Monday, January 25, 2010

Who Is New Here On Earth?

There is something new under the Sun. What? Yes, although everything already Is, newness does appear. It appears when people are ready to see it. The newness that I am speaking about has to do with something very subtle. Now what can that be? It has to do with the type of soul who is incarnating on planet earth right now but also in the not so distant past. The majority of the luminous ones have kept to themselves and live in such a way that they do not draw attention to themselves. In the same context, more of what they are in spirit has been melding with the individual personality over the years. This is called spiritualizing matter. These souls are far wiser than what has normally been thought of as the collectivity in the past. These souls are very ancient and will continue to come into their own energy as the cycle of change progresses forward. They are returning in large numbers for a specific reason. The reason may surprise you in some ways but is a fact that is materializing right now.

What am I talking about? I am referring to master teachers from other planets who have chosen this particular cycle to come to earth and help it along as it limps in its spiritual evolution. The limp was caused by an infusion of energy that was diametrically opposed to the Will of the Creator. The energy is still rampant on earth but soon there will be enough visible evidence that any one with a thinking mind will realize that something very unusual is going on.

Sounds mysterious doesn't it? Well, it is in many ways because this higher influx of energy is coming to earth from planets that the normal human does not consider. Everything is going to change during your life time. Not because the consciousness in the people on earth are advanced; the changes will come because of the souls who have chosen to enter physical bodies during your life experience as energy from the Sun. This may sound strange but it is possible for advanced beings and when I say advanced I am referring to beings who have gained self mastery in form, have established an intimate connection with the radiance of Light, the Divine, and have a cooperative working relationship with other beings of a similar consciousness from other planets. It is a network of consciousness that is preparing to act.