Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unhappiness is the Consequence of Our Actions

We were taught that to be a good person we must give to others. This is true but not at the expense of making our self a cripple. I am referring to the common practice of being busy, busy and busier all the time. How can we keep negativity away from our door if we are spreading personal energy all over the place? As an example, the body is the temple of the soul. What are you doing to protect the temple so intruders do not invade your consciousness? Forgetting to honor the body alone can put the inner Self in exile. Are you the type of person who must be busy all the time and feel guilty if you are not? If so, it is time to stop and reevaluate your life. Busyness will eventually create a deep unhappiness within. It reminds me of a dream that I once had. I collected all my most precious jewels and gave them away to someone who was extremely busy. What a waste! A person who is overly occupied is quickly edging toward exile from his or her own true identity.

To give is a natural gesture of an open heart. Not to take disciplined time out to receive from the font of the inner Wisdom leads to grief. To give and not allow your self to receive is not honoring who you are or permitting the inner spirit to feed you the divine nectar. When I refer to receiving, it is not necessarily receiving help or guidance from another human. There is a higher form of receiving that pulls us out of the short sightedness of busyness and returns us to the Center where we can identify with the inner image, the original image of God. If we are caught up in the busyness of complicated activities, it is very easy to fall into the habit of a poor use of the spiritual senses, intelligence and emotions. How can we hear or see with the spiritual senses or experience the intimacy of the Divine if we are constantly caught up in activities of the world? I am suggesting that you give priority to developing an intimacy with the Source and Principle of your being, the One. If you allow negligence through busyness, you will eventually be sad. Sadness is one of the worse experiences of the soul.

Start simplifying your life. Learn to delegate responsibilities to others. You are not other people's savior. How can you be liberated if you do not give full attention or have access to sacred knowledge? If you do not make daily time for deep contemplation, prayer and meditation, you will experience a great loss. The mind will be unprepared and the ability to activate true vision compromised. As you learn to erase the old design that kept enabled a sense of separation from the inner wisdom, others will naturally gravitate toward your energy. They will recognize that you have something special to give them. This is true. What they do not realize is that the treasure they seek is already within them. They do not know about their treasure and usually do not believe you when you remind them. In this writing, I am simply urging you to remember your own treasure and not neglect it. Do not fall into the habit of busyness and neglect your own precious jewels. It is a greater gift for you to help others through example to realize that the Divine gift they are missing is already within them. Keep reminding yourself and those who come to you of this great truth. When friends and strangers finally listen and take action, they will understand that they do not require an intermediary. The Super Consciousness, the higher part of the Mind, is the intermediary between the feeling nature and the spirit nature. As they learn to identify with the Super Consciousness, the Christ Presence, they will transfigure the body, expand and calm the soul and identify with the inner Spirit.

Note: For those who read the daily blogs, the messages are not excerpts from my book, BE-Embracing the Mystery.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guileless Wisdom -The Pretender

The following is a true story. Since a few of the people involved are still living, there have been a few alterations. I was raised a Lutheran yet my family were universal in their understanding. We recognized the light within and the golden thread of love that connected all the religions and philosophies of the known world. The location of this story is a Lutheran college. The setting is spring of my senior year. The actors were my boyfriend, his fraternity brother and myself. The time was an era when the subject of metaphysics, the coming Golden Age and the radiant Light were not openly discussed. I always kept silent about my belief in preexistence, luminous beings, karma and ongoing life. Ever since I can remember, my parents had a small group of friends who met on a Friday night to privately discuss what was not being discussed openly as it is today.

The drama began when the fraternity brother of my boyfriend contacted me requesting a private meeting. He said that he had something remarkable to share and I would be the only one who would understand. During this time period, my consciousness was unusually pure and innocent. It never dawned on me that people existed who would act improperly and promote incorrect teachings or behavior in the name of truth and love. Nor did it ever cross my mind that a soul can be raped. I was curious about the mysterious and we agreed to meet. At this point in my story you are either going to laugh out loud at my stupidity or you will have tears and shake your head in disbelief. He told me that he was a luminous being from Nirvana and that he had stepped into this particular body specifically to instruct and be with me whenever he felt the timing was appropriate. He was very knowledgeable about the eastern religions and somehow knew that they were of great interest to me. Remember, this is a Lutheran college and new age groups, gurus and esoteric book availability were not of the same interest then as they are now. Although I had a serious relationship with another man, I felt singled out by a master with great powers who happened to have the ability to enter and leave a human body by choice. It was not a possession according to him but a convenience to exercise his will. Because of my unusual trust in goodness and not having developed vigilance or discernment, I was an easy target for the glamour of psychic powers. I was misled.

We secretly met periodically and I was the gullible and willing student. This man besides being unusually informative was very handsome and his words were like the first taste of honey. How could a girl be so fortunate? A man-god had come to visit and share his wisdom and powers. He claimed he could take my life away and raise me from the dead. I actually did not recognize the deceit or lack of pure intention...only the beauty of his appearance and words. I agreed. That was the last word remembered until I found him administering mouth-to-mouth first aid in the car. Although I blacked out and the struggle to regain my breath was difficult, I obviously survived. He had choked the life out of me and brought me back as he claimed he would. My dress was ripped. No apology...nothing. Remember, he was demonstrating his power over matter.

I had never been exposed to spiritual darkness nor did I recognize evil face to face. The next day my eyeballs hemorrhaged. I required medical attention. A word to others was never said. The horrific experience was my introduction to evil, manipulation and the misuse of power. My words to you cannot be emphasized strongly enough. There is a fallen nature in some souls. These souls are separated from the Light by their own choice. Today, many of us are focusing on the divine, the unity of all souls. In our thirst and hunger for unity, let us not forget diversity. There are souls here in the flesh who are ready to crush the naive, the innocent at heart.

Perhaps, in today's world such innocence does not exist. Whether it does or not, please pay attention, be vigilant and honor your life. Regardless of how beautifully someone presents his or her self, do not be enamored by appearance or the words spoken. Think deeply. Go within to the true power and not allow an ego, a pretender, to be your guide. Please develop discernment and intuition so you know what is true and what is not true. I trusted the good in another but the other had no good to give.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What is a Corrupted Nature?

Corrupted is a strong word yet, it does plainly imply what has happened to our inner nature. We are light beings temporarily using a physical form. What has happened in our journey is a huge cover up of our original nature. The cover up consists of projections, assumptions and judgments that are mainly inherited from others. It is common for people not to use self-examination and question or verify their beliefs.
In my opinion, this is a sickness lodged in the subconscious and conscious part of the mind which adversely affects the higher intelligence and heart. It is the great cover up of our true nature...light. People espouse their perceptions of Truth and as a result betray truth. Shortsightedness is a common disease. Disorientation, not understanding what true desire is, taking ourselves for something that we are not and identifying with an image that is usually false is all part of our creating a corrupted consciousness.

We become mislead when we are not vigilant. How many seriously meditate and ask only for their 'original face'? Original face is the face of Light, the real eternal you. Meditation will provide a means for you to actually see your original face. Discipline, passion and vigilance will prevent others from misleading you. When you are prepared in consciousness, meditation and communion with the Divine, will offer you authentic messages. When you consciously reunite with the roots of your being, an intimacy is created and you gradually awaken to the magnificence within.

Perhaps, you life feels that it has been one injustice happening after another. Injustice, according to my meditative understanding, occurs only when the soul has not created the situation. If you have created the drama in the past as cause, it will return to you as an effect when you are ready to heal and release it. There is another lingering issue some of us are experiencing. It is a hidden sadness. Sadness may cause extreme pain to the soul. In my own case, I am a very positive personality who projects joy and stability. Within my heart there are remnants of sadness, which are now healing. The hidden sadness is the direct result of being abused for my love of truth in many life experiences. In present time, I no longer put up a wall to protect my feelings from those who lack the light of understanding. Although I always immediately forgive, the sorrow for their immaturity and doubts lingered. From experience, I suggest that you feel your tears and other emotions at the time it happens rather than hold them in memory by denying their existence. Learn to pass through the feelings and walk forward toward a higher serenity and more sensitive maturity accepting that the spiritually negligent will one day remember and identify with the sacred within.

Monday, April 27, 2009

What Actually is Spiritual Ignorance?

This week we will examine the sickness of the heart and mind and how the sickness is recognizable through very common inclinations. For instance, when we lack discrimination, we become enslaved. Why? The inner Nature has not been recognized. Spiritual ignorance takes many forms. The personality becomes enamoured with impermanence. Impermanence generates illusions, attachments and the two lead to suffering. Ignorance is a sickness of the heart and mind and falsely assumes that the impermanent world is where riches can be found. Not so. The inner light is infinitely richer than that of any possession.

The most powerful way to protect your self from negative energy is to remove the remaining ignorance's that exist in your own thinking and feeling nature. Until we see the harm that we are doing to ourselves by refusing to acknowledge the darkness, which I also call spiritual ignorance, we will not be free of negative influences. Some of the ignorance's are the following: lack of discrimination, not allowing or seeing the Light, lack of a higher understanding, cravings for things or people that are not permanent, ignorance of your own spiritual identity, jealousy, enslavement to the physical body, intellectual knowledge and impure intention. When we are freed from the ignorance's that are commonly accepted as our identifications, we will not make future mistakes or attract negative entities or energies toward us.

We can deliberately erase the false design that we have in most cases ignorantly created with a higher design, a design that has as its foundation true understanding. Understanding what needs to be removed, moves us toward harmony, oneness and equanimity. We are on earth in a physical body to learn to grow. We can be restored by being reminded of our purpose and then taking the right actions. As we discard the old and bring in the new design, it is easier to create an indescribable singular intimacy with our Source. What I would like you to ask yourself today is, "Do I live in that intimacy?" Go over the above list of possible ignorance's that block a soul from recovery and each day deliberately take another step toward true freedom.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Two thousand Years of Absolute Truth?

Those of us who have been raised Christian have assumed that the only sources of tradition about Jesus and his disciples were the four gospels in the New Testament. Then the surprises began... In 1945 in a place called Nag Hammadi, fifty ancient Christian texts proved the Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are only a small selection of gospels from among the dozens that circulated among early Christian groups. Since then, the Gospel of Judas has been discovered, a gospel I have not yet read. The revealed books have opened up new perspectives on familiar gospel stories. You may have heard the 'newly' discovered gospels referred to as the "Gnostic" gospels.

From my intensive research physically and psychically, the early Christians loved and revered the written records but they were not aware of some of the beliefs that the church included much later on and Christians take for granted. The early Christians received the public teachings and also the private teachings to selected disciples. The private teachings were considered as an advance level teaching for those who understood Jesus' basic message. Even the Gospel of Mark tells the reader that Jesus explained things to certain disciples in private, entrusting to them alone "the mystery of the Kingdom of God." This makes sense.

It was common for rabbis then and many teachers do today to reserve deeper truths for students who are prepared to receive. Gospels like the Gospel of Thomas opens, "These are the secret words which the living Jesus spoke, and Didymus Judas Thomas wrote them down." Well...we all know how people react to the idea of a message being secret. It is the same idea with the ancient teachings and temples being referred to as the Mystery Schools. The energy of mystery also veils the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. The gospel was given to her in a vision. I understand and know that exchanges-teachings can occur through the subtle senses of the spirit.
Irenaes and Bishop Athanasius of Alexandria disapproved of any unusual gospels and rejected them as illegitimate books. It is a shame because in the so called obscure sayings, explanations are more to the point in explaining or supporting interpretations.

Two hundred years after Jesus left the scene, an approved list of gospels were presented in the churches. The approved list consisted of 27 books. The secret books, which contained paradox and mystery very similar to the mystical teachings of Kabbalah were discarded. Historians are debating the secret books and will continue to do so. In my opinion, we know truth intuitively. Discovered treasures from the past tend to explode what was accepted before and students, the faithful, begin to question what is real and what is not real. The early Christian movement was diverse and fascinating. Intrigue creates questions regarding Jesus instigating the events of the passion and seeing them as part of a divine plan to create a higher step on the ladder of consciousness for humankind.

Controversy is good. It forces us to think deeply. The deeper our belief and open mindedness, the greater our understanding of the wise messages offered to humanity. The messages are remarkable because they repeatedly state the truth that everything is already within us. Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed." This statement includes discernment, intuition, keen observation, belief and deep thinking. We are expected to be bold, knock and trustingly enter.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Man's Greatest Mistake

Man's greatest mistake has been to try to break away from the One. When we separate ourselves from the One, we have two, which is duality. Even though everything and everyone on our planet is divided into two, the essence of who we are is One. When we divide everything, we mutilate and no longer understand that we are a unit of infinite possibilities. One is obviously harmony, healing and happiness. Once an individual understands that it is possible to go beyond the two of good and evil, solutions, peace, beauty and genuine joy are experienced. In ancient times, the philosophy of unity was the primary teaching. Dualism appeared in the Persian religion of Manicheism and in Christianity with the concept of Satin. Muslims call the negative influence Shaitan and the Egyptians called him Seith. Cabbalists and astrologers called the planet Saturn, the devil.

People cry for God's help in the hope that they will be free from suffering and sorrows. The mess was not created by God. We are the ones who have put up so many barriers of falsity between the Creator and ourselves. Because we have made the mistake of distancing ourselves from our very Source, it is up to us to clear away all the obstacles preventing us from being and living who we truly are. To let in the light, we have to open the blinds. Everything works together; it does not need to be divided. Negative energies run rampant in human experience because we have created them. We can correct our mistakes through aligning the body, mind and soul with the One power, the only real power from my experience. The following is an example of one of many incidents in my life when I trusted and called on a higher Power to take charge of a situation that was straight out of hell.

A friend had given me a gift certificate for a massage. She felt I could use a little pampering because two people very close to me had suddenly died in one week. As soon as I stepped in the office, I felt a terrible heaviness and knew something was terribly wrong. I felt worse after the massage. I felt so weak that I immediately went home and to bed. What I witnessed in my room would have frightened anyone who has not successfully participated in exorcism work. A large dark form as wide and deep as half of my bedroom boldly appeared. The negativity that was so debilitating in the massage office had followed me home. I felt that the conglomerate was a collection of negative energies that had been left in the unsuspecting therapist's place of work.

Since I did not feel divided or fearful, I knew that if I called on Celestial help it would immediately come to my rescue. I prayed. Immediately after saying the prayer, a lightning bolt in the shape of Archangel Michael's sword suddenly came swiftly from the left side of the room. The radiant blue-white luminous sword flashed past me aiming directly at the enormous dark form. In a short breath, the Celestial Light dissipated the darkness. The heaviness left my body immediately. My soul rejoiced and harmony was restored. A magic wand is not required to remove the darkness of duality and ignorance. A strong belief and a willingness to open the mind and heart and reach higher than the appearance world of lack, limitation, ignorance and sorrow. I totally believed in the One Power, God, and had earlier in life answered the Call. When I was in need, Love answered my call~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good and Evil Operating in Us

Are your desires lofty, your intentions good and behavior usually pleasant? Perhaps, in an unguarded moment you react from a part of you that you are not proud of. Every human has two sides. Being in the flesh consists of a higher and lower nature. The contradictory forces become active when you make a decision to be a better person with resolutions that will shape you into a human being who will reflect your higher nature. It is as if the forces are eager to challenge your good intentions. When you make a decision to evolve your consciousness, it is a good practice to analyze yourself and be on guard. Learn to take precautions to guard your purpose by meditating and surrounding yourself with individuals both seen and unseen who will guide and protect you. When you choose to spiritually awaken, you have an obligation to be conscious of all that goes on within and without.

Keep asking yourself why you are on earth and what is expected of you. Things just don't happen. There is a powerful order which exists behind all creation; its laws are immutable. When you begin to accept and live by the laws of harmony, true soul evolution begins. If you resist, you simply delay the inevitable. If you continue to live by the dictates of your own personality, ongoing challenges will definitely confront you that conflict with the laws of harmony. True credentials are the authority of the higher Nature. To evolve requires recognition and understanding of an existence in our midst that is far more powerful and more beautiful than the world of matter as we think of it. In scripture it mentions becoming a servant to the Lord. When you fully understand that being a servant is surrendering the ego or lesser human nature to the spiritual identity, the Christ possibility that lives within, then you begin to discover truth as it is meant to be lived. Then, you know with certainty that a world of real power is with you every step of the way because you have correctly identified who is the boss, the Good within.

The lower nature, the ego-personality, will sometimes interfere and thwart your good intentions. When your intentions are thrown off, the interference comes from the part of you that has not been mastered. Some teachings instruct the students on how they can wipe out the evil or lower nature. Evil does exist and to say it does not is to be in denial. As long as humans are not fully enlightened, dark forces are at work because there is a reason for its continued existence. Evil can be a poison for those who are not awakened. Once you grasp its significance and you are strong, it can be used as a cure. Why not learn to use and transform the negative? If evil were meant to be destroyed, God would take care of it, right? Have you examined the thought that evil exists to help us be restored to the order within ourselves? If you have understood this truth, you also experience the harmony of not being bothered by lesser energies because you have learned to bring in the Light and dissipate the darkness. Darkness is spiritual ignorance. We have to move to a higher vibration to have command of both good and evil. You can learn to use an opposing force. In truth, duality is simply a manifestation of unity.

Sages, saints, prophets and people with good intentions who have chosen to do healing work have been and still are tormented by earthbound entities. I am constantly receiving messages from people regarding being attacked by psychic poisons. Not only do attacks occur inner anguish, negative energies arrive on the scene as disasters and disease when you go against the laws of your higher Nature, the spirit. Have you ever wondered why saints like Job, St. Anthony and Padre Pio and others have been tempted and endured horrific ordeals? The answer, dear friends, is to see how they would react. Once you understand with a certainty why certain things happen that behave like poisons, you will also strive to purify and use everything good within you to become stronger. Eventually, you will become immune to not only the fluctuations of your little ego but to outer disorder and conflict.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What is Purity?

Today, will be somewhat different. In the early 1980's I wrote my first book called Circle of Light. A stranger who lived in Rochester, NY, was a student of a master teacher named Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. Omraam's Initatic Science School was and is located in southern France. This stranger had read my book and insisted that a copy be sent to his international teacher, which he did send as a gift. Soon afterwards, I received a handwritten letter on the finest paper. Omraam praised my intent and particularly appreciated one of the poems that I had written that was included in the book. Omraam encouraged me to allow my consciousness to lead and to live with courage and fulfill what I came here to do. A very warm and touching letter from a brilliant light who I had not met except in visions of light. Omraam and I have a strong history of similarities but then, this frequently happens to souls with pure intent who have chosen to serve. Although he deliberately vacated his body shortly after he wrote me the encouraging letter, I have felt his presence occasionally particularly during times of great movement in my life. The following is the poem that he admired:


PURITY is a state of being; it takes eons of time to awaken within the conscious mind. It is the key to eventual freedom and Oneness.
PURITY is understanding and keeps forever in its consciousness the truth that each is struggling in his or her own way for conscious perfection.
PURITY is a cleanliness of mind. It does not soil itself with negative thoughts that separate; these outpourings only dissipate and discolor the energy of the soul.
PURITY is kindness and selflessness towards others; the desire to give, lovingly, each in his or her own way.
PURITY is patience in life, the battleground, the school for souls. All worthwhile desires take time to materialize.
PURITY is resting in that which is Unseen, that which we cannot always grasp or comprehend; to put our trust in God knowing that we are loved and all will be as it should.
PURITY is a result of long preparation and paving of the Way. The human prepares his or her body and conscious mind for purity, the honored guest.
PURITY is a joy in the comfort of understanding and thankfulness. It is a happiness that only those who are touched by the grace of SPIRIT comprehend.
PURITY is life, the true life, for it has purpose, dedication and realization. It has a freedom that flows out of unity and harmony.
PURITY is humility before holiness. Human hood cannot comprehend the Supreme Spirit intellectually. Its love, power and wisdom is only known through the awakened heart, the intuitive experience.
PURITY is a final realization that we are purity Itself, never separated; the one Life, the one Heart, the one Mind pulsating throughout the Universe.

Shirlee Hall

Monday, April 20, 2009

More on Dark and Destructive Guests

In the Gospel it says, 'If anyone loves me, he will keep my word; and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.' What do you think this means? Could it be that we are constructed in such a way that it is possible for other entities to dwell in us? So, if good can mix with our personal energy, why not entities with less than good intent? The Bible is filled with examples. Cases of possession are recounted in both the Old and New Testaments and other scriptures as well. Whether you call the energies attachments or possessions, they are creatures of an inferior order that desire to control a human being.

Earthbound souls are visitors who do not wish to leave. When the human personality is filled with negativity, holes are created in the energy field creating openings for unwanted guests. The quality and quantity of inhabitants is determined by the degree of harmony established within the human. Not only do we have a soul dwelling in the house, body, we have different forms of life circulating in the soul. Either good or bad influences can occur according to our thoughts, feelings and state of mental and physical health. When a human has a vice, it is similar to having another being living within him who controls his behavior. If you have read Faust, for instance, you will remember that he put a pentagram over the door of his house in order to prevent elementals from entering and good spirits from leaving. I am not suggesting that you do this. The best remedy is to be in control of your self.

What can we do to avoid dark and destructive guests? You have heard or read of the light of God, which is purity and love. Negative intruders are terrified of the light nor do they understand the energy of love. The more love you develop for God and focus on truth, beauty and light, the more difficult you make it for any intruder to slip in. Qualities of purity, intelligence and love repel them. You have to be very strong, demanding and yes, loving, to drive them out. These creatures do exist and are attracted to weaknesses in the human. From the beginning of creation it is recorded that there are many inhabitants within man. Every thought and emotion that passes through man emits electro-magnetic currents attracting either positive or negative influences.

You may love God, beauty, harmony and wisdom and yet, allow yourself to be a victim of spirits of the darkness. In the beginning of the take-over, the intruder will usually appear kind and helpful. Once you fall for the idea that you have an inside helper, you will experience the true nature of the entity. The greater per cent of the time they are diabolical earth bound souls whose only desire is to take over a body. To allow possession is to give up your life. It is serious business. Why would anyone allow manipulation? Lonely people who would like a companion. People who feel that they can personally gain power by having an inside reporter as part of their energy. Many reasons...all foolish~

Friday, April 17, 2009

Can Earthbound Entities Bother You?

People frequent write to me about how they are being attacked by negative energy that may or may not take a visible form. These energies are not of the earth but they are alive and are attracted to earth. They appear at first glance to be attracted to people who are involved with substance abuse and negative behavior. Although there is a lot of truth in this conclusion many good people are being attacked as well. A famous Catholic priest, Padre Pio, is an excellent example. Anything that throws the chemistry of our body out of balance may attract earth bound entities who have nothing to do except cause nasty problems. I was first introduced to this subject in 1971 when a widowed neighbor brought his daughter over to see me. The father was desperate. His daughter had changed from an honor student and good daughter who respected her father's family boundaries to a totally different and unpleasant personality.

The father left and I was alone with a high school girl, a stranger. I started to make friendly chatter and she immediately confided that she liked to use a psychic board game. A red flag went up right away because I already knew that the psychic board games usually attract earthbound entities who love to answer questions pretending they are wise and concerned. Suddenly, the girl shared the fact that she smokes marijuana. Once she confessed that fact, I was aware of another presence in the room. It was a dark entity, a nasty parasite of the lower worlds who is capable of knowing our thoughts and intent. The entity knew that I had a higher power, a gift of healing, and did not want me influencing his target. What the entity did next was to send my body intensely hot and uncomfortable energy that began to confuse my thinking. I had never had an attack experience but knew with a certainty that this gesture was not friendly and she wanted me to stop influencing the girl.

There was no time to be wasted on thinking. Action had to be taken. I stood up and placed my hands above the girl's head and said a "power" word demanding that the negative entity leave her body immediately. This was my first experience with exorcism. Using a name of God with control, passion and the highest intent will remove anything that is lesser in its intent. An instantaneous healing occurred. When I said the power word, a vaporous substance left the girl's body. She stood up with a big smile on her face. She exclaimed, "She's gone, she's gone!" I asked, "Who is gone? She told me the name of the entity attachment. Now that the intruder had been removed, the girl's countenance was radiant and no longer troubled. There was an amazing shift in her energy.

There is much more to this story and it all has to do with not honoring who we are and abusing our bodies. When we neglect our own lives, we open a door to a lower invisible dimension inviting trouble of the worst possible kind. We must respect who we are. Humans and their various forms of self abuse are the authors of dark forms. Earthbound souls and entity attachments are mentioned in scripture, poetry, literature, art and other avenues of expression. Lost souls exist. Don't invite them...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It is God's Good Pleasure to Give to You

Do you believe that it is God's good pleasure to give to you or do you feel unworthy?
When we change the way we look at things and genuinely try to reflect our higher Nature, we get it. What we get is that God is the real part of us and when we see that spark in others as well as in us, we can receive with an understanding and joyful heart.When we finally accept our own divinity, a healing begins to happen within and without. Healing merges the individual spirit, our eternal higher nature, with matter. The merging transforms the appearance through the conscious direction of the power of thought. I firmly believe the more stable and healthy we are in mind and body, the greater our ability to freely live and serve life.

Anyone playing the role of the transmitter of the One Power and One Presence must be in a state of balance to be truly effective. Some of you are called upon to help heal others. From longtime personal experience it is best that the human personality is forgotten during the treatment and the inner spirit identity remembered in both you and the client. Healing occurs when we are conscious of perfection and unconscious of the appearance of imperfection. In other words, I am suggesting that you not make imperfection the focus. See balance and beauty, strength and wholeness. See behind the appearance. When you focused on flaws, negative energy increases. Denial is not what I am suggesting~ Only see and feel beauty. There are grander possibilities. Focus on what you deserve or your client loved one or friend deserves and what you feel is good. If persistent and believing enough, the intelligence within the cells will eventually take you seriously and obey the thoughts sent by creating a new and balanced mold.

The divine within gives to us according to our light, understanding and love. When we trust and believe and allow, the perfection and good pleasure of the Divine manifests as physical and mental perfection. It also manifests as matter. See your self and others as joyful and complete. This is one way for you to give and make a difference. Although others may not resonate to your vision of them, the thoughts you are sending will not be wasted. One day, they will in gratitude accept the love you have offered, the same love that you accepted from the God within you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Type of Programmer Are You?

Through the power of thought, you have actively programmed every single person, thing and event into your life. Perhaps, you are thinking that this is total nonsense. Human beings for the most part are unconscious mortal creators. Since you already create both consciously and unconsciously, why not change a pattern that is not working? You can reconstruct your experiences. If this principle is understood and applied, you can change everything in life that displeases simply by changing your thinking. You also must be realistic and understand that you are changing your self. You are the project, not someone else. Usually when we change, those around us eventually make a shift. It may take a while but it will happen and surprises usually are a part of the change.

First, you have to be convinced you have a higher Nature who actually will correct and direct your life if you give it permission. The more you allow the better part of your nature to take control, the greater the rescue mission. You are actually creating a rescue pattern removing the negative energy that is collected from misdirected thinking and the dangerous energy of others. One of the first changes required is to stop separating the physical plane from the spiritual plane. You are a multifaceted being that is unconsciously seeking to merge its parts into wholeness.
It is your destiny to become a balanced human being and accomplish works of magic and wonder.

Everything that comes to you on the path of life comes for a reason. You can deliberately step out of misery. It is not inevitable nor does confusion need to be the dominant note in your life. There is an urgency being felt by sensitive humans, which is telling us change is on the way. What is needed right now is a new humanity, a brave and bold humanity who will choose to develop an inner thought power whereby we become conscious of our unity with life. No one can give us freedom. No one can transform our consciousness. We are the programmers who must do the "work" and take the necessary steps to free ourselves from falsity and unkindness. This is our be conscious. The future is determined by the choices made. Waiting for someone else to do your assignment isn't the answer. To succeed in conscious programming, touch the center of your being, the inner goodness. You already have what it takes to draw out from the heart a lost inheritance. Look at it, love it and live it~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Mental Tool Box

There is an effective mental tool that will help create a powerful healing. It is the tool of detachment. I know this is much easier to say and write about then actually do. It is well worth the effort to develop detachment and have it handy in your tool kit of self-help. When we learn detachment, it is much easier to heal ourselves and help others to heal. I am not insinuating that you put on armour and shield yourself against the feeling nature. The type of detachment I am suggesting is a form of compassion and understanding. If it is a serious personal issue, hiding behind armour won't work for the long run. You may have convinced yourself that you are not wounded but, the wound will fester in the subconscious part of the mind until a future moment when you are ready to face what happened. You may at a future time react passionately to an experience not having a clue as to why it is upsetting you so much. The current experience is tapping into the long ago pain that was not acknowledged and healed.

What is meant by detachment from my point of understanding is to get the personality out of the way and deliberate force your self to view the situation from a higher perspective. To be successful, we must be still. To be still is to be in a peaceful state of mind that understands a higher power is capable of coming into the drama and bringing the necessary ingredients so all involved are healed. It is vital that we understand and learn to detach from the influence of negative emotions. Yes, I have mentioned that our emotions serve us in myriad ways, but they can also hinder our goals when we become so embroiled in their influence that we can no longer be objective. This is why I strongly suggest that the personality get out of the way and the situation be analyzed and felt on a detached level that transcends mortal thinking and feeling.

Negative emotions can stagnate the soul. They can influence, twist and even block any movement forward. I know as a fact that we frequently store away in our memory box events and people that are too upsetting to take out and look at. Eventually, we look at them and let go. Damage control is stepping out of our own "story" every once in awhile. The dramas of life are often created to force us to look at the old chapters in our personal book and rewrite them. The damage is conditioning, false judgments and belief systems that work against inner peace. We have written volumes. A good thorough editing is required every once in a while to help us restore balance. Believe it or not, on some level of your being you have chosen an environment and family that will force you to take charge of your own emotional and mental nature.

I am actually stating two views both of which are necessary. One, is to allow ourselves to feel when a horrific event occurs. Sometimes our position in life does not allow this. Or...we judge at that moment that it is beneath our stature to reveal our inner pain. Two, do our best to understand ugliness at a higher level, the level of the spirit. Denial will work up to a point. Eventually, the explosion will surface. We are feeling creatures. Truth whether hidden or revealed forces us to look at our wounds, forgive and smile.

Monday, April 13, 2009

To Be or Not to Be

Yesterday I was thinking about the meaning of Hamlet's famous statement. Hamlet's inability to act came from the deepest of personal conflicts. On the surface, it appears as if he is trying to decide between suicide or murder. Things were not going his way. Another way to define Hamlet's emotions was to ask himself... to live or not live. He was discussing with himself the possibility of suicide. Hamlet was concerned with the after life and having to face consequences of his actions. During that period of church history, there was a great deal of fear surrounding the subject of suicide.

The question is...should Hamlet accept what has happened to him and not do anything and just BE? He is thinking over unfinished business and reasons to live and after much thought he decides to live. He went through a great personal dilemma. Perhaps, TO BE, is the taking charge of the purpose in our life and giving it our all. Not to BE is the way of a coward. As the play continued, Hamlet's feelings shift to the 'TO BE' category, the hero who fulfills his life's purpose. Later he dies.

Those of you who have read my last book, 'Be-Embracing the Mystery' know the special story behind the title. The manuscript was finished but I was having some difficulty in deciding on a title. As I was sitting alone in my bedroom, a booming Voice said one word...BE. Of course, what a perfect title! I added the 'Embracing the Mystery' to the name. When I called a good friend about the 'Voice' experience, she asked me if I had ever heard the sound track from the movie, Jonathon Living Seagull, created in 1973 and sung by Neil Diamond. I had not. She immediately ordered a copy of the CD. It's theme is BE. Neil sings about the 'painted sky where the clouds are hung for the poet's eye where you may find Him. BE as a page and an extra word that speaks on a theme that is timeless---' I cried tears of joy listening to that amazing soundtrack. Neil Diamond understands.

As that was going on, I came across a poem that I had written about five years ago called BE. I had totally forgotten about the poem. It is very brief and is included in the front of my book.


What needs to heal is a sense of separation
Suffering ceases with acceptance of Self
To be is to know Self as all life, regardless of form
To understand is to be one with It
To be one is to be
Truth is simple
This is the Key, the Way and the Word

During the last five weeks I have been very active on Face Book. Many good Muslim friends have come into my life. As a result of the new friendships, I located a book that has been collecting dust on the shelf. The book is called 'The Essential Rumi.' To my surprise, Rumi writes about the word BE in one of his poems. I will only share one of the verses: 'Creation was spoken with one sound, BE. The two letters, B and E, to record it,came after. The meaning of the sound and its resonance are one. There's no way to ever say this, in so many words! And no place to stop saying it."

To be or not to be is our choice. Why not be the grandest version of who we really are?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Remembering His Teachings~

Scripture states that it is God's good pleasure to give to us. To fully receive, we must understand who we are and why we are. We desire happiness and in clear moments we desire to be perfect. The Apostle Paul in his statement, "Christ lives in me" was referring to the perfect Christ Mind. To receive, we need to cease being a crippled version of our higher Self. Bondage is not God-ordained. Spiritual ignorance causes suffering. The way we believe sets the limit to our demonstration of a Christ Mind.

Train your self to totally believe in the inner wisdom power and use it. Begin by changing your objective self and conditions. When you accept that your mind is a point in God Consciousness, God's good pleasure becomes your reality. Allow God awareness to flow through and bless you. Think of it. Believe and trust it. Allow the power to expand as your mind through both feeling and mental awareness.

The closer you are in reaching Christ consciousness and grasping the beautiful truths Jesus tried to share, the more intensely you live in an ongoing state of harmony both within and without. True Knowledge is received through direct connection with the higher vibratory energies of thought. If a conviction is absent, it means knowledge is incomplete. If you have not as yet fallen in love with the Divine, ask for the blessing to happen to you. Be filled with courage and live your truth, taste it and practice it until it becomes an integral part of your consciousness. When we walk the talk, we grasp the immensity of Jesus love for humanity and Easter is a personal time of victory~ Have a loving and joy filled weekend.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

correction on email address

Yesterday's Blog mentioned an Emotional Freedom Technique web site. Here is the correct address:

Increasing Mind Power

There are many practical steps that can be taken to increase the power of the conscious mind. As an example, the following suggestion is effective regardless of physical age. It is well worth your while to organize mental powers. To increase the power of concentration, learn to train the mind. No one wishes to experience dementia. It is very difficult to be vigilant and have discernment to any high degree if the mind wanders or forgets. Beginning with five minutes in the morning is the best time of day for a concentration exercise because your body is more likely to be tension free after a good night's sleep. Close your eyes and focus on something beautiful or sacred. The training is more effective imagining a form such as a stream of water, a flower, a butterfly or bird. Use an image that represents aliveness. a flame, or the calmness of the sea, billowing clouds, or a green meadow also provides the expansiveness and freedom that the inner self desires.

In the beginning, imagining helps with concentration. Later in your pursuit of disciplining the mind and hopefully being conscious of the subtle worlds of light and sound, the images will be offered to you from a higher Source than the thinking part of your mind. Going back to the images you deliberately create, use an image that is significant to you. Make it large and real. See it about two feet away from your body. Be gentle, patient and use moderation. Evaluate the image. For instance, if you have a favorite bird such as a swan imagine it gliding with its partner ducking down deep into the water looking for food. I recommend you use the same image every day until it becomes real and lasting. It will take repeated attempts and regularity to establish a rhythm. The image becomes a place of refuge but it also trains your thinking mind to focus for longer periods of time on an idea that offers peace, expansion and beauty.

When I first began my mind training, I would stare at a blank wall. Sitting quietly for long periods of time Universal symbols of Light Energy would appear providing a tool for prophesy, hidden knowledge and investigation. Later on, I discovered that staring at a blank wall was a meditative technique used in China. To keep the mind focused requires discipline and is an ancient practice exercised in cultures on the far side of the world. The Greeks also developed mind exercises for improvement purposes and memory perfection. Pythagoras taught perfection through release of all the potential powers of the higher part of the Self. If physical exercise benefits the body, it makes sense that the mind will also benefit through regular and focused disciplines. A discipline that increases control over wandering thoughts will carry over into every day situations when you are being challenged. You will automatically center your thoughts.It is a tool that benefits the expansion of your consciousness.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Choosing a Script

For ages we have been and still are writing our inner scripts. They are a mix of emotions that either work for or against us. When we finally understand that there are multiple parts to what is called our identity, greater choices for good can be made. Each part has a script of attitudes and beliefs. When someone triggers an old part of us that is negative, we move back in time to a conditioned part of the mind that is dual in its nature. In other words, we tap into an emotional experience from the past. We can move backward, choose to change the reaction and move forward to a non dual place of light and freedom. There is a technique that has been available for at least twenty years called tapping your meridians. Using the Emotional Freedom Technique, we can actually with repetition and pure intention remove the old hindrances from our subconscious. You can check on this for yourself at, Some people like to feel that they can do something physical to help their pain besides the power of prayer or running to a practitioner. The tapping works because the meridians are stimulated. A statement of truth is said simultaneously with the tapping.

The goal is to be stabilized in our emotions and shift to the higher part of the mind and discover a different set of attitudes and beliefs that reflect our true spiritual identity. If we continue to believe in the old scripts, we are held there playing out the old roles. The goal, in my opinion, is to be consciously aware at all times as to whether we are reliving a part of the past or activating a higher awareness that will serve the purpose of our inner Self. Emotional energy defines consciousness. The point of perception from which you view it creates reality. In every moment, we have a choice as to whether we live in duality or a higher field that is not so strongly polarized. We can lessen the effects of duality, polarization, by removing the old scripts that work against our goals. I call this a real healing...the ability to relocate into the higher part of the mind and identify with the inner wisdom where we may be conscious of our spiritual identity and power.

We are the doorway to the mind and body temple. Constantly monitor thoughts. Do not allow false thoughts or unenlightened souls to interfere with your heightened sense of what is and what is not. God is love. You can prove it through your own consciousness. It is time more of us accept this great truth as our reality. One by one we awaken. In our awakening, we help others to do likewise. This is a powerful way to save ourselves and all life, including our precious planet.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cultivating Divinity

I believe that we are obliged to cultivate the truth that we are divinity. As our personality accepts this great truth, we realize that physical life is inseparably linked to the past and to the future. As we expand and elevate the vibration of personal understanding, the result will provide positive programming for fresh experiences. Instead of remaining immersed in a psychic ocean of falsity, we build a clear and stable future. To discover the inner wisdom, the real you, discipline your mind to think about it, visualize, communicate and eventually the hidden will surface as a living tangible reality.

Whatever effort we put forth remains with us. When we deliberately write our own book of splendor, we become the dance and the art and the poetry. Nurture your dream and it will deliver your soul from the pain of duality and suffering. Whether it is a dream or an ideal imagined in your heart and mind, desire appears in the invisible worlds first and is destined to eventually materialize in matter. A passionate desire is planted in the soil of Creative Mind.

I suggest you not worry about the outcome or length of time it may take to achieve a conscious firsthand connection with the Divine. Simply continue to trust, honor and love the journey. Realize the great truth that in desiring to be free and living consciously as the light and beauty that you always have been, a greater sense of what is true becomes your reality. The ideal you create will determine every aspect of your forward journey. Inner wisdom knowledge, deliberately exercising will power and belief will bring what already exists in the 'Heaven' dimensions visibly into the physical plane. You become a powerful light stream who is free to feel, know and explore higher dimensions of thought and wonder. You are already what you seek. The result is knowing this truth~

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Complete Human Being

The character of the Master Teacher Jesus is a perfect example of a complete human being. He fully expressed the positive feminine virtues when he nurtured those in need, was concerned for children, comforted others and struggled against oppression. Jesus fed the hungry, washed the feet of his disciples, openly wept and was confident in expressing intimacy. His behavior is particularly impressive because of the patriarchal time period.

What Jesus did, in my opinion, is destablize the boundaries between male and female. His teachings encourage gentleness, understanding and forgiveness as well as the male virtues of courage, strength and mental reasoning. Because the souls who lived during that time did not understand him, he suffered. His respect and love for the women disciples served to expose the falsity of gender identity and differences as not fixed.

Whatever gender we happen to be is fully capable of authority, responsibility, courage, strength, intelligence as well as love, compassion, perception and creativity. This sameness is for all of us. Whoever is gifted with the light of understanding must stand forward and speak. Regardless of gender, that individual has the right to act as a spiritual and intellectual authority. Woman are fully capable of walking with God. The ultimate goal from my understanding is to be fully human. We can accomplish anything if we fully understood what thought could do. Our present world can change into a kingdom of heaven as soon as the collective point of view has changed.

Friday, April 3, 2009

It is Time To Take a Stand

I am referring to the rights of your true Self, the part of you that lived before you came into flesh and continues to live once you drop the skin. You have the choice to rebel against anything or anyone who is preventing you from realizing and living the truth of your existence. To evolve and be the wonder that you are, you must go beyond your frame and seek the vastness of the divine beloved within. It is through the union of the body, mind and soul that you are eventually able to remove the veil of illusion. Phythagoras taught that the experience of life in a finite, limited body was specifically for the purpose of discovering and manifesting supernatural existence within the finite. Our responsibility is to discover how the finite can express the power of the Infinite.

Truth is who you are. Do something greater, blow upon that inner spark until the flame arises. Learn to say no to everything that clouds your good. Honor the spirit within and come alive. An inner power will emerge. You will find that truth was never absent. Most people have no idea as to who they really are and what is to be accomplished in the flesh. Be different. Be in charge. Only you can live your truth and be your truth. If you desire happiness, completeness and love, do something about it. Trust, act and treasure the perfect Self within and ask for help from a higher Source.

Once you feel the inner power, there is no stopping you. The journey is about remembering, hope and sharing. The limited personality is like a huge wall creating separation from the Self of God. Let us together break down the wall. God speaks to everyone, not only the messengers and teachers we have read about. Remove the wall and identify with Spirit, which lives in light and eternity. You can still have the good things in life, but now there is a difference. They do not blind you. Your eyes are wide open.

Have a safe, healthy and happy weekend~

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why Do Good People Suffer?

The primary cause for suffering is non-recognition of one's own spiritual identity. It is the individual spirit identity whose substance is the light of God that is one with all other creations whether they are in form or no form. There are multiple causes for suffering but the one I will address in this message is a formidable is love.

Love is the link between one creature and another. It is the link between a creature and its Creator. When the link appears to be broken through denial, separation or death, the appearance is not a reality. The reality is that love cannot be destroyed. Real love continues regardless of the scene you are playing in your own story. It matters not whether you are a saint or a sinner. Real love is the difference between a tin man, a man without a heart, and the lion hearted. You can try to isolate yourself from other creatures to prevent the pain of involvement in love but there are other beings usually not seen who live in your atmosphere. The invisible ones are capable in sending you comfort, guidance, protection and love. There are also earth bound entities that simply want to torment humans with their psychic poison. I mention this fact because all life interacts whether seen or unseen. Whatever choices you make will find you sending energy and more likely on the receiving end coming in to your space/time existence. Love is one of the multiple forms we experience and refer to as oneness. Energy, both negative and positive exists and is active whether you seek or hide from it.

Why do good people suffer? They suffer in their own compassionate way because they love everything without judgment. They understand the pain of the unenlightened. As long as a soul loves, he or she is open to pain. The pain takes a different form when the soul has achieved a greater level of inner wisdom. It remains painful to watch and not to be able to fully help those who do not understand or love unconditionally. People who harbor toxic emotions create disorder and illness both within and without. They have subconscious guilt, unfulfilled desires and lack the inner knowing of one who loves unconditionally. Whether you are a saint or sinner or some vacillating in-between, you will likely suffer when you have friends, family, associations, beliefs and pets. You are not immune. Suffering happens to the best of souls. When your consciousness is awakened and your energy vibrates from a higher perspective of compassion and unconditional love, suffering is experienced on another level because it is understood. Taking all this into consideration, you are not immune because your heart is open and you genuinely love. Love is our link~