Monday, August 31, 2009

Snatches of Wisdom from the Kabbalah

Since so much that is said in the teachings of the Kabbalah are in harmony in a very practical way with the hundreds of articles, couple books, workshops and lectures that I have shared over the years, I feel it is appropriate to mention some excellent points that will likely support your present understanding of purpose and plan. Kabbalah wasn't always popular and strict rules decided who could study it. During the last decade of the twentieth century it became center stage in the area of public awareness. More people are asking the old question, "What is the meaning of life?" The fact that Kabbalah is a practical discipline will help any one willing to use the suggestions.

The well-being of each part depends on the well-being of all other parts of creation. More of us have come to this conclusion naturally and the desire to stop destroying ourselves, the planet and Her life has become an important issue with us.
Kabbalah has always had a reputation of possessing insight into the highest forces of nature, of the spiritual worlds and of the nature of God. Actually, Kabbalah is not a religion, magic, mysticism, divination, cult, holistic medicine, meditation, philosophy, theosophy, psychology or parapsychology, ESP, telepathy, dream interpretation, tarot cards, yoga, red strings, holy water, blessings, past-life regressions, numerology, reiki, channeling, astrology, astral travels or projection
or communicating with the dead, out of body experiences, voodoo,freemasonary, reflexology, UFO's, creationism, Sufism or any ism. Now that I have mentioned all the areas many of us are already interested in and Kabbalah is not, why bother writing about the subject?

Kabbalah is not a passing fad; it is time-tested. It is a practical method to understanding human nature and the nature of the Creator. The word Kabbalah means reception. It is also a discipline of study, a method that teaches us how to receive. The wisdom teaching helps you to know where you truly are in relation to where you think you are. It has its own methods to help you rise above the five senses and develop the sixth sense. Kabbalah doesn't take you away from anything you presently believe in or enjoy doing. It simply offers a whole new meaning and strength to everything that happens to you so life can be lived to its fullest. It is simple to understand and practical. If you are interested, stay with me this week as we look at reality as an embroidery that you are creating~

Saturday, August 29, 2009


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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Initiation of Service

I did mention the other day that if we experience an overload in the area of giving we may miss out in receiving. The message of course is to try and achieve a happy balance. Real service is freedom from selfishness. This is a learned attribute. In the past, serious students seeking enlightenment would go off to an isolated place and spend hours in solitude and meditation. I followed that practice when I was thirty-nine years old for several years. It is true that deeper meditative states are gained through this process but times have changed. It is far greater to attain such a deep meditative state and surrender it in order to serve in a practical manner among mankind. Recently, experiencing a rather extreme fast, I meditatively traveled all over the world below and cruised the cosmos above. This is all well and good and a greater understanding of the science of Light and the ladder of Evolution is achieved. The complete experience is to share the Immensity and live as a full consciousness in the gross physical body. This is the way I have tried to live for thirty-nine years...experiencing a full memory of an upper world, so to speak, and trying in my own way to share the lessons, truths, opportunities and probabilities with those who are receptive here on earth.

When our oneness with all life is thoroughly understood, we free ourselves from any future gross limitations. We choose where and how we return to earth if that is our desire. This is one way to remove future suffering. Being conscious that we are one cell in an enormous unlimited and intelligent Body that is one indescribable and great limitless whole. We serve by honoring our individual body temple, by choosing to remove lower aspects of ourselves that work against the divine plan. We serve by not being attached to things, places, people and animals. If we detached ourselves from our own worries and pain, we serve our best interests and the imbalance will heal. The more we dwell on personal problems, the worse they become. There are countless ways to serve.

There is a complete soul history on every one of us. The history of our choices, thoughts and actions are impressed upon the etheric waves, our own auric bodies. Many people are concerned regarding judgment and the law of Karma. Actually, judgement is self judgement. We review what we have written upon the pages of life. The greatest Yoga is service. We could include religion and acts done as part of the greatest Yoga. No one can attain Enlightenment unless he or she serves. When we unselfishly serve, our chakras are activated. Inspiration is offered to us. We need to understand that service is the result of applied spiritual logic. Serve the highest part of who you are and your service towards others will flow magically because you are remembering spirit identity and the purpose of life. It is our responsibility to serve ourselves by deliberately making corrections of our mistakes physically, emotionally and mentally. We don't retreat from suffering, we address it by sustaining a state of joy and peace within ourselves. True giving is to give healing or assistance to those we dislike. Visit your inner wilderness that holds no restrictions. Visit the point of the heart every day and bring forth nourishment for your own stability and the stability of others.

Have a great weekend~
Much love,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Days and Nights of Fear

A special friend and I shared our feelings about the subject of fear over lunch. Strange place to discuss negativity but our feelings needed to be expressed. There is such a strong accumulation of fear in today's world that the majority of people our blind to what the real battle is and why it is occurring. This is a long period where we who understand must put our bravery to the supreme test. I have traveled consciously out of my physical body above the Earth and found myself many times exploring completely alone in the Cosmos. There is nothing to fear. What we need to armour ourselves against through a direct connection with the Divine Forces is with the right kind of knowledge. The right type of knowledge dispels fear and overcomes all the lies and nonsense that is being hurled at souls who are not alert to the danger of succumbing to the negative influence of the dark forces.

If any of the religions were truly followed, there would be no weapons of mass destruction and hateful desires to harm others. The Master Teachers through the cycle of ages have given us Great Laws in which true protection...enlightenment, is discovered. If we allow ourselves to be fearful, we are falling prey to the most powerful weapon of the darkest forces. These forces are not solely in the lower astral realms; they exist in human form here on earth. You can break away from their insidious influence by delving deep within yourself and discovering your true identity as a spiritual light, a being of power and creative intelligence. Stop and analyze accusations heard on the news and everywhere else and do some deep thinking. Fear is a state of mind. You have a choice to fall prey or change the warped mental condition and get your act together. Fear can be transmuted through understanding of universal laws, compassion, love and enlightenment. To discover a higher reality and transmute the dark ignorance, we must make every effort to draw out the latent powers within and bring them actively into manifestation on earth.

A state of mind can be changed at once for good or evil. Certainly you have had moments of clarification when a shift occurs that immediately changes your perspective. Acquire the right kind of knowledge and a good and permanent shift will be your experience. When we rise above the fears and uncertainty, falsehoods and manipulations, we also rise above our environment and our outlook is transformed. A healing begins that moves us decisively forward in our climb up the ladder of soul evolution. We are counting on you to do your part in this life altering drama. This is why we are on planet earth at this auspicious time~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Reminders: Physical & Spiritual

I don't think I'm going out on a limb or that I would surprise anyone when I say we may be going through some very difficult times in the next few years. We can weather the storm as a nation and as an individual if we remember to be responsible. It is during times like these when many of us are adjusting to changes in finances or social and working environments that it may not always be easy. But trying to deal with any of this additional stress or uncertainty can become overwhelming when the body is failing us as well. Never before has it been more important for us to remember to focus on how to maintain and preserve our health. Various attacks and propaganda aimed at vitamins, herbs, supplements, and other natural therapies just don't go away. Hopefully, alternative therapies will not be restricted or curtailed similar to what is happening in other countries around the world. My first reminder is the importance in being responsible for our own health particularly now during these uncertain times.

The second reminder is to remember you are loved, deeply loved by forces that you may not see. Many people have difficulty understanding and accepting the truth that they are loved by the guides, angels, luminous beings and yes, departed loved ones and friends. We are never alone although our five senses tell us we are. I know it may feel safer for some of you not to allow this love to manifest in a personal way because there may be a lingering fear that it will leave you or you are not worthy or you do not wish to be disappointed. Spirit does not desert us. We desert It. We all to frequently shun the very Light and beauty of our celestial friends because they are not seen and in some cases not felt. At least one angelic presence is with you at all times. Learn to rely on a higher love that is available for you and allow a bond to work for inner peace, comfort, confidence and genuine happiness. I know our spirit friends love us more than any words can express. The greater our understanding and closeness with this truth, the more openly they are in taking action when we ask for help. Trust and you will discover that you have a beautiful, intelligent and loving team behind you. Be at peace with this for it is from the Light~

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do You Know How to Receive?

I've been thinking a great deal about the seriousness of the financial situation for many very good and beautiful souls. They are either out of work, have gone through their savings for one important reason or another, filed bankruptcy or simply cannot buy gas for the car or easily put food on the table. What is wrong? Why does this frequently happen to people who are caring, love the Creator and do their best to live as radiant light in form? First, I reviewed all the wealthy people that I know and they typically are into their own comfort and efforts increasing materiality. Their focus is material wealth and respecting money for what it can do for them. It is a rare materially wealthy person who will give someone in dire need a loan. That is one of the reasons they remain wealthy and those who are always giving to others frequently experience financial shortages. I am speaking from not only observation but personal experience. I've only known one wealthy individual who would freely give cash to someone in need without any strings attached and that was my late uncle. He gave to firemen, policemen, anyone and everyone who had a need.

Our reality becomes what we focus on. When a human begins as an infant, it is totally dependent and for survival it receives. Once a soul is entrenched in the energy of receiving and not yet giving, it remains as a beginner in soul consciousness. Our five senses are "programmed" to serve personal interests. It is only after a soul has been on a journey for a period of time that it begins to expand consciousness and sincerely desires to give and share with others. We were created with an endless, infinite desire to receive but something wonderful happens along the path. The soul decides it would like to be a Creator and give. We desire to be like the Creator. Lovers of a higher consciousness desire spirituality and usually do not strive for wealth.

Now, what is strange about this process is the fact that so many good souls become caretakers, givers exclusively and forget about receiving. They have to learn all over again how to receive. Altruism is about being one with others, united with them. For many loving souls, they go to an extreme and neglect their own future welfare in their desire to serve. This is not balance. Think about it. For a complete perception of anything, we need to first be complete within and in our environment. Many good people ignore and do not honor their own energy, time and space. If you are a caretaker in the true sense of the word, think about this. Don't neglect your comfort in your desire to serve. How can we be filled with joy if we do not honor our own energy? Yes, we want to be like the Creator and continue to give to others as one way to give to the Source of our creation. We must also take control over our own environment and respect our life force.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Blogger Buzz: Show off your Followers

Blogger Buzz: Show off your Followers

What is Love?

Love is an all permeating energy which is far above what humans consider as mind. Within love itself, there are different octaves of existence. It is the greatest energy of the universe(s). It is natural, all-pervasive, greater than human understanding but yet it can be contacted and active in our lives. This energy can be found deep within us. It is an energy that will transmute and raise the vibrations of all the basic life forces. It is a power that is not understood.

Many of us are intimately involved in healing work. Miracles are actually a correct use of prayer. We are transmitting energy from the Unseen to the seen through the power of love. The ancient Yogis call the energy, "Prana" or "The Universal Life Force." I call it the Mother-Creative Energy, the Holy Spirit. The carrier of this energy is pure Love. It is possible to transmute disharmony through the introduction of harmony. For us who care, we must be diligent and work on our own personal purification. It is then that we can offer a greater and continual service to others. In other words, work on ones self first and then apply the understanding, the enlightenment in selfless service to others. I am not talking about emotion as it is commonly understood. What is required is a developed right state of awareness that will radiate to another in a very practical manner. We need to learn how to use power correctly.

To be successful, we need to break away from allowing the five basic senses to control our behavior and body. Pure love is objective not possessive. It can love something but not necessarily like it. Pure love is an energy to be used to heal, raise up and bless. When we are filled with pure love, we are radiating its power when we are awake or asleep. It is a natural part of who we are. Everything responds to pure love. I have found plants and animals to be very receptive. There is an invisible life occurring in your indoor plants and outdoor gardens. I have a river walk behind my home that I truly am thankful for. It is such a pleasure to appreciate and send love to all the life along the path both seen and unseen. The feeling that comes over me is nature's response and the best word to describe it is love.

Friday, August 21, 2009

See Wholeness in Place of Good or Bad Fortune

When bad fortune feels so troublesome that you can't get unstuck, see good fortune leaning on it. In the 58Th Verse of the Tao, this state of mind is suggested. With wholeness as a backdrop, rely on your knowledge of day following night at these times. Keep in mind that when you've reached the bottom floor, the only direction you can go is upwards. It would be fantastic if we could sustain a state of mind where we can live untroubled by good or bad fortune and just simply BE. People fear what they don't understand. Something cannot be understood unless the consciousness is developed to the point where it can not only understand it, but accept and live it.

During the coming changes, bravery is doubly essential. It is one of the most important virtues required of us as we try to take on the ladder of soul evolution and with great effort seek to be a true Cosmic Being. We cannot step higher on the ladder until we have overcome our personal and petty fears. Knowledge of the right kind will dispel fear. We do live in times of turmoil. It would be much easier if there was one country on Earth which strictly adhered to the teachings of either Jesus, Buddha, Shri Krishna or any of the other true Cosmic teachings which have been offered to a suffering humanity. Weapons, wars and angry words are created by fearful people. In order to protect yourself with true power find time to meditate. Enlightenment opens the heart and mind to the oneness of all life and fear no longer is an issue if you stay with this discipline.

Fear is a weapon now being used by the darkest forces to cause you to become frightened and weak, uncertain and a pawn. It is a powerful weapon and that is why I stress the important of actually using the Sacred Light whether you can see it or not. It is here in our midst. When you are fearless, the dark ignorance cannot impress you. The antidote to fear is to delve deep within yourself and discover the dormant Powers which are latent there. Fear is a state of mind that man has created. Anything we create, we can uncreate. Fear, bad fortune, lack and limitation can be transmuted if you are strong and remain steadfast. A fearful state of mind is actually a result of past Karma, environment and present outlook. Change them. You have the inner power to do so. When you meditate and experience the Sacred Light know that it is not meant as comfort only. It is to be scientifically used to change all that is nonproductive in your consciousness and life.

Relax this weekend. Love who you are and the infinite possibilities available to you.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Time for Bravery

Many of us are confronted with horrendous challenges. This is only the beginning. Our challenges come in many forms and sometimes we experience multiple horrors simultaneously. I have decided to make a few comments regarding how essential it is that we remain determined to be brave regardless of what uncertainty and loss influencing our lives. It is vital that we do not allow the negative accumulation of fear to discolor our outlook. If we do, we succumb to the darkness all around us. I have shared much with you on the subject of the Sacred Light. This is the time to remember and call on the Light. Many of us must adapt to a new way of thinking and living. Acceptance is required of us. At the same time great changes are happening in our earth life, changes are also occurring in our spiritual understanding. All the years we have prepared our consciousness to receive the Light will keep us sane, confident and secure in its embrace as suffering continues on planet earth. Yes, a higher life exists in the finer vibratory worlds of Sacred Light. We have the opportunity now to practice what we have held dear and bring that amazing power into our earth experience and dispel the darkness.

When we understand Sacred Light, we gain knowledge of a higher energy that dispels fear regardless of its manifestation. Fear is a weapon being used now by the darkest forces to cause us to become ignorant pawns. We must be diligent and divorce our consciousness from fear by delving deep within and discovering as well as living the great dormant Powers which are latent there. Regardless of the disorder around us, we can break away from bondage by enlightening ourselves and being an example of our inner understanding. Study fear for what it is. Study it coldly without emotion and observe how it destroys. This has to do with a state of mind...being who we really are.

Fear is usually an accumulation of karma, environment and our present outlook. Change can be frightening unless we stay anchored in the Sacred Light of God. Keep diligent regarding your state of mind and how you are reacting to the different losses that are drastically changing what may be considered normalcy. We can transmute fear through our love for Truth, the Divine, and being determined to remain free from fear. Be brave and you will know your own strength and many of the mysteries of life. It is a requirement to move up the ladder of Evolution. Mastery can be ours if we make a concerted effort to succeed and be who we really are. Look at the tests of today and in the future as a means for us to gain victory of self through experience. Be wise and be free of dark influences...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You are the Light of the World

Spiritual Light has been a visible activity during most of my life. It is of primary interest. It is thanks to the Sacred Light that we grow into spiritual maturity. What I share, I live. I urge you to learn to understand it and use it. Concentrate on heavenly light and you will refine your perceptions and be able to work great transformations in your self and be a wonderful aid to others. The first results working with the Light are with your self. Light will elevate and ennoble you and you will be bound to have a favorable influence on others. When you concentrate on Light, picture the Light of the Sun...brilliant, white and dazzling.

Become a conscious personal conduit of sacred Light. Learn how to use it for the good of all. It is then we return to the conditions that existed before we descended into matter, which could always be explained as a fall in consciousness. Stand tall with dignity. You are magnificent. Divine Light is to be used by disciplined, selfless and loving souls. The more you use the Light whether through sound or thought, the more power you will have to share with others. Before you meditate, visualize the celestial Light, fire, grace filling your chakras/energy centers, mind and emotions and you will begin to transform. The living manner of the circulation of heavenly Light has one meaning: to live mingling with the world and yet in harmony with Light. In your meditations, send the peace and understanding felt in the Light outward...

"Jesus said, 'I am the light of the world'. But in the Sermon on the Mount he also said to his followers, 'You are the light of the world'. So, what he said for himself, he also said for us.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Inner Route

Develop your discernment. This is a must! It will be able to judge whether you have made soul progress. When you live with the awareness and intensity of Light every day, something new reveals itself to you. You will be able to ascertain what is truth in books, words people speak,whatever. The inner route is what makes this possible. The only authentic discoveries are those, which spring from your inner life when it is as intense, strong and radiant as the Light. For this to happen to you, you must begin to love and long for it and eventually it will be a concrete reality every day of your life.

No more slow motion and stagnation...or disordered passions. Light is free. It has no burdens or restrictions. I know this truth from visions where I am carried effortlessly all over our world and also out into the universes. If you want to run you have to be free and unhampered by any heavy loads. Light is total love; it helps human beings. It is intelligent and very fast. The ideal is to free yourself from all restrictions, to throw off everything that hampers you and become the Light in the flesh. It is possible. Allow Light to be your guide, to free you and to vibrate so intensely that nothing can hold you back. Don't you want to be able to discover all the hidden marvels of the universe? Ask questions of the Light and instantly learn. Book learning is great but it is not where it is. You must do things that are concrete and put all the knowledge into practice in your gestures, actions and your words~

Monday, August 17, 2009

Communications are Down

The inner spirit does not need to evolve; it is the soul-mind that does. The spirit's role is to descend into matter and animate it. It is powerless in the physical body until your mind and body are ready to allow it to manifest itself. The more you strive to be your true spiritual identity while entombed in flesh, the greater your light and understanding. This is what an alchemist is. One who works on matter in order to make it more and more subtle and transmute it into gold, the symbol for perfection. During the process, watch your choices and you will become more aware of the things you do to undermine your perfection. Example: refusing to change your diet when your health demands change. Give yourself permission to be perfect, even with all of your seeming imperfections. Stop making excuses that no one is perfect living in the flesh. Not true... The life-giving spirit requires a good instrument in order to do its wonders. Don't be a prisoner of material concerns or worry about what others will think of your choices. When you do, your needless worries will weigh you down and eventually suffocate. Focus on the Light of God and your circumstances will eventually change for the good. Let the Light be your guide.

Light cannot get through in the magnificent way that it fully could unless we purify ourselves. This not only includes the body but the thoughts and feeling nature. Everybody is immersed in the divine, abundant and luminous life that surrounds him or her but the Presence is not felt because communications are down. Purify your self on every level. Several times a day think about this subject and watch your choices. If you really wish to help mankind, purify your self. Purity is the foundation of everything. If you concentrate and live in this manner, good things will fall into place, at least for you personally. The opaque layers veiling the truth will be dissolved. The degree of your soul evolution is determined by the intensity of the Sacred Light and keeping it in place~

Friday, August 14, 2009

Animation of Spirit

To receive Divine help, we must be ready. The first thing to do is restore balance within and without. Our bodies are developed and so is the intellect. Find ways to keep them balanced and prepare for the next step. Learn ways to develop your heart and make an effort to develop a strong will, a disciplined way of life, that will work for the Good. As you spiritually mature, you are able to transform any darkness into light and harmony. Seek the Sacred Light and imagine that you are a prism. White light enters you and in turn you send it out in all directions as rays of seven glorious colors.

When you are animated by a high spiritual idea, your soul leaves the body at night and rises toward the Light, steeps itself in the Light of the Creator, contemplates the Immensity, travels through space and communes with heavenly entities. Even if you are not aware of this, you are receiving indelible imprints. As you awaken more fully to your real spirit identity, sudden flashes of perception and manifestation of sublime truths stored in the subconscious will be revealed~

Thursday, August 13, 2009

God is Not Light

God is not Light. Light is the divine emanation, which contains all the qualities and virtues of God. We know the language of the illumined and the angels through Light. Several times a day stop for a few moments and visualize yourself, others, your country and the universe bathed in Light. To remove the dark thought forms created through spiritual ignorance, imagine a lightning bolt of the Sacred Light smashing the darkness. Thought and pure intention is power. Use White Light. It is available for our use. White Light acts when we use our intelligence to direct it. You will not only find the true meaning of life as you become intimate with Light, you will be increasing the vibrations of goodness on planet earth. Seek the Light...think of it whenever you can. As you work on this, you will find interesting changes happening in your life. Remember, every creature including stones have this Light bathing them. Once you reach the higher levels of kindness, generosity, gentleness and purity, you will be irradiated with Sacred Light and able to see it at will. You will see beyond appearances. Light is the only thing that can save the planet and its life.

Do you desire to be in control of your life, your health and your soul evolution? Discipline yourself and gladly practice what I am suggesting. If your goal is to attract angels and archangels, you can do so only by your virtues. the higher entities only come to those who are capable of manifesting true Light...a Light that is pure, loving, wise and truthful. If you want to really help someone...send him Light. Before you enter any structure or begin a project, send it Light. Light is intelligence. It is the only true medicine. Build your aura. Too many souls have been estranged from the Sacred Light for too long~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obtaining Light

To obtain Light daily practice spiritual exercises, sound nutrition, meditation and prayer. The more you do this with pure intent, love and trust the more likely the Light will reveal reality to you. If you are concerned about protecting your self from different forms of negativity, light your inner lamp. Not only must you learn to work with Light, you will need to project the Light. Light is the only power that will effectively combat all forms of suffering, weakness and illness. Send up flares and the angels and exalted beings will find you. I am on a boiled water fast. During this fast, nonstop visions are my experience. I have been observing what actually happens when we pray with a pure and loving heart. As I lift the prayer list upward, a shower of dazzling Light cascades down and into the list. Even though you may not have this display of celestial power as a personal experience, it is still happening whether you witness the sublime reality or not. If you desire to develop your spiritual faculties and inner virtues, think constantly of Sacred Light, concentrate on it and picture the universe(s) bathed in Light, which I have seen in vision. Be patient and trusting and one day you will be gifted with spiritual visions
and observe the Light behind all created things animate and inanimate.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Light is Everything!

Initiates have a luminous aura, which provides the matter for their creations similar to the spider. Then the images clothe themselves in the matter of the aura. If you have a weak aura, you have less light to work with. You have a weak aura if you indulge in depression, anger, greed, fear and all the other negative nonsense that destroys rather than builds. Learning to control the five physical senses increases the Light of the aura. For instance, I have been fasting on one apple per day and water since July 31st and feel energetic, look good and have clarity and understanding. What feeds me is the Sacred Light both within my aura and from the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

The first movement from the Creator was spirit, word, that was set in motion. It changes into Light. It would behoove you to build your own aura as a true magic circle of light. Create it by selfless love and purity. Trees, plants, animals and men were all at one time subtle images floating in God's aura. We are all immersed in the Creator's aura; It permeates and pervades every particle and fiber of our being.

Sacred Light is matter in its subtlest, most tenuous/flimsy form. We call it condensed, concentrated Light. The purest of all foods is light. The soul hungers and the spirit thirsts. Remember, the Light is your most powerful form of protection as well. If you don't work with Light, if you do not understand what Light is, it means that you don't understand the first thing about life itself. Light is everything! Finally other souls are talking about this subject that I have been hammering away on for over twenty years. Love Light, concentrate on Light, for Light is a symbol of God. It is in the Light that the most luminous ideas and thoughts can be found. Establish a bond with Light. True wealth is only found in Sacred Light. Fill your mind, soul, heart and spirit with the radiant Light~

Monday, August 10, 2009

Understanding Sacred Light

The secret of Sacred Light is the most important aspect of creation that we need to know to gain understanding of why we are here. This is what we will concentrate on. The Light (truth) is now winning the battle over the dark (ignorance) and it will continue to manifest in greater strength until the cycle we are in has been completed successfully. Right now the Light is shaking the foundation of all that is not for the highest purpose of humanity. What has been hidden is gradually being revealed. Truth is coming out. We have all traveled a long way to get to this point in our evolution and the final efforts that people like my readers make are more than worth our total dedication to achieving it. We have gained from experiencing duality for so long and what we have learned will help us serve others who are still bound by the lower vibrations. You see, Divine Light does not flow through the five senses. More and more of us have gained the ability to inspire and lift others. Our light will open other hearts and minds to the reality of their inner selves, the true spiritual identity of who they are. Once the spiritual senses are awakened, everything will be understood.

Light is the Word uttered by the Creator, and by means of this Light, the universes were created. The physical world as we know it is simply the condensation of that primordial Light. God, the active Principle, emitted Light and used the raw material to create the universe. The two principles, masculine and feminine are at the origin of the created universe. The Creator drew from within what It Is, the masculine principle, and then projected outwards the feminine principle. Spiritual Light is very subtle and the intensity is much different from matter. Creating out of nothing means drawing the raw materials of creation from within...similar to a spider. The first sun created was the Primordial Light, just like your subtle bodies were originally primordial light. The Creators sent out images of crystallized light, God's aura. The Circle of Light is God's aura...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Science and the Use of Light

I will only briefly mention the technical applications of the laser beam or how the Atlanteans used to collect and condense the Light of the Sun by means of hugh crystals. You already know how they used the energy obtained in this way to run all kinds of instruments and machines. The laser is light concentrated into a single beam of tremendous power, which can be used to perform all kinds of extraordinary operations. The Atlanteans knew all about the laser and various techniques we recently discovered and other possibilities still yet to be discovered. It is funny in a way because using light or demonstrating the power of light is done more by scientists than mystics. Actually, the future will be one great discovery of light! Scientists conduct their experiments in well-equipped laboratories; those who desire to spiritually evolve cannot afford to neglect their own inner laboratories equipped for us by nature. Atlanteans had advance high technology but not the needed spiritual knowledge required to keep science and spirit balanced.

Nothing can be discovered on the physical plane, which does not already exist, in some form or another, on a subtler level. Discovering is uncovering, by means of intuition or imagination. We are explorers and the quality of our life determines the quality of our emanations. It helps in the discovery when we get all the faculties and all our activities to converge toward a single target, which is, the illumination and perfecting of the whole being. Can you imagine what would happen if the greater per cent of humanity concentrated on Light?

Have a balanced and happy weekend~

Thursday, August 6, 2009


When man and God work together, they commune with the other as One. The language of their communication is the language of Light, which man calls "Inspiration". Communication can be spiritually seen as dazzling radiant heavenly Light. You must know the Light for yourself to be unlimited. Then you reach the pinnacle of understanding and joy where Light knows Light and there need be no words...

Truth doesn't change; what changes is consciousness. Humans are only given during specific cycles what they can collectively comprehend. This is one of the many reasons it is vitally important to meditate and go within. Religions, all of them, do not contain the full truth. What is offered is given for the consciousness of a particular cycle/time period. It is true that much of what Jesus shared was for future generations but it is his true human history that has been distorted.

People do not reach the ultimate Creator in prayer. The Creator's Power, Presence and Wisdom cannot be defined in any way, shape or form. The Creator is infinitely beyond the understanding of finite mind. It is impossible! What is possible is to make a genuine connection with beings who serve in the subtle worlds of Light. One who prays will attract a helper who is close to the humans consciousness or a degree above. There is a huge hierarchy here in the kingdoms on earth and a much greater hierarchy of beings existing in the subtle planes. As we spiritually mature, we attract different luminous beings, angels, saint, gods and goddesses. If you are plugged into the Divine energy in any of the many wondrous ways, the communication can be through totems, symbols, visions and geometrical forms to name only several. I call the aforementioned, the language of the angels, gifts given in love to souls reaching for help and understanding~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Electric Universe

The time has come in the history of humanities journey from the material jungle to the spiritual mountain top when it is imperative that we must live more and more in the cosmic Light universe. Our physical universe is an electric sensing universe. As we spiritual evolve, we are able to transcend the sensing universe. As an example, when I close my eyes at any time I am immediately projected out into space. Yesterday, I visited a blue star and watched with wonder all the activity of God's Light everywhere. What more souls need to now know is the universe of God for what it is instead of what our physical senses have made us believe it to be. We are playing a part in a cosmic cinema, conceived by the Master Playwright.

The physical universe is electrically projected, spectrum-colored light and sound, wave motion picture play of cause and effect thrown on the black screen of imaged space and time. The cause is real. The effect is but a simulation of the reality. The Self of you, the eternal spirit, is cause. Your self-creating body is effect. We are living an idea. The idea is eternal and belongs to God's still universe of Knowing. We live in a creating electric universe. The entire universe is one and must be kept in balance as one. Creation is One Whole Idea of Mind divided into countless simulated ideas of mind, through motion. There is only One Mind and every particle and mass in this universe is centered in that one Mind. This is a creating universe, not a created one.

The Bible refers to cosmic-consciousness experience as 'the illumination' or 'being in the Light' or 'in the Spirit.' Cosmic consciousness is the ultimate goal of all mankind. The way to gradually attain cosmic consciousness is to intensify your conscious awareness by mental and emotional solitude and companionship with God and Nature while being active in every moment and every action in your life. The deterrent to cosmic consciousness is the feeling that God is far away instead of being within, and that we can reach that far away God only through sources outside of ourselves.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sacred Light

Humanity is but beginning to know the Sacred Light of God. We seek the Light to guide us out of the jungle to the mountaintop of the awakening soul. It is our destiny to find the Light and be transformed by it. As we find it, we gradually find the inner Self, which is the Light. The more we become transformed by the God-Light of the awakening Self within, the greater the distance is from the jungle, the darkness. Some seek and become very discouraged because they feel they have not found it. What they are not aware of is the truth that they have forever been finding it. They are not yet fully aware of what is referred to as a knower. When you are still unknowing, the seeker expects to find it all at once in some dramatic blinding flash.

Sacred Light normally does not appear in that manner. the closer we become to the mountaintop, the more our nervous system can handle the Light. For instance, I am fasting on boiled water and an apple in the morning. I've been on this fast for almost a week feeling strong and alert. The interesting side effect is that visions of the other dimensions are experienced throughout the day and night, mostly when I close my physical eyes. I have had daily experiences of the Sacred Light since early adulthood. Since the beginning of the fast, the visions have increased as well as the spiritual hearing. My personality did not decide to fast. I am being guided by luminous friends from the higher worlds of radiant Light.

Always look upward into the High-Heavens of inspiration. Be fearless and allow the purity of the universal Light to bathe you in its all knowing, beauty and love. This is the ascent home, the ascent from body to spirit. It is a hard, disciplined and glorious road that requires implicit trust, love and patience. All must make the climb. The journey is a repetitive play here on the planet. Be happy and grateful in the truth that there is a continuous transformation, as each one of us learns our part, line by line. All part of the play is experience, which become the action of the play. Each experience is a part of your journey from the darkness of spiritual ignorance to the Sacred Light. All experiences are steps in that journey to the mountaintop.