Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will Any Mantra Do?

Preferably, choose a mantra that reflects your discipline, the goal you desire to manifest. Once you seriously begin a spiritual discipline, there will be effects from your effort. What you are doing is clearing out negative energy. Tensions may lessen and in some cases, temporarily increase. Some people experience supernatural things either seen or heard. When you make a choice to chant and your intention is to evolve, you have placed yourself in an energy where spiritual forces are activated. The body is doing two things. It is attracting energy from subtle planes as well as processing the inner energy passing through the chakras. The energy coming in is causing accumulated junk to be released and passed out from your energy world. You have probably already noticed how thoughts and emotions are released and the negative patterns are tapped into.

Speaking of tapping, several of the three hundred plus meridians on the physical body also release trapped energy. Whatever method we use to remove unwanted patterns will more than likely be recalled because they have been important to you on one level or more. Pay close attention to what you feel, see and hear. Many people experience mystical images, designs, at the center of the brow. It is prudent for you to do some research regarding the image given to you. There is a reason why it appeared. Try to be consistent with your spiritual disciplines. I do not look at disciplines as a test. The powerful forces within us frequently resist change. They are used to being in control. Continue your practice even though internal conflict arises and eventually you will achieve victory over the subconscious part of the mind.

Some people confuse fate and karma. Believing in fate is in some ways accepting helplessness, losing control of your life. All too common, people associate karma with a negative condition. It is true that what we send out into the universe returns to us. We have free will. We can through our own soul work heal ourselves from the negative aspect of karma. Vedic teachings describe four types of karma: 1, the sum of all accumulated past actions in all of our previous individual lifetimes. 2, Karma that has resulted from past actions in this current life experience. 3, Results from actions in the present lifetime that will affect future incarnations. 4, Results experienced immediately from our present actions. All actions are stored in the baggage department of the soul. It is interesting how the people we encounter or circumstances we are met with will trigger bits of karma, releasing them and bringing them out into the open. Chanting mantras works directly on all types of karma.