Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Types of Altered States

There is a harmful altered state and beneficial one. The harmful state is obviously when we are not in control of ourselves, even though we have the delusion that we are. In this state, we are actually in physical and mental danger. Our health is endangered, possession by another intelligent entity may occur and it is not commonsense to experiment with unnatural mind altering experiments. We are designed by our Creator to be capable of naturally altered states of consciousness to use for our benefit and others. The beneficial states I am referring to are ones achieved without the use of any drugs, medicines, or other substances. It is achieved by using our natural ability to control our own thinking. You have the innate ability to have these paranormal experiences. You have the right to experience the psychic world and it is not difficult to learn how.

When we have a right to something, it can only be realized if we accept our responsibility for the right and use the responsibility to experience it. As you offered different possibilities to expand your mind and powers, always keep in mind that whatever you learn and use must be used with an intention that no one is ever harmed. This is where responsibility and choice come into play. Using a skyscraper as an example, I will begin with an easy way to develop the ability to go to any level of your mind at will. The skyscraper is your mind. In the tall building there is a basement and many floors. There is something different on each floor. Imagine yourself stepping into the elevator of your mind. Every floor has offices. The doors have labels such as, success, wealth, food, shelter, protection, love, guidance and so on. The ground floor of your mind is concerned with the basic necessities of life and survival. There is a "down only" and an "up only" elevator. You choose your experience according to your need at the moment.

If you choose the "down only" elevator don't get out at the basement level. Only look at how the doors are labeled "greed", "violence", "hatred", "pride". They represent the weaknesses in the lower part of the mind. Exit the elevator and don't use it again...ever. Now enter the "up" elevator and check out the first floor level. The doors are labeled "dreams", another "hunches." You have been here before. There are also unlabeled doors, experiences you have not yet had. Return to the elevator and go up to the second level. The door is locked. You are unable to see what is on the label. You determine in your mind to find a key for the lock so you will one day be able to open the door. Return to ground floor. The idea of this exercise, which can be done anytime and anywhere is to realize a greater awareness of yourself. There are hundreds of levels in the skyscraper you call your self. So many doors you have not yet unlocked. Why not take a vow to unlock and experience all levels of your higher Self at will? Mental exercises help us unlock and function in the psychic realm.