Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Inner Route

Develop your discernment. This is a must! It will be able to judge whether you have made soul progress. When you live with the awareness and intensity of Light every day, something new reveals itself to you. You will be able to ascertain what is truth in books, words people speak,whatever. The inner route is what makes this possible. The only authentic discoveries are those, which spring from your inner life when it is as intense, strong and radiant as the Light. For this to happen to you, you must begin to love and long for it and eventually it will be a concrete reality every day of your life.

No more slow motion and stagnation...or disordered passions. Light is free. It has no burdens or restrictions. I know this truth from visions where I am carried effortlessly all over our world and also out into the universes. If you want to run you have to be free and unhampered by any heavy loads. Light is total love; it helps human beings. It is intelligent and very fast. The ideal is to free yourself from all restrictions, to throw off everything that hampers you and become the Light in the flesh. It is possible. Allow Light to be your guide, to free you and to vibrate so intensely that nothing can hold you back. Don't you want to be able to discover all the hidden marvels of the universe? Ask questions of the Light and instantly learn. Book learning is great but it is not where it is. You must do things that are concrete and put all the knowledge into practice in your gestures, actions and your words~

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