Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Does It Mean Going Beyond the Barrier?

The barrier as I see it are the five senses and the personality. To go beyond the barrier, we begin to learn from our own higher Self, through observation and the developing awareness and connection with the Source. Instead of solely using the physical senses, our spiritual senses become activated. As an example, it is through the spiritual eardrum that we hear and are able to discern truth. Part of the awakening process is the growing strength of our intention. A change occurs when the intention to receive is turned around into an intention to give. I have mentioned this before as well as suggesting that some good souls go overboard and primarily give and in the process do not take time for receiving. This is the not the norm. It does happen and that is why I am repeating this possibility. The state of selfless giving happens when we are close to the point of the heart. It is like a slug asking a rose bush how it can give so much. The rose replies by mentioning the joy of the sun and the rain and the simple act of giving beauty for the sheer pleasure of it.

People have always wondered how to reconcile the concept of free will with the existence of a greater power...the Source, our Creator. Many scriptures mention that it is the Creator's singular desire for you and me to be fulfilled and made joyful.
This actually cannot happen in its fullness until we reach a similar state of mind. In other words, our desire to enjoy is equal to the Creator's desire to give enjoyment. It is a circular movement. We have to choose this state of mind because it feels good. We choose it of our own free will. No one or no organization is forcing us. It is not something we must do. The soul evolves and independently feels and acts from this inner understanding.

Most people act compulsively. Either we are guided by pleasure or pain. The attraction to enjoy pleasure and avoid pain is what controls humans, animals and even plant life. To be like the Creator, it is necessary to be completely neutral. To be like the Creator, we are required to go beyond the barriers of the senses, attain detachment (with compassion) and take control over the inner environment as well as the environment we live in.