Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rudolph Steiner and the Akashic Record

The following information in this particular article is partly taken from Rudolph Steiner and his exploration of the Akashic Record approximately a million years ago. The early people had a will that was magical. An example was their ability to affect the growth of flowers. Natural surroundings depended on the beings that lived during that epoch. Steiner places land masses prior to the Atlantean beginning and states that they were essentially manipulated by the use of evil will of an earlier root race who were divided in the area of intention referred to as the Lemurians. A small group survived and were the earliest Atlanteans. Race development and soul development work hand in hand. It was after this catastrophe we come to the ancient Atlantean epoch when the human race developed in a more expanded way in the physical senses. More on that later. They lived very differently than we do. They had a kind of spiritual vision and their bodies had a different construction. The etheric body was not yet so firmly bound up with the physical body. Keep in mind, there were different epochs or stages of Atlantean growth. Later, towards the last third of the Atlantean epoch did the projecting etheric body draw in and take the form of the present physical human head.

Their bodies did not look like ours and their whole soul life was different. If you were to visit early Atlantis, you would find that it was not surrounded by air as the present earth but by air saturated with volumes of mist with water. This air became clearer and more transparent the further Atlantis developed. The mists were densest where the more advanced Atlantean civilization developed. Atlantis was covered far and wide by mist. No division of rain and sunshine. No rainbows...not until Noah after the flood witnessed the first rainbow. From the point of physics, it was impossible before due to the weather conditions to see a rainbow. Ancient Atlanteans lived in a different state of consciousness and memory was different from what we have now. Today, we use our physical senses during the day. At night and asleep our etheric and astral body and ego withdraw. In the morning, everything returns. It was just the opposite experience for the early Atlanteans.

During the early Atlantean period, their physical world was entirely different. We see objects in clear outlines. They saw objects indistinctly like someone would who is very nearsighted. Only gradually through time did the clear outlines develop. In early times, objects looked like cloudy structures. Early Atanteans did not sleep like we do. Since the physical formations were misty, human beings lived within a spiritual or more subtle world where they had better sight. Spiritual beings, not physical ones, were their companions. Just the opposite of the average humans experience today. More...