Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Growing Away From the Personality

Do your best not to be attached to worries. The more we think of the physical, mental and material pains and problems, the worse they become. Focus on others. It will help. If your personality is in control, you can actually block your soul's purpose. The idea is to cooperate with your highest nature, which involves trusting and accepting spiritual identity. We hurt ourselves when we do not pay attention to details. We cannot move forward. This involves the mundane to whatever you consider sublime. Train yourself to think deeply, question and pay attention. To be here in the body successfully, we must pay attention at all times. Those of us who are born under air signs are often challenged in this discipline.

Ask yourself throughout the day...Who is in control?

Why have I recently written close to 400 blogs? In the mid 1980's, I was given a series of messages, which were a hint of what was coming to humanity in the not so distant future. The problem was...very few listened. The messages centered around the theme 'A Call'.

A CALL is being sent forth to individuals and groups who have consciously chosen to demonstrate the Christ Energy as a present reality on planet Earth.
The message was divinely prompted at this momentous time in soul evolution to bring into manifestation the vision of perfection devised in Cosmic co-operation.
How many souls actually listened and applied the Call? As we approach 2012 and survival on many different levels is on many minds, there are more people aware that changes must be made in consciousness.

The intent of the CALL was to reach like minded souls and securely connect and anchor the celestial rays of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom into the energy systems of our dear planet and life. We were offered a life support system. It is with this pure intent that I have for 29 years shared my commitment to unconditional love, our purpose in being, a physical linkage, of the Great Work with others. We are similar to the initiates of old who dared to BE. I want you to know that I respect your willingness to evolve, share and be the amazing light that you already are.

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