Friday, February 6, 2009

Parallel Worlds

There exits parallel worlds of a subtle nature which are hierarchical in their structure similar to the diversified consciousness found in the minds living on earth. Few people write about the higher Causal etheric worlds of the soul because to write about them, one must experience them. It is possible to intuitively witness and feel the Land of the Living or higher Heavens if we have visions and our spiritual senses are activated. Very exalted spirits, saints, prophets and great Masters exist in the etheric plane working, protecting, enlightening and guiding all those who have chosen to walk in the light. These beings are specialists in mastery. In the book Be-Embracing the Mystery a few stories are shared.

This week, I shared a sprinkling of knowledge regarding the lower astral plane where tormented and earthbound souls find their home. I use the term lower because the dimension is in close proximity to our physical earth. The pristine purity that was once considered normal in matter and the adjoining space has lost it luminosity. The currents and forces of the divine world have been opposed by other forces, which are negative. There are many places in the world such as Greece, Thrace, Egypt and India that have lost their divine forces. Invisible entities that were once present helping human beings have left. There are souls in geographical locations who choose to lift consciousness and revere life: they are the ones who are always helped. These are the humans who desire to consciously return to the sacred located in the heart.

Between the very lowest vibration and the luminous regions of the universe are the other five levels consisting of seven sub levels, each housing consciousness in subtle forms. These are the regions of angels, guides, relatives and friends who have made a choice to serve humans who ask for assistance. Assistance is given regarding bodily, emotional, mental and spiritual issues as well as helpfulness with materiality. Beginning today and through next week, I will share firsthand experiences with the 'other side of life'.

A very close spiritual friend of mine prematurely left her body two months ago. During her lingering illness, we became daily Internet friends. In her last weeks, she would firmly state that she would help me from her subtle and new environment. One of the first things she did to let me know all was well with her in her new world was to tamper with my computer. I have five Internet addresses. Each of my personal email addresses has its own address book. One evening I went to write an email and the address book was empty. I checked out the other personal email address books and they also were empty except for one address. My physically deceased friends Internet email address was the only one left in all five of my otherwise empty address books. She left her signature, so to speak. Knowing how easily it is for souls in the subtle worlds to manipulate electronics, I also knew that she would return the contents to the five address books. I laughed and went to dinner. Later, I checked the five address books and everything was back to normal. This story is one of hundreds of experiences that I have had this lifetime with the power of love as well as mischief making from one of many parallel worlds to ours.

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