Monday, May 4, 2009

Is Our Destiny Already Written?

Do you know who you really are? If you do not, you have a serious problem along with millions of other souls. You write your own destiny. It was written before you actually were born. Millions of people believe they continue to live after physical death. Logic tells us that if there is an after life, a before life must exist. Life as a continuum is comforting and explains why there are so many injustices and inequalities experienced by people we judge as good. It is not my intention to discuss the subject of more than one physical life but it does give us a much needed understanding of both the great and painful inconsistencies existing in human life. This is why I always suggest that we must reach beyond the patterns of the personality and the appearance world.

If we want to change our destiny, it is necessary to change the mental patterns on which our present life is based. Destiny is a habit and habits can be changed. Many patterns that are self-destructive begin at a very early age. Genetics, family, friends, environment and our choices are usually blamed. Even the pregnant mother is blamed for her negative emotions influencing the nature of the unborn child. The reasons for unhappiness, disabilities and any weakness that manifests can be blamed on all the above and more. There is another answer to consider. We bring stereotypes with us when we are physically born from our deep-seated memories from past incarnations. The attitudes and desires of the past constantly shape and live out as our destiny now and into the future. Instead of defending the role or the various moods we are currently playing, start going beyond the drama and seriously ask yourself, Why am I here? What am I to do here?. Spiritual knowledge is a divine Science. When we earnestly seek spiritual knowledge, we are obliged to penetrate the mystery, our own being. What you are to do while here in the flesh is to become one with the inner Authority.

We have to understand the questions to be able to answer them. We educate ourselves about how to use the Internet, how to take care of mechanical things and how to take care of our bodies and everything imaginable. What about answering the bigger questions instead of being philosophically illiterate? I takes courage to confront the big questions. One way is to study sages, true philosophers, who have applied and tested their knowledge in daily life. A sage does not need books, degrees or a license to share what has and is known as direct experience with the Divine. Speaking of destiny, we are destined to be sages. One of the tools required is acute self-inspection. With self-inspection and firsthand experience with the inner wisdom manifests authority. The authority is not merely abstract but very practical. What people simply do not get is that they will never transform themselves by accumulating knowledge in the head. It will broaden the point of view but the underneath remains the same.