Monday, February 9, 2009

Access to Subtle Realities

Some people do not believe that there is anything existing beyond what they experience through the five senses. To access the worlds of light, you need to develop the corresponding spiritual senses. To gain the knowledge of Light, depends on you. No one else is to blame. Since the only reality to man is what he feels, perhaps he needs to look closely at the way he feels. The inner reality is the only reality. You will gain entrance when this fact is accepted. To have achieved the physical bodies that we now use involved development over long periods of history. In many ways, the animals see, fear and sense better than we do. We are still evolving. We also have spiritual organs in our subtle bodies that are evolving. Developing our spiritual organs occurs more rapidly when we explore the spiritual regions of existence.

As I said in an earlier Blog, if you are clairvoyant you would see how many entities are around you when you are worried and upset. It is during those moments that they play with you. The "undesirables" from the lower astral plane are clever and find many ways into humans to torment them. If you give into their influence, you can disintegrate. Don't open your door to their presence because trouble will follow you to the psychologist or psychoanalyst's office. If you have studied any of the sacred books, you know they exist. Accept their existence and learn how to protect yourself.

You have a will...use it. Purity, inner light and will power prevents negative influences from clinging to you. They can't stand the light and will leave. Surround yourself with color and make an impassable barrier between you and negativity. Light scatters and disintegrates evil. It is when you are depressed, worried, ill, doubtful, angry and feeling helpless that you must remember to pray, meditate, and chant. You must act. Even masters have to protect themselves. There are many negative currents bouncing around the planet. Don't allow yourself to be at their mercy. Surround yourself with a circle of Light. This is a grave subject and must be understood. It is up to you to do what is necessary to keep yourself safe from assault.

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