Friday, April 10, 2009

Remembering His Teachings~

Scripture states that it is God's good pleasure to give to us. To fully receive, we must understand who we are and why we are. We desire happiness and in clear moments we desire to be perfect. The Apostle Paul in his statement, "Christ lives in me" was referring to the perfect Christ Mind. To receive, we need to cease being a crippled version of our higher Self. Bondage is not God-ordained. Spiritual ignorance causes suffering. The way we believe sets the limit to our demonstration of a Christ Mind.

Train your self to totally believe in the inner wisdom power and use it. Begin by changing your objective self and conditions. When you accept that your mind is a point in God Consciousness, God's good pleasure becomes your reality. Allow God awareness to flow through and bless you. Think of it. Believe and trust it. Allow the power to expand as your mind through both feeling and mental awareness.

The closer you are in reaching Christ consciousness and grasping the beautiful truths Jesus tried to share, the more intensely you live in an ongoing state of harmony both within and without. True Knowledge is received through direct connection with the higher vibratory energies of thought. If a conviction is absent, it means knowledge is incomplete. If you have not as yet fallen in love with the Divine, ask for the blessing to happen to you. Be filled with courage and live your truth, taste it and practice it until it becomes an integral part of your consciousness. When we walk the talk, we grasp the immensity of Jesus love for humanity and Easter is a personal time of victory~ Have a loving and joy filled weekend.

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