Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We are Shapeshifters

Everything is shifting around us. We are also shifting new shapes in harmony and grace when we shift at the right pace. When we remember to be as a bird in flight, we accept and create at the right time. The proper rhythm is a natural one...not rushed. In nature there is no hurry. We must learn through the changes that are happening to us how to adapt. This is why paying attention to nature whether it be the animal or vegetable kingdom or your environment is more important right now. Adaptation is the natural ability of an animal. Humans frequently resist. Every day, we shift our energies to meet daily trials, responsibilities and obligations. As we become increasingly aware of our purpose in the flesh, we understand that everything is a matter of controlling and utilizing our energy to the fullest. It is then that we have great strength and are capable of finding new creative possibilities without limitation and harshness.

Pay close attention to the signs that will may appear more frequently in your life during these chaotic times. For instance, if an animal appears in a dream observe if it comes on your right or left side. The right side is generally considered more masculine and assertive. The left side is considered more feminine and receptive. Pay attention to details. The other night a mouse appeared in my dream. Mice do pay attention to details. Understanding this trait, I will be more observant than usual during the next five to six weeks. This time period is when the energy of the mouse symbol is most strongly felt. The energy will show me how to attain the big things by working on the little things.

Many people associate rabbits with fear. They, like the mice, are prey for many other species. We had four house rabbits for over 10 years and really loved them. Perhaps, our love for rabbits go back to ancient Egyptian times when rabbits were associated with the concept of being. Rabbits have been long associated with the Faerie realm of life. In a dream several nights ago, a golden rabbit appeared to me. In the physical world, I have never heard of a golden rabbit. Here again, a time frame was given. There will be a 28 day period where beginning a new life is reinforced. In other words, a new cycle will manifest in my life. Evidence is here already. Rabbits also represent the ability to plan for possibilities. I mention these simple thoughts to you because we will need to align and adapt our energies in the days ahead. The animals are mirrors to us. Look into the mirror, pay attention and live without fear.