Thursday, February 5, 2009

Entities, Trauma and Desires

The Cabbalistic tradition and many others teach that there are seven worlds or earths. This means that the earth is similar to man and has a range of seven states of existence/vibration ranging from the subtlest to the coarsest. This means, we have the same structure. To know yourself and to know earth, it is necessary to understand what a real human being is as well as the planet we live on. The most common names for the seven layers of energy consciousness are the etheric, astral, mental, Causal, Buddhic and Atmic planes. I write extensively about them in my latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery.

It is important to understand that we are in touch with the subtle realms through our subtle bodies just as the earth is in touch with the sun and other planets through its subtle bodies. Understanding explains influences. This is one of the many reasons astrology is important to some people. Each one of us is influenced by the state of the earth at the moment of our birth as well as signs that we are physically born under. The negative influences are minimal in a soul that has developed a high degree of master consciousness. I mention the subtle energies because earthbound or emotional entities often lodge their desires in any of the nine chakras of the Western man and the seven magnetic chakras of Eastern man. Trauma is an injury and it happens on the mental and spiritual level as well as the physical.

The following is an example from my book. "A soul vibrating in an invisible dimension can also cause a human to become sick or die. A young woman was brought to our home that smelled of death. She was anorexic. My friend held on to her very carefully as she gently helped her settle down into a comfortable chair. As I stood over the ill woman, I became aware of a subtle entity, her sister, who had died the year before. I intuitively knew that the deceased sister had also been anorexic. The "dead" sister who was very much alive on a lower astral plan was attempting to influence the living sister to stop eating and join her on the other side. Until that moment, the plan was working. I sternly lectured the entity about moral issues and that she must leave her sister alone and move onward into a different life in the dimension that is now her environment. I also called reinforcements, angels, to come and remove the lingering earthbound soul.

The Source, the power of the Holy Spirit, stepped in and everything was corrected. Once the young woman became free of the attachment and the influence of her deceased sister, her health rapidly improved. The debilitating experience changed the young woman's consciousness. She decided to help herself and others. The anorexic was now becoming whole. She enrolled in courses of study that would provide education and treatment for ongoing health, diet and enhancing her own sense of self esteem.

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