Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Type of Programmer Are You?

Through the power of thought, you have actively programmed every single person, thing and event into your life. Perhaps, you are thinking that this is total nonsense. Human beings for the most part are unconscious mortal creators. Since you already create both consciously and unconsciously, why not change a pattern that is not working? You can reconstruct your experiences. If this principle is understood and applied, you can change everything in life that displeases simply by changing your thinking. You also must be realistic and understand that you are changing your self. You are the project, not someone else. Usually when we change, those around us eventually make a shift. It may take a while but it will happen and surprises usually are a part of the change.

First, you have to be convinced you have a higher Nature who actually will correct and direct your life if you give it permission. The more you allow the better part of your nature to take control, the greater the rescue mission. You are actually creating a rescue pattern removing the negative energy that is collected from misdirected thinking and the dangerous energy of others. One of the first changes required is to stop separating the physical plane from the spiritual plane. You are a multifaceted being that is unconsciously seeking to merge its parts into wholeness.
It is your destiny to become a balanced human being and accomplish works of magic and wonder.

Everything that comes to you on the path of life comes for a reason. You can deliberately step out of misery. It is not inevitable nor does confusion need to be the dominant note in your life. There is an urgency being felt by sensitive humans, which is telling us change is on the way. What is needed right now is a new humanity, a brave and bold humanity who will choose to develop an inner thought power whereby we become conscious of our unity with life. No one can give us freedom. No one can transform our consciousness. We are the programmers who must do the "work" and take the necessary steps to free ourselves from falsity and unkindness. This is our be conscious. The future is determined by the choices made. Waiting for someone else to do your assignment isn't the answer. To succeed in conscious programming, touch the center of your being, the inner goodness. You already have what it takes to draw out from the heart a lost inheritance. Look at it, love it and live it~