worlds of light, what we perceive is shown or experienced through our intention. Many people refuse to study the Kabbalah because they feel it is too complicated. It really is simple once you know it. It explains that the Creator is benevolent and has the desire to give us endless, infinite pleasure. The Creator wants to give to us but the appearance world makes it very difficult to grasp the great significance behind the intention. Yes, we were created with a will to receive pleasure but somewhere along the line from experience and observation, we misconstrue this amazing thought of creation.

We do have the capability, potential and even unconscious desire to connect with the Creator and to receive goodness. In practice, the typical human is selfish. So, there is a gap in the way I see this process between the Giver and the receiver. There is a gap because it is more typical for a human to take, take and take. It becomes obvious that this immense problem of extreme egoism needs to be corrected. Our Creator desires to give to the creation but the creatures usually only want to receive.

Eventually, hundreds, thousands of years later, the will to receive evolves in creatures and they also magically discover the joy of giving. In giving, the creature become like the Creator. The children become like the parent(s). Once we really become immersed in the happiness of giving we become altruistic. We could conclude by saying that deep inside of us we would love to be a creator god, a Santa Clause, a giving being. There are also people who struggle trying to actually learn how to receive. What we are doing in human form is learning how to live on earth as a creator. Altruism is about being one with others, united with them. Gratefully, we are experiencing more of this amazing and expanding consciousness during the present earth cycle. Warning... Those of us who naturally give all the time, sometimes fall into a pattern where we do not allow ourselves to receive our good. Watch out for this possibility. Always honor your own stability and inherent right to receive. This is a must if we wish to remain balanced.