Friday, June 19, 2009

What is True Success?

We create what we believe. If we are not at peace, we may create a fortune but still be inwardly miserable. A deep sense of guilt has a great deal to do as to whether we are happy and feel good about ourselves. Guilt attracts every type of trouble imaginable If you are successful, you love your work because you are able to express yourself fully. The secret is to create work that satisfies this love. To satisfy this love and be successful living it, it is necessary to correctly use the subconscious mind for your success. Part of your success involves the ability to see a project, a dream-idea in its completion. The creative forces of your subconscious mind are powerful. This holds true for whatever field of action that you desire to experience your idea.

Constantly imagine what it is that you desire. Mentally create the action of the role you desire to be living.You can hold imaginary conversations, gestures and solutions...anything is possible. Dramatize what you desire in your mind so that you are psychogically fixed into a belief that will materialize. You can use this for a job, selling a home, health, relationships or anything that would benefit your life. It is Infinite Intelligence attracting to you what you desire. The deeper currents of your subconscious will do everything to bring everything to you if you know it is so.

Focus on the abstract term, success. The idea of success contains all the essential elements of success. when you choose a word or sentence that describes your desire, repeat often with faith and conviction. You are actually compelled to express your subjective beliefs, impressions and convictions. First, you must be clear in your own mind what success means to you. Become imaginative and mentally participate in the reality of the successful state. I know I am being repetitive but that is how learning works for most of us. Make a habit of it. Go to bed feeling successful, satisfied because you are implanting the idea of success in your subconscious part of the mind. Believe it! We are co-creators. Allow yourself to experience the thrill of answered prayer. Yes, loving yourself and creating goodness in your life is definitely a form of prayer.

Have a magical weekend~