Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Causes of Human Suffering

Much of the suffering experienced in our lives is a carryover from misconceptions and wrongdoings incurred in previous lifetimes. The problems of today were created by the thoughts and actions of yesterday. What is happening in our lives is the result of past causes. If we recognize the cause, unpleasant conditions will improve and gradually be eliminated. Simultaneously, we must guard that the same type of mistakes are not repeated. It is when we deliberately go against the higher laws of life that illnesses and discord become a constant companion. When humans ignore the laws of nature and goodness, they invite negative forces into their life system. Many illnesses can be averted through a change in consciousness. Good old common sense, disciplining yourself, making healing choices and monitoring physical activities as well as guarding the gate to the mind will discourage negative forces from using you as a vehicle for entertainment.

The purpose in living in a physical form is to build a temple for the spirit within. As we evolve and embrace the spirit of who we really are, the personality will release itself from the wheel of suffering and illusion. Generally speaking, humans ignore the laws of harmony and the esoteric meaning of life. Suffering is man's own making. What is in the heart, the consciousness, out pictures in daily life. Man receives what he created. Change consciousness; change the outcomes in your life. What appears as an injustice is the balancing of the scales. No one can really know the full story by appearance alone. It is past history as well as present life experiences that create and mold the soul and mind. The energy whether positive or negative follows you throughout your journey. Understanding how our thoughts and actions follow us, it is also understood that there is no innocent victim.

Everything that manifests on all levels of consciousness occurs first as an idea. In the purest sense, the answer to human suffering is found in the great truth that suffering is directly linked to an individuals conscious separation from the Source of Life. The thinking mind, as a result, is confused. It looks for God out there somewhere instead of recognizing that an individual is an aspect of God and that aspect is within. Because the average person does not comprehend what it really is, the human is subject to all the illusions, darkness and confusion that spiritual ignorance provides. It is as if a thick veil hides the truth from the mind. The inner man, his heart, may intuitively know what is real but it is not until both the mind and heart merge and work as a team does the veil lift sufficiently to expose what is real and what is false. Once the veil is lifted, the suffering will lift considerably because understanding truth breaks through the mesmerism of unenlightened thinking.