Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Focus on Love?

Divine Consciousness is attained through a pure and right spirit. We regain our sense of holiness when we are in harmony with the unconditional love that secretly and silently lives within. When we are aware of the Source and have an ongoing direct communication, we are able to transcend matter and its discord. The deeper our understanding and the more awakened we are to our true identity as an individualized spirit, the greater the love energy within interacts with the love energy without. Love is what motivates a true teacher and healer of souls. Love for the One, That which is Indescribable, yet felt deeply, is where true freedom and joy begins.

The greater our effort to perfect the thinking part of the mind, respect the body temple and overcome the ego-personality, the greater the influx of the light of God flowing through us. For us to be truly effective, it requires a constant vigilance so we are not pulled in by collective mesmerism and suffering. A healer can only give according to the degree of his or her own level of purity and illumination. There are many different forms of healing and healers. The consciousness of both the giver and the receiver determine manifestation.

To experience the intimacy of divine love is indeed the sweetest power imaginable. To feel the inexpressible, the awesome, personal and embracing touch of holiness transforms consciousness and makes us feel whole again. To be a true healer, it is necessary to heal our self. When the heart is open to forgiveness, the grace of the Holy Spirit touches us. This holiness is all Power and Presence: It is love. People today refer to the Divine as energy in order to reach the uninitiated. The Divine is energy but it is beyond left brain thinking. It is unlimited, supreme and a sublime form of love that takes one's breath away. Yes, it lives as us. The greater our love for It, the greater our effectiveness in healing ourselves and those who are open to receiving it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

God Energy

Light is energy...Radiant Light is God in form. I have been sharing this truth for many years. We are constantly being given proof of a higher Intelligence, which is not the intellect. Intelligence is the energy that transcends human intellect and ordinary life. This sublime energy is linked to the Heaven worlds of magic and wonder. It is found in everything both above and below. The source of this Light energy is the Absolute, our Supreme Creator. Although it is the identical energy multiplying itself and manifesting through a variety of names and forms, it appears in different intensities depending on Its expression and who is observing or receiving It.

Vibrating frequency bands of light energy are an integral and active part of earth's atmosphere. There is an energy ring that encircles the earth; its sole purpose is to be used for the good of all life existing on the planet. I often refer to the energy ring as the Circle of Light. There are varying degrees of power within the radiant energy field. Many of us who serve as instruments for healing draw from the energy ring of Light rather than transferring personal energy to a client. Like attracts like. Consciousness levels, the evolving and creative forces, are directly attuned to receptive minds of humans who are perceptive, loving and gently understand.

As the soul-mind aspires to loftier heights in spiritual awareness, it is able to utilize greater energy forces that are more keenly in attunement with the higher vibratations of purity and balance. The soul's journey is hierarchal, meaning there is a gradual evolution in consciousness whereby power, wisdom and love is expanded and expressed. The more intuitively developed the individual, the greater the energy is that pulsates through the mind and expresses without hindrances. As our minds and hearts open to the infinite possibilities and use of God energy, we attract a similar awareness and assistance from beings who currently vibrate on non-physical planes of consciousness. It is a special interchange to attract loving souls who have chosen to guide, help and inspire humans who are willing to recognize that we are indeed one life whether than life is seen or unseen.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sweetness of Healing

The majority of events that manifest in our lives were first an idea, a thought. I would wager that most people have some form of guilt lurking in the subconscious part of the mind. We have heard about a fall in consciousness described in the Bible. If we accept this teaching without fully understanding it, a sense of unworthiness may influence the good that we deserve. From my inner understanding, the fall of consciousness has more than one meaning. First, it was the choice of intelligence in the subtle worlds to descend and experience matter. Second, every time that we do something to harm our self or other life, it is a step downward, a diminishing of our light. Not understanding this subject creates a veil that will frequently prevent an individual from being healed or helped in a much needed way.

A true healing comes with an understanding that we are in essence... holy. There is no major spiritual growth if the emphasis in healing is strictly on the removal of a physical-emotional-mental problem. We may receive a bandage, temporary comfort, but it the cause behind an affliction that must be addressed. The cause can occur either during this life experience, the womb or prior to the womb. Illumination and conscious oneness existing in the flesh is our purpose in being here on earth. Compassion and grace heals many a broken heart, mind and body. I know through experience that a hereditary weakness can be overcome. I know that when we forgive our self and others, we can be healed. It is necessary to clear out all the dark corners of the mind.

I love the Holy Spirit. It is the comforter, Light in action. When the heart is changed and a lesson learned, we may experience the healing grace of the Holy Spirit. A bestowal blessing of Grace is offered to the afflicted and he/she is released of the hindrance. The body is a temporary vehicle, actually a temple. It's real purpose is to serve the inner spirit. To experience the love and comfort of holiness is beyond amazing. The feeling is awesome, personal and transforms the consciousness of all that are touched by it. In my opinion, the only true healing is the healing of the mind and soul, which liberates the spirit. It is also true that we cannot separate the fragrance from the flower. The ideal is to experience a healing in both the mind and the body. It is then that the healing is permanent.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Causes of Human Suffering

Much of the suffering experienced in our lives is a carryover from misconceptions and wrongdoings incurred in previous lifetimes. The problems of today were created by the thoughts and actions of yesterday. What is happening in our lives is the result of past causes. If we recognize the cause, unpleasant conditions will improve and gradually be eliminated. Simultaneously, we must guard that the same type of mistakes are not repeated. It is when we deliberately go against the higher laws of life that illnesses and discord become a constant companion. When humans ignore the laws of nature and goodness, they invite negative forces into their life system. Many illnesses can be averted through a change in consciousness. Good old common sense, disciplining yourself, making healing choices and monitoring physical activities as well as guarding the gate to the mind will discourage negative forces from using you as a vehicle for entertainment.

The purpose in living in a physical form is to build a temple for the spirit within. As we evolve and embrace the spirit of who we really are, the personality will release itself from the wheel of suffering and illusion. Generally speaking, humans ignore the laws of harmony and the esoteric meaning of life. Suffering is man's own making. What is in the heart, the consciousness, out pictures in daily life. Man receives what he created. Change consciousness; change the outcomes in your life. What appears as an injustice is the balancing of the scales. No one can really know the full story by appearance alone. It is past history as well as present life experiences that create and mold the soul and mind. The energy whether positive or negative follows you throughout your journey. Understanding how our thoughts and actions follow us, it is also understood that there is no innocent victim.

Everything that manifests on all levels of consciousness occurs first as an idea. In the purest sense, the answer to human suffering is found in the great truth that suffering is directly linked to an individuals conscious separation from the Source of Life. The thinking mind, as a result, is confused. It looks for God out there somewhere instead of recognizing that an individual is an aspect of God and that aspect is within. Because the average person does not comprehend what it really is, the human is subject to all the illusions, darkness and confusion that spiritual ignorance provides. It is as if a thick veil hides the truth from the mind. The inner man, his heart, may intuitively know what is real but it is not until both the mind and heart merge and work as a team does the veil lift sufficiently to expose what is real and what is false. Once the veil is lifted, the suffering will lift considerably because understanding truth breaks through the mesmerism of unenlightened thinking.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Obstacles to Healing

I have been in the healing field for thirty-eight years. There are always a few cases that do not physically heal. At the same time, a healing begins to take place in the subtle levels of the mind. Actually, healing begins in the invisible and usually manifests in its own good time in the physical. Some people use the excuse that the timing wasn't right for the healing. Well, think about it. Space and time are the soul's experience when living in the flesh. We can transcend time as we are used to it through divine contemplation and prayer. By lifting our consciousness to the level of unconditional love for our own body and all its fascinating parts as well as loving others, we skip over the whole idea of time controlling us on any level.

Some clients feel a strong subconscious resistance to being helped because they feel guilty. I know most of us have been taught that our problems are probably due to past negative thoughts and actions. Other people will throw in the idea that there must be a lesson to be learned or a higher purpose for our suffering. These are valid conclusions but they can be side stepped or transcended once unconditional love is understood. The afflicted could feel a need for attention and a sympathetic form of love from a relative or close friend. A few people cling to their imbalances to avoid responsibility. The conscious mind may not be aware of the various excuses hidden in the subconscious part of the mind. This is why it is very important to get at the root cause of emotional suffering. If the causes are not addressed, new ailments may surface.

Readiness determines whether a healing is instantaneous. It depends on how many aspects are clinging to the memory. For others, it may take days or weeks depending on the cause of imbalance, the attitude of the patient and his or her sense of worthiness. Some people punish themselves because of their past thoughts and actions. Once they forgive themselves, they are ready to be healed. Obviously, every one is not healed on the physical level. If the soul has decided it is time to leave the physical body, it will. Issues that are a direct result of emotional imbalances are easily removed when the root cause is discovered. For serious diseases that may or may not be terminal, other factors enter the equation. I know from personal experience that genetic problems can be removed. When I was in my early thirties, I had cataracts in both of my eyes. Once the problem was medically diagnosed, I went into a meditative-prayer state and surrendered my eyes to a higher Power. They were instantly healed.For those who are healed physically, it is important that we be responsible and take excellent care of the body,the mind and use commonsense. The energy of Light is the healer.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Elements of Man

In the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism it is said that the elements, which make up man, produce a capacity for pain. The cause of pain is our craving for individual life. You are probably wondering what desiring individuality has to do with causing pain. What the Buddha is referring to is the result stemming from the soul's separation from its Source. The Infinite and Supreme Source is perfection and unity. When a soul strays from the center point, the Source of Life, he begins to diminish his balance and light. Looking at the ailments of mankind from this perspective, the cravings of individual existence and forgetting our origin is actually the fall in consciousness that scriptures describe. The greater the intensity to do things that stem from selfishness, the greater the biological fall.

People forget to make room within themselves for the Divine Reality. Desire and cravings frequently surpass those of any animal. Looking at who we really are and our higher purpose, a new understanding will make sense regarding degenerative diseases. It becomes obvious that the majority of civilized human beings do not live in harmony with Divine Nature. When we separate ourselves from the Source, we experience disastrous consequences for the most part. God is the Great Physician. The keener our awareness of this fact, the more rapidly the body will mend itself. Does the Divine become sick? No. Our Source is the fountain of life, health and joy.

We require faith, certain disciplines and changes in habit to create a transformation in emotional and physical health that is permanent. It is true that the wide variety of tools and practices today will give us relief but a requirement of wholeness is to change and lift our consciosness. If you become disappointed because you do not heal immediately, it could mean that more is expected from you. Healing is a partnership. You probably do not like the word test. Sometimes, healing requires more patience, trust and lifting our mind out of the muck and mire of robotic thinking to make the desired change. Even if the illness is the effect of a long ago cause, it can be healed if you evolve and believe. A new virtue may be required of you. Emotional problems with all there aspects need to be removed. Guilt hidden in the subconscious part of the mind brings resistance. I have worked with people who are healed of very serious disorders. When they start feeling guilty about their past or even present behavior, the healing can leave them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Consciousness of Health

Chinese sages felt that personal and social maladjustment are all due to the fact that people have separated themselves from their own divine source and live according to their own will and notions, not according to Tao...which is the Great Way, the Logos, the Nature of things, as it manifests on every plane from the physical on up through the animal and the mental, to the spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual enlightenment comes when we give up the lowest nature's will, ego, and make ourselves agreeable to the workings of the Light in the world around us and in our bodies, minds and souls. To consciously live in cooperation with spirit, the Light, has been and still is difficult for humans because they primarily live out their lives through memory, the promptings of the subconscious. The average person acts and feels from the point of a being that has lost his identity and purpose. The body runs just so long as a mechanical machine. It is when the personality accumulates fears that deterioration and disruption causing ongoing distress that eventually develops into disease.

Now, if you have discovered your own true spirit identity, you have begun the climb back to the source of health, freedom and of the wisdom that answers all questions. The Source, our Creator, is the health of Its creation. Balance is our own divine birthright. Once the mind learns how to us the ancient knowledge of truth to sustain a consciousness of health; we actually are able to heal problems that may have plagued us since the beginning of our journey. There is an omnipresent principle of balance, wholeness and aliveness pervading all living things. Health, real health, is within and does not have to be manufactured in the without. Wholeness is the very essence of Being. It is present but many ignore it. We often turn to the without when the within has been damaged and the process also is chosen in reverse.

Disease is first in the soul-mind and eventually it will materialize in the physical body. The mind is the active agent that controls the human personality and its instrument of expression, the physical body. To entertain negative and destructive thoughts begins the process of disease, decay and death. This can be altered if the personality consciously remembers and regains the positive aspects holding firm to their power in the long journey of return to perfection. The condition or health of the physical body is a direct result of the thoughts and habit patterns of the soul-mind, not the inner spirit. The soul (subconscious memory) and the thinking-mind control the brain and human personality 85% of the time. The human mind and feeling nature becomes a disconnected piece of negative emotional garbage that disrupts the electrical system causing imbalances, increasing fear and falsity resulting in a body and life divorced from its original purpose and plan. If your electrical field is badly damaged, all the vitamins, minerals, herbs and alternative choices available to attain balance are to no avail if the mind and the attitude continue with its debilitating habit patterns.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is True Disease?

The human race brings down into matter unnecessary afflictions as a direct result of spiritual ignorance regarding true identity and the universal laws that govern creation. If an individual refuses to gain knowledge of the inner identity and purpose for being in a physical form, he or she is a target for suffering. Health is our divine birthright. Health implies balance and understanding. Real health is within. Real illness is not understanding, accepting and living that truth. Health is the very essence of our being. Disease first occurs in the mind and eventually materializes in the physical body. If that were not true, many of the wonderful techniques available for healing emotions would not be nearly effective as they are.

The subconscious and conscious part of the mind is the primary agent controlling the personality and the physical body. Eventually, when the soul is enlightened, the super part of the mind begins to exercise its will, protection and guidance. To entertain thoughts that are negative and destructive corrodes the emotional and physical form. The true disease is lack of spiritual insight,ignorance of the universal laws of harmony and the absence of an awareness of Light. Radiant Light is the heavenly 'glue' that holds all creation together. When the Light is hidden, the soul and mind are influenced by illusion, falsity and the appearance world. Spiritual ignorance creates suffering. This has nothing to do with attending a place of worship. True worship is to understand your relationship to the Source and what role you are to play in the drama of physical life. All mishaps, diseases and losses are not necessarily the result of a cause as most people understand karma. Nasty things happen sometimes simply to jar the soul memory and bring out into the open another reality, a reality that is goodness, love, light, real and enduring.

There is no one to blame for our suffering. The inner temple has been torn down as a result of neglect, forgetfulness and different forms of abuse. To rebuild the temple of Light within our own being, we must establish a firm foundation through faith, understanding, discipline, patience, service and a deep love for the Source and its magnificent creation. Using true knowledge with unswerving patience is the tool of the builder. Spiritual ignorance and the lack of self control is the blow of the destroyer. The true disease is the sleep of the individual spirit within. It is not yet activatd through recognition and love. If this truth would be thoroughly understood and lived, infirmities, lack and limitation would be understood in such a way that heaven can be lived on earth.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Real Health

Benjamin Whichcote stated in his writings that good men spiritualize their bodies; bad men incarnate their souls. Yes, it is a black and white statement but within his thought is a tremendous truth. A simple heart, a good soul will love all that is most precious on earth and that includes the entire package we call our self. Once a seeker begins to tap into and recognizes a divine Reality, the subject of health becomes a totally different issue. Real health is the original condition of man and all creation. Health is from the anglo-saxon word meaning "whole", "hale" and "well". You have heard of a body being ill, a mind being ill and a soul being ill, not spirit. There is an omnipresent principle of health and harmony pervading all living things. The people Whichcote refers to as bad men are the people who are ignorant of who they really are and as a result must return in a new body over and over again until they get it right. There are always exceptions.

Health, real health, is within and is not manufactured in the without. In other words, health in its truest sense is the very essence of our being. It is universal and as enduring as our true identity, spirit, because it is spirit, a spark of God.
If you recognize and willingly follow the intuitive impulses of your inner spirit, you have found the source of health, freedom and wisdom. You have discovered the magic of who you really are. The degree of your health is determined by your thoughts, past and present. It is necessary that you transcend the habit energy, generic influences and ancestral links and take steps to understand what is obstructing your own health and happiness. We are first and foremost a spiritual being. When you commit your mind and feeling nature to accessing the inner treasure, you begin to receive the flow of true health. As you give more attention to truth principles and live them, your vibrations change and the energy of wholeness out pictures as you.

Humans make themselves sick. No one else does. The world can be a very dangerous place if you do not make yourself worthy of the cosmos. The blessings of inner health will manifest in the body, mind and soul when your faith, discipline and love for the Divine increases. Selfishness must decrease. The ideal is to become the bodily and mental conduit through which a transcendent, supernatural life will flow as us and out into the world. It is then we return to our original body of perfection. The mind is the builder; the body is created by the mind's activity. it makes sense that something must be done differently to be healed. Why not forgive yourself and stop doing the things that create disorder? All error is first made in the mind. Forgiveness is a change in attitude. When a person becomes ill, there is something out of balance in the soul. The mind and soul must be healed first.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thoughts on Healing

The name of this Blog is 'Anyone Can be a Healer'. I truly believe that this is true. To be a healer I am not referring to classes, techniques and putting out time or money. I am talking about lifting your own consciousness and creating a direct
connection with the Source of all life. As I have said in earlier writings, linking to the truth of who you really are and asking for assistance from celestial beings is the path that is the quickest and surest because it is a path of love. Taking classes and learning techniques will give a student confidence and ideas on how to approach a client as a substitute until that moment arrives when you have created a conscious connection with divinity. Beautiful work is being offered all over the planet through emotional healing techniques. What I am discussing here is something altogether different. It is remembering who we are and using that connection to achieve a higher healing first, which will also correct and restructure the various levels of the patient.

This means the activation of the divinity within you, your client and of course, with the Source. There are many levels to healing. What is required is a permanent healing and no repetitive incidents. In many people, they need to be addressed before anything really significant and lasting changes in matter. There are always exceptions. The exception is when the patient is ready on every level to accept the power of love. I know what I am talking about because one day I was not a healer and the next day the power of the One, the holiness of Spirit took over.

We are living in a period of human history where there is a strong interest in the subject of healing. The emphasis, however, has been a physical focus for the most part rather than the inner healing of the soul. The renewed interest is a direct result of the collective consciousness readiness to look at spiritual identity, illumination and remember eternal truth principles such as the law of cause and effect. As a soul develops a genuine love for service as well as the delight in creating perfection, it becomes obvious that disciplining of thoughts, words, actions and surrendering the outcome to a higher Power is required. Perfect health is natural and the work of the true healer is to restore perfect health in their own mind, body and soul first and become a true instrument for change. It is equally as important to request that the client's balance be restored.

When I pray, meditate or lay hands on a client, I rarely mention the ailment or give it more power by concentrating on it. Instead, I acknowledge the divine life that is flowing within the individual and ask that the pure life giving energy bless and bring balance into the mind, body and soul of the client. In asking that the mind of the client cooperate with its spirit who always desires perfection is transcending the personality and allowing the eternal good to create a benevolent outcome. Actually, I say very little except for the request. The One Power does the work. This has nothing to do with my transferring energy to the client. Everything occurs on a higher level and only takes a brief connection to get results that are lasting. Of course, there is much more to this amazing process.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Help from the Other Side

If you would like to read any of my one on one angel stories, I suggest you check out 'Be-Embracing the Mystery' or simply go through the archives of this Blog. Many articles were written on this subject last year. People frequently ask me how we look on the other side. Appearance is up to us. Usually, when a departed relative or friend appears to humans, he or she assumes a familiar appearance. The appearance is normally younger, healthier, attractive and definitely recognizable. The beautiful part is that the souls are free and are not in physical pain although emotional pain may linger.

One of my families favorite stories about celestial help was Dad's recuperation from a triple by-pass surgery. During his recuperation, he experienced the presence of invisible beings that he referred to as the "Little People." Although Dad was a very deep and contemplative man, he had never experienced visions prior to the one experienced in the hospital. He claimed that the invisible "Little People", who only he could see, devotedly "worked" on the healing of his incisions while he was lying in his hospital bed. The doctors and nurses were amazed at his rapid recovery.

Later, after returning home to recuperate, Dad had an experience where he felt dizzy as he walked to the bathroom. He turned around and slumped back onto his bed. Feeling discouraged and sorry for himself, an unexpected and sudden vision from another dimension appeared similar to a television fully turned on. He was shown a very ragged, poorly dressed, dirty, skinny, pale barefoot young boy. A celestial Voice said to him, "This is how you see yourself. Now, we will show you how we view you from our perspective." The ragged and poor boy disappeared and a new scene appeared that was dramatically different. Dad appeared as a well dressed, handsome, clean, healthy and joyous looking young man. The Voice continued and said, "This is how we see you." Perhaps, we all need to remember who we really are and not allow ourselves to become a victim. Ask yourself, "Who is the real me?"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Extraordinary & the Ordinary

Many of us who experience mystical visions from the realms of radiant Light, write about the sublime experiences because of their beauty and wonder. To have these experiences is indeed a blessing offering hope, direction and evidence of a higher life available to all of us. I accept them with gentle tears of joy and gratitude. Although they are extraordinary compared to the experiences we normally have as humans, I am actually fascinated in more ways by the ordinary. What I mean by ordinary is the interaction of friends, family and strangers who have physically left their bodies and choose to remain in the lower invisible worlds for a spell.

To describe ordinary according to the perspective of a neighbor of mine who had a near death experience swimming will be interesting to people who have not examined the idea of ongoing life. When he temporarily left his body and visited the lower astral plane, he was very surprised and disappointed. He expected Heaven as described by his church and all he saw were people walking around everywhere. He did not understand the various planes that exist according to consciousness, will and desire. So many people believe that they are going to sit on the right hand of God or interact with great masters, angels and experience whatever they envision Heaven to be. It is true that often times we receive or experience the results of our belief system but it is not necessarily as grand as we had hoped. The soul finds that out soon enough. The invisible worlds are basically the same as the physical world up to a point. The point of transformation is reached when individual consciousness matches the Causal and Celestial worlds.

What I find fascinating is how souls who have physically left their bodies behave so ordinary. After my mother's death, she came and reminded me about having her gravestone updated. The man I was dating four years ago who died unexpectedly appeared in my kitchen addressing me in his own special way asking me to tell his married daughter to locate a very old and special wallet of his squirreled away somewhere in his home. It turned out sentimental notes, stubs,etc. from the time he and his wife were lovers were tucked away in that old wallet. The daughter did find it and I am certain he is now satisfied. The funny part to me were his old departed buddies standing near him. As below so Above in his particular case. Many souls have unfinished business, concerns about loved ones and attachments that they will not release until they are satisfied. It is desire that keeps them in the lower regions of light until they assimilate their recent life journey and are ready to move on. No lingering.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Contacts with the Invisible

Isn't it fascinating how the mind works? When we think of a person, even if that person is at the other end of the world, our thought will go directly to that person and no one else among the billions of people on earth. Thoughts are like magnets. Focused mind energy also is effective when we send our thought to the invisible worlds of Light. The most effective way of attracting the attention of an entity is to pronounce his or her name. The vibration of the name will take you to your target instantly. This is why mantras are so powerful and have been popular for thousands of years. When we make contact through the name of a lofty being or ideal, we receive blessings.

A name produces vibrations both good and bad that affect the etheric, astral, and mental bodies of our own identity. How many parents really think of the consequences and how the chosen name contributes enormously to the development of certain qualities and virtues. This is why souls who are doing the Great Work of self-mastery and service sometimes change their name. A new name can alter a person's destiny. Using the name of someone on the 'Other Side' is important in healing prayers. In the invisible world, a name is like a telephone number. If you are interested in making a connection to the energy of angels, archangels, saints and masters, either to ask for help or to help others, understand that a good name pronounced clearly and lovingly becomes a magic power.

Recently, I went to memorial service for another one of my dearest friends. The memorial service was a celebration on every level. Because this dear soul represented love and joy, everyone who was present felt her amazing vibration. The people who gather to honor a departed one draw the soul back to the memorial service or funeral. Because of the use of the name, the soul usually returns and observes the emotional event. It is common for some of us to spiritually see or feel the presence of a departed family member or friend. In this case, I saw my friend standing by the piano dressed in pulsating radiant purple energy. During her physical life, she loved to participate in the Universal Dances. At her service, she was seen and felt gracefully moving around the large room. Other sensitives could feel her touch as well as her enthusiastic joy and freedom.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Glorified Souls

Glorified souls are the extreme opposite from the lower astral entities who are doing their utmost to influence humans. One who has attained self-mastery is a glorified soul in my way of thinking. They are the most highly evolved souls. They are the saints, patriarchs and prophets, the great Masters of mankind, the founders of religions. They are the elect who are a connecting link between the unenlightened humans and the range of invisible beings called angels and on upward to the consciousness of the Seraphim. These beings still exist as a luminous brotherhood on the invisible plane. Even in the Universal Brotherhood, there are varying levels in which consciousness continues to evolve. Every mystical movement has a different name for the brotherhood whose role is to watch over mankind and channel cosmic forces to men to help them awaken and grow spiritually.

I know this is true because I have seen, felt and communicated with many of them. They are the true Universal White Brotherhood. These beings have completed their soul evolution and are no longer subject to the whims of fate. They are invulnerable and immortal and possess all knowledge and all powers. Although these beings are masters there exist even more exalted beings. In other words, consciousness is always expanding as sublime hierarchies in the ongoing evolution of the Source as individual form. The beings of the Universal White Invisible Brotherhood are the link between mankind and the sublime levels of consciousness unimaginable to the conscious mind. The Brotherhood are first servants of love, wisdom and truth. They watch over us with great patience and are very powerful.

To gain access to their consciousness, we must prepare ourselves. In other words, we are required to have evolved certain qualities and virtues in our own consciousness. When we make the effort to be pure and dedicate our lives in service to a high ideal, a connection is made. When you have a vision or dream contact with an exalted being, it means that that being is in his or her own special way looking in on you and sending light and protection so you can become more and more like them. They help us achieve a good reflection of the light of the Source that we are. Their assignment, so to speak, is to touch and meet with souls in the flesh who are ready to vibrate in unison with the glorious Brotherhood. When a real connection is made, they frequently give us gifts and powers so we, too, may reach the very peak of evolution while in a human form. These are beings who once had human frailties and have conquered them.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Access to Subtle Realities

Some people do not believe that there is anything existing beyond what they experience through the five senses. To access the worlds of light, you need to develop the corresponding spiritual senses. To gain the knowledge of Light, depends on you. No one else is to blame. Since the only reality to man is what he feels, perhaps he needs to look closely at the way he feels. The inner reality is the only reality. You will gain entrance when this fact is accepted. To have achieved the physical bodies that we now use involved development over long periods of history. In many ways, the animals see, fear and sense better than we do. We are still evolving. We also have spiritual organs in our subtle bodies that are evolving. Developing our spiritual organs occurs more rapidly when we explore the spiritual regions of existence.

As I said in an earlier Blog, if you are clairvoyant you would see how many entities are around you when you are worried and upset. It is during those moments that they play with you. The "undesirables" from the lower astral plane are clever and find many ways into humans to torment them. If you give into their influence, you can disintegrate. Don't open your door to their presence because trouble will follow you to the psychologist or psychoanalyst's office. If you have studied any of the sacred books, you know they exist. Accept their existence and learn how to protect yourself.

You have a will...use it. Purity, inner light and will power prevents negative influences from clinging to you. They can't stand the light and will leave. Surround yourself with color and make an impassable barrier between you and negativity. Light scatters and disintegrates evil. It is when you are depressed, worried, ill, doubtful, angry and feeling helpless that you must remember to pray, meditate, and chant. You must act. Even masters have to protect themselves. There are many negative currents bouncing around the planet. Don't allow yourself to be at their mercy. Surround yourself with a circle of Light. This is a grave subject and must be understood. It is up to you to do what is necessary to keep yourself safe from assault.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Parallel Worlds

There exits parallel worlds of a subtle nature which are hierarchical in their structure similar to the diversified consciousness found in the minds living on earth. Few people write about the higher Causal etheric worlds of the soul because to write about them, one must experience them. It is possible to intuitively witness and feel the Land of the Living or higher Heavens if we have visions and our spiritual senses are activated. Very exalted spirits, saints, prophets and great Masters exist in the etheric plane working, protecting, enlightening and guiding all those who have chosen to walk in the light. These beings are specialists in mastery. In the book Be-Embracing the Mystery a few stories are shared.

This week, I shared a sprinkling of knowledge regarding the lower astral plane where tormented and earthbound souls find their home. I use the term lower because the dimension is in close proximity to our physical earth. The pristine purity that was once considered normal in matter and the adjoining space has lost it luminosity. The currents and forces of the divine world have been opposed by other forces, which are negative. There are many places in the world such as Greece, Thrace, Egypt and India that have lost their divine forces. Invisible entities that were once present helping human beings have left. There are souls in geographical locations who choose to lift consciousness and revere life: they are the ones who are always helped. These are the humans who desire to consciously return to the sacred located in the heart.

Between the very lowest vibration and the luminous regions of the universe are the other five levels consisting of seven sub levels, each housing consciousness in subtle forms. These are the regions of angels, guides, relatives and friends who have made a choice to serve humans who ask for assistance. Assistance is given regarding bodily, emotional, mental and spiritual issues as well as helpfulness with materiality. Beginning today and through next week, I will share firsthand experiences with the 'other side of life'.

A very close spiritual friend of mine prematurely left her body two months ago. During her lingering illness, we became daily Internet friends. In her last weeks, she would firmly state that she would help me from her subtle and new environment. One of the first things she did to let me know all was well with her in her new world was to tamper with my computer. I have five Internet addresses. Each of my personal email addresses has its own address book. One evening I went to write an email and the address book was empty. I checked out the other personal email address books and they also were empty except for one address. My physically deceased friends Internet email address was the only one left in all five of my otherwise empty address books. She left her signature, so to speak. Knowing how easily it is for souls in the subtle worlds to manipulate electronics, I also knew that she would return the contents to the five address books. I laughed and went to dinner. Later, I checked the five address books and everything was back to normal. This story is one of hundreds of experiences that I have had this lifetime with the power of love as well as mischief making from one of many parallel worlds to ours.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Entities, Trauma and Desires

The Cabbalistic tradition and many others teach that there are seven worlds or earths. This means that the earth is similar to man and has a range of seven states of existence/vibration ranging from the subtlest to the coarsest. This means, we have the same structure. To know yourself and to know earth, it is necessary to understand what a real human being is as well as the planet we live on. The most common names for the seven layers of energy consciousness are the etheric, astral, mental, Causal, Buddhic and Atmic planes. I write extensively about them in my latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery.

It is important to understand that we are in touch with the subtle realms through our subtle bodies just as the earth is in touch with the sun and other planets through its subtle bodies. Understanding explains influences. This is one of the many reasons astrology is important to some people. Each one of us is influenced by the state of the earth at the moment of our birth as well as signs that we are physically born under. The negative influences are minimal in a soul that has developed a high degree of master consciousness. I mention the subtle energies because earthbound or emotional entities often lodge their desires in any of the nine chakras of the Western man and the seven magnetic chakras of Eastern man. Trauma is an injury and it happens on the mental and spiritual level as well as the physical.

The following is an example from my book. "A soul vibrating in an invisible dimension can also cause a human to become sick or die. A young woman was brought to our home that smelled of death. She was anorexic. My friend held on to her very carefully as she gently helped her settle down into a comfortable chair. As I stood over the ill woman, I became aware of a subtle entity, her sister, who had died the year before. I intuitively knew that the deceased sister had also been anorexic. The "dead" sister who was very much alive on a lower astral plan was attempting to influence the living sister to stop eating and join her on the other side. Until that moment, the plan was working. I sternly lectured the entity about moral issues and that she must leave her sister alone and move onward into a different life in the dimension that is now her environment. I also called reinforcements, angels, to come and remove the lingering earthbound soul.

The Source, the power of the Holy Spirit, stepped in and everything was corrected. Once the young woman became free of the attachment and the influence of her deceased sister, her health rapidly improved. The debilitating experience changed the young woman's consciousness. She decided to help herself and others. The anorexic was now becoming whole. She enrolled in courses of study that would provide education and treatment for ongoing health, diet and enhancing her own sense of self esteem.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Cause of Evil

The doctrine that God can be incarnated in human form is found in both religion and philosophy. It is said, that when goodness grows weak, evil increases. What does this mean? The bodies of human beings are affected by the good or bad states of their minds. The answer to this question is discovered when we research and ultimately discover the Light. The divine serenity and good will of the many is one of the reasons the world does not go completely mad. In the psychic universe, the same holds true. If the psychic world is fed obsessive thoughts of evil, egotism and rebellion, it will connect with humans whose behavior is negatively emotional, mistreating the mind and body and off balance. The human mind affects consciousness regardless of its density or visibility.

When I speak of density, I am referring to the fact that matter is Light condensed. When a soul lives in matter, it psychologically distances itself from the Source, God, the Limitless Light. Imagine an immense circle with a point at its center. Living in a world of matter we are on the periphery and not at the center, which emanates the light. Souls who have manifested in matter lose their center. The only way they regain it is through personal seeking, striving, loving and being. So, if a soul does not know that it has distanced itself from the Center Light, it reacts in confusion, forgetfulness, sorrow and in many cases anger. These reactions are self-destructive. Much of the sorrow today is a direct result of humans understanding on a very subtle level that they are missing something very valuable. They are missing grace because they judge themselves from the outward appearance and not the inner light of perfection.

Yes, I am saying that the ugliness, disrespect, selfishness, horror and cruelty that can be experienced by a soul whether it is in a physical body or existing on a lower astral plane is the result of this sense of lack and separation. You see, when Nature and life is not respected or understood from the center point, the doer's light is diminished. Dying is all about diminished Light. When I look at people with my inward spiritual eye, the intensity of their light is obvious. The light of their consciousness can be barely visible or it can be like a waterfall spilling over into life itself. We are light first. The physical body came later. If we do not take care of the inner Light, the mind, emotions, body, relationships, work and whatever we do is harmed. It cannot expand because the light is temporarily capped. From a cosmic point of view, all of us must move towards the Center, the Limitless Light, Father-Mother God, our Source. Church, temple and ashram attendance is not the answer. The answer is within your heart and mind and how you allow your light to shine. If it is basically snuffed out, you die on every level through negative thoughts and associations. Your mind attracts to you what you think and feel about all day. Looking at evil from this perspective, ask your self whether any form of negativity is an outside influence directed at you or is it that your inside needs a divine scrubbing.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Negative Entities

Many intruders, invisible negative entities, do not know anything about realms of light and good. Beauty and wholeness is not real to them. They assume sickness and pain is normal. They are attracted to people who are not balanced in either body, mind or soul. Frequently attachments are felt in the physical body of the victim. The victim doesn't realize that his or her pain is actually an intruder who chose to make his home in that area. Sounds bizarre but after confronting a negative force who spoke through a patient as I laid hands on him, I know anything can happen. The earthbound entity did not understand love or the energy of spiritual light. In a case like this, I always call on the angels to come and remove the unwanted. The proof is in the result. The pain left the man's hip immediately upon the release of the entity.

Don't play around with an intruder from the subtle worlds. That assignment is for the angels to handle. As I said before you can with authority demand it to leave. I urge you to call in reinforcements for a permanent removal. There are mental entities who desire to direct a person in behavior and in purpose. Frequently, earth bound entities possess people who have violated their own conscience. Using drugs, even prescribed drugs, are an invitation to intruders if you are weak willed. People who play around with psychic boards and mediumship open themselves to possession. It may begin innocently but once you are hooked, the energy will shift. The idea behind the attachment is to manipulate you to their whims.

Alcoholism may be the result of an earthbound soul looking over your shoulder urging you to drink. There are entities who put their force into muscles creating constant tension for the target. Just because you cannot see the invisible world and its inhabitants, does not mean it isn't there right along side your physical existance. If you are Christian, command the intruder to leave in the name of Jesus. Many innocent people who have mental or emotional illnesses carry some kind of nasty spirit influence that is dark. Once the darkness is removed, the body can recuperate sometimes almost instantly or at least in hours. Strangely enough, a dead relative many be lodged into the victim and just won't let go. I have witnessed the tremendous influence of lost and manipulative spirits, their removal and the ill made whole. As long as we live in duality, we are exposed to both the dark and the light. People need to understand the dark forces and definitely increase their own light. Guard your negative emotions. They are the key that opens the door.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Earthbound Souls

I remember twenty years ago reading about Dr. Edith Fiore and her comments regarding earthbound souls. She was right on, so to speak. For thirty-eight years, I have had personal experience with this subject and have written about it in my last book, Be-Embracing the Mystery. The doctor stated that 80 per cent of her clients are possessed or obsessed. The symptoms range from mild to severe. Frequently, the possessed are hospitalized or even institutionalized. Dr. Fiore back then had already delivered over 1,000 people from possession. You do not need to go to a doctor or priest to rid yourself of one. The problem is that not all entities are docile and sometimes the one being attacked or bothered must be stern and demand that the intruder leave at once. I discovered through observation that some people actually enjoy having an attachment of another personality. For personal reasons, the entity fulfills a need lacking in the person's life.

Dr. Fiore advised to work on yourself and watch for the following symptoms: low energy levels, character shifts, mood swings, inner voices speaking, impulsive behavior, poor concentration, sudden onset of anxiety, sudden onset of depression and weight gain without reasons. I have removed unwanted earthbound souls for some of the reasons she mentions as well as other reasons. Sometimes, the earthbound souls are simply mischief makers. They are capable of banging on furniture, windows, playing in standing water, turning electrical appliances on and off, making objects move and much more. The souls who indulge in such activities are for the most part not spiritually aware of their purpose in existence. They also may have unfinished business and refuse to accept that they are no longer in a physical body. I am speaking of the type of entity who hovers around a human or location year after year, not guides or beings who desire to help a human by offering assistance.

This sounds absolutely nuts in many ways but it is recorded in most religious scriptures. Jesus said to his disciples, "This kind of entity does not go out except through fasting and prayer". As I said before, a few humans like having an entity around. They think it is amusing. A short fast usually dislodges the entities if they are not dark and determined to undermine the peace of the target. The following suggestions will help in discouraging nasty intruders. Keep open bibles around the home, place salt in the sign of a cross on a plate under your bed. Light a candle whenever it is appropriate, use incense, sprinkle salt in corners of your home, play inspirational music when depressed, take a herb called scullcap when you are depressed and dedicate your home to the Light of God and daily bless your home by going to each room making the sign of the cross in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If you really want to get rid of an intruder, be authoritative regarding intrusions from either negative people, entities or thought forms. Do not allow negativity to invade your space. People who have come to me have used these methods and they work only if you really want the earthbound soul removed. More tomorrow.