Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Seven Year Cycle of Planetary Change

The Vedic teachings according to Robert E. Cox, a Vedic philosopher and researcher, indicate that an eighty-four month period is the primary time frame for the destruction and eventual transformation to take place. Forty-two months, beginning last June 9th leading to December 21, 2012 and another 42 months following that date. Many of the ancient sages and seers foresaw the ultimate transformation through their powers of intuitive vision. Many of us who are not so ancient periodically experience visions suggesting what may happen on earth during this time period. I have always felt that we have a choice regarding our personal involvement and the severity of the times. What we are viewing on television and new movies ready to be released on this subject only show the horror and the fear experienced by humanity.

The natural disasters and other changes actually serve a positive purpose. Removing security on any level serves the purpose in destroying the massive collective Ego that has ruled for 13,000 years. Many who are on earth right now will witness the greatest transformation that has ever occurred in recorded history. According to Prof. Cox and his Vedic interpretations, the coming Golden Age is different from previous Golden Ages. I will explain more about this point later.

All transformations in Nature involve a process of both destruction and creation. Reason informs us of this truth. The Greek term "apocalypse" literally means, "lifting the veil." The veil that is about to be lifted is the dark veil of spiritual ignorance that has largely covered the human spirit for the last few thousand years. The veil is the Ego/personality, an age-old enemy within who is but a shadow of our True Self. How do we diminish the Ego? One way is being forced to lose what is important to us such as a job, home, money, an important relationship, position or standing in a bread line. Losing possessions and a secure routine definitely humbles the Ego. Losing health and wealth in order to discover and strengthen the inner wealth and achieve a balance between body, mind and soul sounds extreme but sometimes it is necessary to jolt humanity into a higher understanding and spirituality.