Friday, January 9, 2009

Seeing God Face to Face

Yes, it took me awhile to reach the state of mind where I saw myself correctly and could view others for what they really are. I am certain you have read in scripture or other writings that we cannot see God face to face. Yes, we can. Every time we look at each other we are seeing God appearing as an individual being. The human may not know this truth but it is truth nonetheless. God, the spirit, the energy of life, can appear in any form. We see God every day every where. What you see outside of your self may not be perfect in its appearance or behavior and what others see in you may appear lacking or even unattractive. The simple truth is that you are still seeing God face to face.

This truth applies to minerals, plants, animals, humans and souls in the subtle worlds. The sacred is appearing as all living manifestations. To really accept this reality requires a developed consciousness. It means you will need to train yourself to look past the appearance of everything you see including your own body and behavior. It takes practice to see clearly. When you finally grasp that behind ugliness and suffering IS God AS ugliness and suffering, you lose your fear, ignorance and confusion.

The gift of seeing the truth behind manifestation with a strong inner conviction alters consciousness in such a way that you will not fear anything. Since the majority of souls do not understand their true identity, they judge by the appearance and not the holiness behind the appearance. If all humans understood that they were wearing a skin for the sole purpose of being divinity in form, we would have harmony, love and wisdom ruling on earth. Instead, it is still the blind leading the blind. We are consciousness, a consciousness that is ignored more than it is cherished. What we are and what is materially around us is not an illusion of its self. It is our concept of it that is the illusion. Concepts need to be changed in order for intelligence to recognize what is reality. Reality pertains to what we recognize through an inner awareness. All the discords of the world are discords of the physical senses and not the spirit.